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Picture Message. Reading Between the Tweets

7th July, early morning

i wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna go somewhere however reality reality reality reality is….. i have to shoot well. dont like dont like dont like i wanna go somewhere~ dont lose your mind

Shin Hye was at the set of Don’t Worry I’m a Ghost, trying to finish some scenes according to schedule. But different from the agreed timeline, it seems that she cannot make it in time for the Cri Show.

Jinja.. Oppa, will definitely kill me.

Then remembering their argument two nights ago and the dinner last night, which supposedly a make-up dinner..which, unknowingly ended to another argument….

Jinja… this week is some kind of a week. Aisssh! I think we’re setting a record here, Oppa. No single day without a fight.

And then, looking back at her scripts and the way the staffs are still setting up the venue…

Jinja, Shin Hye will be dead later.

One and a half hour later, still not hearing anything from him, Shin Hye sent another message.

과일냠냠♥ 잘먹었습니다. 고마워요>__< Starlighttttttt angel^ㅡ^/

Did you see the fruits that i sent you, Oppa? I prepared them this morning. I woke up really early to make those.

Shin Hye wanted to explain herself, but that guy simply won’t allow her.


Still no reply.

Then, much to her surprise, her phone vibrated. Excited, Shin Hye held her breath, and was bit disappointed when she read the message from Bo Woon, asking her to go with her together. Bo Woon knew. She told her, right? She saw the ring. Her ring… their ring. And she probably has an idea what those messages are all about. Trying not to be too obvious on those who don’t have an idea, Shin Hye replied, hoping that probably that guy would see the picture.

@susemee 8월이나되야 좀 쉴 수 있을텐데 ㅠㅠ 흐어엉
Might probably have free time in August… only in August…


At the Cri Show venue, Geun Suk was busy directing his staff on the last finishing touch ups of the stage. His phone has been ringing for ten times now, but he did not dare answer it. He knew who the caller is. He just doesn’t want to hear her excuses. Listening to hear never ending professionalism and him should be understanding is already getting to his nerves. He better not answer this call, or else, this would add up to their never-ending list of misunderstandings this week.

Geun Suk stared at his phone, looking at her picture flashing on his screen. He closed his eyes, trying to calm his breathing.

People might assume that i’m too confident on this. But you ought to know better than them. You know better than them, don’t you? You know by now, my heart is beating a thousand, my mind wandering somewhere, hoping to see you near me. Shin Hye, i need you here badly. My confidence is running thin…

Three hours after the first tweet, when Geun Suk retreated back to his dressing room, trying to calm his nerves, he read her tweet. Geun Suk just stared at it blankly, trying to read between the lines. He knows the message is for him. And he knows, what lies between that message.

Mianhae, Oppa. I really cannot make it. You know i want to`come, right? Mianhae, but i have work..

Geun Suk shook his head, disappointment written all over his face. You know this won’t do.

Geun Suk bit his lips, getting irritated by the minute. Jinja, you’re not coming…

He grabbed his phone, three hours after that tweet and posted.

이상하다…날씨가 좋일리가 없는데…-_- 암튼 오늘 전부 크리쇼오는걸로!!!!!
It’s weird… The weather can’t be sunny.. -_- Anyway, I want everyone to come CRI SHOW today!!!!!


Oppa is not picking up. Aisssh! Jinja… etteokaji?

Then, as if trying to comfort her, she saw her notification.
Shin Hye’s widened upon reading the message. Letters appear differently to her. And her selective eyes have done the reading.

It’s weird… The weather can’t be sunny.. -_- Anyway, I want everyone to come CRI SHOW today!!!!!

Shin Hye sighed upon reading the message.

The weather indeed is not sunny. It seems that another storm is threatening to pass. The aftershock of the previous earthquake is still here. And here you are, brewing another fight.

Everyone. Every ONE. THAT ONE…. I want that ONE to come.

In case you forgot, Cri Show today. CRI.SHOW.TODAY!

