unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

4* Mianhae

Geun Suk still remembers how he tried to reach Shin Hye’s phone a hundred times that night. He couldn’t concentrate at the filming. Everytime he would have a break or two, he’s with his phone, hoping that somehow a miracle would happen, and Shin Hye’s phone will ring even once. Losing all hopes available in his system, the moment the director shouted cut, he hurried to reach Khan and drove down to Seoul.

Shin Hye noticed the creasing in Geun Suk’s forehead while he’s sleeping. All the guys went back to their rooms, and as if scripted, left them both at the living room. She watches Geun Suk’s face carefully. Saying he’s tired is an understatement. With all the pressure he has this past few weeks, a girlfriend that throws a tantrum at a smallest matter is not needed at this moment. Is he not getting tired of her? She loves her Oppa so much; so much that sometimes it hurts a lot.

If only they know how she tried to understand everything; how she tried to mature beyond her age so as to keep in touch with her Oppa’s thinking; how she tried to be strong and pretend to be unaffected of all the teasings and stories this business has been throwing at them.; if only they know, they would say she tried hard— she gave her all to make this work. But, does she really want it? She’s losing herself, she knows. And she doesn’t know whether she still wants to give it a try.

While busy on her thoughts, Shin Hye was startled by a ring from her phone. Careful not to wake her Oppa up, she answered it in a soft voice…

Shin Hye: Yoboseyo?
Jason: Annyeong, Shin Hye-ssi. This is Jason. Did you happen to see Geun Suk?
Shin Hye: Annyeong, Jason-oppa. Deh. Geun Suk-oppa is with me. He’s still sleeping. Do you want me to wake him up?
Jason: That punk! Leaving the filming without even saying a word. And he did not even bother to turn on his phone.
Shin Hye: Mianhe, Jason-ssi. Oppa might have been too tired. I’ll wake him up in a bit.
Jason: Andwae, Shin Hye. Just let him rest. He hadn’t slept properly this past weeks. I didn’t know what happen, but i think something is bothering him the moment we left Baeksang. And even worst, right after the supper with Yoona-ssi, he couldn’t be talked to properly. Is there something wrong that i am not aware of Shin Hye?
Shin Hye: Aniyo, Oppa. I will talk to Geun Suk-oppa later. What time is he needed in the set?
Jason: Gwaechana, Shin Hye. He needs to rest. And i know, he can only rest when he’s with you. That punk, even threatened me to finish all his vitamins at one shot so he can have an excuse to skip filming and visit you.

Shin Hye just smiled with what Jason has told her.

Jason: Shin Hye, i know it might have been hard, but can you give that kid a little more patience? In every end of his shoots, he’s only looking forward to that day when he can finally meet you. I know i don’t have the right to say this, with the way he’s acting last night, i know there’s something wrong… not the usual there’s something wrong, but there’s something wrong with his sanctuary and he felt shaken by the mere thought of it. Aissh… what are these that i’m rambling about.. Mianhe. Just let him rest. I’ll move his takes tomorrow.
Shin Hye: Arasseo, Jason-oppa. Kumawo.
Jason: He loves you so much, Shin Hye. I hope you know that.
Shin Hye: Deh… Annyeong.

A tear fell from Shin Hye’s eyes the moment she hangs up. Startled by the tear that touch his cheeks, Geun Suk immediately sat down and looked at Shin Hye…

Geun Suk: Shin Hye…
Shin Hye: a… oppa, you’re awake. ( Shin Hye immediately stood up to escape Geun Suk’s questioning eyes)
Geun Suk: Park Shin Hye….
Shin Hye: Mianhe, oppa. I just remembered something. Do you think you can drive now? I want to go home.

Feeling that Shin Hye is still trying to avoid him, Geun Suk nodded, took Shin Hye’s things and proceeded to the parking lot. Shin Hye informed their friends that they are leaving.

On the way to Shin Hye’s house, no one dare to utter a word. Shin Hye was looking outside the window, while Geun Suk was focused on driving. Once in a while, he will throw glances at Shin Hye, trying to sense if he can start a conversation. After gathering enough courage….

Geun Suk: who called you up while i was sleeping? Are you sneaking behind my back? (he tried to tease Shin Hye).
Shin Hye, in deep thought, did not notice what he was trying to do. She only heard the first part of his statement and simply answered, “Jason-oppa. He said, you better get some rest. He will move all your schedules to tomorrow morning.

