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3* Comfort Amidst the Pain

Manager Jun went out with the other staff and celebrities. PD-nim instructed him to just say that Shin Hye will be looking after her dogs since Nori is not cooperating.

Geu Suk went inside the studio, Nori on his arm while Bongji was just following closely behind them. Suni, on the other hand, was keeping her distance from the two. “What to do now, Suni?”, Suni said to herself.

“Yah, Suni, why are you too slow?”asked Nori who was now lying on her back, while being tickled by Geun Suk.

Suni look at the childish Nori, smirked and averted her eyes to Bongji. “We need to talk.”

“What is it this time, Suni? Nori is just a kid. I know she’s my responsibility. I didn’t want to create a chaos. Mianhae”, answered Bongji.

Nori suddenly stood up, and looked at that two. “Mianhae, Suni. I was really afraid.”

Suni looked at the two intently and as if observing closely their reaction, she moved her head from Nori and Bongji. “One, yes, Nori, you did create a trouble again. I wonder what Unnie will be thinking later why the rest has left while you two are left”

“Unnie will be happy. Oppa is here!”, giggled Nori.

“Aisssh! You tell your daughter to shut up, Bongji, if not, I will bite her. Aisssh! This is not a joke, arasseo?”

“Nori, be serious.. I’m listening, Suni. Continue.” Nori Eomma looked at Suni seriously. She doesn’t have a good feeling on what Suni is trying to say. Geun Suk Oppa’s dog is beginning to become bossy again.

Noticing that Bongji is being serious, Suni stepped back a little, swallowed and think to herself, Aisssh! Oppa, help. Unnie’s Bongji is giving me that dangerous calmness. The one that Shin Hye Unnie is doing whenever she will allow you to talk, when in fact, she knew already what you are rattling about. Do I still need to continue what I wanted to say, Oppa?

“Suni, I’m waiting”.

“Ah.. where am i?”, Suni tried to compose herself. Aisssh, I really want to teach them a lesson. “Hm.. where were you too, when Unnie was being bullied?’

“Who bullied, Unnie? Aisssh! Tell me, Suni, I will bite them!”

“See, Nori.. you’re too pre-occupied with yourself that you didn’t even notice that Unnie has locked herself inside the washroom..”

“Eomma, is it true? Unnie is crying?.. Mianhae… It’s my fault.. I didn’t watch over Unnie”.

“It’s not your fault, Nori. You cannot help it if you’re afraid. I knew Unnie understands that. That’s why she doesn’t want to leave us.”

“Tch! So you’re trying to justify Nori’s immaturity, Bongji”, Suni hissed.

“Nori is immature, Suni.. Nori is a kid”, answered Bongji.


“I saw Unnie when she went inside the washroom. I know. I was trying my best to divert all their attention on me while Jun Oppa is trying to manage Nori. And though I was trying to entertain everyone in here, wherein more than half of them I don’t even know, I saw Unnie. I know she is crying. I know she’s hurt. She’s hurt AGAIN. And do you know why, Suni?”

Suni stepped back, dumbfounded. Why was the table turned to me, now? Aisssh! Oppa, see, they all get Shin Hye Unnie’s strategy..

Suni, tried to shrug her worries off and asked, “You’re not insinuating that it’s my Oppa’s fault, are you Bongji?”

“So, whose fault is it? Yoona-ssi? If your Oppa is not flirting with almost all the girls that she would be paired with…”

“Aisssh! You know that’s not true, Bongji.. You know that’s not true. If Oppa would be close to any of them, it’s only for fan service. You know that. Oppa has discussed that with Shin Hye Unnie.”

“Fan service… discussed it with Shin Hye Unnie… What to do, Suni? You do know that Shin Hye Unnie will accept everything that Geun Suk Oppa would tell her, just so he would agree not to say it to public”.

“Exactly the point, Bongji!”

“Tch! Shin Hye Unnie is hurting… she’s hurting alone, and your Oppa could not do anything about it!”

“this is not fair, Bongji! And ‘your Geun Suk Oppa’, hm? Why are you suddenly mad at MY Oppa? MY Oppa has never said anything when YOUR Unnie was paired with Yong Hwa-ssi?”

“Jinja? Last time I checked, Yong Hwa-ssi has always been the start of their discussion.”

