unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

4* His One and Only Girl

As her tears mixed with his, she saw him smiled at her then, he whispered in her ears, “No more running away, Princess. No one is letting go. Saranghae”

Shin Hye looked at him, and slowly she looked around, her head slightly bowed down.

The whole venue was dead silent, waiting for something to unfold.

Keunsama, MJ, and the three tree-J angels were all smiling, their hearts finally at ease, seeing that girl holding their boss.

Mrs. Jang was smiling, then she paused, looking at that girl. When that girl met her gaze, she saw her blinked a tear, and then she bowed her head, saying words only them understood. Seeing the confusion, the pain, the hesitation in that girl’s eyes, Mrs. Jang nodded her head, smiling sweetly at that girl.

When he didn’t hear any word, Geun Suk followed her gaze. When he saw his Mom locking gaze with his girl, and when he saw her nodded her head and slowly she turned around, leaving the venue, Geun Suk held unto that girl tighter, confusion eating him out.

“Mianhae, Oppa”, were the only two words she said since she reached that place.

“Shin Hye..”, Geun Suk looked at her.

Shin Hye lifted her head, then she smiled weakly, with tears running down her cheeks, she shook her head, then once more, whispered, “Mianhae, Oppa…”

And like a kid, with her head bowed down, she let her tears flow, while she kept the back of her hand wiping them away.

“Mianhae, Oppa”, she whispered once more.

Then,while biting her lower lip, she took the microphone which he was holding, and with deep sobs, she smiled, looked at the audience, then said, “Can I be one of you, eels?”

The crowd was silent, confused as well.

And like Go Mi Nam, Shin Hye channeled that perky self, gauging the eels’ reactions, she repeated once again, “I really like your boss, eels! Can I be one of you?”

Finally dawning to him what it is that the girl was doing, Geun Suk shook his head, closed his eyes, let his tears of disappointment, frustration, pain.. fall down his eyes.

Shin Hye bit her lips, trying to muffle her sobs.

Looking at her far left, there she saw her Unnies, all looking at her with confusion. Their eyes welling in tears, shaking their heads.

Keunsama, MJ and Manager Jun were all looking blankly at her, gauging what it is that she will say next.

Shin Hye smiled weakly at them, and mouthed, “mianhae…”

And then remembering the guy who’s been standing there, silent, but holding her hand still, Shin Hye slowly looked at him, her breathing became deeper, her tears would not stop from falling.

She looked at him.. apologetic. She looked into his eyes, trying to pass her message.

Mianhae, Oppa…

“Hyung-nim, can I be your fan?”, she managed to say in between her sobs.

She saw that guy bit his lips, controlling his sobs as well.

Shin Hye closed her eyes, not wanting to see him like this. And when she didn’t hear a word from him, she looked at him, and with her hands, she tried to wipe his tears, “Hyung-nim, can I?”,she asked, pleading him to understand.

Geun Suk held her hand, shaking his head, “Go Mi Nam, I have a lot of eels. I won’t be needing another one”

“But Hyung Nim,,” she said, stomping her feet. “I like you, Hyung Nim. I like you a lot. “she whispered with head bowed down.

“Then why can’t you like me, Park Shin Hye?”, he asked, his eyes looking for hers.

Shin Hye’s eyes widened. Don’t make this difficult, Oppa.

“Hyung Nim,you said before, I can be your fan, right? You said it, right?”

“I gave permission to Go Mi Nam, but not to you, Park Shin Hye”, he pushed further, not wanting this night to end as she planned.

“Jang Geun Suk-ssi”, she said, a bit irritated.

“Park Shin Hye”, he said, shaking his head.

“Arasseo, Oppa. Arasseo, if I can’t be one of them, I better leave now. This gathering is for eels and for eels alone”.

And as she was about to run away, she stopped from her track when she heard him whispered, “This is for me, Princess.. for us…”

Shin Hye paused for a while, deliberating what to do next. That guy waited for her to make the decision.. he hoped, he prayed she will fulfill. But stubborn as she is, five..ten seconds after, she slowly moved her feet, walking, striding, running away from him.

Geun Suk was left there, dumbfounded.

The audience was once again silent.

For some, to those who love him that much, but him alone, they were smiling, ignoring the pain that their boss’ eyes were screaming.

For some, to those who are shipping other pairings, they were able to breathe, their hopes high, pretending that they didn’t see what those exchanges of stares were between those two.

For some, to those who love him dearly, their tears running down their cheeks as well, feeling the pain of those two shattered pieces of hearts.

Geun Suk was left there lost.. dumbfounded.

He watched her ran away from him.. concerned, scared, confused.

“Damn! I don’t need anyone else”

And then realizing that he was about to lose the most important part of his life… his life as a whole, he dropped the microphone and ran towards that direction where the girl has been eaten by darkness.

All the spectators stood up from their seats, whispering inaudible words, officially getting lost in this dinner show.

Geun Suk went down of the stage, running to nowhere in particular.

Confused, lost, he ran towards the audience, looking for that particular soul.

He wandered around, looking for her.. for that girl.

The audience were ecstatic as they see him walking near them, but they were shocked as they see tears falling freely from his eyes.

As he looked around, as he met the eyes of some eels, he smiled weakly, bowed his head, but continued his search for his girl.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!”, that guy screamed, frustrated of the sudden turn out of event.

And as his hope was shattered, he heard strumming of guitar, playing the intro of that particular song…

Geun Suk smiled, as he recognized that voice. Slowly, he stood up, looking at that girl sitting at the center of the stage, with a guitar in hand, she’s playing that familiar song…


As Shin Hye ran down the stage, her eyes clouded by tears, she hid at one corner, knowing that it would take only a second or two between that guy will go back to his senses.

Mianhae, Oppa… Mianhae…

As she settled herself at one corner, she closed her eyes, hoping that by doing so, she would be invisible and would not be seen by anyone.

She’s scared of her heart. She’s ashamed of herself.

What have you done, Shin Hye? Why?

These questions keep on ringing in her ears.

Why did you show yourself here and create that havoc in that guy’s head? You should have not come. You should have just stayed away.

Shin Hye remembered that day they had a conversation in her house, that day she asked for space, to sort things out, to find her other self, which she thought she has.

For as far as I could remember, you are always there for me. You might have broken my heart so many times, but you never did leave me. It was me who keep on running away, afraid to fall completely. Oppa, eotteoke? I’m getting scared of us. I’m getting scared of you. I’m getting scared of myself. Do you really love me? Do I really love you? What would become of us if things won’t work us planned?

Shin Hye heaved a sigh as she let all those tears have a race on her cheeks.

Eotteoke, Oppa? I don’t think I’m ready for this.I may not be good enough for you. I’m scared of them, Oppa. What if they won’t like me for you? Will you choose me over them?

Don’t get me wrong, Oppa. I love you. I love you more than anyone, even more than myself. But, I don’t think I’m ready for this. I don’t think I’m ready to share with them what we have.
I want us to be for us, Oppa. I don’t want to answer to your million eels if I forgot to answer your call. I don’t want people to take sides… scrutinize my teasings if one morning I suddenly throw my tantrums at you.

I have my insecurities, Oppa. You do know that I am only pretending that I am ok with that girl, right? I don’t want them to magnify my insecurities, Oppa. I may not be confident enough to believe that you choose me over her.

