unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

5* (In)sanity… Reality Check

She held onto his arms, then, as she was about to move her lips, she felt him smiled, and as if saving her from an obvious embarrassment, he lowered his head instead, capturing her lips, finishing what she has started.

She felt him held her hands, slowly put them on top of his shoulders. He kissed her softly, gently… and after a good two minutes or so, she felt him pushed her to the couch, one arm on her head, the other on her back. Half of his weight was on top of her. She chose to keep her eyes shut, her heart beating a thousand… nervous of what will happen next.

She felt his hand travelled on her back, rubbing it up and down, slowly, tenderly. Then the kiss became deep… more passionate…hungry. She could hear alarms ringing on her head, but she tried to shrug all the worries off.. half of her slowly getting scared, a quarter of her wanting to know what will happen next.. a quarter nervously waiting.. testing if this would end without any of them regretting the next move.

Then, while her mind is silently deliberating whether to stop him now or not, she felt his hand travelled to her waist, then to her legs, lifting them to the couch… making her fully under him.
Shin Hye kept her eyes shut. She did not know why, but there’s something different on those touch.. on those kiss. It spelled longing… hunger… danger.

After tasting…nibbling her lips, probably sensing that she was getting out of breath, she felt him inch a little. Still afraid of opening her eyes, she squinted a little. Something was odd. Geun Suk was staring at her face, but was avoiding her eyes.

She felt his lips on her chin, on her jawline, then travelled back up to her lips again, giving it a small tug. Then, her eyes automatically shut open when he felt those lips travelled down to her neck, snuggling it, sucking the skin softly. She moved a little, hoping that would wake him up from this trance, but much to her disappointment, unlike before, he did not seem to feel nor care. Afraid that this would end up on something they both don’t want, but not knowing what to do, she kept her eyes open, hoping that would guard them from whatever. Her eyes wander around the room, when he felt his lips travelled farther down her neck, nuzzling that part below her chin, forcing her to lift her head in the process. Then, as she felt those lips reached her collar, it finally dawned to him. Aisssh! I told you not to drink that can, didn’t i? What to do? How to stop you now?

He felt his lips travelled up back again, reaching for her lips. Then as he tilted his head, his eyes met hers. He froze at the sight. Then as if her silent scolding was heard, he closed his eyes, bit his lips. She felt him lifted his body from hers, his arm supporting his upper body, but still on top of her. He inched his face from hers, and said in a whisper, “Mianhae…”

They both closed their eyes, not knowing what to do nor say next.
Then he felt his arms lifted her a little, switching their position, such as half of her body is on top of him, the other trapped between his and the couch. With his arm still wrapped on her shoulder, the other on her waist, Shin Hye was wondering why his muscles were tensed… hugging her possessively, as if not wanting to let go.
Then, in order to break the silence, with eyes still closed, she managed to say in a whisper, “Mianhae, Oppa…”

She felt him held to her tighter then said, “Shhhhh! Mianhae.. Jinja….”


“Did i scare you?”





She felt him tilted his head, as if wanting to have a peek of her face which was now lying on top of his shoulder, resting on the crook of his neck.

“Thank you for knowing what to do when i don’t know what to say”, then she did not know why but she felt tears coming from her eyes.

Geun Suk, feeling the tears touching his shirt, alarmed, lifted her from him and said while wiping her tears, “Mianhae.. Jinja…”

Shin Hye shook her head, gave him an assuring smile, letting him know that she’s ok.

Geun Suk, closed his eyes, rested his head on the arm rest of the couch, still not letting her go, said, “Jinja, Mianhae”.



“Oppa, mianhae… i can’t do it…”

“Shin Hye…”

“Jinja, mianhae…”

“I scared you, right?”

She shook her head.

“Shhh! Aisssh! Jinja mianhae”





“I always tell you that i know guys, right?”


“Kamsa for proving me wrong that half of those things are true.”

She felt him smile.


She knew he was still smiling, but he managed to say, “Hm?”

“Is it really difficult?”

Surprised of the sudden question, Geun Suk’s eyes widened, his face red, earning her a yell, “Yah! Park Shin Hye!”

Shin Hye lifted her head, massaging her ears, which she thought got deaf of the sudden volume, said in a pout, “Wae? Is it not supposed to be discussed?”

“Aisssh! Jinja…”

“Yah, Oppa.. i just want to know what made you stop!”

Geun Suk’s face was still red, but realizing what the question was about, he closed his eyes, smiled and said, “Even before tonight, or during those times that i would kiss you or whenever we would have this time”, still smiling, he said, “it crossed my mind a lot of times.. what if i do it?”