Feeling that Shin Hye is just trying to put up with him during the remaining time of the drive, he simply nodded his head and uttered, “ah…”.

Feeling the sudden silence of Geun Suk, Shin Hye looked back at her Oppa, trying to figure out what he is thinking. After awhile, Geun Suk pulled over in front of Han River.

Shin Hye did not dare to say anything. She’s been mentally and emotionally preparing herself for this. She’s ready, isn’t she? She asked for this.

Trying to control the tears that are threatening to fall, Shin hye breaks the silence. Without looking at Geun Suk, with her head bowed down and fiddling her finger…

Shin Hye: Mianhe, Oppa. Jeongmal, mianhe…

Those were the words that Geun Suk doesn’t want to hear. It seems, that upon hearing those words, he would just prefer the silent treatment… not mianhe… not this one.

Geun Suk is at a loss for words. For the first time, he does not know what to say. He was dumbfounded for awhile. What is she saying? Is she giving up on me? Andwae. What did i do?


Feeling that his heart is being torn into pieces, Geun Suk, with all the courage the he can muster, started his monologue..

Geun Suk: Mianhae, Shin Hye… Mianhae.
Mianhae if oppa is too stubborn.
Mianhae if you have to put up with this oppa’s immaturity.
Mianhae, jeongmal mianhae.

Shin Hye, clasped her heart,in an attempt to control it from breaking into pieces. This is it… You asked for this, Shin Hye. Now, be prepared. You’re prepared, aren’t you?

But, contrary to what she did, Geun Suk, after a slight pause, not wanting to be drown in silence, continued with what his heart wanted to say..

Geun Suk: Mianhae.. jeongmal, Mianhe.
I know i don’t deserve you, Shin Hye.
Mianhae, this oppa is too selfish.
Mianhae, i don’t deserve you…
But this oppa is selfish.

Shin Hye, having difficulty in comprehending what her oppa is trying to say, with tears flowing from her eyes, she looked at Geun Suk. She found Geun Suk, hands clasped at steering wheel with eyes focused on an empty space… Geun Suk, sensing that Shin Hye is looking at him, looked back into her eyes. With one hand reaching to wipe away her tears…

Geun Suk: Mianhae, Shin Hye.
I know i don’t deserve you.
Mianhae, i’m too selfish..
Mianhae….but i cannot let you go.
I cannot…

Shin Hye: (not knowing what to do, with tears running freely from her eyes, looked at Geun Suk) Oppa, do you still want to give it a try? I don’t think…
Geun Suk: Andwae, i’m not giving it a try.

Geun Suk smiled at what he just said. Shin Hye, shocked, confused, looked back at him.

Geun Suk: I’ve stopped giving it a try two years ago, Shin Hye. No, i’m not giving it a try.
Oppa is hurt. It may not appear obvious….

Geun Suk smiled, pulled Shin Hye closer, kissed the tip of her nose, closed his eyes and rested his forehead on her forehead..

Geun Suk: but, i’ve been giving it my all. If that is still not enough, i’m willing to search every bit of me just so i will be deserving of you.
Mianhae. Komapta. Saranghae.


3* What Went Wrong

The night of Beksang….

Geun Suk arrived at the set of LOve Rain a bit irritated.

He hates that feeling. Though he knows that he doesn’t have anything to worry about, he still hates it when their friend Yong Hwa, throws those look at Shin Hye. He cannot blame the guy. His girl has been with their friend from the start. And though Yong Hwa made it clear that he only treats Shin Hye as a friend, as a guy, he knows that Yong Hwa was just backing off because of him.

As he arrived on set, Yoona approached him and inquire about the awards night. No one knows in set about him and Shin Hye. Inasmuchas he wants to tell everyone to back off (either from him, especially from her) he cannot do so. That’s his girl’s wish. No point telling everyone what they have. And he respects that.