Eotteoke, Oppa? Mianhae… Shin Hye has become twisted again. Mianhae. I’m not ready yet.
Shin Hye bit her lips as she tried to muffle her sobs.


Her other self was mocking her.

No more running away, Princess.

Mianhae, Oppa. Mianhae…

I don’t think I’m ready for this. Mianhae..

Then, as she was about to take a step away, she heard his footsteps coming down the stairs. She heard him ran towards that direction where he thought she went.

Shin Hye took a peek at that guy. She saw him wiping his tears, as he craned his neck looking for her.

Mianhae, Oppa. Mianhae…

Her breathing has became deeper. Her heart is being torn into pieces.

No more running away…

Mianhae, Oppa. Mianhae. I’m not ready yet.

And as she took one step further, something hits her.

After this night, what would become of us, Oppa? Will you still be mine? Will I still be yours? Or, is it the end? Can we talk later, Oppa? Can you come to my house, stay until we sort things out? Can we just forget this night, Oppa?.. pretend that it never happened. Can we do that, Oppa?

As she took another step further, Shin Hye fiddled her fingers, realization eating her out.

I’m not running away from you, Oppa. I’m not running away from us. I’m running away from them….Will you run after me, Oppa?

Oppa, I’m scared. Can you find me? Will you find me? Save me, Oppa. I don’t want to run away. Save me…

As she took another step, she looked back at that darkness where that guy had run to.

Shin Hye smiled, biting her lips.

As she felt cold of her lone hands.. as she figured herself without that guy, Shin Hye shook her head, and slowly, she hastened her pace, running to nowhere in particular.

You are seen.
Do you see me?
I wanted to go one step, but I can’t do so.
I hesitated for a long time like a fool.
I’m such an unusual person to do that.
Am I okay? Eeek~
Will it be told?
Now, I will tell the words that I haven’t told you.
I’ll be courageous step by step even though I’m not perfect.

Thank you.
I receive the present,happiness, due to smiling you with me all the time.
Shall we be together?
Will you hold my hand if you think the same as mine.

There had been lots of misunderstandings between you and me.
We had left scars in the hearts.
We had pains in the invisible emotions each other.

I have the words to tell you carefully.
A word in my deep heart.
I’ll be courageous step by step even though I’m a little shy.

Geun Suk slowly stood up, a smile plastered on his face. He took his steps towards that girl, who in the last thirty minutes has sent him to heaven and hell and back to heaven.

Slowly, he made his way towards the stage. Slowly, he stood in front of that girl, admiring the angel playing that guitar.

With that grin on his face, like a kid, he stood there, watching her flushed cheeks and her eyes which she’s trying really hard to avert from his.

As the final part of the song was played, he slowly walked towards her, sat on the space in front of her chair, trying to lock gaze with hers.

As he found her eyes, he never let them go, afraid that once he let go, she would run away from him again.

That girl, with shy smile, continued with her song, her tears running from her eyes.

As she sang the last part of the song…

I weep tears of gratitude due to protecting me all the time.
Please be with me.
I do need you.
You are really precious.

She never left his eyes, afraid that he would leave her once she decided to look away.

As she finished her song, she closed her eyes, deliberating what needs to be done next. But before she could decide of what to do next, she felt his hands wiping away her tears.

Shin Hye slowly opened her eyes. She looked at him shyly. She smiled, wiped his tears away, then slowly, she neared her face to him, kissing the tip of his nose.

The audience was once again silent. Not sure how this night would end.
Their mouths hanged open, waiting what will happen next.

Shin Hye smiled at Geun Suk and before she could stand up, that guy stood from the floor, holding her hand, not wanting to let her go.

He held her hand, as if what would happen next greatly depends on his grip on her.

As they neared the stage, as that guy held the microphone on one hand, the other holding that girl, Shin Hye shook her head.

Surprised, scared, confused, Geun Suk shook his head as well, not wanting to experience another roller coaster ride.

That girl simply smiled, took the microphone. Though her voice was trembling, she managed to say…

“Eels, mianhae. But can I ask your permission to allow me to be with this guy? I love your boss, jinja. I tried to run away.. many times… but I guess, I just needed to accept my fate. I may not be the most beautiful girl for him… most of you may not agree and may think of someone else for him. But, can I be selfish? I love him. I do.

I was scared of you, eels… more scared of you than of him. I guess I was. Until I realize what I am letting go. Mianhae… but I love him… Can you forgive me for loving him this much? I thought of running away, again… but, I don’t want to fool myself anymore. I love him. I don’t know until how long, but for now, can I stay with him?”

Shin Hye bit her lips, trying to gauge the crowd. When no sound was heard, her tears started running down her cheeks.

Then, she looked around, hoping to find a soul who will give them an approval.

When all eyes were empty, she slowly bowed her head. She let go of his hand. She covered her face as her sobs became louder.

The moment she let go of his hand, before her knees gave away, she felt him hugging her in the process, her face buried to his chest.

Geun Suk tears were wetting her shoulder. Two hearts were gauging how those eyes would accept them.

Angered, pained, Geun Suk took the microphone.
He looked at his eels with teary eyes.

“You should know me more than anyone else. I love this girl… and I am not sorry”

Geun Suk hugged that girl tighter, hiding her from those eyes.
As he dropped the microphone, as he’s trying to hush her, a voice echoed along the venue.

“Shin Hye-ssi, can you promise not to leave our boss ever again? If you do, we’ll hunt you down.”

Geun Suk stopped from his track, tilted his head as it dawned to him what words were just said.

“Geun Chan, can you promise not to make her cry? Can you promise you’ll not be too friendly with other girls? Because if you do, we’ll definitely grill you alive?”

Shin Hye smiled at the word. Her tears having a race down her cheeks.

Geun Suk hugged her tighter, kissing the top of her head.

And as they walked near the center of the stage, they saw a group of eels setting up something on the stage. Two chairs were brought in front. The crews and directors were all lost at the sudden turn out of event.

And then, a girl walked near Shin Hye, curtsied at Geun Suk, asking for that girl.

Geun Suk looked at them blankly, hesitant at first, but as he saw that girl smiled, he let go, but his eyes never leaving hers.

Shin Hye opened and closed her hands, nervous still of what would happen next.

“Don’t be nervous, Shin Hye-ssi. We know it’s you. We’ve always known it’s you’

And as she smiled at them shyly, they handed her a bouquet of flower and a flower crown was placed on her head.

Shin Hye looked at them, confused. She looked back at that guy, who’s shaking his head, smiling at her.

Five minutes after, Shin Hye came up on the stage in white ankle-length white dress, a bouquet of flower on hand, a flower tiara on her head.

Geun Suk was in white tuxedo, standing at the end of the stairs, waiting for her.

As he saw her coming out of the room, he smiled…walked towards her, holding her hand.

“Oppa…”, she asked.

“I don’t know any of this”

Shin Hye looked at him, questioning.

Then, a group of eels came to them, escorting them to the center of the stage.

“Shin Hye-ssi, our boss didn’t know any of this. But we somehow know what will happen in this dinner show. Some of us may have their doubts. Some have prepared for other pairings. But we knew, we’re certain it’s you. If we could only be allowed, we could have summoned a priest or a Pastor to do this.. we hope to do it, knowing that our boss would definitely be happy… but I guess, that would simply scare you, just like how he frequently scare you of his words and acts.

He may not say it, but we know he’s in love. He may say, he was just teasing us, but we know him more than he thought we do. He may not name that girl, but we know of no one but you.