“Eomma, Suni.. please stop. Unnie and Oppa will not be happy if they hear what you’re talking. Oppa loves Shin Hye Unnie so much. We know that. Shin Hye Unnie loves Oppa as much. Please don’t fight. Shin Hye Unnie will be more hurt if she finds out that we’re fighting because of her and Oppa.”, Nori said while sobbing.

Geun Suk noticed the sudden changed in Nori’s reaction. He rubbed Nori at the belly and said, “Is there any problem, Nori? What’s the matter?”

Nori looked at Geun Suk, and said, “Mianhae Oppa. I should have not made it harder for you and Unnie. Now, Unnie might get mad at you because of me. Mianhae..”

The two elder dogs kept quiet, having a feel on who will have the courage to talk first. They both averted their gaze, realizing that they’re both wrong.

And as if they have talked about it, both of them look at each other and in the same instant, uttered, “Mianhae….”

They both looked at each other and Suni said, “I just don’t want to see Unnie getting hurt”.

“We both don’t want them to get hurt, Suni. We all know that Oppa loves Unnie so much. It’s just that at times, it’s too painful to see Unnie hurt and we cannot do anything”.

“If it’s painful for us, how do you think Oppa feels, Bongji? He might tease Unnie most of the time, but he’s hurting big time.”



Then as they were trying to catch up on thing, PD-nim and Shin Hye entered the room. The dogs did not notice them, not until Geun Suk looked at their direction.

“Aisssh! Geu Suk Oppa’s nose is better than ours. He can smell Unnie even before we do,” teased Nori.

“The whole set was in chaos earlier. Even Manager Jun could not handle the younger. Lucky your friend here passed by the studio”

Suni saw Shin Hye smiled shyly and even before she can react, having the urge to comfort her Unnie, Suni jumped from Geun Suk’s lap and hopped to Shin Hye’s arms. “Unnie, Suni misses you so much!”

Shin hye hugged Suni and gave her a kiss.

“I guess she can easily find the one closest to her Appa, Shin Hye-ssi”

“tch! No one else comes close”, hissed Suni while still cuddling Shin Hye.

“Dogs can tell…”, and then PD-nim winked at her.

“Definitely… jinja… I really like you, Ahjumma!”

“I think I better take my leave now. One hour, should that be ok? The rest will be back by then”, PD-nim tapped Shin Hye by the shoulder and gave Geun Suk a wink.

“Kamsamnida, Unnie”, Shin Hye bowed shyly.

Geun Suk stood up, and as if on cue, Suni jumped off Shin Hye’s arms. The three dogs gathered at one corner, watching their Unnie and Oppa.

“Hey..”, Geun Suk said while wrapping his arms around her waist, lifting Shin Hye slightly from the ground.

“Hey..”Shin Hye whispered on his ears while she wrapped her arms on his neck.

Geun Suk kissed Shin Hye on the cheeks and said, “who made my Baby cry?”

“Hmm..”, then like a kid who has forced herself to stop crying, the moment someone so close to her tried to comfort her, Shin Hye couldn’t help but continued sobbing, She cried on Geun Suk’s shoulder without saying a word.

Knowing that Shin Hye was hurt, not to anyone, not to anything.. just simply hurt, Geun Suk eyes watered as well. These were simply those times that he hated himself for being too helpless…not being able to do anything to lessen her pain. He did not say a word, did not ask for anything.. he simply hugged her tightly, giving her an assurance that he is here.. will always be here.

The three witnesses who are watching them in a not too far distance were all crying as well, feeling their pain.. but aside from that, tears were falling because of the joy for being given the chance to witness such comfort.. such love.. communicated without words… unfathomable…

And everyone says, “Awwwwww”

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2* Silent Shippers

“Gwaenchana?”, Geun Suk was worried for Shin Hye. Though he was teasing her about how worried she was for this photoshoot, Suni who was sitting at the passenger’s seat of Khan, wanted to tease her Oppa as well. “Aisssh Oppa. If Unnie is too worried for Bongji and Nori, you here cannot concentrate because you’re worried of Unnie. Ha ha. Should we go and pay them a visit, Oppa?”.

Though Geun Suk had said in an interview before that he was Suni Unnie, Suni who was quite more sane than his owner has always referred to Geun Suk as Oppa. “I only have one Unnie, Oppa. And you know who she is”.

“Saranghae”, Geun Suk said before hanging up the phone.