Yoona: Oppa, PD-nim gave us 2-hour break while they are still setting up. My members are coming over for midnight snack. Can you come along? They wanted to see you.
Geun Suk: Yoona-sshi, i’m a bit tired (seeing the hurt of rejection in her eyes, Geun Suk thought, this girl might not be used to being rejected. Being the gentleman that he is…) Arasseo. Who’s coming? I’ll call in for back up.
Yoona: Jinja,oppa. Can i just ride in your car? I mean, no use of me bringing my own car if we are going to the same place, right?
Geun Suk: A.. Yoona-sshi, i need to pick my boys up. Might not be a good idea to have you in a car with a bunch of guys…

Then, suddenly, Shin Hye crossed his mind. Why it is too difficult for other girls to blend with guys without being too awkward, while his girl can easily pull it off? Shin Hye, can be one of the boys. She laughs with them; bickers with them. But never they did cross the line of throwing “boy’s inside joke” when she’s around. The girl practically grew up with guys; though it seems that she won’t be offended, it’s just that they don’t and won’t dare to say anything “green” when she’s around. Aish.. his girl.

Geun Suk was smiling to himself when Yoona caught his attention again.

Yoona: Guirae,oppa. Arasseo. I will just ask the girls to pick me up. Oppa, can you ask Yong hwa-ssi to come also. I’ll bring over our Maknae.

Though Geun Suk knows how Yong Hwa detest the idea of working again with Seo Hyun, he thinks this will be better though. While driving Khan outside the parking lot, he gave Yong Hwa a call.

Yong Hwa: Hyung?
Geun Suk: Yong Hwa, are you busy? Hong Ki, Jong Hun and I are going to meet with some girls outside.

Geun suk chuckled as he realized what he just said. Surely, Shin Hye will get mad at him if she hears those words that just escape his mouth.

Yong Hwa: Mwo?
Geun Suk: Erase that thought in your head, punk. Hana-sshi invited me to go out with her girls. I said no, but she insisted. I think, before any news leak out, it’s better to make sure that you have my back.
Yong hwa: Eh? I did not get you, Hyung.
Geun Suk: I don’t care what others will think if this thing goes out. I mean, we’re working on the same project. People will just say that it’s fan service. But having this girl named, Shin Hye, hear anything about this, for sure i will receive a silent treatment from her again.
Yong Hwa: Hyung,why don’t you just tell Shin Hye? And besides, you don’t need me to back you up on this. As you have said, you and Yoona-sshi are working together on a project. For sure,people will understand. But having me and Hong Ki to tag along, i’m afraid, it will create another issue. The headline tomorrow will be, “FNC boys, Asia Prince have a date with Girls Generation”. I don’t think that will sound good.
Geun Suk: But having, Shin Hye broke up with Asia Prince, without them even knowing that we are together is worse.
Yong Hwa: Hyung, just call Shin Hye.
Geun Suk: Shin Hye is already sleeping. And besides, after i immediately left the venue earlier, i doubt she will talk to me at this point.
Yong Hwa: Hyung, that’s the point. You still need to discuss something with Shin Hye and here you are, creating another thing to be discussed.
Geun Suk: Are you sure you’re not courting my girl, Yong hwa-ssi?

Yong Hwa was dumbfounded for awhile. Geun suk just chuckled.

Geun Suk: Punk,you’re the reason i left the venue early. I know Hyung is wrong, but can you help me on this one? If Shin Hye found out that her namja chingu went with her chingu to meet his virtual ex-wife that he is ultimately trying to avoid, it definitely means that her namja chingu does not have any option and has asked the great Yong Hwa for help to save him on this date. Shin Hye will understand if you’re there Yong.

Yong Hwa: Arasseo, hyung. Just give me 10 minutes. I’ll be there in a bit.

Inside the restaurant where they are supposed to meet…

The atmosphere was quite awkward, save for Hong Ki and Jong Hun who are too noisy discussing about something. Geun Suk and Yoona were not talking. Yong Hwa was not even looking at Seo Hyun. All of them were busy on their individual business when Sunny suddenly speak up.

Sunny: Geun Suk-ssi, do you mind if i ask you something personal?
Geun Suk: no.. go ahead?
Sunny: Did you and shin hye-ssi ever dated? I mean, you look good together. I am a fan of Minami Shineyo, and i see you’re really close.

Hong Ki and Jong Hun coughed a little upon hearing Shin Hye’s name.
Geun Suk: Jinja? I don’t know about that. I think i dated her but she did not know.

The group laughed at Geun Suk’s smart answer.

Yoona: Are all AN Jell members really close? I mean, i can see the three of you are here. How about, Shin Hye-ssi?

