unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

5* The Real Heartbreaker

Geun Suk chuckled, pulled her closer and said, as if offended, “You still don’t know?”

Shin Hye, narrowed her eyes, searching within her memory whether she’s supposed to know it, then looked at Geun Suk, and shook her head.

“Ha! He may not be a wolf, then”,Geun Suk raised his eyebrows and smiled.


“Jinja! You don’t need to know”, he then pulled Shin Hye again to an embrace,” Where were we before they arrived?”


“Ah. Scene 7 Cut 2”, loving how Shin Hye flushed in redness again, he continued, ”You were standing like this, i was here in front of you. Is the blocking correct? And then i was holding your face like this, and i was like…”

Still teasing Shin Hye, Geun Suk slowly moves his face towards hers, and Shin Hye, realizing what is about to happen, pushed Geun Suk with all her might and then shouted, “Yah! Jang Geun Suk!”

“Yah! Park Shin Hye!”,Geun Suk grinned at Shin Hye and then transforming to his Hwang Tae Kyung self, added,” Do i need to sign to YAB 2 or should i ask Nature’s Republic to tie up with Dr. G so that i can have this kiss from my girl? Tsk!

Shin Hye, not expecting Geun Suk’s words, stood there with eyes searching for his, as if asking if he’s serious with what he just said. Geun Suk, reading what she is thinking, pushed the prank further and did not even dare bat an eye.

“Ha!”, Shin Hye surprised at his reaction, loss at words, with tears starting to well in her eyes, exhaled, looked at the night sky and “ha! I did not expect that Geun Suk-sshi”,slowly stepped backwards.

Geun Suk, dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events, not planning any of this to happen, “Yah!”.

Shin Hye looked at him and slowly turn around.

“Yah! Park Shin Hye!”, he shouted as he sees her retreating back.

He was running toward her, about to grab her hand, when Shin Hye turned around again, surprised at his sudden appearance in front of her face, took a step back and said, “And, I am NOT your girl”.

Having said that, she hurriedly walked away. Geun Suk, still confused but realizing what he has done and what is about to happen, ran towards her and hug her from the back.

“Jang Geun Suk-sshi, let go”.

“Shhh…” Geun Suk, feeling his heart beating a thousand per minute, stayed in that position without saying a word.

“Jang Geun Suk!”

“Mian…mianhe… I was just teasing you” Geun Suk closed his eyes, hoping and praying that this day will end with his heart still whole.
Still trapped in Geun Suk’s arms, Shin Hye stood there without moving an inch. Realizing that she had overreacted, she let out a breath and tried to stop her eyes from tearing.

Geun Suk, feeling that the storm has passed, stood there still, trying to feel if an aftershock is about to happen.

After what seems to be eternity, Shin Hye, tapped Geun Suk’s arms from her waist, and said in a low voice “let go!”

Startled, Geun Suk held on to her tighter, as if his life is dependent on that grip. Not letting go, he burrowed his face to the crook of her neck, “ani…ani”

“Oppa… i can’t breathe. Let go.”, Shin Hye said softly.

Geun Suk did not have any plan to budge, but upon hearing the word “Oppa” coming from her lips, no matter what the next statement is, he already felt relieved. Letting out a smile, he loosened his hands and slowly turned her around to face him.

Shin Hye, looking down at her shoes, with no courage to face him, bit her lips and said, “Mian..”


“Mian…i over-reacted”, and then, like a kid when embarrassed, covered her face and did not dare look at him.

Geun Suk, finally, totally relieved, removed her hands from her face, held her chin and lifted her face,” Do not try to do that again to me, Park Shin Hye”, he saw her eyes widened again, as if preparing for war, but not wanting to stir any more trouble, smiled and said “I swear i almost had a heart attack. Please, Shin Hye, for goodness sake, if you don’t want to be a widow without even getting married, don’t do it again”.

Shin Hye let out a laugh, “Yah, Oppa!”, and then pouted.

Geun Suk smiled, kiss the tip of her nose, and said, “jinja, kwiyeo”.

He then held her hand and lead her back to where Khan is.

As they were both buckling their seatbelts, Geun Suk asked, “where to now?”


“Home? Whose home?”

“Oppa, unless you want me to ask Appa to pick me up from your home, i guess you better know whose home i am talking about. Tsk.”

“When will i ever win over you, Shin Hye?”

“Haha. You know I’m good Oppa”.