Shin Hye-ssi, we’ve been with him even before he became the Asia Prince. Even before YAB, even before the scandal on “empty gestures”. No one might be brave enough to give the details, but we somehow know the days when you were with him.. when you were not with him.

On behalf of all the eels, we thank you… Thank you for standing by our Prince’s side. Thank you for staying… Thank you for not running away. Thank you for loving him. We hope you could stay with him until the end.

We know it’s difficult. Believe us, we know it is”

“Yah!”, Geun Suk hissed, giving them daggers.

Shin Hye just smiled, pinching that guy. She shook her head, asking him to behave.

“Ahrasseo.. ahrasseo”

All those who are present in the venue were laughing, giggling at them.

Then, a kid was asked in front of the stage, then, a pair of rings were passed to them.

Both were dumbfounded as they saw the rings.

“We told you, we prepared for this. This may not be as extravagant as those Bulgari rings or as stingy as his endorsement rings, but treat this as a symbol of our blessing.”

As Geun Suk was about to take the microphone, ready for his speech, the eels shook their heads and said, “Ani, Prince. We will be giving the vows…”

They took both their hands and as the eels surrounded them, only these words were heard..
“No one is letting go. No one is running away. We’ll stay for as long as both of you stay.”

“Prince, when you asked us to accept this girl, we would want to make things clear. Don’t ever make her cry. Because if you do, you’ll see….”


As Geun Suk drove away, as that girl was sitting at the passenger’s seat, he threw her a side glance, then asked, “Why did you stay?”

“I’m actually thinking, Oppa. Why didn’t I just run away?”


Shin Hye smiled, looked at her, then asked in return, “Why did you run after me, Oppa?”

Geun Suk smiled then answered, “I’m not running after you. I’m running after myself.. that greater part of me. Why did you stay?”

“I think I love you, Oppa…”

“Yah! You think.. you’re not sure..”

“Ani”, she said, shaking her head. “For the longest time, my heart has been telling me that I love you, Oppa. I love you so much. But something is somehow missing. My head would not agree. I don’t know what happen, but I guess, my head has somehow listened to my heart’s pleading. So, I think, I love you. My head has finally agreed with my heart. Mianhae, if I always run away. I can’t promise I will not ever, but even if I do, can you hold me tight and not let me go?”

Then as they sat there in silence, as their hearts were smiling, that guy started humming that song, which for the last few days he has been singing…. That song, which that girl heard when she was about to run away…

(Can I) call you my own, and can I call you my lover
Call you my one and only girl
(Can I) call you my everything, call you my baby
You’re the only one who runs my world

And she sings along…

Can I call you my own?

He looked at her, then asked,

Can I call you my one and only girl?

Shin Hye smiled at him, then nodded her head.

Can i?

It’s been long, Oppa. You didn’t know? I am your girl, right? Not just your girlfriend, but your girl… ^^

YT video by TuRnuAsian for Call You Mine
YT video by adindanawangwulan for Falling in Love with a Friend
Shinhye.net for song translation


3* Her One and Only Flower Boy

9th December 2012

Geun Suk was excitedly-nervous about the coming dinner show. The venue is not as big as Tokyo Dome nor it would compete with the number of eels in Saitama. He closed his eyes, smiled and drew a deep breath.

They will understand, right? They will like her. I know they will.

He looked far away. He thought about this for long. He asked her a couple of times. She rejected the idea for a couple of times and more.

That girl would not agree. She has her list of excuses. She has her priorities, her pre-requisites. And he understands. He’s not asking her to marry him right there and then. He just wanted to introduce her to those chosen few who he thinks would understand.

Geun Suk shook his head. He could still remember how that girl looked at him in eyes, asking
him to understand her.

“They will not eat you, Princess”

“They won’t like me, Oppa”, she said, her eyes full of worry.

“They will. They do”

“Oppa..”, she said, shaking her head.

“Trust me. There won’t be a problem. They love you”

“What if they won’t? What if they don’t?”

“They will. They do”

“What if…”

“Princess…”, he said, hugging her.

“Oppa…”, Shin Hye pouted, her head buried to his chest.

“They can’t do anything. Even if they won’t.. even if they don’t. I’m not asking for their permission, Princess. I’m not testing the water here. I just want them to know. I want to give them the privilege to know the bigger part of my life. I am the Asia Prince. The Boss of Eels. But more than that, I am a man, too. I am in love, and I am in love with you.”

Geun Suk saw how her cheeks blushed the moment he said those words. That girl buried her head deeper to his chest. “For the record, Oppa. I have never been afraid of antis”, she said in a whisper, a smile on her lips.

“Hm?”, he answered, knowing exactly what she will say next.

“Oppa, I just don’t want them to hate you. We can still wait, right? It’s not as if we’re getting married after that night”

“I can no longer wait. I don’t want to wait anymore. Aisssh! A lot of flower boys are roaming around my Princess. Do you think I can still wait?”, he teasingly said, hugging that girl tighter.

“Yah! Oppa!”, that girl said, hitting him on the chest.

“Don’t you trust me?”, he said, looking down at her.

“Don’t YOU trust me, Oppa?”, she answered back, looking at him.

“Will you still be running away?”

“Do you think I will?”

“Princess… I love you”, he said, lovingly.

“Ara.. and you do know that I love you too, right, Oppa?”

“Ara.. ara.. will do how you want it to be done. “, he said, kissing her on top of her head.

Geun Suk was smiling as he was preparing for that dinner show.

Will they like her?
What will they say?
That girl would probably be nervous by now.

Geun Suk shook his head, grinning at how that girl would be pouting by now. He took his phone and dialed his number 1.

First ring..

Geun Suk looked at his phone blankly. His other self mockingly laughed at him as he remembered how he tried to reach her after that conversation the moment her plane landed in Seoul.

He was waiting for her call on the day she was scheduled to reach Korea, but never did his phone ring. He waited for an hour or two after the confirmed arrival of her plane, but he didn’t hear anything from that girl. He dialed her number a hundred times, but never did she answer the call.

Something is odd. Something is not right.

He’s supposed to be mad. That girl deserve some scolding after that act that she has pulled in that after party, but here she was, ignoring his calls, ignoring him completely.

With fire in his eyes and closed fist, Geun Suk smirked, took his car key and drove to that side of Seoul.

He has an evil grin on his lips as he sped up, trying to break his records on driving from this side to that side.

The girl might have been scared, too scared that she doesn’t know how to face him.

Geun Suk shook his head,smiling, as he pictured Shin Hye, seated at the corner of her bed, her knees hugged to her chest, her head bowed down as she heard his footsteps approaching her door.

He was at that mode of thinking, preparing his poker face, when as he parked in front of her house, he stopped in his track, as he heard her laughter echoing along the driveway, Bongji and Nori’s bark mixing with her excitement.

Geun Suk looked at her house blankly, and though he can sense something is wrong, he decided still to walk inside and come face to face with that girl.

As he knocked to their front door, the door opened, revealing Mrs. Park who’s smiling weakly at him.

“Jangmonim?’, he asked as he hugged the elder.

“She’s at the living room.”, she answered as she hugged him back.

Geun Suk just looked at her Mother, confused on what those words are for.

“I don’t know what happened, Geun Suk. But I think, you need to talk to her”

Geun Suk absentmindedly nodded his head as he made his way to their living room.