Shin Hye bit her lower lip upon reading the message. She did not know why, but tears are starting to well in her eyes.

What to do, Oppa?

Shin Hye was fiddling her fingers, her eyes focused on that message, her heart beating a thousand, afraid that she’ll break her promise to be there tonight.

Mianhae… Jinja… You know i didn’t mean to, right?

Realizing what she has just said, Shin Hye smiled, remembering the very words that Geun Suk told him on that scary night three nights ago.

Hearing her name being called by Tae-gyu Oppa, Shin Hye rushed back to the set, not wanting to cause any delay. The moment the director shouted, CUT, GOOD!,Shin Hye rushed back to her seat, nervous-excited if Geun Suk has sent another message.

Disappointed, torn, Shin Hye bit her lips, knowing that her Oppa would definitely be mad by now.

Checking on anyone in twitterland who could have given her a clue on what her Oppa is doing, she stumbled upon Tree-J account, reading the tweet:

크리제이에서 멋진 도시락을 보내주셨어요! 장배우가 맛있다고 전해달라고 하네요^^ 감사합니다!!
Awesome lunch box were sent by Cri-J! Actor Jang said it’s very delicious!! Thank you!!

Shin Hye read the tweet. She read the message, but she saw more than that. She saw the fruits that she prepared. She saw stars. And she saw her star mad


When Geun Suk saw the attachment of Shin Hye’s last tweet, people might see her hiding her lower face, but he did not see that one. He saw the girl hiding her pout, trying to appease him, trying to say sorry, showing her aegyo… Geun Suk smiled, remembering that pout, and then, after a second or two, went back to his poker face, raised his eyebrow and said, That won’t do.

He then asked one of Tree-J staff to take his picture accompanied by the tweet:

정회원 선물 받으러 오세요! 이 선물은 서울 크리쇼에서만 드린답니다^^ 장근석의 프라이빗한 일상이 담겨있는 영상CD! 이 안에 내용은 공개불가 입니다^^
Official members please receive your gifts! This present is only given away in Seoul Cri Show^^ It includes Jang Keun Suk’s private daily life video CD! The content of the CD must not be published ^^

Aniya, it’s not about the gifts. Geun Suk smirked upon realizing what he just did. With half of his face covered by that disc, Geun Suk mumbled, I can read yours. Can you read mine?

Shin Hye scrolled up Tree-J’s twitter account and found a previous tweet.
She looked at the photo. The shot looked familiar. Then, it dawned to her.

I can read yours. Can you read mine?

Shin Hye, rumpled her hair, seeing that Hwang Tae Kyung signature smirk behind that disc, screaming loudly at her, “Do you want to die?”

Aisssh, Jinja!

Three hours before the show, Geun Suk was irritated, angry, his patience reaching the bottom. That girl would really not dare come, hm?

He was shouting at almost anyone, angered by a bit mistake. Geun Suk closed his eyes, trying to calm his nerves. He’s not having a good feeling about this. He needs that girl badly.

And then, as if taunting him, his phone rings again. Seeing her name, setting aside his pride, but still mad, he answered the phone with fire his voice.


“I heard Yoona-sshi is coming?”

Surprised, Geun Suk did not expect the question. He is mad. Why is she suddenly asking about other people. Tch. “Hm?”

“VIP seats, hm?”

Confused where this conversation is going to, Geun Suk kept silent. Is she picking up a fight?

“Hana-sshi is sitting at VIP section, why Go Mi Nam will be sitting at the back, near the props and costumes, will watch at the monitor and will wait until all the visitors and fans go off, before she can even show her face. Do you think that’s fair?”

Confused, irritated, excited, joyful, alive. Geun Suk still doesn’t know how, but this girl can really give him mixed emotions in a heart beat. “So, is that the reason why Go Mi Nam is not coming today? Is she tired of waiting at the backstage?”


Beep. Beep. Beep.