“Woaaah.. The girl is beginning to become too confident”.


Shin Hye turned on the radio and was singing along with Nell’s “It’s Ok”, when Geun Suk suddenly remembered something.

Feeling the need to ask it, she let Shin Hye finished the refrain and then,” Hye-a”


“What if..?”

“Yeah, Oppa! Stop the what if’s! I told you already..

“more than half of those what if’s never happen”

“Woaaah! Oppa, you learned something from me!”

“Shin Hye, I’m serious”

“Oh.. Arasseo” , then, she pouted.

Geun Suk threw her a sharp side glance, but noticing the pout, smiled at her and said, “ Don’t do that too often. I don’t think i will ever win over that”

Shin Hye crinkled her nose and said, “Oppa, I’m listening”.

“Arasseo. What if one day we realize that what we have is not true…”

Shin Hye automatically looked at him, and said, “Oppa, are you trying to break up with me?”

“Aisssh! Jinja. I’m serious.”

“Oh,you’re not breaking up with me?”

“Shin Hye!”


“What will you do?”
As if she did not understand what he just said, Shin Hye raised one of her eyebrows and said,”Eh?”

“Listen carefully, Shin Hye. I won’t repeat this again”

“Oppa, better concentrate on the road”



“What if one day, we realize that we are not meant for each other, what will you do? How long will it take you to be ok?”

“Is it necessary for you to know that? Don’t worry, i will not be a total mess, if that’s what you’re worrying about”, then she laughed.

“Are you drunk? Why are you not answering properly? Aisssh.. Jinja. Forget it”.


Geun Suk does not know why, but he’s really anticipating what her answer would be. He couldn’t decide himself whether he wants Shin Hye to totally move on after that “theoretical break up” or,if he would expect her to still wait for him. Knowing that it would be good if she will just move on swiftly, his other self would want to hear that she would be crying her heart out and asking him to return. That could be perfect. He smiled at that simple thought.

He was at that mode of thinking when he suddenly heard her say,”1 month?”

“1 month?”

“1 month.. and then i will be ok”, then she smiled.

Geun Suk was waiting for a punchline, that maybe somewhere in between those two words, Shin Hye would say something more logical. He waited, but after 20.. 30 seconds…

“1 month?!” he almost scared the girl at the passenger’s seat when he shouted that.

“Is it too long?”


“Arasseo, 2 months,max. Then, everything will be ok.”

Geun Suk felt his heart shattered into pieces. It will only take her two months to move on…”.

Not wanting to hear anymore, Geun Suk did not push the subject any further.

Geun Suk did not say a word in the remaining course of the drive.

He would simply answer a “Yes” or “No” or “Hmm” to any of Shin Hye’s questions.

Not oblivious of Geun Suk’s sudden change of mood, Shin Hye did not dare to bother him any further.

As they reached her home, Geun Suk went down of Khan and opened the door for her. Still lost at his trail of thoughts, he gave Shin Hye a peck on that cheek before bidding her goodbye.

Maybe, that would be better.
Yeah..That would be good.

He found himself saying this over and over, trying to convince his own self that it would be better for Shin Hye.

One month.
Two months, max.
Heck! Is she really serious?
That should be good.
That should be better for her.

As if a chant, Geun Suk hoped that knowing it will be for Shin Hye’s sake, he should then feel better.

As he reached his home, he sat there in the driver’s seat for a good thirty more minutes before he was awaken by a message from Shin Hye.

“Oppa, are you not going to ask me why it will only take me one month (ok. 2months,max  ) to be ok?”

Hal. Still with a smiley face, Shin Hye-a.

“Do i still want to know it, Shin Hye?”

“ I was thinking, after we both realized that we’re not meant for each other, it will be you who will have the courage to break it up with me. I would be devastated. Then, it will take you at most one month to miss my presence. You would start coming to my house again and plead my Omma to talk to me. Of course i will not accept you in a heart beat. Probably, a month should be justifiable. 😛
Just in case you want to know the reason, Oppa. Sleep tight.”

Upon reading this message, Geun Suk immediately dialled speed #1.

“Yah! You know you’re the real heartbreaker, young lady. You broke my heart twice in less than an hour. Then with just one SMS, you made me feel new again”.

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4* The Aftermath

After almost forever, Geun Suk slowly distant his face from Shin Hye’s, cupped her face, looked into her eyes, and slowly closing the gap again, aiming for her lips.