“Awwwww! Oppa, you’re quite sweet. Let me guess.. Unnie just said, hmmm.. right? Haha!”

Geun Suk looked at Suni and tapped her at the head. “What to do now Princess? Unnie and her two girls are still at the shoot. Should we just drive around while waiting for them? Aisssh! We can pick them up later but we, as usual, are not allowed to go down. Hmm… Your unnie is worrying too much, Suni.. tch!”. Geun Suk was tapping the steering wheel of Khan, when out of the blue, he smiled mischievously and looked at Suni, “Should we surprise them, Suni?”

“Aissssh! In as much as i would want to Oppa, you better not. Do you want us to be blacklisted in Nori’s home? Aigoo! You still haven’t learned your lesson. If Unnie said we cannot go down.. we cannot, arasseo? Tch!”

Geun Suk sighed, “I just want to see how Nori and Bongji are doing”

“Yah, Oppa… use Nori and Bongji as an excuse. That’s quite believable. Aissssh!”

“I think let’s just drive around while waiting for your Unnie to call, hm?”

“Better. Don’t be too stubborn, Oppa!”

After almost thirty minutes of driving around, Geun Suk phone rang, and as per the smile on his face and based on that familiar tone, Suni knew already who on the other line is.

“Yeo…” Geun Suk was cut before he can even finish his sentence. Suni on the passenger seat could hear Shin Hye unnie saying something like… “Yah, Oppa!”

Upon hearing Shin Hye Unnie, Suni instinctively looked at Geun Suk, with squinted eyes ,” Yah, Oppa! What did you do again this time? Aisssh! Changkaman, Geun Suk Oppa has been good for the past days… ani.. past months…. ani.. past years… Is Shin Hye Unnie jealous.. again?”

Geun Suk was smiling, laughing, teasing Shin Hye. “Hm. There should not be any problem…”, Suni was smiling, looking at the car window, half-listening to their conversation.

Then as she was looking at the flickering lights on the opposite road, she heard her Unnie said, ‘And then one of them said, Ah,, yah.. Park Shin Hye is Jang Geun Suk’s friend”.

Upon hearing the words from Unnie, Suni’s eyes widened, started barking, irritated, ‘Aissssh! Who said that to Shin Hye Unnie.”

Then, in order to quiet her down, Geun Suk hushed her and tapped her on the head.

‘Who said that? Do you want me to go down and tell them that you’re not my friend? Do you want me to tell them that, ‘Yah… this girl is… um… is”

“Go, Oppa.. remind Unnie who she really is.. Aisssh, Jinja, i’m going to bite whoever it is that is bullying my Unnie”

“Suni’s Unnie”

“Aisssh, Oppa… this is not the time to play around. Unnie is jealous. She simply needs an assurance..

“My Eomma’s daughter in law?”

Suni looked at Geun Suk. ‘Should i bite you Oppa? Jinja.. stop playing around..”

“My life…?”

“Awwww… sweet… but that won’t do. I know Unnie. Tch”

Suni looked back again at the opposite road thinking that her Oppa can solve this one. “They are really cute…”

Then, as her selective hearing has picked up the following lines, ““They were wondering if Suni will be able to find Yoona-ssi…”, Suni felt fire coming from her nose. ‘Aisssh, jinja! Who is Yoona-ssi. I never even met her. Oppa, pali, bring me to the set. I’ll bite everyone in that shoot. Aisssh! Jinja, Nori and Bongji, you’re dead when i see you later. Why did you allow them to bully, Unnie?’

Suni was furious, angry, was about to throw a tantrum, when as she looked at her Oppa, she found him holding at the steering wheel tightly, his fist opening and closing. “This doesn’t look good. Oppa is angry”

“Don’t cry…”, Geun Suk whispered, his eyes fixed on nothing in particular.

“This definitely does not look good. Hold tight, Suni. I guess we’ll be fying down the venue. Ah, cham, don’t forget to scold Bongji and Nori later,” Suni silently reminded herself.

As if on cue, Suni sat back, and looked at Geun Suk as if giving him an approval to speed up.


“Arasseo, Oppa”.

When they reached the venue, Geun Suk sat back for a good one minute,”Aissssh! What to do now, Suni? Your Unnie would definitely kill me if she sees us there.