“Yah, Oppa”, then he felt her slap him on the chest.

Geun Suk was still laughing, grabbed her hand on his chest, played with it and continued, “Yah! I’m not a saint, Park Shin Hye. I’m still a guy.”

Then he felt her blush, as if wanting him not to discuss it anymore.

“Tch. Do you still want me to continue?”, he teased her.

‘Aisssh! I’m listening”.

‘Do you really want to hear this?”


“Arasseo… where am i? A…i mean, who would not want to do it, especially with you? Aisssh!, “then she felt him sighed and then, “but then, i was thinking.. will she get scared? Will she allow me? I mean, she said, she will do everything that would make me happy. Tch! That would bring me beyond happiness”

“Yah! Oppa!”


‘Continue with the facts. Leave out the details.”

“Ha ha ha. You’re really cute. So, as i was saying, two things. Either she would refuse. But i am stronger than her. I can have my way….”


“Shhh. Or, it would be better if she will just allow me. That would really be good, then i would just pretend in the end that i did not know what i did, just like in those movies, when in fact i really planned for it. Tch!”

He felt her pout.

“But then, what will happen after that? What would be the consequences? Hmmm…if our families were just typical, we would just be pushed to get married early. Tch! If that would simply be the case, i’m telling you young lady i will have you right here, right now”, then he looked at her, licking his lips in the process, eyeing her from head to toe, which of course, earned him another slap on the chest.

“Ha ha ha. That would be easy, if the consequence is just that. I mean, i can force you for all i care.. take advantage of you? I mean, i ‘ll be marrying you in the end, and you might forgive me after”.


“But, no. That won’t do. I don’t want you to hate me. That’s the second last thing that i would want to happen”.

“Hmm. Second last. What’s the last?”

“The other consequence?”


“You leaving me.”, then he closed his eyes, smiled, looked back at her and said, “Call me selfish, narrow minded.. but i’d rather have you hate me but you’re still with me than you totally leaving me”.


“Ha ha ha, i might be twisted.. crazy… but at least when you’re with me, i still have my chance to prove myself to you. But the moment you leave me, that’s the end. I can’t live with that”.



“Earlier.. uhmm.. when you were kissing me…”

“hmmm? Do you like it?”


“Ha ha ha.. Hmm?”

“Why were you not looking into my eyes?”

“Not answering that question… no..”


Then he let out a deep breath.”Aisssh! I want to pretend that i did not know. That i did not see. That it’s just ok. I just want to be crazy. But ….


“Remember what i told you earlier?”


“You keep me sane. When i look into your eyes, it may sound cheesy… too scripted, but there’s some force within that depth that brings me back to reality…telling me what what’s right from wrong.. showing me what really matters most”. Then he smiled.








“Saranghae”, then as if embarrassed, she buried her face on his chest.

“Aissssh! This is why i love you the most”, the he whispered in her ears, “nomu nomu nomu, Saranghae”


4* Questions, Answers…. and Consequences

They stayed at that position, Shin Hye rubbing, massaging his back while Geun Suk was just smiling like a kid when, out of the blue, he uttered, “Saranghae”

“Hmm?”,Shin Hye closed her eyes, smiled softly at herself, though she heard it, she wanted him to say it again.

“tch! Saranghae… saranghae… saranghae…. i will say it for how many times you would want to hear it..”

Then he was cut off mid-sentence when he heard her say, “nomu nomu Saranghae,Oppa”.


Both of them just closed their eyes, savouring those words that each of them has just uttered.




“What are we going to watch?”

“Aisssh! Jinja! You’re cute!”, he stood up from the floor, pinched her cheeks, then pulled her outside of the room, when before they left his room, he eyed her again from head to toe and shook his head.

Shin Hye looked at herself as well,and with pouted lips, asked him, “Wae-yo?”

“I really hate that dress.”

“Tch! Oppa….”

Geun Suk waved his index finger in front of her and said, “If you don’t want me to rip it off you….:”

Shin Hye’s eyes widened, hugged herself, shook her head and with exaggerated expression, exclaimed, “Oppa, andwae!”

“Tch! Not believable..”


Geun Suk nodded his head and said, “quite exaggerated”

Shin Hye scratched her head and smiled at him.

‘Ani.. that won’t do. Pali, you go and change, while i’m setting up the movie at the other room.”

Shin Hye motioned to go back to his room, when she paused, looked back at him and said, “Oppa…”

“Tch! Just get anything from the closet. Wear anything.. just not that! Aissssh!”, then he walked away, heading to the entertainment room.