Shin Hye, sensing what is about to happen, closed her eyes and let Geun Suk have his way.

Geun Suk, as he neared her lips, felt the sudden trembling of Shin Hye, paused in mid-air, smiled, amused that upto this point, Shin Hye still feels nervous whenever he’s going to kiss her.

“Damn! This is the reason why I always want to do it.” The feeling of excitement whenever Shin Hye would twitch and tremble under his touch. Tsk. And it’s this exact same reason that he controls himself not to do it often. He doesn’t want her to get scared of him. “But let me have this one.. just this one…”

As he is about to touch her lips, a burst of laughter echoed along the alley. A group of guys neared them and as if on cue, one of them chuckled, “Yah, Jang Geun Suk-sshi, are you filming something?”

“Hyung, where is PD-nim? I don’t see any crew in here,” teased the other guy.

Shin Hye, bewildered and embarrassed, in a nano-second, buried her face in Geun Suk’s chest and tried to hide under his jacket. Geun Suk exhaled a laugh of disappointment; put Shin Hye’s arms around his waist while he wrapped his protective arms around her shoulders. Knowing that Shin Hye’s cheeks would be cherry red by now, he allowed his girl to become invisible for a while.

“Yah, you’re timing is really great! Just too great!”

“Yah, Park Shin Hye, why are you hiding in there? Do you want me to assume that Hyung is meeting somebody else?”, Hong Ki teased his friend.

Shin Hye still not moving, buried her face deeper into Geun Suk’s chest. Geun Suk loving the situation more, pulled Shin Hye to a tighter embrace, kissed her head, and said, “Yeah, Hong Ki, who gave you the permission to bully this girl”, he smirked at the brown-haired guy and as if trying to hush a kid, brings back his attention to the girl in his arms.. “Shhhh. It’s ok…”.

Feeling that Shin Hye has relaxed a bit,Geun Suk loosened his arms a little, still holding her, hissed at the guys in front of them, “Yah, what are you doing here?”

“What are YOU doing here?”, Jo Sung Mo asked him back.

“I thought you’re out to get some fresh air”, Mithra interjected.

Hee Chul gave out a muffled laugh, “Oh, I guess the air is indeed fresh on that side”.

Geun Suk automatically glared at Hee Chul. He never had allowed anyone to throw such a joke on her. Not in front of her. Specifically, not on her. Never.

And Hee Chul, realizing what he just said, widened his eyes in surprised and gave out a soft, “Mian…. i got carried away”.

Hee Chul rubbed the back of his neck, feeling out of place. The other guys just looked at nothing in particular, avoiding each other’s gaze. Why is it too awkward to say such a word in front of her? Heck! Do they all have that special soft place in their hearts allotted for that girl?

Shin Hye, feeling the uncomfortable situation that they are all in, slowly lifted her head from Geun Suk’s chest, smiled shyly, trying to break the awkward situation, said, “I guess, the air is indeed fresher here”.

Geun Suk glared at Shin Hye, “Yah”, asking her to better stop because she doesn’t have an idea what those guys are talking about.

“Yah!”, Shin Hye answered back and let out a giggle.

Feeling the sudden lightness of the surrounding, everyone let out a laugh of relief, save for Geun Suk.

While they are still laughing, Shin Hye’s eyes fell on that guy that seemed to be new to her. That guy who, in the past couple of minutes, has not been removing his eyes from her.

“Seung Ho?”, Shin Hye, squinted a little. Upon saying this, she felt the sudden stiffness of Geun Suk’s arms.

“Annyeong”, the guy bowed at her shyly.

“What are you do… woaaah! Don’t tell me you’re their new recruit? I haven’t imagined…”

“And what are you trying to mean on those words, Go Mi Nam”, Hong Ki said, acting a bit hurt.

“um…Nothing, Hong Star, I just haven’t imagined him… with you guys. I mean, he’s an actor and all of you are idols”, Shin Hye said, trying to escape from everyone’s gaze.

“Oh… is it? I wonder why, no matter how many times we have invited him, your other Chingu hasn’t accepted our offer”, said Mithra.

“I guess, he still hasn’t given up yet”, Hee Chul throw a mischievous grin at Geun Suk.

Geun Suk glared at Hee Chul, trying to silence him down.