As he saw her silhouette, her back facing him, everything seems a bit normal.

And then, probably sensing his presence, that girl stopped laughing, paused for a while, as her dogs came running to him.

Still not facing him, Geun Suk kneeled down, hugged her puppies, his eyes glued to that girl.

“Princess…”, he tried to call.

Five seconds or ten, still with no word from her, when he’s about to call her again, he was surprised when she stood up from her Indian seat position, and then slowly, she faced him.

Ani.. there was nothing odd. She had her hair tied in loose pony tail. She’s in her tights and knitted sweater, probably a bit cold because of the weather. But when she lifted her face, he was surprised when she saw her blank stare, her lips smiling, but empty.
“Deh, Oppa”

Geun Suk closed his eyes, trying to forget that afternoon.

As one of the crews knocked to his door, he faked a smile, trying to make his self believe on something that his heart has been worried of since that afternoon.

She will come. She will.
And even if she dare not.. even if she will not, everything will be ok.

Geun Suk did not dare ask whether that special guest has confirmed her presence for tonight.

She will come. She will,right?

And as the show started, as the eels were ushered inside, Geun Suk kept on pacing back and forth at the backstage.

She will come, right? She will come, no matter what.

Geun Suk kept on saying that phrase, as if it’s a chant which would bring that girl in front of him.

The dinner has started. The food has been served. Geun Suk’s neck has been craning, looking for that soul. His eels have been screaming his name, but he could not hear a thing. His heart beating a thousand, having a race with his head.

During coffee time, he went on stage, a guitar on hand.
He played some songs as listed on the schedule.

She will be happy by now. She’s here, right?
Her Prince has personally pick this time, this coffee time, to make his appearance on stage.
I should be teasing you by now. Should it be coffee, tea, or me?
I know how you love coffee, but you love me more than your Americano, right?

Geun Suk heaved a sigh as he looked at the farthest end of the room. He’s looking for something.. for that someone.. for that missing part of him.

He blinked a tear as he scanned that room, and still could not feel her presence.

As he finished the last song, he closed his eyes, and said a silent prayer.

The show is about to end. She should be here by now.

He looked around, and as he saw Keunsama, the guy smiled at him, but his smile was weak.
The Tree-j angels were looking at him, and when he asked them that question, one by one, they bowed their heads.

Ani… this is not happening….

He was thinking of running away.. of finding that soul, when as he was on his feet, ready to break free, he was awaken by the sound of the mic and the emcee appeared on stage.

“Jang Geun Suk-ssi.. “

Geun Suk smiled, knowing that the show must go on. He put on his pretense, knowing his responsibility. He smiled to everyone, as if everything is ok. As if he’s whole.. as if he’s not breaking into pieces.

“Jang Geun Suk-ssi, how are you?”

“I want to fall in love…”

“eh?”, the emcee was rattled the moment he said those words.

“Eels, your Prince wants to fall in love… ani, I am in love… I was… I’ve been seeing her… for the past years.. in the days to come, and in the days after that. I’m just not sure until when…” he smiled, remembering the very words which she said a few days back. “Might be until tomorrow.. next month.. next year… but definitely not as long as I want to… I loved her. I love her. I will love her, even if she no longer wants me to…”, Geun Suk closed his eyes, trying very hard not to break in front of his eels. “Mianhae.. mianhae…”

And then, as if taunting him, as he closed his eyes, he heard the emcee said something that made his heart skipped a beat.

“May I call in.. the most important woman in his life…”

Geun Suk’s eyes widened as he heard those words.

“Mrs. Jang.!!!!”

Geun Suk smiled knowing clearly that it is his Eomma who made that spiel.

“Surprised, Adeul..”, Mrs. Jang said as she sat beside her son, her smile playing a trick. “You didn’t expect to see me, right? Should I make a correction on that? Not the most important person in his life. Not anymore.

“Eomma!”, Geun Suk whined like a kid.

“Wae? Should I still pretend to be the most important one? Or, am I back to be the most important one?”, Mrs. Jang smirked, playing along with that kid’s head.

Geun Suk just looked at his Mom. His face blank, his eyes cold.

She did know. She knew.
Did she tell her? Has she left him?

Geun Suk looked at his Mom’s eyes, trying to find the answer to his questions, but the elder is simply like him. He got it from her. Hiding when you know that someone is reading you.

“So what’s the future daughter-in-law requirements?”

“Nothing. I just require honesty. “, she said, looking at nothing in particular.

Geun Suk waited. He excitedly waited, anticipating the grand elaboration of her Eomma on her prospected daughter-in-law. He waited for twenty seconds or thirty, and when he didn’t hear any word, he looked at her, puzzled. And as if trying to save himself from drowning in her silence, he teasingly added, “That is not what you said at home, she needs to be 3 years younger and must be from year of horse.”

“Did I say that, Suk-di?”, his Mom said, looking at him.

“Eomma… there’s only one.. she’s the only one…”, he said in a whisper.


“Eomma…”, Geun Suk panicked as he heard his Mom.

“I don’t want to put pressure on you anymore, Adeul. I don’t want to burden her as well. If she cannot be my daughter-in-law, I guess she would agree to be my daughter. I’m ok with that”, she said, smiling at him.

“Eomma!”, Geun Suk, objected not wanting to hear any more.

“Wae, Adeul? There are a million young girls out there who are three years your junior and almost all of them are probably born in the year of the horse. That’s too general.”

“But there’s only one that you..”

“It won’t be about me, Suk-di. It’s not about me”

Geun Suk looked at his Mom and when he saw the comfort against the sadness in her eyes, he looked around, hoping that this is just part of the show.

He tried to stand up, and when he’s about to run away, his Mom held him in the arm and said in a whisper, “Don’t do something stupid Geun Suk. Don’t tie her down to something she doesn’t want to.”

Geun Suk looked at his Mom, his eyes welling in tears.

Ani.. this is not happening.

And then remembering that afternoon when he had a conversation with her, remembering his words.. her words…

I don’t think I can do it, Oppa. I’m not ready yet.

He remembered how he looked at her, trying to read her.

You still have time, right? Change the script. Make a new story.

He looked back at her, knowing the meaning between her words.

If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. I will not tell them. He said, trying to pretend that he didn’t hear between the lines.

You do know what I mean, Oppa. I don’t think…

He averted his eyes, looking at nothing in particular. I’ll ask Hong Ki to come. I’ll ask Kurt. You won’t be singled out. They won’t know. I just want you to be there.

He remembered how she looked at him. She smiled weakly. Mianhae… I don’t think I can.

And with that she turned around without looking back.

Park Shin Hye!

The girl stopped, waited for him to say something.

I’m not mad. I understand. I know.

Then, he saw her closed and opened her hands. She’s getting uncomfortable, he knew.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

You clearly know what I’m saying. I’m not mad.

She saw the girl took a deep breath. It’s not always about you, Oppa.

He remembered he smiled when he heard her stubborn self.

I want to get mad when I saw that video. I was planning to play with you, probably start a fight, pretend that I am mad. But when I was calling your phone, and you never did once answer back my call, I know there’s a problem.


Geun Suk tried his best to sound funny, laugh it out, but deep inside, he’s slowly eaten by fear.

I’m not asking you to marry me now. I’m not telling you to stop going out, to mingle with people your age. I’m not asking you to stop having fun.

Jang Geun Suk-ssi!