Geun Suk was not in the room when Shin Hye entered. The movie has been already set-up. She was wandering around that room which she hasn’t been to for quite sometime.

She sat at that floor near the couch, played with Geun Suk’s lap top, when something caught her attention. A page was opened and conversation regarding the Weibo Q&A was flashed on the screen. She was reading the conversation, laughing.. giggling at Geun Suk’s witty answers, when she stopped at one question, tilted her head..scrolled down, stopped at another question… she was staring blankly at the screen, when Geun Suk entered the room, with popcorn, soda and cans of beer in his arms.

He was calling her attention, but she did not budge.

He sat at the sofa, situated at her back, and just like in Minami Shineyo, slowly, gently, he blew some air on her left ear, and in a nano second, he heard her shriek.

“Ha ha ha!”

“Aisssh! Oppa!”

“You’re spacing out. Wae?”

“Ani… hm, where did you come from?



“One can?”

Then Shin Hye looked at that 6-packed of beer hidden behind the popcorn bowl.

“I don’t get drunk on beer. You don’t need to be scared. Plus, Eomma is just downstairs…. Hm… but i don’t think she will be of help when she heard you screaming, You know for a fact that she wanted us to get married the soonest, right?”, then he winked at her, and grabbed one can from the pack.

“Jinja! Aisssh! Shin Hye!”

Geun Suk was laughing at her, when he suddenly noticed what she is wearing.

He smiled, threw her a side glance and said, “that PJ’s look good on you. It suits you quite well”

Shin Hye looked down at her PJ’s, stood up from the floor, slap him on the chest, sat beside him and said, “This looks good on me… This suits me quite well, because THIS is MINE, Oppa! How come it ended up in your closet?”, Shin Hye snarled at him, while holding her blue, with cloud design PJ which she wore in Hayate.

“Tch! I don’t have an idea. Why don’t you ask your PJ”, then he pulled her closer to him, her head on his chest, one hand wrapped around her shoulder, while the other hand was holding that can of beer.

As the movie was starting, Shin Hye heaved out a sigh, which did not escape Geun Suk’s ears.

With his chin resting on her head, he asked, “Wae?”



Shin Hye shook her head and said, “Nothing”.

Geun Suk paused the movie that they were watching, peek at that girl on his chest and asked, “Wae?”



“How’s the Q&A in Weibo?”

“Tch! You read it.”

Shin Hye just nodded her head.

“Do you have any question?”


“Shin Hye!”


“Changkaman”, with his arm still wrapped around her, he put down his beer, bend bringing Shin Hye with him then took that laptop from the table.

Geun Suk scrolled down the page, smiled, probably have an idea why this girl was sighing.

“Let’s play a game”

“I’m not in the mood”

“Pali.. You’ll like this”

Shin Hye lifted her head from his chest and looked at him, asking…

“Truth or dare”

“Yah! Oppa!”

“Ha ha ha..Listen first. You will pick any question from these lists, and then you ask anything regarding that and i will answer. If i did not satisfy any of your question, Truth or Dare”

“And if the answer is…. “

“if the answer is acceptable, then, Truth or Dare, Park Shin Hye. Game?”


“Pali.. Don’t be a kill joy.”

‘Aisssh! I know i will win this one”

“Tch! From the look of it, i think i already know the questions that you’re going to ask. Tch. So, shoot!”

Shin Hye squinted her eyes, scanned down the questions again, did a double take on some of those in the list, then looked back at that guy.

“Pali. Ask… i’m waiting”

Q: Because of you, there are a lot of girls that are unable to get married. Do you have anything to say about it?!!!
A: What should I do, I am also single

“So, you’re single.” then she raised her eyebrow.

“Technically, i am. I’m still not married. Babo!”

Shin Hye scratched her head, realizing that he is indeed correct.

“Wae? Are you jealous?”


“Tch! Truth or dare?”

“Yah, Oppa!”

“That’s the rule”


Geun Suk looked at her and with an evil grin, asked, “Did you just gain weight?”

Shin Hye’s eyes widened and said,”yah! What kind of question is that?”

“Ha ha ha. Pali, answer me”

“Oppa, you don’t ask that question to girls”



“tch! Did you and did you not?”

Shin Hye bowed her head and said, “I did”.

Geun Suk tapped her on the head and said, “You don’t need to lose a lot of those baby fat. I told you, right? You suit me just fine”.

She automatically smiled at him, but then remembering something, she pouted her lips and said.

Q: Which is the hairstyle you like the most? Long hair or short hair?
A: I like short hair!! Really Really!!

“Short hair? Jinja?”

