unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

3* The Promise Ring (nth couple ring)

8th October

Shin hye was preparing, rehearsing her spiel for her hosting engagement the following day, when as she was about to flip her script, her phone rang, playing that familiar tone.

“You miss me?”, she heard him asked on the other line.

Shin hye smiled, shaking her head, giggling at that guys randomness. “Oppa, eo di?”

“Miss me?”, he stubbornly asked.

Shin Hye smiled, and then sweetly answered, “Too much… Shin Hye misses Geun Suk too much”

“Tch! I miss you!”, he said sincerely.


“Do you know what is the meaning of i miss you in french?”


“you are missing from me. i miss you”, he repeated.

“Nado, Oppa! Nado… you’re missing from me as well”

“Can i see you now?”

“Eo disseo? Are you back in Seoul?”

“Almost home”

“Oh… call me when you’re here already”

“Do i still need to make a call?”, he asked.

“Weh? if you’re busy, just carry on. I’ll see you later?”. Don’t want to see me when you reach home? Won’t even give me a call. Tch!

Shin Hye was sulking, a pout on her lips, when she felt a tap on her left shoulder, and when she turned her face to her left, a kiss landed on her pouted lips.

“I love you!”

“Oppa! I thought…”

“You thought, but you were wrong”, he said smiling as he sat on the couch beside her.

Shin Hye just smiled back, her head rested on his shoulder.

“What time is the event?”

“Around ten”

“Do you want me to…”

“Aniya… it’s not a celebrity affair, Oppa. no need to bring an entourage”

“Yah! can i not play the role of the boyfriend at the very least”

“Yah! Oppa, you know you cannot show yourself there. There will be a lot of people, university students, outsiders who will come and watch that show. It will not be good if someone will spot you there”

Geun Suk just looked at her, closed his eyes and heaved a sigh.
“What if…”

“Nope. Don’t. You know that’s the last thing that you need to do at this point.”

And as if remembering those words, the night that he regretted the most, Geun Suk closed his eyes once again, trying his very best to forget that night.

“Oppa, you are now the Geun Chan.. don’t do this…”

Shin Hye was smiling, her hand cupping his face, trying to convince him on this. Geun Suk might be too playful, but the moment he decided on something, like her, he could be very stubborn.

Shin Hye was trying to play with him, tilting her head, trying to read his face, when as she was looking at him, she felt his hand holding hers, and still, with eyes closed, she heard him say, “Mianhae.. jinja, mianhae..”

“Oppa…”, startled, Shin Hye with widened eyes, asked.. confused why he’s suddenly sorry.

“Mianhae for leaving you that day… mianhae, I did not choose you”

“Oppa…”, Shin hye paused, as she remembered that very day that Geun Suk was referring to.

Then she saw him opened his eyes, with pain in those orbs, she knew how much sorry.. how much pain he had when he has to make that choice.

“Mianhae…”, then she saw him heaved a sigh, it’s as if it has always been a weight in his chest. “Everytime I remembered that night, I want to punch my face for being such a fool”

“Shhh.. Oppa, I told you I understood, right? I told you, it’s ok”

“Aniya.. it was not and will never be… Mianhae”

Then she nodded her head and smiled at him, “how many times do we need to have this conversation? How many times do you need to say sorry and for me to say it’s ok. Oppa, until when..”

“Until I have you for real”

“you have me for real”, she said, hugging him. She knew, these were the days that he really felt down… lost, guilty for making that decision. She was smiling on his chest when she felt his arms wrapped around her as well and the she heard him asked, “Shin hye, can we not..”

“Don’t. No need. You don’t need to tell the world that you are in love, Geun Suk-ssi. They know”

She felt him smiled and then after a second or two, that childish, stubborn self channeled in him again, “But they…”

“For as long as they know you are in love and you love that girl so much, it doesn’t matter if they knew that girl or not. For as long as you know, for as long as I know, it’s ok…”

“Shin Hye…”

“Oppa… don’t… are the rings not yet enough”, she asked as she distanced her face, looking at him.

“I want to make it official”

“Are we not official?” she asked, teasing him.

“You know that’s not what I mean”

“Oppa, we’re still young, and there’s still a long way for you to go. Do not make me a reason to stop you from reaching that dream”

“You are my dream”, then he smiled, pinching her nose. “you know I am only able to do these things because you are here”

“Aisssh! Don’t pull my leg, Oppa.. Aniya.. cannot.. andwae.. shiro”

“Wae-yo? Are you still not sure about me? Aissshh! I want to be married before I turn 30”

“And you’re still five years from that”

“Princess, I am not asking you to marry me now”

“Then, why are you asking me to answer you now?”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“Do you trust me, Oppa?”