The four guys do not feel comfortable hearing the girls inquiring a lot about their girl… technically it’s Geun Suk’s girl, but hey, Shin Hye is also their girl.

Hong Ki: Who do you want me to call, Mi Nam or Mi Nyeo?
Jong Hun: I think, Mi Nam will like to come here. Mi Nyeo will definitely get mad if she sees her Hyung-nim here. What do you think, Hyung?
Geun Suk: Haha! Mi Nyeo will definitely pout and will not say a word to me.

All of them were laughing, while the girls were looking at them with confused look.

Hong Ki: To answer your question,Yoona-ssi, no.. we’re not close with Shin Hye-ssi..
Yoona: I really thought one of you guys is dating her.
Hong Ki: I know of someone who will love that (threw a side glance at Yong hwa), but the other someone that i know (smiled at Geun Suk) will definitely threw a fit if he found out that someone is stepping in his territory.
Yoona: Is Shin Hye –ssi taken?
Hong Ki: who’s Shin Hye? O, are we talking about her? I thought we’re talking about my Mi Nyeo.

Suddenly, Hong Ki’s phone rang. Upon seeing the caller, he taps his hyung’s shoulder and excuse himself.

Shin Hye: Hong Ki-ah
Hong Ki: Shin Hye? Wae?
Shin Hye: Do you know where Geun Suk-oppa is? He’s not answering his phone. I’m just worried whether he reached the filming venue already.
Hong Ki: (coughed) Shin Hye, I’ll pass you to Jong Hun. Changkaman, i need to do something.

Hong Ki went inside and asked Geun Suk about his phone:

Hong Ki: Hyung, where is your phone?
Geun Suk: I left it in my car.
Hong Ki: Aissh! Why did you not bring it here?
Geun Suk: Hacci is a bit mad and i think, she’s sleeping already. No point to bring it with me.
Hong Ki: Hacci cannot reach you. She’s trying to call you.
Geun Suk: Jinja? Where is your phone? I’ll talk to her.

Before they can excuse themselves, Yoona pulled Geun Suk and took a selca with him.
In the selca, Geun Suk was smiling a little knowing that Shin Hye was looking for him, Yoona is holding his hand while her face is on his shoulder (almost similar to Geun Suk and Shin Hye’s selca in Japan).

After the photo was taken, Yoona post it on a private twitter account where only few celebrities can access (if there is even such a thing ). Upon posting the photo, Seo Hyun saw it immediately and was screaming her heart out, saying that they both look good together. Before leaving the table, Yoona pulled Geun Suk again and showed him the picture that was posted in the account.

Upon seeing the photos, Hong Ki and Geun Suk’s eyes widened and Geun Suk gave a sarcastic laugh.

Geun Suk: Yoona-sshi, i know we look good together. But, can you remove the photo? I think my yeoja chingu will misunderstand if she sees thisone.
Yoona: Omo.. oppa, mianhe, i did not know. I will put it down immediately.

Upon hearing this, GeunSuk, immediately went outside to get the phone from Jong Hun. As he reached Jong Hun, the guy was quite puzzled and shaking his head.

Jong Hun: Hyung, do you know about “Seo Jun and Hana”’s picture together?
Geun Suk: Mwo?
Jong Hun: Noona said, they look good together. Then she hurriedly hung up because she said she needs to finish something.
Geun Suk: Aissh. Cincha!

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2* Silent War Between Hyung and Noona

While Shin Hye was inside the wash room, she looked into the mirror and stare at her face.

“what to do now? Why is he here? I’m not yet ready to face him…”

She was in such a deep thought when she heard a knock on the door.

Min Hyuk: Noona, are you done yet? I need to use the washroom. And your chagiya is bullying us. You need to come out, Noona.
Shin Hye: Just a second, Min hyuk. I’m almost done.

Shin Hye went outside. The guys became quiet as she entered the kitchen. She knows that Geun Suk was looking at her, but she ignored him.

“What did you do, Geun Suk? Looks like this will be a long day”- geun suk muttered to himself.

Geun Suk was sitting at Shin Hye’s seat, munching at the pizza she has left. Shin Hye walked over to the stove and heated some kimchi jalgae. Once done, she poured some on bowls and asked Min Hyuk to assist her.