Geun Suk took a gulp from his beer and nodded his head, “Deh”

“But you said last time, you like girls with long hair”, then she looked at her hair.

“I said, i like girls with long, real hair…. not long, fake ones. Remove that extension. I hate it when i see you wear that one.


“I like girls with short hair. Really. Really. When your hair grows back again, then i’ll change my ideal girl’s hairstyle”. Then he smiled at her.


“Jinja. Truth or dare, Go Mi Nam?”


“Oh, i’m loving this”.


Geun Suk tilted his head, as if asking her if she’s sure.

Then, “can i borrow the laptop, missy? I’ll just play some music.”



Then, as he pressed that button, with spark in his eyes, he played Satisfaction.

Shin Hye, shocked. What does he want me to do?


‘Aisssh! Andwae!”

“Park Shin Hye. You’re not a good sport”

“You’re making fun of me, Oppa”.

“Aniya. HE, They all have seen you danced this, but i still haven’t. Pali’, then she pushed her to that open space.

Shin Hye, hesitated at first, but when her body heard that familiar tune, as if it has a mind of its own, she glide to that rhythm, forgetting that Geun Suk was watching her.

Geun Suk twisted and turned on his seat, as he sees her body waved with the sound. And before he lose everything, though the back of his head is instructing him not to, with all his willpower, he closed his eyes and stopped the music. Shin Hye stopped and looked at him, asking why he suddenly cut the music.

“I’ve seen enough. Now go back to your seat and start asking your last question” he said without looking at her.

“Tch!”, upon reading the questions, one thing that was really eating her was this one. She looked at him, hesitating whether to ask it or not.


“Ok. Oppa…

Q: What is the thing that makes you go crazy?
A: Work!! Challenge!! Music!! Alcohol!! Girl…Ah..No..not that ^^

Geun Suk looked at her, as if knowing what the question will be.

And before that girl could ask a question, he cut her off and said, ‘Since this is the last one, this should be a dare”

“tch! Confident that you will still get this one”

“Let’s just say that i know what is running in that head of yours, young lady”

“tch.. Oppa…”


“Girls don’t drive you crazy?”

“Aniya.. “


“I said girl.. not girls…And you probably know who that girl is”

“Tch!”, You said it Oppa. “So… i don’t drive you crazy?”, Shin Hye smirked, knowing that she had won this one.

Geun Suk’s eyes widened, as if not expecting that answer…. then his shocked expression has suddenly transformed into a winning grin.
“Aniya.. you don’t drive me crazy”

“Tch! Should i be happy on that?”

He pulled her from the floor, have her sit beside him, cupped her face, looked into her eyes and said, “Shhh! Ani… you don’t drive me crazy.. you give me my sanity whenever you’re around…”

Shin Hye’s hearts beat a thousand per minute upon hearing that. She felt her face flushed, her mouth dried seeing the sincerity in his eyes. Then he smiled, without removing his hands on her face, he said, “Kiss me, Park Shin Hye”


Geun Suk shook his head, looked at her, as if pleading her to obey him this time.

Shin Hye though hesitated at first, neared her lips to his, trembling.. she did not know that it’s quite energy draining, nerve cracking to initiate a kiss, at this state.

As she inched her lips to his, she instantly closed her eyes and lightly pressed her lips on top of his.

She held onto his arms, then, as she was about to move her lips, she felt him smiled, and as if saving her from an obvious embarrassment, he lowered his head instead, capturing her lips, finishing what she has started.


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3* Alone Time

Geun Suk and Shin Hye were laughing at any random thing, filling Louis with laughter and giggles, forgetting about what had happened almost five minutes ago.

They were talking, discussing about Shin Hye’s new role in December 23rd, Geun Suk partly introducing, describing his Love Rain father to Shin Hye, when he remembered something.

“ Ah.. cham.. do you still have exam tomorrow?”

“Aissh! Oppa, why do you suddenly need to remind me of school?”

“Ani….I’m just wondering if we could probably watch a movie.. uhm.. just if you have time?” Aisssh! Why is it too hard to ask your girlfriend out?

Shin Hye smiled at him, wondering what the sudden invitation is for. “Oppa, why too sudden? Did something happen?”

“Aisssh! Am i not allowed to ask my girl out? I just want to have an alone time,” then he winked at her.

Shin Hye, suddenly, playfully wrapped her arms across herself, and said, “Yah! Byun teh!”

“You know i won’t do anything near to that. But if you want, that could be arranged. Ha ha ha”

“Aisssh!”, Shin Hye squinted her eyes, moving her lips left and right, thinking.

“Aigoo! I just want to have some time with you. Do i still need to queue for schedule?”