“Your call, Oppa. As if Unnie’s rant later would matter more compared to her need for her Prince to come”

“Aisssh! We’ll just deal with that later.” Geun Suk smiled at Suni and said, “Pali, Suni. Bongji and Nori are waiting”.

“Thanks for reminding me, Oppa. I need to teach those two a lesson. Aisssh!”

Geun Suk silently, slowly entered the building. With a baseball cap and a shade, he tried to hide himself from the other people in the building.

“Aisssh, Oppa. If you want to be incognito, next time, better grab your own cap and sunnies. If HongKi Oppa is here, you’re dead again. You took Unnie’s things, not yours”.

Geun Suk took a peek in one of the studios and when he did not find Shin Hye there, his eyes wandered to the nearest wash room. “What to do Shin Hye? Should i make a grand entrance and ask where my girlfriend is? Tch. Let them all be surprised and be embarrassed of what they said earlier. Aissssh! Should i just do it, Princess?…. Mianhae… Oppa, is making it hard for you again.”

Then, as he was about to walk away, he heard the staff said..

“Manager Jun. Where is Shin Hye?”

“Hmm… five minutes, she will be back..”

“Arasseo.. Manager Jun, your other dog is quite noisy. It keeps on barking. The other pets inside are disturbed.”

“Mianhae.. Nori… chebal.. behave, your Unnie will be mad if she finds out later that you’re creating a chaos”, Manager Jun chased after Nori, who was running around the set, knocking out some of the standees and props.

“Nori, what is happening to you!”, hissed Bongji who was trying to behave too well to get the attention of the main photographer.

“Eomma, where’s Unnie? There are a lot of people, Eomma. And the lights are blinding me. Eomma, Nori is scared. Where is Unnie?”

“Nori, Eomma is here. Don’t be scared. Unnie will be disappointed if she sees you like this”.

“Eomma… we should have brought Suni and Oppa here. I’m really scared”

Then as if she smelled home, Nori followed her nose and ran to the opposite direction.

“Nori!”, Bongji barked, as Manager Jun tried to chase the younger again.

As he was running towards Nori, he bumped into someone, without looking at the person, Manager Jun said,”Mianahe”, and was surprised why Nori stopped at that corner, rubbing her fur on the feet of that person.

When Manager Jun lifted his gaze, he found Geun Suk who was smiling at him, “Hyung…”

“Geun Suk!”, with widened eyes, Manager Jun dragged him at one corner and said, ‘What are you doing here? Shin Hye will be mad if she sees you here.”

“Hyung, Shin Hye will not be out until 10-15 minutes from now.”


“She’s at the washroom..”

“I’ll go and call her then so that she can take care of No..”

“Aniya.. don’t call her… she needs to settle some things… give her 15 max, she will be out”

“Geun Suk”

Geun Suk just bowed his head.

‘Aisssh! What did they say again?”

“Mianhae, Hyung…”

Manager Jun just sighed and tapped Geun Suk by the shoulder.

“No need, Geun Suk. I know this is hard on you as well. Tch! Shin Hye might have used to it already…”

“I don’t know, Hyung.. i hate it when..”

“Shhh! Don’t let her hear that… She’ll be fine”

“Hyung, what to do with Nori”, Geun Suk looked at Nori who was throwing him sad eyes. “Aisssh! Nori, you already have your Unnie’s mannerisms”.

“Nori, better go back to the set. This will not look good if Unnie saw your Oppa here”

“Oppa.. Oppa…I’m scared”, Nori just sat there,in front of Geun Suk.

And then as Manager Jun was walking back to the set, PD-nim saw Geun Suk at the door.

“Jang Geun Suk?”, Geun Suk bit his lips upon hearing someone call his name. I’m dead.

Manager Jun stepped back and looked at Geun Suk. We’re definitely dead.

“Geun Suk-ssi… o, you bring Suni?”

Suni looked at PD-nim ,”Ow…. she knows my name. Who is she? Unnie said the other staffs are calling me Sunny. Aissssh!”

“Suni, do you still remember me? I took your photos before with your Unnie… yah, Geun Suk-ssi, i still couldn’t tell why you keep on referring to yourself as Unnie”

Jang Geun Suk smiled , bowed and looked at PD-nim. “Noona, Annyeong haseyo!”

“I guess Shin Hye also didn’t know til now why you want Suni to call you as Unnie”

Geun Suk swallowed. Aisssh..” Is Shin Hye-ssi here?”