“Shin Hye…”

“Oppa! We are discussing this thing again.”, then she smiled, shaking her head. “You know what my answer would be even before you pop that question, right?”

“Princess, what if..”

“Oppa, do you still think I would…”, then she smiled mischievously. “Oppa.. what if..?”

“Yah!” he said, angry.

“Yah! How am I going to marry you if you are as twisted as this?”

Then she saw him closed his eyes, as if calming his nerves. “better?”, he asked smiling.


“So, really..”

“cannot.. not yet.. chebal.. I’m only 23, Oppa!” she said, teasing him.

“Shin Hye, it will still lead to that one.. that day will still come, and you will still see me with that ring.. might be kneeling on the ground, as I asked that question, or maybe inside the cake while we’re having the dessert or, probably at the bottom of your Americano cup”, he asked, smiling.

“Yah! That’s gross! You would ask me to drink the Americano where you submerged that ring! Eeewww! And oppa, please, if ever that day come, don’t make it too dramatic.. too cheesy.. just ask it and I will answer”

“And the answer would be?”, he asked raising his eyebrow.

“Let’s see.. I don’t want to say something that I will not utter at the end”


“I love you!”, she said, smiling.

“Will that be the answer?”

“Aniya. Was there a question?”

“Can I ask now?”

“Aisssh! I’m just telling you in case you forgot…”

She still hasn’t finished her sentence when Geun Suk held her hand and played with her ring finger.

“oppa.. don’t play that trick. We both know you can buy me a ring even with your eyes closed. You know this size after buying that more that a dozen rings…” and before her tirade was done, as Geun Suk removed his hand on hers, there he saw another ring.


“Hm?”, Geun Suk said, innocently. “maybe this one will not be an issue.. you’re under MZUU as well. Tch! The camps will just say that this is part of your endorsement.”

Shin Hye smiled as she looked at that ring.

“You know the story, right?”

Shin Hye just smiled weakly.

“I found the girl. She’s not just ready yet. So this will be my promise ring. I am waiting for her.. will be waiting for her.. no matter how long.. no matter what”

“Jinja? So, there will be 1000 of us, Oppa?”

The guy simply shook his head and gave her a kiss in the forehead.


11th October, Thursday…

I’m wearing a couple ring!!! ….with Mum -_-w
나 커플링 했다!! オレカプルリングやった!!! 。 。 。 。 ….엄마랑.. ….ママと-_-w

Shin Hye was smiling when she saw that tweet that night.
Not a little while after that tweet, her phone rang..

“Hm?”, she answered, smiling.

“That girl still would not allow me to ask the question.”

“Jinja?”, she asked, playing along.

“Hm… so , to safeguard my ring.. my future, I passed it to Mom. At least I’m certain I won’t be waking up after a drunken night, married to some girl I barely know”

“Eh? You gave a zikzin ring to Eommonim?”

“Wae-yo? Disappointed that her will-be engagement ring has a 999-others around the globe. Eh? Why are you concerned?”


“Ha ha ha… Why don’t you ask Eomma how the ring looks like?


“You know, Eomma will only allow me to marry her, right?”

“Aisssh! Oppa!”, she hissed, trying to hide her giggle.

“Ah, cham, in case you don’t know, the 1000 rings have numbers engraved inside. Can you check yours and see what number you get”


Beep.. beep.. beep

“Eh, did he just hang up on me?”, Shin Hye squinted her eyes, shaking her head.

Then remembering his question, she removed the ring and check the characters engraved inside..

“My Shin Hye… Your Geun Suk”

Shin Hye was smiling unconsciously when she heard her phone beep.
A message came in…

I am making a declaration. I am claiming the answer for my question. Just so, when I do the proposal, the heavens already know what answer I am waiting for.
Ask and it will be given.. ^^
Do otherwise, you’re dead!
I love you!

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2* He Said. She Said. The Moon is Square.

As his plane landed in Incheon, Geun Suk was smiling, shaking his head. His phone still in his hand, he’s been dialling that girl’s number but could not get through.

Jinja.. did she get mad?

Keunsama was just laughing at the side, while mouthing, “You’re dead, Geun-jang!”, which he answered with “Do you want to die? Aissh! Jinja”

The whole entourage was shaking their heads, could not believe that Geun Suk was that nervous, tense the moment he received that call a few days back.