Geun Suk was staring at Shin Hye, testing his chagiya what she will do on his next move. Geun Suk attempted to get another slice, when as he extend his hand, he received a glare from Shin Hye. Passing him the bowl of soup, Geun Suk already felt warm inside. Still not saying anything, Shin hye grab his bag, took a pouch and get his medicines from inside. Checking the boxes which he hasn’t taken yet, Shin Hye took a glass of water and handed Geun Suk the medicines that he has to take. Just staring at her, also without saying anything, Geun Suk took the medicines and drink them all at once. Once checked that he has done what he has to do, Shin Hye headed to the sofa and took her cellphone from her bag.

Geun Suk: Don’t bother to call Appa. I told him already that i am going to pick you up.
Shin Hye: Jung Shin, what is the local cab number here? Geun Suk-sshi, i think you better head down to the set. I bet they are all crazy looking for you. Don’t bother to send me home, i know my way.
Geun Suk: I’m bringing you home. Just tell me when you want to leave. I’ll wait here.
Shin Hye: You’re too stubborn, Geun Suk! Why don’t you go back to the set and get some rest while waiting for your scene to be taken?
Geun Suk: Do you think i can even sleep a wink? I’m too tired Shin Hye.
Shin Hye: Why don’t we just stop it here, Oppa? We’re both tired, aren’t we?
Geun Suk: Mwo? Shin Hye, not this. Not now. Not ever. You know i can take everything they throw at me, but not this.

Geun Suk was mad, irritated, tired, but he knows he will not afford the consequence if he blew this off. Setting aside his pride, he looked at Shin Hye again…

Geun Suk: I’ll wait here. Tell me when you’re ready.

Shin hye headed to the door. Everyone stood up in surprise. Without looking back..

Shin Hye: I’ll be going over to FT Island’s.

Everyone was then able to breathe and sat down. After five minutes, Min Hwan came running to CN Blue’s dorm.

Min Hwan: Geun Suk Hyung, annyeong haseyo! Shin Hye noona is asking for your car key. She said she just needs to put something inside.

Geun Suk stood up and was about to go to the door, when Min Hwan stopped him and said that his Noona clearly instructed not to have him go down, but simply pass the key to Min Hwan. Though he hesitated at first, Geun Suk just surrendered and pass the key to the young FT Island member.

Five minutes have passed, and again, Min hwan came rushing back.

Min Hwan: Hyung, Shin Hye Noona asked me to give you this pillow. She said her house is too far. You just stay here both until your manager call you back. She also said that you better get some sleep before you head back to the location.

Geun Suk felt his heart jump a bit. He knows she’s still mad but she still cares for him. Geun Suk was about to say something when…

Min Hwan: Hyung, if you want to say something to Noona,why don’t you just go there and tell her yourself. I don’t think i need to pass another message just for you to patch up.

Geun Suk, not minding what Min Hwan said went straight to FT Island’s dorm.

All the guys were surprised upon seeing him enter with Min Hwan. They were all gathered at the living room. Shin Hye was sitting with Jong Hun in the big sofa while the others are on the floor, munching on anything Shin Hye has brought them.
Geun Suk made his way between Jong Hun and Shin Hye.

Signalling for Jong Hun to transfer to the other couch, Geun Suk put his pillow on Shin Hye’s lap and laid down. Before Shin Hye could say something…

Geun Suk: I’ll just sleep. Wake me up if you want to go home.

After saying this, he closes his eyes and hugs Shin Hye’s waist. Shin hye,though angry, allows Geun Suk to have his way so that he can have a rest.

Happy that Shin Hye did not reject him, Geun Suk knows that they still need to discuss what happened last night. For now, if Shin Hye does not want to talk about it, he’s ok with that. But he knows that they need to settle it before he became crazy of his Chagiya’s “civil” treatment to him.


1* That Night and the Morning after That

After Baeksang, though he knows it’s pointless, Geun Suk couldn’t help but get jealous of Yong Hwa. He did not want to, but he tried to leave in as fast as he could so that he won’t have any argument with Shin Hye. He knows it’s not fair, but he also knows that things will not be better either, if he stays back and try to ignore her presence. Having Love Rain as an excuse, he immediately left the venue.

A little after Baeksang, Shin Hye tweeted something. A little after the tweet, she decided to delete the post.