“Tch! Jang Geun Suk-ssi, you did not know that Park Shin Hye is here?”

Geun Suk just bowed his head, not sure whether to deny it or not.

“yah, punk. Don’t play with me. I’m not like the other people here. Tch!”


“Why don’t you get her dog? She seems to be too scared. I saw her run to this direction. I thought Shin Hye already came back.”

“Aisssh!” Geun Suk rumpled his hair, “Noona, Shin Hye will kill me!”, then he knelt down and took Nori to his arm,”Mianhae, Nori.. Oppa need to pretend that he doesn’t know you.. Mianhae”

“Gwaenchana, Oppa. Nori understands. Mianhae….”, then Nori rubbed her fur to Geun Suk’s arms.

“Manager Jun, you should have brought Jang Geun Suk-ssi with you. It may not be hard for you then”

“Aisssh! Nori, i will tell you to Unnie. You’re always looking for your Oppa”, then Manager Jun smiled.

“So, how?”


“I guess Nori here will not allow you to leave”.

“Noona…but Shin..”

“Arasseo… Should we ask everyone to leave the set?”


“I guess Shin Hye will only be mad if other people will see you here. But if no one is here, i think she would be happy to see you, Geun Suk-ssi. I admire your girl. Girls like that are born one in a hundred years”.

Geun Suk smiled,”I know. I just got lucky”.

“Tch! Manager Jun, I’ll go ask my staff to proceed to the nearest restaurant. We better have our lunch while we give my biases their time, “then she winked at Geun Suk.

Geun Suk bowed at PD-nim and said, “Kamsamnida Noona”

“Geun Suk just go inside first. I’ll go and look for Shin Hye”

“Komapta Noona”

“Geun Suk, i’ll better get going. You better look after her girls, arasseo?”

“Aissshhh! Hyung, you don’t need to tell me that”.

But before PD-nim left the room, she looked back and asked, “Yah, Jang Geun Suk! Why didn’t you join this shoot? I heard they asked you and Suni”

Geun Suk smiled mischievously, “They won’t count us, Shin Hye and I, as one. Tch!”

“Eh, why would they do that? It’s as if you’re married”

“That’s exactly the point!”

PD-nim squinted her eyes, asking Geun Suk to elablorate.

“Trying to save for the future..”


Geun Suk rubbed the back of his neck, grinned and said, “One ton of dog food is a lot, Noona! That would buy .. uhm, around 100 kg of infant’s formula”.

PD-nim with widened eyes, mouth agape, realizing that each celebrity is asked to donate one ton of dog food for this campaign, threw Geun Suk the newspaper that she was holding, and hissed “Aissssh! I wonder what Shin hye-ssi saw in you!”

Geun Suk, still grinning, said, “She saw her future. Ha ha ha!”


1* Oppa and Unnie (Oh! Boy Photoshoot)

Oh Boy Photoshoot, May 15

Park Shin Hye entered the studio with Bongji and Nori on her arms while Manager Jun was walking beside her, bringing with him all her pets’ things.

Shin Hye was scared, worried, nervous. This is more nerve cracking than her audition with Lee Seung Hwan’s music video. Aisssh! Bongji and Nori, you better be behave, arasseo? Do not embarrass Unnie in front of these people. Aisssh, why did i agree to join in this issue? Jinja!

Then her phone rang..



“Aigoo! Bongji and Nori Unnie is nervous…”


“Shin Hye, we already discussed this last night, right?

“But Oppa..”

“Tch..follow me…inhale..exhale..inhale..”

“Yah! Oppa, you’re making fun of me.”

“Ha ha ha Ani,.. aniya. I just want you to relax a bit. Aisssh! You worry too much. Our girls can do it”


‘Shin Hye, Bongji and Nori already appeared in your fan meeting last February, right?”


“And your fans like them”

‘Oppa, they don’t just like them. They said they are cute and adorable”

“See.. nothing to worry about.”

“But Oppa, what if the staffs won’t like them?”

“They will. Believe me. Don’t you trust our girls?”


“I’ll pick you up later”

‘Aniya.. no need. Jun Oppa is here. I’ll go with him”

“Arasseo. I’ll just come and fetch Nori and Bongji then. I think they want to see me, unlike their Unnie..”

“Aisssh! Jinja!”