A day after their conversation on her An-An interview, Geun Suk went direct to Paris after the shoot in Berlin. The moment the plane touched down, his phone rang, he swallowed upon seeing the caller ID, MJ and Keunsama ran away from him, didn’t want to witness another epic failure of that eels’ boss.

“Yeobo…seyo?, he answered playfully.

“Where are you?” was her bland greeting on the other side.

“Yeobo, wae?”he tried to tease her further.

“Where are you? Do you still understand Hangul, Jang Geun Suk-ssi?”, she asked, her voice too calm.

This is not looking good. Geun Suk swallowed once more, his throat becoming too dry. “Ah.. I.. did you see the news?”

“I saw the news. I guess you already know why I’m making this call, right?”

“Shin Hye, I will just be checking…”

“Tch! You’re old enough to make decisions for yourself, Geun Suk. And I am not your manager. Just don’t make promises you cannot fulfil. You know I hate that the most”

“Shin Hye.. i…mian.. I’ll be there., jinja!”

“Don’t make another promise from something that has already been broken. Is it hard to tell me that you can’t make it like, two days before, so that I can make some arrangements with my stylist and manager? Jinja, Oppa”

She’s mad. He knew she is. One thing that you must learn when you’re in a relationship with her: Do not tell her something that is not bound to happen.. that you cannot make happen. That girl would not vouch on any word that is told to her, but once she said she trusted you, tell her the moon is square, and she will choose to believe that. Just make sure, you can make her see that the moon is indeed square.

It took him three, five, six years before he fully make her believe that she can trust him, no matter what. Shin Hye will not ask, demand for anything. Just don’t say words that you yourself is not certain.
Say it upfront. Tell her you cannot make it. She would be saddened, but at least she would not expect.

You know what the worst thing about me is, Oppa? I always believe that promises are said to be fulfilled. Words are given so that you can believe on them. To tell you honestly, I’d prefer a “no” rather than a “yes”, which at the end would suddenly be a no. I feel bad.. ani.. I feel betrayed everytime words are not done as they were told. What’s worse than that? Though promises are already broken, I still expect them to be done…

Tch! The promise has been broken, but it still has to be done.

“I’ll be back in time for the fitting of gowns. Just like before”


Geun Suk dialled Manager Jun’s number when that girl would not really bother to answer his call.

“Gown fitting. The usual place. The girl is quite nervous. You know she hasn’t been to red carpet since the Baeksang”

As the red Ferrari was brought down, Geun Suk smirked, eyeing Keunsama and MJ.

“Better be there before that girl decided to bare everything for that festival. Last time I checked, the back side was already removed”.

“Aisssh, jinja!”, Geun Suk muttered under his breath, wanting to hit MJ on the head.

“Test drive this Ferrari, Geun-jang. Check whether you can reach the area with the gown still full”

“Aisssh!” Geun Suk cussed under his breath, and then immediately went inside that Red Ferrari 458 Italia, praying that Shin Hye would not do as she has told him before.


Fifteen minutes after, Geun Suk arrived at the shop.

The whole staff and crew were smiling uncomfortably, probably having an idea on why the Geun-jjang was there.. and he probably has an idea what those nervous stares were.. Jinja.. you’re dead, Park Shin Hye!

As he opened that door, her usual room where she fits her gowns, Manager Jun, Ju Yeon-ssi, JoA and the other stylists were there, a bit surprised, startled of his appearance.

Manager Jun shook his head, JoA bit her lower lip while Ju Yeon just looked at him, walked near him and whispered, “she needs to grow up a little. She’s already 23, Geun Suk. Give her space to breathe. The girl is pretty.”

Geun Suk did not say a word but looked at her in the eye.

Ju Yeon smiled, knowing that look. “It’s stylishly done. A bit daring…”

His eyes widened upon the term, buy Ju Yeon just smiled and shook her head, “daring.. in Shin Hye’s vocabulary, but it’s still her. Aissh! Geun Suk, I can make her wear nothing at all, but the gown would still look wholesome if she’s the one wearing it, if you know what I mean.”

“Unnie!”, they heard her calling for Ju Yeon from inside that curtain.

Ju Yeon excused herself and went immediately inside.

Geun Suk was just standing there, his back leaning against the wall, anticipating what would it be that girl has agreed to wear.

“Unnie, do you think Oppa will be mad if he sees this?”, he heard her asking Ju Yeon inside the curtain.