He remembered she turned around, facing him. Oppa, I’m scared. I got nervous. I don’t know. I don’t know what I want. I hate it whenever I hear people saying that you look good with someone else. Or when people mention that you might be dating someone else and that someone is not me. I wanted to shout at them and tell them that it is me… the girl you’ve been seeing. That girl you fall in love with. I find it exciting whenever we try to pretend that we’re not what those observant eyes are assuming we are. I find it quite fun whenever we try to have our cover, hide and appear in cognito to everyone. But deep down inside, I want them to know that you are mine and I am yours.

Shin Hye…

But, I got scared, Oppa. When I went in that after party, I was scared. I was looking for that familiar warmth who always keep me company whenever I go to a crowded place like that. I miss those hands who always hold me, protecting me from anyone in the crowd. I was looking blankly at anyone. I was on my feet, ready to hide inside my room, and wait for that day to end, when as I was about to step away from them, I heard the music..the beat.. the rhythm inviting me to dance. I saw them having fun. I saw them gliding, swaying, screaming like they don’t care whether there’s a camera focused on them, or whether they will be scolded later on for showing that different side of them. Oppa, I feel like I have an other side which has been kept deep down since I met you. It’s like I’ve been trapped in a bottle, my action always measured.. my words always counted. I don’t know, Oppa. I think I need some space.

Shin Hye…

Mianhae, Oppa…

Geun Suk looked at her retreating back, and before she could take another step further, he turned around as well, and letting go of his pride, he said, without looking at her. I’ll be waiting. I’ll wait for you.

Then, as if worry has eaten him wholly.. as if his confidence was running thin, as his hope for that girl to come has been taken away by thin air, Geun Suk took his guitar and sat at the middle of the stage. He looked around once again, hoping to find that girl.

As he strummed his guitar, the intro of that song which he wrote with that girl in his head.. during that time when he was pleading her to stay.. asking her to stay.. to believe, his tears ran down his cheeks as he started playing her song.

There she had to stay where I will not stay
Misunderstanding occurs even if we care for each other.
It ends up without any progress.

As he was pouring his heart out, a familiar warmth has enveloped his heart. And as if confirming what he has felt, as he strummed the next line..

And you… slow slow

And before he could say the word gone, the crowd screamed as a shadow passed by him, then the audience become dead silent.

No sound would be heard, except for the beating of his heart.. and the beating of her heart.

Geun Suk closed his eyes, thanking the heavens for the answered prayer.

And before that girl could run away again, he put down his guitar, he stood up, and slowly faced her.

Shin Hye did not know how it happened, but as she opened her eyes, she was slowly climbing that stairs, her eyes glued on the ground. She was trembling, her hand opening and closing, confused why she’s here.. what she’s doing here.

As she reached the final step of the stairs, she heard the sound of the guitar stopped. Her head hanging low, she’s fiddling her fingers, waiting for a scream of disapproval from that crowd.

She felt all eyes were on her.

She closed her eyes, checking whether this is really what she wanted.

And then ignoring those stares, those death glares from some, she felt those familiar warmth from the eyes of that guy.

Slowly she lifted her head. Slowly she met his gaze.

And there he was.. that guy standing in front of her.. smiling, a bit proud.

That girl smiled shyly. She tried to lift her foot and walked near him, but she cannot feel her limbs. She tried to look around, gauging the crowd.

And just like before, when she first showed her presence in the middle of his eels, just like a drowning soul in the midst of his fans, there she saw that woman who first gave her the confidence to love this soul.

Mrs. Jang smiled at her, then said in a soft voice, “my daughter-in-law”

Shin Hye nodded her head, and slowly she looked around, reading those eyes which are now fixed on her.

She closed her eyes, afraid to see their message.

And then as if saving her from drowning in that feeling of uncertainty, in that feeling of being alone, she felt two strong arms wrapped around her, his head on the crooked of her neck.

And as she had the confidence of wrapping her arms around him, she heard his voice echoed along the hall,“Park Shin Hye.. I’ll tell you everyday, so listen carefully.. SARANGHAE!”

And with that, he distanced his face from her, he cupped her face, looked at her lovingly, and with that mischievous grin, he smiled, slowly closed their distance.. his hand on her waist, the other on her face, he captured her lips for who knows how long..

Shin Hye didn’t have an idea what was happening. She didn’t hear the oohhhs and ahhhhs and the screaming of approval from the crowd. She didn’t hear their clapping of hands and the tears of joy from those who knew them too much. She didn’t know nor feel anything, until she heard music ringing in her ears, she felt tears running down her cheeks.

As her tears mixed with his, she saw him smiled at her then, he whispered in her ears, “No more running away, Princess. No one is letting go. Saranghae”


2* The Flower Boy Next Door

November 30, 2012
HongKong, MAMA

Shin Hye was smiling all along the red carpet walk upto their stage appearance, presenting an award to EXO.

Si Yoon was the Little Prince while she wanted to be the Goddess in Red.

As Si Yoon answered that question from one of the MC’s at the red carpet, Shin Hye smiled, remembering her Prince.

He’s currently at Haneda now, probably preparing to go back to Seoul.

Shin Hye looked at her phone, anticipating a call from that Prince. The moment the plane landed in HongKong, Geun Suk kept on calling her, asking random things, making her glued to her phone for almost the whole day. But the moment TVN staff came in for the Taxi filming, and the MNET crew approached her for the MAMA behind the scenes, she told that guy that she needed to hang up.

“Ara… I love you!”, Geun Suk shouted, earning him an oohhhh and ahhhh from his staff.

Shin Hye smiled, bit her lips and said, “Ara… I need to hang up now, Oppa”

“I love you”, he repeated. This time, softer, but more sincere.

“Hm..”, she answered smiling.

“Park Shin Hye…. I love you…”, the guy tried to push his luck.

“Oppa, they are standing near me…”, she whispered, hoping that the guy would understand.

“I love you”, he said again, waiting for an answer from her.

“nado… nado…”, and then, she playfully added, “If you’re not you, I guess I could shout here as well those words that you have just said. But since you are you and I am me, I better not”

“Hm?”, the guy was dumbfounded for a minute.

“I need to go, Oppa. Annyeong!”

And then, just like that, she had her last word with her Oppa for that day.


Before the after party, as Si Yoon fetched her from her room, before they went down the hotel, when he noticed that she didn’t bring anything with her, Si Yoon held her arm, stopping her, then asked, “You’re not bringing anything?”

Shin Hye looked at her, looked at herself, then said, “Myself?”

“Funny. Ha ha ha”, Si Yoon sarcastically said. “Powder?”



“Hm..”, she paused for a while, pouted her lips then said, “might not be needed”

“Eh? Are you not expecting any call?”


“I mean, what if someone calls you”

“Then, they’ll know that i am not available to answer the call and he’ll know that I am angry him.”, she said the last part in a whisper.

“Shin Hye-ssi..”

“Oppa, we won’t be staying there for long, right?”, she lifted her head, smiling like a kid.

“Even so… Give me your phone, I’ll be holding it”

“Arasseo.. arasseo…”

As they went inside, she held Si Yoon by the arm, not letting go of that guy.

And then, feeling a pair of eyes watching over her, she turned her head, and there she found Joong Ki.

“Oppa”, she waved her hand, smiling at that guy.

Joong Ki teasingly smirked at Shin Hye, eyeing Si Yoon from head to toe.