“Eh… Yong Hwa would not… would never…” Shin Hye paused, feeling that all eyes are on her. She suddenly felt scared, took a step back, neared to Geun Suk and said in a soft voice, “Yong is not allowed to drink” and then, bit her lips.

“Oblivious, indeed”, Sung Mo whispered, enough for the guys to hear but for Shin Hye to understand.

While they are all having their good times, Seung Ho looked at Shin Hye then to Geun Suk and said, “I’m out of here”, and motioned to go outside of the crowd.

“Eh..”Shin Hye said.

“I just need to get some fresh air”.

All the guys gave out a chuckle.

“Nice to meet you again, Shin Hye”, he smiled and bowed at her.

Shin Hye smiled as well and gave him a nod.

“Yah, kid, are you in?”, Mithra shouted at him.

“I still don’t believe that a wolf can be tamed”, looked at Geun Suk. Geun Suk gave him a serious glare and he continued, “but I think, it is possible for a wolf to become a sheep. Yeah, i guess you can count me in”.

With that said, he excused himself and went on his way.

Everyone, again, amused by that kid word, nodded in agreement and smiled at their inside jokes.

After a while, realizing that the couple might need some alone time, everyone bid their goodbyes as well, and each go in their separate ways.

Shin Hye, still confused, standing inches away from Geun Suk, looked back at him and asked, “How can a wolf become a sheep?”

Geun Suk chuckled, pulled her closer and said, as if offended, “You still don’t know?”

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3* Anything but Words

No need to worry, Geun Suk. She’s got you.

Geun Suk hurriedly went down of Khan. Five feet away from Shin Hye, he stopped from his track.

“Yah, pabo-ya!”, with hands in his pocket, he shouted at the girl who’s been standing there, shivering in the midst of cold.

“Oppa!”, Shin Hye’s eyes brightened the moment she heard his voice. Trailing the direction of where the sound came from, Shin Hye squinted a little, trying to search his face amidst the light coming from his back.

Controlling himself not to go running towards her, Geun Suk smiled, “Yah! Don’t you have friends? Why are you standing there alone?”

“My friends have left me. They are asking me to go with them, but i insisted to stay. I’m waiting for someone”, Shin Hye smiled shyly.

“Jinja? Who is this jerk that made you wait?”, Geun Suk mischievously smiled, loving how Shin Hye’s cheeks flushed at what she has just said.

“My chagiya. He told me he’ll be coming back. I wonder what’s taking him so long. What are you doing here?”

“Just checking if someone is still waiting for me. I’ve left a promise, which i doubt i could fulfill. Just want to see if she’s still here”.

Shin Hye walked slowly towards him, “have you doubted that she will do as she said?”

Trying to close their distance, Geun Suk stepped forward, walking to her direction, “Ani. Just want to see how stupid she is to believe in everything i said. And you, why are you still here? Didn’t he tell you that he might not make it?”

“He said he might not. But he added, he will come back for me. The first statement is a probability. The second one is a promise”

Geun Suk, stopped, looked at Shin Hye in the eyes, as if trying to search where those words are coming from,” You always surprise me with your words, young lady?”

Shin Hye, as she see him stopped, put into a halt as well, tilted her head, smiled and said, “And you always get me curious of your play of words, young man. Lucky i don’t read between the lines. I simply read you”.

With that said, Geun Suk hurriedly run towards Shin Hye, and when his face is an inch away from her, he rested his forehead on hers and whispered, “Mianhae”.

“Shhh. I know.”

Geun Suk held Shin Hye’s hands. And as if the world has stopped turning, they both closed their eyes and let their hearts talk to each other. No words said. No words needed.


“Nado, saranghae”.

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2* The Kite Flyer

Hearing what Seung Ho has just said, Geun Suk froze for a second or two.

Things became too blurred for him and suddenly, Shin Hye’s face passed by his eyes; she was looking back at him, smiling. At second glance, a tear fell from her eyes…but she’s still smiling. He saw her looking at him, but he’s not looking back. His eyes were busy wandering somewhere else, but she’s still smiling. Shin Hye is still smiling. Geun Suk couldn’t figure out what it is all about, but one thing is sure…

He stood up, with that smirk on his face. Everyone was waiting… nervously, cautiously waiting.

“Better be prepared to be his friend then, kid. I’ll make sure that Shin Hye will never get hurt. Not in this life time. Not ever”.