The following day, Geun Suk revealing that he is falling in love with “Hana” hits the media. People speculate that it might be the reason for Shin Hye’s tweet. Little did they know that something else happened.

At FNC dorm, FT Island’s unit…

Jae Jin: (opening the door) Noona!!! Why are you here?!
Shin Hye: Annyeong, Jae Jin!
Jae Jin: a.. Annyeong,noona!
Shin Hye: Omma, cooked a lot last night. She asked me to bring this to her favourite idols!
Min Hwan: Jinja, Noona!
Seung Hyun: What’s in there, Noona?
Shin Hye: Aigoo! Hey, dongsaeng ,can you help your Noona bring this over to the kitchen. This is quite heavy.
Jae Jin: Mianhe, Noona.

Hongki went out of his room after hearing the commotion outside. Shocked at Shin Hye’s presence, he just bowed his head to acknowledge her presence.

Shin Hye: Yah, Hong Star! Why such a greeting?! O, Jong Hun, glad you’re all awake.
Jong Hun and Hong ki nervously smiled and proceed to hug Shin Hye.
Shin Hye: Hong Ki-ah, i cannot get Geun Suk oppa last night. I tried to call him a hundred times, but he’s not picking up.
Hong Ki: Jinja?
Shin Hye: Deh, i called you last night, right? You said, you don’t know either?
Hong Ki: Shin Hye-ah…
Shin Hye: Jong Hun, are you with Hong Ki last night? How come you did not bring my dongsaeng?
Jong Hun: Shin Hye…
Shin Hye: Ah, i almost forgot….
Hong Ki: Who sent you here? Did Hyung visit you this morning?
Shin Hye: (glared at Hong Ki) My Appa. I think, my appa has a car.
Hong Ki: ah… kids, can you prepare the food. I think, Shin Hye Noona and Hong Ki need to discuss something.
Shin Hye: Don’t we need to invite Jong Hun as well, Hong Star?
Hong Ki: Shin Hye..
Shin Hye: Aniyo, Hong Ki. Gwaenchana. I don’t think there is something to talk about.

Min Hwan, Jae Jin and Seung Hyun felt that something was not right. They felt it the moment Hong Ki and Jong Hun came back last night. They know there’s something wrong. They heard their Shin Hye Noona’s name and Geun Suk Hyung, but nothing definite. In order to lighten up the mood, Jae Jin decided to tease his Noona…

Jae Jin: Noona, do you watch Love Rain? I think, Geun Suk Hyung and Yoona-sshi look good together? Ei, are you not jealous Noo…?

Jong Hun and Hong Ki both glared at Jae Jin. Jae Jin was not able to finish his sentence, for he felt the stiffness of his Noona’s face. Shin Hye, after a second or two, smiled and looked at Jae Jin.

Shin Hye: Jae Jin-a, i think Noona should be jealous, right? They really do look good together, especially in selca. I think, i’m going to ship them both. What do you think, Hong Ki?
Hong Ki: Shin Hye…
Min Hwan: Andwae, Noona. You’re still the best for Hyung.
Shin Hye: Ah, guirae. There’s still one shipper left. Too bad Min Hwan, Minami Shineyo has ended for quite a while already. Tsk tsk tsk
Seung Hyun: eh… even so, Noona, Hyung is still in love with Go Mi Nam!(winks at Shin Hye)
Shin Hye: Last time i checked, your hyung is falling in love with Hana.
Jae Jin: Andwae, Noona. Hyung is in love only with Hana’s character. But definitely, Hyung will choose Shin Hye over others.
Shin Hye: Is it?

Shin Hye curled her lips a little.
Meanwhile, Hong Ki is busy keying-in an sms in his cellphone. Shin Hye noticed it.

Shin Hye: ei..no need Hong Star. Shin Hye Noona will be leaving soon. And besides, your hyung, i think is too busy in the set. Guys, i need to go to the other boys. You know, your Noona is too pretty. Too many boys, too little time.
Shin Hye giggled and go to CN Blue’s dorm.

Min Hyuk: Noona!
Shin Hye: Min Hyuk! Aigoo!
Jung Shin: Waaah!! Noona, did omma cook a lot again?
Min Hyuk: I really love Shin Hye-omma!
Shin Hye: Aigoo, these kids! Of course, my omma loves you a lot.