“That could be arranged. Since you are closed with Jun Oppa, hmm, maybe he could set you in the priority list.” Then she giggled like a kid.

“Jinja. Why did i ever agree to be tied down with you? Seriously, Jang Geun Suk, are you willing to spend the rest of your life with her?”, he scolded his self, saying it out loud for Shin Hye to hear.

“Tch. Mian.. if that’s the case, let’s call it quits then.”

Geun Suk widened his eyes upon hearing her words.

“You’re asking for it, aren’t you? You know i love you so much that i’m willing to do everything that would make you happy, Jang Geun Suk-ssi”.

“Aisssh! You’re letting me off just like that”, he looked at her, and while she was laughing like a kid, as she met his eyes, she didn’t see it coming, but her forehead met a flick from his fingers.

“Ouch! What is that for?”

“For still not learning your lesson.”


“But, seriously…” he cupped her face, his tone different.. firm, without any trace of playfulness, that made Shin Hye felt guilty of what she has just said.

Meeting his gaze, she said, “Oppa…”

Still not removing those eyes from hers, “Shin Hye, will you really be doing everything that would make me happy?”, then with an evil grin, he eyed her from head to toes, licking his lips in the process.

Shin Hye, when it dawned to him, slapped him on the chest and with narrowed eyes, said, “Jinja”, then she closed her eyes, after a second or two, her lips curled into a smile, then she looked back at him, “Do you really want to do it?”

Geun Suk swallowed, not removing his eyes from her, bit his lips, closed his eyes, then said, “Aisssh! Jinja! If you’re really busy, i’ll just bring you home.”

“Meh rong”


When he stopped in front of her house, and as she is unbuckling her seatbelt, Shin Hye smiled and said, “Oppa, i’ll be quick. I’ll just change my clothes and be back in five minutes”.

Geun Suk was about to say something, when Shin Hye cut him off and said, “will not watch in my room. You need to go take a shower then change. If not, you’ll get sick. We’ll just watch in your house”, she reached for the door handle, was saying something like, “Is Eommomin..”, then clicked.

The doors were locked and with that winning grin, he maneuvered Louis out of that place and sped up to reach his home.

Shin Hye was surprised, looked at him, was about to say something, when he motioned her to keep quiet as he dialled something in his phone.

“Jangmonim, annyeonghaseyo.. deh.. deh… Shin Hye is with me.. deh…Jangmonim.. uhmmm… jinja? Arasseo.. i’ll bring her back before 12. Saranghaeyo Jangmonim.”

Then, end.

Shin Hye’s eyes were fixed on that guy sitting at the driver’s seat. With mouth agape, she could not utter a word. “Woaaah! I don’t think this relationship is normal?”

“Tch! We’re never normal, Shin Hye. Even before you realized it, they all already agreed that we’re matched. Ha ha ha!”


Shin Hye greeted Geun Suk’s Eommonim as they entered the house.

The old woman had no place to hide her joy upon seeing her future daughter-in-law in the house. Geun Suk just looked at his two most favourite women, admiring how it could really possible to find someone that his Mom would approved.

Sensing that his Eommonim is taking much of her time, and realizing that this time is his alone time with her, and when it finally dawned to him that his time is ticking, he grabbed the girl by the hand, smiled at his Eomma, and said, “Eomma, it took me a lot of effort and convincing to be granted with this time with her. If you want, i could give you Manager Jun’s number so that you could set an appointment with this young lady…”

Shin Hye glared at him, slap him on the chest, while the elder woman was just smiling at the two of them.

Geun Suk did not budge, did not let go of her hand, and added, “Now, if you’ll excuse us, i would want to have my time with my Princess”, then he bowed to his Eomma.

Shin Hye with apologetic eyes, bowed as well and smiled at his Eommonim.

“Suk-di….”, shouted the elder, while they are walking their way to the stairs.

“Eomma, we’ll just stay at my room..”

“Jang Geun Suk!”

“I won’t do anything……..not allowed at our age.. ha ha ha!”

Shin Hye glared at him, and before she could run, she was lifted from the ground and was pushed inside Geun Suk’s room.

“Yah! Oppa!”

“Wae? Tch! Do you still think that i will do that to you…. i had my chances, but you know i did not do it”.

Shin Hye bit her lower lip, fiddling her fingers, guilty for still not trusting him with regards to this.

“Aigoo! My Princess is guilty” he walked near her, kissed her forehead and said, “I couldn’t blame you. My track record is not that good”.

Shin Hye just looked at him and gave a shy smile.

Geun Suk bowed his head, faked a cough, hoping that Shin Hye would be back to her normal self.