Seung Ho, upon hearing this, just smiled, bowed and shook his head

Mithra, being the eldest, stood up as well, as if trying to appease an awaken wolf, “ yah.. yah..enough of that. We’re just trying to have fun here”.

“Chill guys”, Hee Chul seconded.

Geun Suk smiled, “I’m cool. Hyung, i just need to get some fresh air”.

Hong Ki stood up as well. “I’m fine, Hong Ki. No prob. See you around, kid”, and then he left.

As Geun Suk went out of the room, he doesn’t know what to do next. He’s been in this situation for a couple of times… dealing with different guys who have shown open admiration to Shin Hye… but never, never in those times that he felt like this..

Threatened? No. Definitely not. People might accused him of being conceited, but never did he feel threatened of any other guy. The Chocoballs might find it irritating.. they might think he’s a masochist…sitting there, waiting and listening for whatever those guys were thinking about Shin Hye.

He may not admit it, but he finds it amusing, hearing those words of admiration. They may never understand, but hearing their reason why they like “his girl” makes him feel luckier than he has always have felt.

“His girl”, he repeated, then silently scolded himself. “Never call her ‘your girl’, punk”.

He crossed the street, trying to search for that something that will bring him back to himself.

Not knowing where to go, he again analyzed what it is that he felt earlier.

Jealous? No… not possible.

Irritated. Might be. Heck! That’s the first time he heard such an answer. It’s as if the world is waiting for him to fail.

His drama might not do well. He might get a lot of antis. People might assume that he’s trying to grab attention, but none of these ever gave him this feeling. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t give a damn.

Still not in his own senses, he continued his “journey”, walking towards something… trying to figure out what it is that shook his… his… Aigoo! Is it this hard to grasp?

He stood there, somewhere, lighting another cigarette, when a face from the crowd suddenly emerge. Everything goes in slow motion and he seems to forget whatever it is that’s been bothering him…

“Oppa!”, Shin Hye shouted from not a far distance.

Geun Suk smiled automatically, reaching his hand to that girl who spotted him from the crowd. Did she just spot him, or was it he who found her?

“Hey”, Geun Suk said.

Shin Hye, caught his hand in mid air, and as if sensing something, squinted her eyes and crinkled her nose, “Hey?”

Geun Suk chuckled, “Why are you out too early?”

“It felt too stuffy inside. I don’t know. My feet brought me here. Why are you here too early? Wae? Did Hong Ki and the guys left already?”

Geun Suk smiled, amazed with how their hands intertwined.



Shin Hye came closer to Geun Suk, tip toed a bit, trying to get Geun Suk’s gaze away from whatever it is that is distracting him.

“Oppa! Wae?”

“Oh. I left early. They are still trying to finish some bottles. I decided to leave and get some fresh air”.

“Eh.. Oppa?”

Knowing that Shin Hye will not let him off the hook, Geun Suk tightened his hold on Shin Hye’s hands and smiled. “Hey, I need to go somewhere else. I’ll be back in an hour. Will you be done by then?”

Still confused of why her Oppa is acting like this, Shin hye tightened her grip also, as if mesmerized by the perfect fit of their hands and said,” Deh, Oppa. In an hour”.

“Arasseo. I’ll be back by then”.

“I’ll be waiting Oppa”, as if not wanting to leave each other’s hands, they were still reaching for each other until the distance won’t allow them anymore.

Shin Hye was still looking at Geun Suk’s back, and when she realized that he’s far enough, decided to turn around and head back to where her friends are. As she was about to turn, she heard Geun Suk called out her name.

“Shin Hye!”, her heart jumped a bit.


Two feet away from her, Geun Suk did not dare to close the distance. Shin Hye was puzzled, her eyes searching his.

With hands inside his pocket and a shy smile, Geun Suk said, “Shin Hye, if i’m not back in an hour, do you think you can ask Vanilla Lucy to drop you off?”

Worried, confused, Shin Hye’s eyebrows met, “eh?”

“It might take me long. You might get bored.”

“But you’ll be coming back,right? You’ll come back for me, Oppa, right?”

“yes, but…”

“Then , I’ll be waiting. See you later, Oppa. Be careful”, Shin Hye closed their distance, tip toed and gave Geun Suk a peck on the cheek. Not wanting to hear whatever it is that he will say next, Shin Hye hurriedly went inside.

Geun Suk stood there, dumbfounded. What is it that he will do next? Where is he going?