Manager Jun and JoA almost spit whatever it is that they are eating.

Geun Suk on the other hand, was just standing there silently, listening to the conversation inside that curtain.

“What do you think?”, he heard Ju Yeon asked.

“Might be. He would hate this neck line.. he would hate this back… he would hate this length. Unnie, do you think Oppa will still allow me to go there?”

“Why don’t you ask him?”

“I am mad at him now, eh”, he heard her answer like a kid.

Geun Suk shook his head, smiling at that kid’s childishness.

“If you are mad at him, why were you still thinking if he will get mad seeing you in this gown?”

“Hm.. I don’t want him to get mad at me”


Geun Suk rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, missing that girl badly.

“I may get mad at him at times but those may just be petty getting mad. I might get mad seriously, but I really don’t want him getting mad. I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it. When I get mad, I know it will not last long. Because I know, if he will explain things to me, I would still listen and believe in him in the end. Eh, what if he gets mad and he won’t listen at me? What if he doesn’t trust me that much?”

“You love him, jinja?”

Geun Suk was just standing there, anticipating for the answer. He didn’t hear her voice, but he heard her smile, her heart having a race with his.

After a second or two, he saw the curtain open, Ju Yeon smiling at him, while Shin Hye without lifting her gaze, said “Oppa, what do you think?”

She was looking at Jun Oppa, when a familiar voice echoed inside the room, “Daring… a bit sexy…

He still hasn’t finished his words when he saw her stiffened, her eyes widened, and slowly her gaze looking for him.

He saw her swallowed. He tilted his head, showing a poker face, “Who told you you can wear such gown?”

Sensing the impending argument, the expectators inside the rooms excused themselves, giving various reasons, not wanting to see blood tainting the room.

Geun Suk closed the door as the last person made his exit.

Shin Hye was just standing there, not moving.

“As I was saying, who made that gown?”

He saw her averting her eyes and slowly walked near the mirror, turning around, looking at her back, the length of the gown and the depth of the neckline.

“Why are you here?”, she asked without looking at him.

“Because I remembered I promised someone that I would accompany her in the gown fitting”

“This is the last fitting, Geun Suk-ssi”, she said, giving him dagger looks.

“And I was able to make it before I totally break my word”

“tch!”she said, without looking at him. “I am mad”

“I know…”

Shin Hye bit her inner cheek, squinted her eyes then looked at him.
He saw her heaved a sigh, then she closed her eyes facing the mirror.

After a second or two, “You know..

She still hasn’t finished her sentence when she felt arms wrapped around her waist, a kiss landed on her shoulder and she heard him say, “ Mianhae.. jinja. Bigosipo”

She didn’t say a word, but she did not dare remove his arms on her.

“Are you still mad?” he asked, looking at their reflection.

He saw her smiled and shook her head.

“I hate the neck line. The back is too low. The length is acceptable, but still”, he said, repeating her words.

Shin Hye’s eyes widened, was about to pull away, but he held her tightly. “Shin Hye, tell me that the moon is square, and I will believe it is.”

Shin Hye looked at him, was shaking her head, remembering the very word that she told him before. “But you know what’s the difference between your words and my words?”, he asked still looking at the mirror.

“Hm?”, Shin hye asked, looking back at him.

He looked into her eyes and said, “I won’t ask for a proof or would hold you responsible for your words. I love you so much that I would believe every word you say, without asking a thing”.

“Yah, Oppa!”, she said, with a pout.

“Trust me. Trust me that I trust you. Trust me that I trust you trusting me”.

4th October 2012

After her red carpet walk, as she was about to sit in that row, she felt her phone vibrated.

“The gown looks good. A bit sexy, but good. Don’t remove that smile. Don’t act too sophisticated and mature if you don’t want me to drive over Busan and drag you out of the venue. I want to see my bubbly Go Mi Nam in there. I want to see your smile. Ah, cham, I’m waiting for the realization of the first consequence, Princess”

Aisssh! Jinja.. Won’t he spare me of that?

5th October 2012

As she was walking the blue carpet, she felt her phone vibrated again. She was smiling to everyone, trying to ignore the message. As she entered the venue and settled herself, she opened the message and read,
“That one is sexier than the one you wore last night. I am watching you, Park Shin Hye. I need to see your smile. Act too womanly and you’re dead”

Shin Hye smiled upon reading that message. “Where is the ‘Trust me. Trust me that I trust you. Trust me that I trust you trusting me’, Oppa?”