And she did not fail him. After three.. four coughs,Shin Hye instinctively rubbed his back, and started her nagging again, “Aisssh! What should i do with you, Oppa? I told you, didn’t i?”

“I’m ok”, then he faked another cough, earning him a slap on his back. “Wae?”

“It sounded fake..”

“Is it?”

She nodded.


Then he saw her smile, pushed him to the bathroom and said, “better take a quick shower before it became real. Tch!”

Shin Hye was looking at his movie collection, smiling at herself, seeing that most of them are her type of movies. She heard the bathroom door open, and without looking at him, she said, “Are you done, Oppa? Changkaman.”, she went to his desk and get that bottle of essential oil.

He furrowed his eyebrows when Shin Hye grabbed him by the arm, asked him to sit down on the floor while she sits on the bed.

“What are you doing?”, he motioned to look back at her, but was pushed to look in the opposite direction. “Princess…”


“Shin Hye…” he was about to say something when he felt his shirt being pushed upward, rolled at his back. He felt her hands, with that warm ointment applied to her palm, rubbed his back, giving it a soothing, relaxing feeling. With that mischievious grin, he said without looking at her, “You should have told me earlier. We could have done it the moment we reached my room…”, He was about to say one more thing when he felt a sting on his back.


“Tch! Mian, Oppa. Does it hurt?”, then he heard her whisper… “byun teh!”

Geun Suk smiled, his heart jumping in joy, every time he realize that this girl is his.


2* Here We Go Again

Geun Suk arrived at Chung Ang in exactly 15 minutes. 100 meters away from the Theatre building, amidst that crowd of students finding their ways out of that dungeon .. ha ha it’s exam week… it did not amuse him at all when his eyes automatically landed on that girl.

His eyes widened upon seeing her back, happy, surprised that on that day, she had chosen to dress up a bit.. not that pants and tees-type of girl. She was wearing a long flowing pink skirt, white blouse and a cardigan matched with a white shoulder bag and a sandals. He squinted his eyes, did a double take, smiled… then slowly, that smile faded when it finally dawned to him. Ani.. he definitely preferred her in pants and tees.

Shin Hye automatically smiled, waved at him when she spotted the car at the curbway.

She walked gracefully towards him, soft wind blowing her skirts and hair, drawing a relaxing view.

Geun Suk shook his head. Ani.. That girl needs to be taught a lesson.

Shin Hye opened the door, gave him peck on the cheeks and then buckled her seatbelt.

He started to maneuver Louis without saying a word.

Upon sensing that there seems to be something wrong, Shin Hye looked back at him and raised her eyebrow. Though he felt her eyes asking him question, he did not dare to look back.


He did not say a thing.


“I’m driving”.

He knew.. she knew by then there was a problem.

She fiddled her seatbelt, probably making a mental flashback of things that she could have probably done. And then, as if that silence has been eating her out, she exclaimed, much to his surprise, “ Aisssh! I did not do anything! What did i do this time?”

Surprised, Geun Suk looked at her with furrowed eyebrows, trying to gauge what that girl is planning to do.

“Oppa, this is not fair. If you’re playing with me, please stop. I’m not in the mood. This is the last thing that i need right now”, she pouted, then she looked back at him, probably hoping for a smile.

Geun Suk gathered all his willpower to give her a poker look and then turned his face to the road again.

“Aisssh! Jinja, Oppa!”

“ I’m driving”

“Then, stop driving”.


He saw her getting irritated by the minute, but he still decided not to budge.

He felt her eyes returned to him, and then ,”Aissssh!”, he saw her reached out at the back of the car, get his bag and find a towel and a shirt. Geun Suk smiled upon realizing what she was doing.

She turned the aircon low, sighed, then said in a controlled tone, “I’m mad right now. Mad.. irritated.. you know that, right?”

He did not answer. He knew she is. But even if she is.. aisssh, let’s just say, she simply loves him.

While he was turning Louis to left, he felt a towel ran through his back, wiping the sweat that are threatening to get dry.

“Aisssh! How old are you really? You don’t even know to take care of yourself. What if you get sick? Aigoo!”

Then like his mother, like a nagging wife, Shin Hye started her never ending tirade on how he should take care of his self.

“Pull over”

Surprised, with widened eyes, Geun Suk did not know if he pushed it far again this time.

“You heard me. I said, pull over”.

Geun Suk looked at her, and if eyes could hurt, he’s sure that girl would be bruised by now. Aisssh! Can’t i even have the chance to get mad?

Ani.. Hold your grounds, Geun Suk. You can win it this time.