“Arasseo.. but…”

“I am not allowed to go down.. arasseo”.

“See you later, Oppa”


Shin Hye answered in a whisper, “nado, saranghae Oppa”

“Ha ha ha”

“Aissh! Why are you laughing?”

“Why are you whispering?”


“Aisssh! They don’t know it’s me. Nothing to worry about”

Then, while in the middle of conversation with Geun Suk, one of the staff Unnie called her.

“Tch! Oppa, pali, i need to go”

“Arasseo… Saranghae”


“Jun Oppa, you keep an eye on those girls, hm? Unnie is just calling me.”

‘Aisssh! No need to tell me that, Shin Hye. As if your girls will go with anyone here.”

“Komapta Oppa” , but before she proceeded to the conference room, she knelt down and kissed Bongji and Nori. “You two better behave, arasseo? Unnie will just meet with the Unnies and Oppas, arasseo?”. Then she smiled and gave her dogs a final hug.

Inside the conference room, the main photographer/director is now discussing about the concept of the shoot, when after a 20 minute-briefing, the discussion has been shifted to catching ups and getting to know you’s of the artists.

“Shin Hye, i’ve seen a lot of photos of your dogs. They really look adorable”, said one of the staff.

“Kamsamnida, Unnie”, Shin Hye smiled sweetly, her heart jumping in joy upon hearing the compliment on her dogs.

“I heard Jang Geun Suk-ssi has a dog as well” Shin Hye panicked upon hearing Geun Suk’s name. Do they know something?

“I heard from Yoona, Geun Suk’s dog is named Sunny”, one of the staff who was also seated inside the room commented.

Sophie Margiela Antoinette Suni, not Sunny. Aisssh!

“Usually, when celebrities have pets, they would either refer to themselves as Eomma or Appa. Shin Hye, how does your dog call you?”

“Hmm. Unnie”

“Jinja? I thought most of them would prefer to be called as Eomma”

Shin Hye just smiled at them.

“How about Jang Geun Suk-ssi? Appa or Oppa? What do you think?”

“I think Appa..”, then one of the younger celebrities giggled.

Shin Hye did not know, but instinctively, she threw that kid a dagger look. Aisssh! Jinja! Why are they suddenly talking about Oppa?

“Appa?”, one of the senior actress repeated, as if thinking.

Aisssh! Sunbae-nim, My oppa is quite twisted, He refer to himself as Unnie, not Appa.. not Oppa. You go ask him why.

“So, if Geun Suk is Appa, who is the Eomma?”

“Shin Hye”

“Deh?” nervous, why she was suddenly called, Shin Hye felt her face has ran out of color. Do they already know?

“Have you met Geun Suk’s Sunny? I had a photoshoot with him before. The dog is really adorable.”

“Ah, deh, PD-nim”

“Yeah, Shin Hye is Geun Suk’s friend”

Shin Hye just nodded her head, smiled and bit her lips. Girlfriend.

“I heard Yoona-sshi has seen Sunny during one of the shoots of Love Rain”

Shin Hye’s eyes widened. Yoona-ssi? Oppa brought Suni in the set? Aisssh!

“Ha ha. They said, if you want to catch which celebrity is dating which one, you unleash his pet and let him run in the group of celebrity friends”


“That person to whom the dog jumped to is definitely the girlfriend”


“I don’t know”

“Ha ha, I wonder if Sunny will find Yoona in Geun Suk’s celebrity friend.”

Suni. Not Sunny. Aisssh!

Feeling that she can no longer hold her emotions, Shin Hye excused herself from the group, and asked for permission to use the washroom.

When she left the conference room, she took her phone and immediately dialled #1


“Yah, Oppa!”

“Ow…. Easy…”



“Oppa, i told you not to bring Suni to filming, right? Why did you….”

“Suni.. filming? Eh?”

“You didn’t bring Suni at LR set?”

“Ani.. aniya..Wae?”




“They were talking about you earlier..”

“Me.. Wae?”

“They talked about you and Suni…”


“Aisssh.. they keep on saying Sunny… sunny..”

“Ha ha.. why didn’t you correct them?”

“I really wanted to. Aisssh! And then, …”


“They were asking how do you prefer to be called by Suni..”


“And they said, Appa. Aisssh!”

“You should have told them Unnie,right?”