“Yah! Oppa!”, Shin Hye hit him at his arm, asking him to shut up.

After the introduction, Joong Ki stood nearer Shin Hye and whispered, “this guy is quite good looking”

“Say it out loud, in front of someone I know, and you’ll see what good looking means”, Shin Hye shook her head, smiling at Joong Ki.

“Aigoo! Goddess in Red, me saying that this guy is good looking won’t have anything to do with that someone. It’s the you, listening to my rant that the guy is good looking, and the you agreeing to that statement, and that you, smiling, giggling like a highschooler here would definitely define what that statement means to that someone”

“Hm?’, Shin Hye said, quite puzzled of his words.

“It’s all about you, Princess. Anything not concerning you does not mean a thing to him”

“Jinja?”, she said, smirking. “Last time I checked, that someone has not returned any of my call in the last three hours”

“Jinja? He might have then met the other girl”, he said, teasingly.

Shin Hye looked at him, and with serious eyes, said, “It’s not funny, Oppa.. not funny”

“Yah, Shin Hye-ya. I’m just kidding. “

“Arasseo..” she said, nodding her head.

As they were invited to pose for a photo, Shin Hye held Si Yoon’s hand, asking him to join them. The guy just smiled, bowed his head to Joong Ki, but stood there, an arm length away from Shin Hye.

“Does he really need to guard you like that?”, Joong Ki said, smiling at the camera, without looking at her.

“Yah, Oppa!”

“I mean, honestly, does TVN really work like that? I understand you have some filming as part of your promotion, but him guarding you like this would definitely not make that someone I know happy”

Shin Hye just looked at Si Yoon, shook her head, smiling at Joong Ki.

At the after party, Shin Hye was offered some drinks. She has downed some cocktail glasses, a bit tipsy at the middle of the happenings, when as Big Bang made their way on the stage, Shin Hye could only remember her dancing with Hye Sul and Cha Ye Ryun.

Great! Speaking of hiding from Oppa!

As she heard the beat of the song, Shin Hye’s body flow with the rhythm, dancing with whatever beat is thrown at her. At times she was puzzled, Hye Sul dancing at the other end, while Ye Ryun was pulling her on the other. Si Yoon was moving with the rhythm, not really dancing, but was standing near her.

When she saw the crowd beginning to become a bit wild, while standing with Ye Ryun, she whispered to Si Yoon that she needed to go back to the bar and return her glass. Gentleman that he is, Si Yoon took the glass, but did not leave her on the dancefloor. He ushered her outside of the crowd. Shin Hye followed without asking anything, but something really was a bit odd.
When they returned to the floor, Ye Ryun held her still, while Si Yoon was standing at her side.

As Dae Sung, probably already drunk, went near their space, she didn’t know why, might be the effect of alcohol… or the feeling of freedom… she shook her body and glide to the beat.

Then, she saw one guy who keep on coming back to their space, pulling Dae Sung away. She was smiling, her mind still working, shaking her head, speculating that the other guys knew Dae Sung was drunk and that they don’t want him to do something stupid; when as she turned her head, she saw those eyes fixed on her, as if saying, Gather your act together, Shin Hye-ya, if you don’t want that guy who just arrived in Seoul from Haneda, to book a flight to Hongkong.

Shin Hye was looking at him, and then when it dawned to her, she recognized the face, “Mithra. Jin Mithra. Mithra Oppa… Chocoballs. I’m dead!”

She was about to stop dancing, when as she looked to her right, she saw Dae Sung looking at her, and in an instant,though she was at the sideline, she didn’t know how it happened, but as Dae Sung moved a step aside, she was instantly at the center, dancing her heart out, forgetting the message that she read from Mithra’s eyes.

Twenty… thirty seconds before the song ends, as she was dancing, almost getting close to Dae Sung, she felt someone passing in between them, then PSY suddenly appeared on the stage.

She looked at that guy who just passed by, and was not surprised when she saw Mithra looking back at her.

When PSY was called and the famous GANGNAM Style was played, Shin Hye found herself surrounded by girls again, Ye Ryun and Hye Sul on her sides.

Two minutes after, as Dae Sung came closer to their space again, Si Yoon stood closer to her.

Ten seconds after, Si Yoon checked his phone and sent a message.

Twenty seconds, another message came in, and as the guys were shouting that cuss word, and as Dae Sung was passing by in front of her, Si Yoon, stood closer to her and whispered something.

“A message was sent to Seoul”


“Someone is going to be dead later”

Confused of his words, Shin Hye looked at him and hit him on the shoulder.

“I like you”, he said, smiling at her.

“Hm?”, she asked with widened eyes.

Then remembering that day they had coffee together…

How he spoke and intently listening at them, while knowing exactly when she will need to take her sugar or, hand her a tissue…
How he gave his opinion, too mature of his age, and laughed crazily at her childish antics.
How that guy would know when to stand before she even excused herself to go to the ladies…
Though he didn’t escort her to where she’s going nor held her hand,Si Yoon noticed how silent he became and how his eyes flew to that corner where she went, and how his ideas came back the moment he saw her walking towards them..

She might be too careful, but Si Yoon saw how Shin Hye’s eyes widened when the guy raised his hand, probably attempting to hold that girl.
How she trembled when she heard him asking her if she’s seeing someone, and how she tried to look at that guy, pleading him to understand.
How she nervously answered her question, her words coming from her heart, her eyes fixed on the table, her lips with a smile.
They might not notice it…

It might look too normal to them..
They might try to act too distant from each other…
but the warmth in their eyes, the spark of their smiles…
the feel of watching an unwritten script unfolding before you….
that familiarity….gave them all the way..

“I like you. I don’t think i will be able to say that later on. I just want you to know. I like you”

He looked at that girl, probably confused.. probably a bit drunk..

And then remembering those calls…

Ani… it’s not only that guy who keeps on calling him..

At one point, her phone would vibrate… then after a series of missed calls from Hong Star, the same number would dial his, asking if that girl is ok.

A few seconds after, another series of missed calls… Bolmae Jung, and then a minute after, his phone would ring, pleading him to bring that girl back to her room.

And then, he might have just imagined it, but after Mithra talked to someone over the phone, that girl’s phone won’t stop ringing..

My Number 1..

Ani.. he didn’t know who he is, until that same number, appeared on his phone..

“Si Yoon-ssi?”

“Geun Suk-ssi”

“Can you drag that girl outside of the venue, before i could call everyone in there to stop the party, just so that girl would simply retreat back to her room?”

Si Yoon, smiled, remembering that call.

And before Shin Hye could go inside, he called her name again, handed her phone, then said, “Your number 1 has been waiting for your call. I guess you’re in a big trouble”, then he bowed his head, smiled, and walked away.

Five feet away from her, he stopped then he said, without looking back, “So, the anecdotes regarding Chocoball is true.. Should i wait for an invitation, then?”, he said, turning around, winking at her.

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1* Her Flower Boys

December 1, 2012

As Si Yoon ushered her to her room, Shin Hye a bit tipsy after that after-party, she looked at him, bowed her head, then said, “Mianhae, Oppa. It’s quite embarrassing to be at this state. You just saw me a few days back, and here i am, a bit out of control”

Si Yoon rumpled her hair, smiled then said, “Just go in. You need to get some rest”

Shin Hye bit her lips, lifted her bowed head then said, “Arasseo.. Jinja, Oppa. Mianhae…”

Si Yoon just smiled, and opened her room door for her. As she was about to go inside, she heard him calling unto her.

