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Capture the Moment

Shin Hye was standing at the opposite side of one of the pub in Chung-ang.

University week and here she is, hiding behind one of the trees at the sideline. Aisssh!

She was originally planning to meet Ara and Bum, was about to cross the street, when her phone rang.

Jinja! Speaking of timing!

“Eo di ga?”





Shin Hye hissed and whispered, “Aissshh”

“Tch.. I heard from Yoona that Sooyong and Yuri are now at Chung Ang…”

Shin Hye swallowed and nervously said, “Jinja?”

“tch! Eo di ga?”


“Aisssh! Jinja!”

“Chung Ang! Oppa, University week… this is already my third year and i still…”

“I’m just asking..”


“Where are you exactly?”

“Hmm? Are you busy?”


Shin Hye let out a sigh of relief. Oppa cannot come.

“Hmm. Where are you exactly?”

“Hmmm… in front of Theatre Building. I’m about to meet..”

“Theatre? That place where i dropped you off last time?”

“Deh”, Shin Hye felt her heart beats faster. He’s not in here, is he?


“Oppa, eo di..”

“Tch. Aren’t you cold?”


“Why didn’t you bring a jacket?”

“Aissh! Eo di?”

“tch. Do not cross the street. I’ll be there in a heartbeat..”

“Aisssh! Ani… i’m going”, Shin Hye was about to run to the opposite direction, aiming to reach the pub, before Geun Suk get a hold of her.

“Ah.. Guirae.. I’ll pick you up there, then”, Geun Suk smirked on the other line.

‘Aisssh! Jinja! Oppa!”, Shin Hye stomped her foot and feeling defeated, went back to the side of the street.

Geun Suk gave out a chuckle. He knew Shin Hye will not dare to do something that will make him get down of his car and pick her up in public.

Though he came from the other University, Geun Suk knew this place in the same way that he knew Hanyang. He’s been here a hundred times, sending off Shin Hye or picking her up, whenever his schedule would permit. But never in those instances that he went down the car.. never, not even once. It’s one of her rules. Do not let them know that she’s dating a celebrity…. Tch! Look who’s talking!

Geun Suk stopped in front of a girl dressed in jeans and tees with matching white snickers. Shin Hye was wearing a baseball cap with a sling bag hanging on her shoulder. This girl knew exactly how to become incognito in the midst of a crowd.

Tch. Does she really think that people will not turn their heads on her the moment she passed by them?

Geun Suk lowered his window and winked at Shin Hye, “Hey”

The girl he greeted narrowed her eyes, stomped her foot and let out a silent, “Aisssh! Jinja!”

Geun Suk let out a chuckle and when he motioned to open his car door, he saw Shin Hye started to panic, pushed his car door to a close and immediately run to the passenger’s seat.

While she’s buckling her seatbealt, Shin Hye let out a deep sigh..

“Oppa, can’t i just enjoy this day? I mean, this is already my third year in Chung Ang and i still haven’t attended a school festival!”

“uh-uh.. You’ve been here last year and the year before that”.

“Oppa, but that’s during the day. Why can’t i attend a night gathering at the pub? Ha?”

“What’s the difference with the day and night event, Shin Hye?”

“Oppa, at night, underground bands are playing at the pubs…”

“I’ll ask Hong Ki to play then..”

“Aisssh! Why don’t you just ask Yong, then?” Shin Hye knew she should not say that one, but Geun Suk is really irritating her now.

Geun Suk just gave out a laugh. That dangerous laugh.

Shin Hye closed her eyes, exhaled deeply and did a mental check
whether her sanity is still in good condition.


“What is it in there at night that you really wanted to go and experience it, Shin Hye?”

“You tell me, Oppa. You’re always present at all the festivals in Hanyang, right? What is it in there that you can go and i cannot?”

“Shin Hye, activities at night are far different from those that you see at daytime. You don’t have photo journ activities, treasure hunting, or radio stars at night”.

Shin Hye just raised her eyebrows, still not satisfied with Geun Suk’s explanation.

“You have sodas in the day and sojus at night. You have a lot of people squeezing themselves in a small corner while others are smoking at the alleys. You will find people asking for your number and tailing you around until you accept a drink. Get the picture”.

“I just want to see it”.

“Aissh! Jinja!”

“Oppa, why can i not go but you can?”

“I did not say you cannot”


“That’s why i’m here. I’ll allow you to go, and experience that night festival of yours provided i will be an honorary guest”, Geun Suk winked at her.

“Aissh, Oppa! But i never do this to you whenever you attend your activities in Hanyang”

“Oh… Jinja?”
“Deh”, Shin Hye smiled, thinking that Geun Suk has actually realized that the set up was a bit unfair.

“Ok. We’ll do it this way, then…”, Geun Suk paused, loving the smile on Shin Hye’s face. “I will come with you tonight and i’ll bring you over to Hanyang activities. You know i would love that!”

Shin Hye’s face dropped upon hearing this.”Aissh”

“O..” Geun Suk handed her something before starting the engine. “ i guess that would mean we will head home now and we’ll just see again whether you can attend the night festival next year”.

“Jinja”, Shin Hye removed her cap and rumpled her hair. She looked at that bag that Geun Suk was handing her and asked, “what’s that?”

“Camera. I guess you would want to take a remembrance of this,” Geun Suk smirked, then added, “Chukahae! This is the closest so far that you come to your dream night festival!”

학교갔다찍은 대학주점.. 와아아아아~~ 부럽다ㅠㅅㅠ 재밌겠다 잉잉 맛있겟다 냠냠.. 나도 저 틈에껴서 놀고프다 ㅠㅅㅠ.
translation : This was taken when when I was in school’s pub.. wow~~ Enviousㅠㅅㅠ Yum yum, looked so fun and delicious.. I would also like to go there and playㅠㅅㅠ

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