He ignored that girl’s words and proceeded to his driving.

“Pull over, or i would go down here at the middle of the road”, she said in a firm, irritated tone.

“tch!”, Geun Suk just chew the back of his cheeks and ignored her once again.

He was planning not to say a single word, when at his peripheral, he saw her close her eyes,let out a deep breath… Oh.. this is not good. And in an instant, lucky he was faster, his hand grabbed hers before it reached for the door handle.

He suddenly stepped on break and hissed, “Are you crazy? What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you?!?”, he saw her eyes, welling with tears, chest heaving, as if she will explode any moment now. She covered her face with her hands, let out a series of deep breaths, and after a good two minutes, she wiped her eyes with the back of her hands.

“You know, this is the last thing i need right now. I think i will be failing that subject. I still haven’t memorized my lines. I have paper due on Monday. I called you over, hoping you could pick me up. Hoping someone would comfort me, understand what i’m feeling right now. Whisper sweet nothings, which somehow would assure me that at least, i am certain on one thing. Tch! But i guess i expected too much” Then, in a second or two, she grabbed her bag, but before she reached for that door handle, he instantly pulled her to an embrace.


She did not budge.


Sniffing, he felt her calmed down. Aissssh! What did i do again?

“What’s wrong? What did i do?”


“Oppa, what’s that for?”

Geun Suk just shook his head and smiled at her.


Then he sighed, rubbed the back of his neck and said in a whisper, “nothing..”


“jealous…. again. Aisssh! Jinja”.

He saw her smiled and let out a soft laugh. “Eh? What did i do this time?”


“Tell me”

“Did i not tell you to get rid of these clothes?”

Shin Hye looked at her clothes, examining if there is something wrong with it. With furrowed eyebrows, she asked him, “Hmm?”

“It’s nothing”.


“Aisssh! Jinja. Look at you. This is not my Shin Hye. This is….”

Then, Shin Hye smiled, but teased him to continue…

“Aisssh! This is Lee Shin’s girl”.

“Aisssh! I really do not know where you are pulling these things from, Oppa! But you’re cute when you’re jealous. A cham. Where did you come from? Gym?”

“Hmmm. What do you think of a half naked guitar man in a Cri-Show?”


“Would it somehow… in anyhow.. beat your Mr. Hotness?”

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1* His and Hers

Oppa, where are you? I thought you’re going to pick me up today.

“Aissssh!” Geun Suk rumpled his hair upon reading Shin Hye’s message.

Be there in 15 minutes. Mian. Love you!

“Need to go. The Princess is waiting”, then he grinned at Kurt who was lifting some weights at the other end.

“Love sick punk! Say my hi to her”, Kurt threw him a towel as he was half-dumping his things to his bag, half-running to the exit door.

“Yah! Are you not going to change your clothes?”

“No need. I’ll just change later. Shin Hye is waiting”. Then he bid them goodbye.

Geun Suk ran towards Louis, throw his bag at the back of his car, and immediately maneuver it outside of that building.

He was tapping his fingers to the steering wheel to the beat of Crazy Crazy Crazy, while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, when as he looked at his hand, he noticed the ring which seemed to be part of his hands for a quite a while.

Geun Suk smiled at the mere of thought of it.
He had the ring in 2009. Their first ever ring.

Tch! No it’s not a couple ring.

He bought four gifts when he went to Japan in 2009 for a fanmmeting. He decided to buy a present for the ANJell, when as he was picking the gifts, his eyes caught that ring. It’s nothing that fancy. He just found it perfect for her. It’s simply her.

He was looking intently at the ring when the Manager of the store approached him and said,” a good choice. She might be quite a beauty”.

Geun Suk smiled upon hearing it. How did he know? Does he know? She didn’t even know. Aisssh! What is it that i am blabbering about!

“Ani…. aniya”

“Your lips say something young man, but your eyes say the other. It will be perfect for her. Trust me. Just like how perfect she is for you”.

“You’re quite good in selling”.

“I’m not selling you anything. I’m just helping you in realizing something. In case you haven’t noticed, that’s a couple ring.”


“Your eyes are glued on that one. You almost forgot that it could be much perfect if you include yourself in the picture”

Geun Suk smirked, furrowed his eyebrows, couldn’t believe what the elder guy has just told him.

“That’s the last pair. The only pair, i should say. Not anyone notice it though.”

Geun Suk shook his head, smiled and said, “Ani..”

He walked away from that elder guy and proceeded to look at the other display.

He saw a pair of skull earrings. “Lee Hong Ki!,”.