“Shin Hye-ya…”

“Hm?”, she said, looking back at him.

“I like you”, he said, smiling at her.

“Hm?”, she asked with widened eyes.

“I like you. I don’t think i will be able to say that later on. I just want you to know. I like you”


November 21, 2012

During their first script reading, Shin Hye’s phone would keep on vibrating, receiving messages from that guy. She was already a bit irritated, not being able to concentrate on what she’s doing.

On his nth call, Shin Hye excused herself and went out of the conference hall.


“One more call… one more ring from this phone, and i’m telling you, Oppa, you will have Jun Oppa answering your call”

“Yah, Park Shin Hye!”

“Try me, Oppa”, she said, his stubbornness really getting to her nerves.


“Hm?”, she asked, giving him a chance to say what it is that made him dialled those calls.

“I’ll pick you up later”

“Yah!”, she said, a bit rattled.

“Go in now. They might be looking for you”

“Oppa… andwae!”

“Wae? Shin Hye-ya, i will be leaving four days from now. Can i at least fetch you and spend some time together before we faced another round of commitments?”


“I won’t be making a scene. Promise”

“Aisssh!!! Why am i feeling nervous, Oppa?”

“Aigoo! This little girl. Don’t you trust your Oppa?”

“With this randomness, i doubt i can”

“Aisssh! Go in now. Love you, Princess”

“Oppa!”, Shin Hye said, trying to persuade him.

“Hm?”, he said, quite disappointed that she doesn’t want to see him.

Shin Hye, understanding his silence, pouted, smiled, and said, “Arasseo, Oppa… I’ll give you a call once we’re done. I love you, too.”


Two hours have passed, and as the director wrapped up their first script reading, Shin Hye dialled his number and whispered, “Oppa, we’re done. Meet me at Hyunduk Oppa’s place”, she was still about to say something, when her heart almost jumped from her chest when she heard a voice calling her..

“Shin Hye-ya, are you in a hurry”

“tch! is that the flower boy?”, Geun Suk asked from the other line.

“Aisssh, Oppa! Changkaman…”, she whispered.

“Hm? Wae-yo, Si Yoon Oppa”

“I’m just wondering whether we could grab a cup of coffee and discuss some things in the script?”

“The guy is making a move. Should i make known of my presence”, the guy smirked at the other line.

“Aisssh! Mianhae, Oppa…”


Beep.. beep.. beep..

Did she just hang up on me?

Shin Hye bit her lips, knowing exactly that she would be punished later on. She was looking at her phone, apologizing to what she has just done.

“Oppa, hm… i have already made some arrangement for today. Mianhae”

“Aigoo! Enrique has already been rejected on his first attempt”

“Yah, Oppa!”, she said, with a pout.

Si Yoon, just looked at her smiling. “Arasseo. Arasseo. Are you going downstairs? Jun Hyung might be waiting for you”

“Hm…”, Shin Hye didn’t know how to answer.

“Wae? I won’t be sending you home, Go Dok Mi. I will just be walking with you to the lobby?”

“Arasseo, Oppa. Mianhae”, Shin Hye said, smiling at him.

Ten minutes later, they were already at the lobby, waiting for her car. They were smiling, laughing at nothing in particular, when the door of the lobby opened, and there she saw the guy in sunnies and cap, his face hidden, but she’s definitely sure who the guy is.

“Jinja”, Shin Hye whispered, her eyes squinted.

The guy walked near them, with a grin on his face.

“Aisssh!”, she said, her forehead wrinkled, as if telling that guy to back off.

Geun Suk, loving the redness of her cheeks, and the confusion in her eyes, hasten his pace and stopped near the two.

“Go Mi Nam”, he said as he stood there in front of her.

Shin Hye shook her head, averted her eyes.


“Jang Geun Suk, Sunbae?”, Si Yoon stood up as he recognized that face.

“Si Yoon, right?”, Geun Suk said, smiling at that guy.

Si Yoon smiled as well, and offered his hand to Geun Suk. “Deh, Sunbae”

“Don’t call me, Sunbae. I’m not that old. ’87.” Geun Suk said, laughing at him.

Si Yoon shook his head, then answered, “’86”

“Oh.. so, should I call you Hyung?”

“Ani.. aniya.. no need”, Si Yoon answered, feeling the awkwardness of being called as Hyung by his Sunbae.

“You call me Geun Suk, I’ll call you by your name. Settled?”, Geun Suk said, shaking his head.

And as if remembering the reason he was here, he searched for that girl again, who by then, was slowly walking away, trying to hide from him.

“Park Shin Hye”, he said a bit loud, calling the attention of the others at the lobby.

Shin Hye shot him a dagger look, as she looked back, stopping from her track.

“Shin Hye-ya, didn’t you recognize Geun Suk sunbae?”, Si Yoon said, smiling at Shin Hye.

“O.. a.. Geun Suk Oppa”, she said, turning her body, her head bowed down..

“Tch! I parked the car outside. I’ve been waiting for an hour now but you are not answering my call”

Shin Hye’s eyes widened as she heard his words. And before, she could say her piece, Si Yoon’s face were moving from her and Geun Suk’s direction, probably trying to rationalize everything that he is hearing.

“You… and you….”

And before that girl could say a word, Geun Suk winked at her then looked at Si Yoon, “Ani.. ani… it’s not what you’re thinking. We’ll only eat outside”

Aisssh! Who would believe you, Oppa. You don’t have any business here, and here you are, driving to this side of Seoul, picking me up to grab something to eat? Jinja.. believable!

Probably knowing what is running in that girl’s head, Geun Suk smirked then added, “Hong Ki and Yong are already waiting for us. Cafe Analog?”

Shin Hye was able to breathe out the moment she heard the name of their two other friends.

Jinja! Did he plan all of these, and had those two as an accomplice?

Shin Hye shook her head, smiled at Geun Suk, then looked at Si Yoon, “Si Yoon Oppa, i think we need to leave. Geun Suk Oppa,i guess, would have some stories to tell me later on”, she smiled and bowed her head.

As she turned around, she almost had a heart attack when she heard what Geun Suk said next, “Do you have somewhere to go after this one? If you’re not busy, maybe we can grab some coffee and have a small chat?”

Shin Hye immediately looked back, throwing that guy some dagger look. Geun Suk knew she was looking at him, but he preferred not to meet her gaze. Shin Hye stood there, hoping that Si Yoon would not agree.

Tch! The stars might not be on her side for this day. For, as she was about to start a prayer, she heard that guy smiled and said, “I will just get my car. I will follow you there”, then he looked at Shin Hye, nodding his head.

Geun Suk followed his gaze and smirked upon seeing that smile.

Shin Hye just bowed her head and immediately went outside of the building.

Geun Suk followed closely behind her, his hands in his pocket, waiting for that girl to explode.

As she sat down, buckling her seatbelt, Geun Suk prepared his self for that impending explosion.

After five, ten minutes, still with no words coming from the passenger’s seat, Geun Suk looked at that girl, then asked, “Are you not going to say something?”

“Do i have to say something, Oppa? tch! I think you already know what it will be all about, so why don’t you just save me of the interrogation and give me the answers that i want to hear”, she said, her words laced with sarcasm.

“I just want to eat with you”, he said, smiling.