Still not in his own self, he let his feet drag him to wherever.

Geun Suk took Khan, and drive around without a specific destination.

After seeing Shin Hye, he’s now certain of what he felt earlier.

Scared. He’s too scared. Not of Seung Ho… Not of any other guy. He’s scared of himself. He’s scared of hurting Shin Hye.

After almost an hour, he found himself parked at a not too distant area from where Shin Hye is.

From afar, she saw her stepped out of the resto and was laughing about something with Vanilla Lucy.

Still afraid to see her, Geun Suk decided to send her an SMS.

“ Are you done?”

“Wae? Take your time, Oppa. We’re still talking about something”

Gazing at Shin Hye from a distance, he still saw that smile which always offer him a ray of sunlight… or moonlight in this sense.

Before he became Geun Chan, before he gambled a lot in Japan, people may not know, but his confidence was running thin when he roamed the street of Tokyo, trying to test the water…

“What if i would not make it? What if i fail?”

“Gwaenchana, Oppa. Shin Hye is always here”

When he looked back again at where Shin Hye is standing, he saw her friend giving her a hug and bidding her goodbye. Geun Suk, wanting her to go with them, gave her a call…

“Shin Hye”

“Oppa, are you done yet”

“Ani. It’s getting late.I think you better go with Vanilla Lucy. I’ll ask them to drop you off at your house. Mia…”

Geun Suk was not able to finish his sentence. Before he could even give his sorry, Shin Hye cut him and said, “ Gwenchana, Oppa. I’ll be waiting here. Don’t worry much. Shin Hye will wait”,and then she hangs up.

Geun Suk saw her friends left her alone in front of the restaurant. Shin Hye was standing there, listening to her iphone, still smiling but with traces of worry in her eyes.

When the series of Cri Show became successful in Japan, when Geun Suk became the Geun Chan and tagged as the next Hallyu Star, people did not know, but he became scared of fame.

“What if i cannot handle it, Shin Hye? What if i lose myself in it?

“Oppa, do you want it? I mean, you being the Geun Chan, do you like it?”

“Shin Hye, you know i worked hard for it. Yes, i like it”.

“Then , what’s the problem, Oppa? Go for it!”

“What if…”

“SShhhh. Ani, Oppa. I will not allow that. I’m your kite flyer, remember? Just go wherever you want. Explore the world, Oppa. Accept whatever challenge they give you. Don’t worry about the wind. He cannot just blow you anywhere. I’ll unwind a lot of your strings so that you can go on further, but worry not because i have you here. I got you, Oppa. No need to worry”.

Finally realizing that his worries are groundless, Geun Suk looked back at the girl who is standing in the midst of cold.

“No need to worry, Geun Suk. She’s got you. “

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1* The Pack

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

In one of the bars in Gangnam, a group of flower boys were found smoking at the alley. From a passerby point of view, based on what she is hearing and the silhouette that she is seeing, it seems like trouble is brewing.

The guy with brown hair was heard saying, “Jjang, what are we doing here? I thought you have to shoot something at downtown Seoul?”

“Yeah, Jjang. It will not look good if they see you here. We’ll definitely be a headline tomorrow if we’ll stay here for long”, answered by the pretty boy.

One of the big guys was then seen joining the group, with a cigarette on one hand and the other in his pocket, “Do you have light?”

“Yah, punk, why too urgent? I don’t have that much of free time, you know, right?, asked a guy who seemed to have come from the service based on his haircut.

“Can you all quiet down a bit? We’re waiting for someone.”, smirked the guy who is assumed to be the Jjang.

“Someone? A new recruit? Wooahhh! Who is this lucky guy to be invited by the Jjang himself?!, asked by one of the tall guys.

Everyone was laughing when they heard one of the members say, “Jjang, I saw your girl at the restaurant opposite the bar. Are you aware of it?”

The Jjang’s eyes were seen to narrowed a bit, and with a hush voice said, “Punk! How many times do I need to tell you not to call her “my girl”, especially when we’re outside like this? Do you want me to be grilled alive?”

“I’m not anyone’s girl, Jang Gen Suk! I’m not”, said the group in chorus and a thunder of laughter filled the alley.

“Aisssh”, hissed the Jjang.

“Sh*t! So, if she is here, the Jjang is here, we are here and a new guy is coming, who again among those guys are invited? Jjang, I think we need to change the “Chocoballs” name to “Chocoball Stars”? We’re not a fan club!”, said Heechul.