“Deh.. but i’m just afraid to say it because they might ask me why Unnie, but you won’t tell me”

“Tch. Just say you don’t want them to know that you know that much..”

“Aisssh Oppa…”


“They said if you are the Appa, Yoona-ssi will be the Eomma”

“They said that?”


“Then, you should have told them, “Yeah, i think so,…” ha ha ha”

“Aisssh.. I’ll hang up now”

“Yah.. i’m just teasing you.. Didn’t they ask you anything about me?”

“They did..”


‘And then one of them said, Ah,, yah.. Park Shin Hye is Jang Geun Suk’s friend”

‘Who said that? Do you want me to go down and tell them that you’re not my friend? Do you want me to tell them that, ‘Yah… this girl is… um… is”


“is Suni’s Unnie? ”


“My Eomma’s daughter in law?”


“My life….?”


“Why are you smiling?”

“I’m not”

“Park Shin Hye”

“Oppa, that’s too mushy”

‘Ah,, cham, oppa…”


“They also said..”


“If Suni will be unleashed in the middle of the crowd, she would go to the person closest to Jang Geun Suk-ssi’


“They were wondering if Suni will be able to find Yoona-ssi…”


“Shin Hye…”


“You know who Suni will look for, right?”


“But they don’t know…


“Do you want me to,,,:”

“Yah.. Oppa… ani..aniya…gwenchana


“Don’t cry…”

“I’m not..”

“Arasseo, you’re not”

“Oppa, they are already looking for me.I need to go…”

“Arasseo… Saranghae….”

“Hmmm”, then she hung up.

Shin Hye looked at herself in the mirror, wiped the tears that are threatening to fall, silently scolding herself. “Why are you crying, babo? So what if they think it’s Yoona-ssi… You know Suni will look for you, right? So what, if they think Yoona is Suni Eomma… Babo, why are you crying? Why didn’t you go and tell them then? You tell them, Yah! I’m not just Geun Suk’s friend…Aissssh!”

After a good 15 minutes, Shin Hye has already freshened up and went outside of the washroom.

When as she was waiting for her coffee in front of the vendo machine, she met one of the staffs outside, ‘Shin Hye-ssi, your younger dog is becoming restless. She won’t participate with the other pets inside”

‘Jinja? Mianhae.. “, Shin Hye was about to run inside when her hand was grabbed by PD-nim and said, “Gwaenchana, your Oppa has handled the younger one already. Go and finish your coffee first.”

“Jinja, Unnie?”


“Shin Hye, those maltese are naturally friendly, right?”

‘Deh..but the younger one, Nori.. she’s quite afraid of a crowd. Unless there’s someone she knows inside, she will definitely become restless. I was really worried when i agreed for this shoot, but Jun Oppa assured me that they will be ok”



They were walking towards the studio, still discussing things about Nori and Bongji.

‘Shin Hye..”


“Your Oppa loves your dogs so much, right?”

“Deh. Aigoo! If you see his twitter account, especially when Nori was born, it was full of Bongji and Nori’s pictures.”


“Hm.. one time i was teasing him.. if i were Bongji and Nori’s Eomma, he will definitely be the Appa. He’s the only one who can tame them down…aside from Geun Suk Oppa..


“hm? Aniya…”

As they were entering the studio, Shin Hye was still talking with PD-nim, when before they entered, PD-nim held her by the hand and said,”Ah, cham, i asked Manager Jun to go with the other staffs first. The other celebrities are also there as well. We’ll have lunch outside..”

“A… deh… “, and then when it dawned to her, with widened eyes, she asked, “Unnie, where are Bongji and Nori?

“Hm?’, and then she smiled, looked at the far end of the set and said, “With their Appa”

Shin Hye followed her gaze, and she was shocked with what she saw.

Geun Suk was sitting on the floor, scratching Nori by the belly while playing with Bongji. The guy bowed his head to PD-nim then, looked at her and gave her a sweet smile.

“The whole set was in chaos earlier. Even Manager Jun could not handle the younger. Lucky your friend here passed by the studio”

Shin Hye smiled shyly, and as if that is not enough…

Suni jumped from Geun Suk’s lap and hopped to her arms, cuddling, snuggling at her.

“I guess she can easily find the one closest to her Appa, Shin Hye-ssi”

Shin Hye just bowed her head and smiled.

“Dogs can tell…”, and then PD-nim winked at her.

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