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(Pre)requisites and (In)securities

One fine Tuesday afternoon, Shin Hye has locked herself inside her bedroom, detaching herself from the happenings outside the four corners of her haven. She was sitting on the floor, textbooks on the table, one hand with pen writing whatever it is that she was reading, while gently scratching Nori which was sitting beside her.

“Nori… where’s Bongji?”, the girl said without lifting her gaze from her books.


Shin Hye stopped whatever it is that she’s doing, froze for awhile then, still without lifting her gaze, “Nori, did you hear that? Did you hear Suni Oppa?”


“Andwae. Aisssh! Shin Hye, you’re hearing things already. Woaaaah! I still have 200 pages to read”, then as she lifted her eyes , “Omo!”, with hands on her chest, eyes widened, she almost fell from her sitting position as she saw that guy who was sitting on her couch, with Bongji on his lap.

“Go Mi Nam, you seem to be spacing out these days. Do I look like a ghost?”

“Oppa, when did you.. how did you..”, then she looked at her bedroom door, shifted her eyes to her window as if thinking how Geun Suk has entered her room.

“Tch. About an hour ago. Jangmonim was calling you for like eternity but you were not answering; hence, she told her saui to go to his wifey’s room and check whatever it is that she’s doing. And, Park Shin Hye, I am not a vampire. I cannot go through your window nor pass through your wall. I guess, I entered through the door”.

She pouted, looked at him, then, smiled.

As if that smile is quite contagious, Geun Suk did not know why, but he mirrored that girl’s smile.

“Hey”, he told her while tilting his head, examining whatever it is that she’s been thinking.

“Hmm?” the girl, tilted her head as well, as if preventing him from reading her.

With his hand balled into a fist, he smiled at her and then said, “Fighting!”.

And right there and then, the girl who seemed to be that lively and perky, smiled at him, and with tears welling in her eyes, nodded her head, let out a deep breath, with her hand balled into a fist as well, shouted, “Fighting!”, then proceeded to read through her books again.

“Aigoo!”, Geun Suk extended his arm, she hesitated to reach for it at first, but having that assuring nod from him, with the back of her hand wiping the tears, she grabbed his hand. He ushered her to the couch, have her sit beside him and wipe her tears with his hands. He then wrapped his arms around her shoulder, lifted her feet to his lap, massaged them, then asked,” When is the paper due?”


“When will be the exam?”

“The day after tomorrow”

“How many more chapters?”

Instead of answering, she looked at him and showed him her two hands, then pouted.

“When will the filming start?”

“End of this week”

“When is OUR deadline?”, then he gave her an evil grin.

“Aisssh! Oppa, don’t add that on the list!”

“When is OUR deadline? That’s more important than any of those schedules.”

“Aigoo! Oppa, haven’t you remembered what Appa said last time? My diploma is the pre-requisite of your deadline.”

“BUT, we discussed that my deadline will happen before my enlistment, right?”

“BUT, my diploma is STILL the pre-requisite of your deadline. Your deadline WILL BE adjusted depending on the status of my diploma, remember?”

“Aisssh! But I cannot move my enlistment once I’m called in, Shin Hye!”

“Then, move OUR deadline after the enlistment”, then she smiled at him.

“You know that won’t do. Can’t do. Shiro! Never!”

“Wae-yo? That’s just two years, Oppa”.

“Wae-yo?! That’s two years, Park Shin Hye! Tch. Even if I am here beside you, the number of wolves wandering around, specifically on this territory, has never diminished. I think they are trying to ignore my presence. Do i need to make a declaration now? Aisssh!”


“Aniya! Unless, there is a Jang on that last name of yours Agasshi, I don’t think I can serve my country wholeheartedly. I might as well be killed in war, or worse, in heart attack, worrying everyday if my Princess has been taken to another castle, without my knowledge”.

“Oppa, don’t you trust me?”

“I do. But I don’t trust them. Tch!”

“Aissssh!”, Shin Hye smirked and pouted at him.

Geun Suk smiled, kissed her pouted lips, then said, “ Bigosipo!”.

Upon hearing that, Shin Hye smiled, kissed him on the tip of his nose, then said, “Nado.”, she paused, and then, “Oppa!”

“Hmm?”, Geun Suk held her face and smiled like a kid.

“Do you think it would be of help in lessening your worries if I would start studying now, and secure the pre-requisite of your deadline?”

“Hmm?”, Geun Suk said while rubbing the tip of his nose to hers.

“Oppa, are you listening?”

“Aisssshhh! Arasseo”, then he gave her a final kiss on the tip of her nose.

Shin Hye raised her eyebrow, put her feet on the floor and with crinkled nose, looked at him again, then asked, “Hmm?”

Geun Suk, took one magazine, mirrored her raised eyebrow, then said, “Hmmm?”

Shin Hye just looked at him as if asking what he’s doing.

“Carry on with the studies”, and then he pushed her off the couch to the floor where she was originally sitting. He lied down with head on the arm rest, Bongji and Nori on his side.


With magazine covering his face, he did not look at her, but just mumbled, “I’m not going anywhere. Continue with the studies. Secure your pre-requisite while I’m guarding my place.”

“Hal. Oppa…”

“Shh.. read the books. If you got an F again, you’re dead!”