With mouth agape, his eyes widened, Geun Suk took a step back. Did she just hang up on me?

Geun Suk was about to throw his anger, his tantrums to his staff, when he heard a familiar voice in his ear piece, the one which he use to communicate with the show director.

His eyes, instinctively wandered around and before the message was finished..

“It’s not good to shout at your staff before you start a show. It’s not actually really good to shout at them at all. Their self confidence would run thin, and might be flushed to the drainage”

She was not able to finish her tirade, when Geun Suk spotted her from his right, 20 feet away from him, behind those monitors.

Geun Suk smirked, jumped off the stage, took his steps toward that girl.

Shin Hye swallowed, seeing his eyes fixed on her. She did not hear the Ohhh and Ahhhhs from the crowd, who mostly are from Tree J, who by now are thankful that she showed up.. she could not hear anything from them, but only the beating of her heart.

Shin Hye took a step back when Geun Suk was two steps away from him.

She did not know why but she instinctively closed her eyes, afraid of what that guy would do to her.

Seeing that girl bowed her head, with closed eyes, Geun Suk grinned, took two more steps, stopping in front of her. Geun Suk tilted his head, trying to see her face amidst that bowed head.

Feeling that guy stopped in front of her, Shin Hye waited for her eardrums to burst, anticipating a scolding from him. But when she did not hear any, slowly she lifted her head. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

But what happened next, she did not expect.

As he saw her slowly lifting her head, Geun Suk smiled, and letting go of all his self control, the moment he met those eyes, he pulled her to him, held her face, and kissed her deep in the lips.

He felt Shin Hye widened her eyes in surprise, her hand on his chest, giving him a soft push, trying to break the kiss. Geun Suk smirked in between those kisses. He smiled at that girl’s stubbornness. Tch! Didn’t she know that the workout lately is not simply for show off?

He held her face tighter, his head dipping to meet her lips deeper, using all his energy to make her feel his longing, his disappointment, his anger…. his dependence…his need for her to be with him.

Feeling all those emotions, Shin Hye closed her eyes, relaxed a bit. Geun Suk took her hands and wrapped it around his neck, his hands now on her back and her waist, closing all the spaces between them.

Feeling that she’s already out of breath, Geun Suk slowly pulled away, looked directly into her eyes, then whispered in her ears, “If you have any plan of pissing me off again, better do some breathing exercises”

Confused, Shin Hye raised her eyebrow, asking him why.

Geun Suk smiled, gave her a soft peck on the lips and said, his face an inch from hers, “Since i can only have this one for this time, “he paused for a while, giving her lips a soft tug again, then continued,”i better make good use of it”.

Shin Hye’s eyes widened, was about to hit him on the chest, but Geun Suk caught her hands in midair, held them both and placed on his chest, pulling her closer again, making her have a feel of his heart beat, then said,”I’m afraid i won’t be able to control myself next time, you might just collapse due to lack of oxygen when i kiss you later”, then he gave her another deep kiss.

Geun Suk pulled after five or ten seconds, his lips still on hers, smiled, his eyes directly meeting hers and said, “This is the best “fighting message” ever. Saranghae, my Go Mi Nam! Now go back to the backstage, before i drag you out of this venue and postpone the Cri Show.”

Floating, Shin Hye, allowed her feet to carry her to wherever, when as she was an arm length from him, he grabbed her by the hand, turned her around, pulled her and give her another quick kiss. “Can’t get enough of you. Miss you, already”, then he kissed her on the tip of her nose, gave her a bone-crushing embrace, before he hurriedly jumped back to the stage, not looking back, afraid that he won’t be able to control himself and would not allow that girl to leave his sight.

Shin Hye smiled, and as she was about to leave the main arena, retreating to her haven at the back, she heard sounds coming from the microphones, and was startled when she heard her name echoing inside the venue.

“Park Shin Hye.. I’ll tell you everyday, so listen carefully.. SARANGHAE!”

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