Yup, if you see them from a distance, it seems that a fight is brewing at this side of Gangnam. If only passersby were not tempted to run away, they could have probably seen their favourite idols roam the streets and cuss and bicker with each other.

Hong Ki, the brown-haired idol together with the pretty boy Jong Hun were singing “love, love, love” while entering one of the famous bars in this area. Fresh from his service vacation, Hee Chul, was making fun of how Hongki has sung the song in the MTV before. The big guy, Mithra and the tall guy, Jo Sung Mo, were each checking out girls as they approach the bar area. And the Jjang, let’s just say, the well-known Jang Geun Suk took the last hit from his cigarette as they enter the private area.

As they all sat down and ordered bottles of Soju, Geun Suk’s phone rang. “Deh… we’re already inside. You can just tell the receptionist to usher you here. Deh.. deh.. they are all here. We’ll see you in a bit”.

“Aissh.. I wonder who this guy is?”, said Hong Ki.

“Lee Min Ho has refused you for a couple of times. Lee Seung Gi is too good to be invited in bars like this. Yoo Ah In is a friend of yours. There should not be a competition on that. Kim Soo Hyun.. Kim Soo Hyun?”, Hee Chul asked, surprised.

“Kim Soo Hyun-ssi? I haven’t heard of that. Hee Chul-hyung, is Kim Soo Hyun included in the list also”, Geun Suk, asked, irritated.

“Aisssh, punk! If we will do this to all the guys connected to Shin Hye, I guess you better leave an open invitation to all awards night, agencies and the like”, hissed Mithra.

“ Ah.. cham, remind me of Yoo Ah In. I still haven’t talked to him that much. Mithra hyung, if your girl is too oblivious of who she is and how she looks like to all the guys out there, I bet you’ll do the same. I mean, this girl could not even identify the difference between a coffee invitation and a date. A walk in the park with the dogs and a date. A biking invitation along Han and a date. Hal! Shin Hye is driving me crazy”, Geun Suk enumerated without pausing.

“Aigoo, this kid! All those things that you mentioned, you did it to Shin Hye. You forgot including begging Melon Music Award to have a guest MC…”

“Who in his right mind would think that it is necessary to have a guest MC? What are you? Doing a 2-hour concert and would need a filler in between?”

“How about the Garden CF? You said, you don’t have time, but the moment the producer said that Shin Hye already agreed, you asked Jason to clear all your commitments!”.

“And the You’re Beautiful FM? Who in the world of K-drama has ever done an FM? Only you and your love stricken-antic!”

“Haha.. FM in Taiwan. Hyung even asked me to invite Shin Hye to attend FT Island concert. I tried all my might to refuse that George guy from accompanying Shin Hye. Tsk”.

“Shut up, Hong Ki. What can i do? I cannot be with her all the time,” Geun Suk said.

“Yup, But she’s your girl now”, Mithra sort of informed him.

Geun Suk glared at Mithra, and all of them said in chorus, “she’s your girlfriend now. Arasseo. arasseo”.

Hee Chul,as he is taking a gulp from his Soju bottle, said, “why don’t you trust her a little, Geun Suk? It’s as if Shin Hye will date anyone behind your back. Hal. I’ve met that girl, and….”

“And?” Jong Hun asked.

“She’s too good to be true. Aigoo! If only she did not call me Ahjussi the first time she met me”, Hee Chul said while shaking his head.

“Aigoo, Hyung! Just say, if only Geun Suk Hyung did not beg you to “offer” yourself on that SBS Music Award so as to guard Shin Hye from Yong Hwa Hyung…” Hong Ki added.

“If only i did not know that you punk has already mark her as your territory…tsk tsk tsk..Aisssh, i could have pretended i did not know”, Hee Chul said while laughing.

“Aisssh… that’s not good. Ani… Yah, Jang Geun Suk, why don’t you try to trust her a liitle”, Jo Sung Mo added, halting Hee Chul to a stop.

“It’s not that i don’t trust Shin Hye. I don’t trust the guys around her. And did you hear what i just said, Sung Mo Hyung? Shin Hye doesn’t know how to differentiate a wolf from a sheep.”

“And all these while, she is thinking you’re a sheep”, Jo Sung Mo added, which earned him a laugh from the guys.

“Hyung, i might have been a wolf before, but I’m tamed now”, Geun Suk smiled at them.