As he was passing by one display, he saw a pair of star earrings. “Go Mi Nam? Aniya. You’re quite special for this star. Hmmm. Aissssh! Shin Woo! Do i really need to buy something for you?”, he was shaking his head, smiling at the slight pinch in his heart. He just simply not ..uhmm.. like the guy.

He already did two,three rounds at the store, but he still couldn’t find something that would suit that girl. He slowly walked towards that display again where he first saw the ring, checking whether the elder guy was far from the area.

When he found him standing at the back of the register, he hastened his pace and excitedly looked at the ring…uhmm rings again. He focused his eyes in that certain corner where the rings were originally located, when to his dismay, the rings were no longer there. With widened eyes, he looked at that corner again, scanning the whole of the glass box, convincing his self that he might have just overlook it.

Geun Suk walked around that certain display for almost five times, examining every inch of it, hoping that his eyes were just playing with him.

‘Aisssh! Jinja!”, he rumpled his hair, looked at his watch and with widened eyes, he quickened his pace and went direct to the registry.

Almost time.

He handed the earrings to the elder guy, tapped his finger on the table, while waiting for the guy to wrap his items. With one final glance, he looked back at that display and sigh. Might not meant to be. It never was. Then he chuckled and let out a sigh.

“I did not know that you give up that easy.”


“Please give this to her this time”, and then he winked at him.

Geun Suk laughed when it dawned to him. He thanked the elder guy and when he was about to exit the jewellery store, the elder guy half-scolded, half-reminded him. “ Do not ever let her go again. You had your chance. Lucky you are given another one”.

Geun Suk was smiling like crazy at what he just said and as he was walking away from that store, it finally hits him, “How the hell did he know that?”.

He was about to run back to the shop, when he felt his phone ring, signalling that they are about to board the plane.

Shrugging all the questions off, he just sighed and smiled, remembering his gifts. I wonder what she would say when she sees this.


Right after the SBS Drama Awards, when most of her Stars had cursed him for ignoring her the whole night, he did not expect but his heart has reached the heaven when he saw her name flashing on the screen of his phone. Am i dreaming?



He thought he had a heart attack when she surprised him with that loud Oppa!; nevertheless, he would exchange everything for that.


“Oppa…”, the girl has something to ask him


“Uhm… Oppa…”

“Shin Hye, what is it?”

“Oppa, did you see the thread?”

“Tch! Are you checking if i’m still alive? Aniya… your Stars still haven’t killed me yet.”

“Aisssh! Oppa! Oh, so you’re still alive?”

“Aisssh! Jinja! Have you wished that one of them would have killed me now after ignoring you the whole night”.

“No worries, Oppa. I’m quite used to that”.

“Park Shin Hye!”, she might have said it as a joke, but he knew she half-meant what she just said.

“Aisssh! Not that one. Oppa..”


“Did you wear a ring earlier?”

Finally realizing what her questioning is all about, Geun Suk smiled, but pretended not to know what she is talking about. “Hm. Wae?”

“Oppa, is it.. in any chance.. i mean…does it look like the ring that you gave me?”


He heard her let out a deep breath, then he heard a soft laugh. Contented. Disappointed. He couldn’t figure out.



He looked at his hand and then, while smiling, he said, “It does not look like that ring that you are looking at right now. Tch”

“Oppa, how did you..”

He knew it. She’s looking at that ring as well.

“It does not look like that. This is just quite bigger, but almost the same. Ani… it’s the same as that. It’s just that this is the his version and yours is the hers”, then he grinned.

“Oppa! Couple ring?”

“Are we a couple, Go Mi Nam? Tch!”

Then he heard her answer in a whisper. “Aniya…”

“Then it’s not a couple ring”

“Eh, but why…”

“Why? Am i not allowed to buy something similar to that one? Tch! I saw that ring first and i find it cool, so i decided to buy one for myself.”

“Hmmm. So, it’s not a couple ring. You’re right, Oppa. If it’s a couple ring, you need to buy them together. But since, you bought this one first and then, bought that one, then it’s not a couple ring. Arasseo.”

Aisssh! If that girl is just in front of him, he could have surely flicked her forehead.

“Mianhae for disturbing you, Oppa. Good night!”

“Park Shin Hye, do you know that you are not allowed to buy only one part of a pair?”


“Do you know how many pairs of these rings were made?”


“Only one. Sweet dreams”

“Oppa.. pair…you said”, then he hunged up.

You still need to prove a lot to her, Geun Suk. A lot.

Honk.. honk… Geun Suk was awakened by the car honks behind Louis.

Aisssh! Did i just space out?

He looked back at his hand again, smiled, and said, lucky, it’s me.



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