The moment Yong Hwa heard Shin Hye’s voice, he immediately went out of his room, still holding his guitar…

Yong Hwa: Why are you not picking up your phone? I’ve been trying to reach you since that tweet…
(Shin Hye glared at Yong Hwa) Guys, can you bring these things to the kitchen. Shin hye and i need to discuss something.
Min Hyuk: Hyung, i hate to break it with you, but Lee Shin and Gyu Won is one year over. After the stunt you pulled last night, i wonder why Geun Suk Hyung is still not tearing your head off.
Shin Hye: Yah, Lee Shin, Min Hyuk is right. Gyu Won is no longer here. And Min Hyuk, to answer your query, i think your Geun Suk Hyung is too busy that he did not even notice the Yongshin clan has been celebrating a lot last night. Have you seen the threads, Yong?
Yong Hwa: Do you want me to pull another one, Gyu Won? Let’s teach your Hyungnim a lesson. Or, better yet, let’s give “us” a try.

Yong Hwa winks at Shin Hye. Though he said this to tease Gyu Won, he hoped that Shin Hye did not notice that his heart skip a beat upon mentioning that.

Shin Hye: Aigoo, Yong! Yeah, why don’t we give “us” a chance?
Yong Hwa ushered Shin Hye to the study. But before, Shin Hye went inside…
Shin Hye: Jung Shin-a, can you call for a pizza delivery? Noona’s treat. Also, Noona wants to drink some bottles of beer. Can you guys drink?

All their eyes were on Shin Hye upon hearing the word beer, and as if asking for help, they shifted their gaze to Yong Hwa.

Yong Hwa: why don’t we just eat your Omma’s food, Shin Hye? And i thought you’re trying to lose weight and you’re not supposed to eat oily food…
Shin Hye: Yong, kwaenchana. Only for today. I want to do something different.
Yong hwa noticed the emptiness in Shin Hye’s voice.
Yong Hwa: Jung Shin, order the pizza. Get the money from my wallet. Do not bother about the beer. No one is drinking.
Shin Hye: Aissh…

In the study, Yong Hwa was just looking at Shin Hye. He does not know where to start.

Shin Hye: what?
Yong Hwa: Gwaenchana?
Shin Hye: Deh… Yong, have you written a new song…
Sensing that Shin Hye will not open up, Yong Hwa cut her before she even finished her sentence.
Yong Hwa: Are you not going to ask me something?
Shin Hye: (silence)
Yong Hwa: I will answer every question that you have in here (Yong Hwa pokes her head),so that this (Yong Hwa pointed at her heart) will be at ease.
Shin Hye: Do i still want to hear it, Yong? I’m getting tired already.
Shin Hye’s eyes become misty. Yong Hwa wiped away the tears that are threatening to fall.
Yong Hwa: Shin Hye, you’ve been together for long. I don’t think this should even bother you.
Shin Hye: I don’t want to talk about it Yong.
Yong Hwa: Have you discussed it with him?
Shin Hye: He’s too busy.
Yong Hwa: Shin Hye, hyung was invited. He tried to say “No”, but couldn’t. She said, the other members want to meet him. Hyung called Hong Ki and Jong Hun because he doesn’t want to go there alone. Seo Hyun-ssi was coming (Yong Hwa looked at Shin Hye and smiled). Being the genius himself, Hyung called me up. He said, if ever something leaks out, it would be better to have Seo Hyun and Yong Hwa in the picture. You do know why Hyung said that, right? Having asked another favour from the great Yong Hwa who doesn’t want to be associated with his virtual ex-wife to join the group would mean that Geun Suk-ssi is really in trouble. Aside from Hong Ki and Jong Hun as witness, it would mean so much if the other Chingu who is not a Chocoball member, would back him up. Shin Hye, Hyung did not mean to hurt you or anything.
Shin Hye: I don’t know, Yong…

Jung Shin knocked on the door and informed the two that pizza has already arrived.
While they were all gathered at the table, laughing at any random thing, someone knock on the door. Min Hyuk went to open the door.

Min Hyuk: Hyung!
Geun Suk: I heard you have a visitor, Min Hyuk. Were you hiding my chagiya?
Min Hyun: Aigoo, hyung! Noona, someone is looking for you.

Geun Suk went directly to the table and was about to give Shin Hye a kiss when his girl stood up and went to the wash room. All of them were shocked and did not dare to say anything.

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