They were sitting comfortably in silence, when out of the blue, Shin Hye, while still writing something, said, “How’s the trip to Busan, Oppa?”

“Gwaenchana. The site is ok. If you want to rest, that would be a good place. There’s a beach at the back of the house.”


“Why are you overly excited? Is that yours? Are you going to live there?”

Shin Hye stopped what she’s doing, looked at that guy whose face was covered by the magazine, whose laugh he’s trying to muffle, then, slowly he lowered down the magazine and have a staring game with her.


“Tch!”, Shin hye raised her eyebrow, smiled at him, then said, “Arasseo. You find someone who will live with you in Busan. Should I find a house near your place? I know of a friend who would be willing to find me a house in that area”

“What did you mean by that?”

The girl just smiled at him, then added, “It might be good to be neighbours with you Oppa. Ten years from now, our kids will be friends. Just tell your son not to bully my daughter. My husband will be mad”, she gave him a sweet smile, and then proceeded in reading her book.

“What did you just say?”

“I’m busy”.

“What did you just say?”

“Wae-yo? Am I not allowed to live in Busan?”

“Tch. There’s only one way, young lady, that you will be allowed to live in Busan. That is, IF AND ONLY IF, you’re address is similar to my mailing address. And if you want to be neighbours with me, that can be arranged. I can buy the properties near my house, but we will be staying in one building at one single time. And yes, your husband will be mad if my son will bully your daughter, because I will definitely scold that elder of mine if he will bully my younger Princess. Arasseo?’, then he gave her that evil grin.

Shin Hye blushed upon hearing what he just said. Seeing that, Geun Suk interjected, “The Princess is blushing”, then he covered his face again with magazine.

“No, I’m not!”

“Aisssh! Secure my pre-requisite!”.

Both of them were smiling at nothing in particular, when, as he was playing with his phone, something caught his attention.

“Woaaaah!”, with widened eyes, Geun Suk looked at that girl sitting on the floor.

Shin Hye, surprised at the sudden reaction from Geun Suk, exclaimed, “Wae!!”, then looked at that guy who was just now glaring at her.

“The Busan boy has a fan meeting in Tokyo”, then he smirked, looking closely at that girl.

“Oh. Is it? That’s a..”, she swallowed and then continued, “a good news”, then she smiled uncomfortably.

“That’s definitely a good news. And if this news is not lying, it states here that a girl named Park Shin Hye, will be joining in as well. Have you heard about that?”

“Hmm. I guess the girl has mentioned that to Jang Geun Suk two weeks ago, and he did not say anything”.

“Not saying anything does not mean yes.”

“It also does not mean no”


“Oppa, Heartstrings will be shown there. It’s just a fan meeting. Similar to what we did in Minami Shi…”, then she slowed down, sensing the fire in his eyes.


The girl just shook her head, fiddled her finger and then bowed down.

“It is never similar to Minami Shineyo. Will never be. You know what I mean, right? Right?”





“Why don’t you just do a Love Rain fan meet in Japan, similar to Marry Me Mary with Geun Young unnie?”

The guy gave her a dagger look, then answered with a smile, “Yoona is an idol”

“Yong is also an idol”.

He smiled at her again, but tried to close his eyes before stating something, as if trying to control his temper, “Yoona is busy”.

“Yong is also busy.”

“Park Shin Hye!”

“Deh, Oppa?”


“Oppa, it’s just a fan meeting”.

“When is the fan meeting? 16th July. Where will I be then?”

“I think, Cri-show?”


“Hello Jayson”.

The girl widened her eyes, surprised at the sudden phone call from that guy.

“uhmmm. 16th July.. yah.. yah.. 22nd Yokohama…. ok. Wait….”, “Shin hye, when will you be in Tokyo?”

“14th July”

“14th.. 14th!?! Ani..Aniya! That’s too early”

“Oppa, we need to rehearse”

“16th morning..”


“You will not be doing a big production number.. aniya… 15th night? Take it or leave it!”

Shin Hye just glared at him, with smoke coming from her nose, Geun Suk smiled at her then said, “love you too.”

“Hello, Jayson.. yah, Tokyo Cri-show… album promotion… fan signing event.. whatever it is. Find me a schedule on the 17th.. yah

“Why 17th?!?”

“I’ll be at the fan meeting on the 16th”, then, he smiled at her.

“Aissssh! Jinja, Oppa!”

“ Shhhh!” , “Jayson, arasseo. Inform me later if everything has been settled. Ok. Ok.. Kamsa”, then after he finished the phone call, he gave Shin Hye that smile which melted Go Mi Nam’s heart.

“Aissssh! Oppa, why don’t you just schedule another Minami Shineyo Fan Meet, ha? Aisssh! Jinja!” then she rumpled her hair, irritated.

“Yah, Jayson… when was Minami Shineyo aired in China?”

Shin Hye dumbfounded, stared blankly at that guy who was walking to and from the couch, discussing something again with Jayson on the other line.

“Hmm. Was the feedback ok? Hmm. Hmm. Ok, fan meeting.. Yah.. August?… sure.. August? Ok, update me later”.

Shin Hye with eyes as wide as the light bulb and mouth agape, looked at him without saying a word.

Geun Suk walked to her direction, smiled at her, lifted her chin to close her mouth, then said, “Your wish is my command, Princess”, then, gave her lips a peck and then winked.



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