“But a wolf will still be a wolf, no matter how you try to tame it down”, hissed Mithra.

“Aisssh, Hyung. Don’t compare me to yourselves. You’ll never understand”, Geun Suk said as he lit another stick of cigarette.

It was then that a knock was heard from the door. A guy in his early twenties came in, and everyone was shocked to finally see the guy that they’ve been waiting for.

“Yoo Seung Ho! Korea’s younger brother! I’m a fan of yours”, Hong Ki exclaimed.

“Ah… kamsaheyo. Hong Ki-sshi”, Seung Ho said shyly.

“Drop the formalities, Seung Ho. We’re all friends here. You can address everyone here as Hyung since i guess you’re the youngest”, Geun Suk said while handing him a bottle of Soju.

Hee Chul narrowed his eyes, as if asking Geun Suk if this kid is part of the competition. Geun Suk just smirked, and took another gulp from his bottle.

“Geun Suk Hyung, why are you still not done on that bottle? Are you cheating on us?”, Jong Hun asked.

“I’m not cheating. I’m telling you in advance that i am not drinking much”

“Oh, the wolf is pretending to be tamed”, Mithra said.

“Haha… has someone already tamed the famous Jang Geun Suk”, asked Seung Ho.

“I like this guy. He’s quite straightforward”, Jo Sung Mo said while tapping Seung Ho’s shoulder.

“Have you seen a potential someone who can actually tame the Korea’s Younger Brother”, asked Hee Chul.

“Ani.. i haven’t found someone yet”

All was quite disappointed and happy… disappointed that they will not see Geun Suk’s priceless expression while Shin Hye is being elaboratively described by the guys… and happy that this night will end sooner than they expected.

They were at that sort of thinking, when Seung Ho suddenly said”, I find IU cute”..

“Oh…” Hong Ki said, while nodding.

“But, i still like Shin Hye. I mean it’s nothing serious. I haven’t seen her in a while, but having someone to tame you, i think i’m willing to surrender to Shin Hye. Ha.. that was quite embarrassing, but i like her”

“ Ha.. ha.. ha..”, the infamous laugh of Hwang Tae Kyung was heard again. Grateful that the place is dim, otherwise, Seung Ho could have seen how Geun Suk’s eyes squirted as if wanting to break his neck.

“oh… is it?”, Jo Sung Mo asked while drinking his bottle and throwing a side glance at Geun Suk.

“Hong Ki hyung, Geun Suk Hyung, you both worked with her, right? You probably know what i’m trying to say. That girl is simply too good, those characters that you can only see in dramas. I mean, she’s the epitome of Korean drama heroine”, further explained by Seung Ho.

“Korean Drama Heroine… that’s a new one. I’ll write that down in the list”, added Hee Chul.

“Yah, Seung Ho. I always imagine Shin Hye as those characters who no matter how you try to push, will never get angry. And she always has that smile that will brighten your day. I mean, even if you need to practice whole day long, the moment you see Shin Hye’s smile, everything seems ok”, Jong Hun added, as if daydreaming.

“ahem ahem”, Hong Ki interjected.

“Now, Jong Hun, you just reminded me why you are here”, Hee Chul teased Jong Hun.

The young guitarist just shakes his head as if remembering something.

“Ah, cham, Seung Ho, do you have a girlfriend?”, Mithra asked, going back to business.

“Not at the moment. Do you think you can give me Shin Hye’s number Hong Ki Hyung? I heard you’re close with her”

“a… a… i think you can ask Geun Suk Hyung that question”,Hong Ki said nervously.

“if i will tell you Seung Ho that Shin Hye-ssi has a boyfriend, will you still ask for her number”, asked Geun Suk.

Seung Ho looked at Geun Suk, as if sensing something, smiled and then answered,” i guess i would still want that. I mean, liking Shin Hye does not mean that i want to be her guy, but that would be a bonus if that would happen. But having her as a friend, that would be enough… for now..”

“For now?”, asked Geun Suk, narrowing his eyes.

Seung Ho, as if he fully understood what the situation is, answered, “yup, for now, while she is still committed with someone… i’m contented to be her friend. I don’t want her to get hurt, but if the tamed wolf would turn back to his old self, i would want to be there for Shin Hye”.

All were in awe with what he just said, nervous for Geun Suk’s would be reaction, and dumbfounded on what will happen next…



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