Shin Hye threw him a dagger look. “and with him”, he swallowed, continuing his sentence.

The girl squinted her eyes, asking him to continue. “Yah!” he said, a bit irritated for the silent treatment and this monologue.

Shin Hye just raised her eyebrows, challenging him.

Knowing that he’s at fault, Geun Suk continued, without looking at her. “I just want to know him more”

“Wae?”, she asked, irritated of this set up.

“Do i still need to spell that out?”

“Oppa, here we go again.”

“Shin Hye-ya…”

“Don’t you trust me, Oppa?”

Geun Suk didn’t say a word. He remained silent, his eyes focused on the road.

“Don’t you trust me?”, she asked again.

“You clearly know it’s not like that”, he answered without looking at her.

Shin Hye closed her eyes, trying to understand his fear.

“I’m not going anywhere, Oppa”, she whispered,looking at nothing in particular.

She saw him smiled, and then in an instant, he grabbed her hand, and kissed it without looking at her. “Mian….”

Shin Hye smiled as well, and held his hand still.


As they reached the cafe, Hong Ki and Yong Hwa already seated at their reserved corner; Yong Hwa shaking his head as he saw her shy smile, Hong Ki smiling as he saw their hands, clasped together.

“I thought i will be seeing bruises and blood stains once you went down of his car”,Hong Ki said, teasing them.

“tch! Do you really think i will even lay a finger on this girl?”, Geun Suk said, half hugging that girl.

“Tch! It’s not her, Hyung. You wish!”

“Ha ha ha” Shin Hye laughed on Geun Suk’s chest, when as she was about to hug him back, Hong Ki looked at their back and said, “Yoon-a, what are you doing here?”
Shin Hye’s eyes widened, and with dagger look, pushed that guy and squinted her eyes.

“Yoon… Yoon-a.. Yoon Si Yoon…”, Geun Suk clarified, pulling her closer.
Shin Hye blushed, pouted at her childishness, and as she was about to hug him tighter, she realized what she has just heard, she automatically looked at their proximity, her eyes widened,and pushed that guy away from her.

Hong Ki and Yong Hwa laughed in unison as they saw the nervousness in that kid’s eyes.

“Cute.. Jinja cute”, Yong Hwa said, shaking his head.

“Yah! Go Mi Nam, until how long do you think you can hide this one?”

“Aissh! Jinja!”, she said, hitting Hong Ki in his arm.

They were already seated on that corner, Geun Suk and Shin Hye on one side, Hong Ki and Yong Hwa on the other, Geun Suk’s hand on hers, his head leaned on her shoulder.

“Yah! Hyung, don’t you get tired of seeing each other?”

“Lee Hong Ki, i don’t even have time to spend with this girl. Do you really think i would get tired of seeing her?”

“Aisssh! I mean, Hyung, people like us, are not expected to see each other whenever we want. I sometimes wonder how you still manage to spend this time. We’re simply not like that.. That’s a given..”

They were talking at each other, bickering at one thing or another, when the door of the cafe open, Shin Hye’s eyes automatically reached the door,and when he identified that guy, she pulled her shoulder away from that guy, his head hitting the table.

“Mian”,she whispered.

“He’s here”, Yong Hwa said, smiling at those two.

As Si Yoon approached their table, Shin Hye held Hong Ki’s hand and pulled him to seat beside her, making Si Yoon seated beside Yong Hwa.

When Si Yoon reached their table, Shin Hye automatically stoo up, smiled and started introducing the guys.

She was about to start with Yong Hwa, when Yong offered his hand and said, “Yong Hwa. Jung Yong Hwa. I believe we work in one advertisement before”, he said, smiling at Shin Hye.

“Oh…”, Shin Hye said, remembering that CF. “A… Si Yoon Oppa, this is Hong Ki”

Hong Ki stood up as well, offered his hand, and said, “I believe we were introduced as best friends in one tv show before”, he said, shaking his head, remembering that incident.

“Jinja?” Shin Hye said, a bit embarrassed.

Hong Ki looked at that girl, who seemed a bit lost, didn’t have an idea what to say next. “Si Yoon Hyung, so, you’ve already met our Go Mi Nam?”, he asked, looking at that guy who’s head was settled on the table.

Si Yoon looked at Shin Hye, then answered, “Hong Ki, I will borrow your Go Mi Nam for a while. I think she will be my Go Dok Mi in the months to come”.

“Oh”, Hong Ki said, nodding his head, looking at his Hyung, and then after a second or two, he looked at his other chingu, who’s seated beside Si Yoon. “I guessed I’ve heard that last year. Lee Gyu Won, right, Lee Shin?”

“Yah!”, Yong Hwa and Shin Hye, exclaimed, stopping Hong Ki.

“Weh.. weh… I’m just telling some stories here. Yah, Hyung, better be careful. This kid here is quite a heart breaker.”

“I’m willing to take the risk, Hong Ki”, he said in a whisper, winking at Shin Hye.

Shin Hye blushed, when she saw that wink. Yong Hwa looked at her, his eyes widened, trying to calm that girl. Hong Ki’s eyes squinted, then continued, “Waaah! My prettiest chingu has a willing victim. Ha! I didn’t know your market value is getting higher again. Ah, Si Yoon Hyung, have I told you that I know of a friend who is a bone-breaker?”

“Funny.. funny, jinja!”, Shin Hye said sarcastically.

“Ah, cham, Go Mi Nam, have you introduced our leader?”

And as if on cue, as he heard his name, he sat up straightly, nodding his head , but did not say a word.

“Si Yoon Oppa, you already met Geun Suk Oppa, right?”

Both guys bowed their heads, acknowledging each other.

As the group was talking about some random things, Geun Suk sat back, and forgetting that there’s someone new in the group, he stretched his arm, his hand obviously going to her shoulder.

And knowing that act, Shin Hye looked at Geun Suk, stopping him from what he’s planning to do.

Geun Suk met her gaze, and realizing that stare, Geun Suk looked at the visitor, then at Shin Hye, shaking his head.

Shin Hye bit her lips, feeling sorry of her act.

Yong Hwa, feeling the awkwardness, excused himself, saying that he would be placing the orders for all.

Hong Ki, knowing that look, looked at his two chingus, shook his head, excused himself as well, saying that he needs to take a call.

As the three were left at the table, Si Yoon smiled, looking at the two. He’s feeling something, but he’s not sure what.

Trying to confirm what it is, he looked at Shin Hye, then asked, “Are you seeing someone, Shin Hye-ya?”

“Oppa?”, Shin Hye asked, her eyes widened.

“Tch!”, Geun Suk smirked, smiling.

“Are you?”, Si Yoon asked further.

Shin Hye looked at Geun Suk, not knowing what to answer. She’s been asked before, but never did it happen that she was asked with Geun Suk seated beside her.

Geun Suk looked at her, and knowing that up til this point, Shin Hye is still not ready to say something about them, he heaved a sigh, smiled, grabbed his jacket, and excused himself.

“I am.. I was…”, Shin Hye answered, stuttering.

Geun Suk looked back at her, he smiled upon hearing her first statement, then his face darkened as he heard her second.

“I’ve been seeing him… for the past years.. in the days to come, and in the days after that. I’m just not sure until when…”

Geun Suk’s heart stopped beating, hearing her words…She’s still not sure…

“Might be until tomorrow.. next month.. next year… but definitely not as long as I want to”



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