“Aishhh! This one is different!”

“Oppa, why do you always ask me to smile? Do I look too sad?”

“I know you are sad because I am not there. Remove that pout! I want to see your smile. Your smile is the only thing restraining myself to run over there and hide you inside my pocket. Your smile reminds me that whatever clothes you wear, you are still my Shin Hye. You may opt to show that neck line.. that collar bone.. that back.. others might see you too sexy, but the moment you flash that smile, they know you’re more than that. My charming, bubbly Shin Hye.”


“Don’t hold that giggle. I’m telling you the truth. Ah, cham., in case you forgot, I am waiting for the first consequence.”

“Oppa! Can you.. can i..”


“But, oppa, I am already living a silent, laid back life in twitter world. Please don’t let them hate me by asking me to do that”

“Almost.., but that won’t do, Shin Hye. I need to make a move and remind them once again that you are mine… Oops… mianhae… ok, arasseo, I need to remind them that I am yours. Does that sound better?”


“Tch! Your time is running, young one. Bye. Annyeong!”

6th October 2012

Geun Suk Oppa? Ani.. aniya.. all of them knew that he is my Geun Suk Oppa.. Eotteoke?

오랜만이에요^-^다들 건강하시죠? 전 해운대 달맞이고개 꼴라메르까토에서 맛있는 점심 먹는중이에요^-^ 근짱 보고있나~ㅋㅋ 아 맛있어요!!!!!!”

“Long time no see^-^ Are you all doing fine? I’m having a delicious lunch at colamercato^-^ Geun-Jan g, did you see this~ keke. Ah, this is delicious!!!!!!”.

Shin Hye smiled upon reading her tweet. This will do.

Hours after, the twitterland was flooded by none other than Geun-Jang word.

@minzzangde근짱의 일본말을 다 알아들으면 더 재미있는 공연일텐데,,, 아쉽다 ㅠㅡㅠ 나의 무지함이 이럴때 엉엉
If I understood all Keun-chan speaking in Japanese, the concert would be more interesting,,, I feel a shame at my ignorance this time T_T *sobbing

오늘은 댄서 원종찡 인터뷰하는 근짱 ㅋ 치끄비? ㅋㅋㅋ
Today Keun-chan interviewed Dancer Won Jyon. k Chikubi (Nipple)? Kkk

근짱 ㅋㅋㅋ 너무 신났엌ㅋㅋㅋ
Keun-chan kkk It was really fun. Kkk

And then, before the tweet was posted, she received a message from that guy.
“Nice try, Princess. Wait for this one…”

Behind the venue, food stalls (Yatai) were installed inside walls made by trailers.. It’s our first time having dinner together with all Korean and Japanese staff!!! Yes, this is Keun-chan!!!!

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Note: As per my limited knowledge in Hangul, G and K as well as J and CH are sometimes used interchangeably.


1* Questions, Answers and Consequences (Part 2)


“Yeoboseyo”, her sleepy voice was heard at the opposite end of the world.

“Yeobo, already in bed?”, he heard her smile across that distance.

“Already sleeping, yeobo?”, she ended the sentence in a rising intonation, signalling a question for that word.

“Yeobo, wae?”, he asked, his eyes smiling.

“Oppa, wae?”, she asked back, her eyes twinkling.

“I miss you”

“Na do”

“Did I wake you up?”

“Ani. I am waiting for your call.”


“Hm”, he saw her nodded. “Why are you up too early?”

“I’m afraid I’ll wake you up if I call a bit later”

“Yah, Oppa! You went home late last night. You should have slept more”, she nagged, worry evident in her voice.

“I miss you”, he said, teasing her.

“You’re making fun of me”

“No, I’m not”


“Shin Hye…”

“Changkaman, oppa…”, he heard her whisper something, then he heard opening and closing of door.

“Where are you?”

“I went at the balcony. Wae?”

“Why did you go out? You’ll catch a cold. Go back inside”

“Oppa, my guests are already sleeping. I might wake them up if I stay inside”

“Yah! Are you sleeping with your fans?”

“And if I do?”

“Yah! Park Shin Hye!”

“Oppa, you’re beginning to become unreasonable again”, then he heard her chuckle.

He smiled, leaned his back against the wall then answered, “ And you miss my being unreasonable”

“Aniya!”, she objected.

“Admit it, Princess”

“I won’t”, she said, her head shaking, laughing in disbelief.

“You miss it. You miss me”

“I miss you, but not the you being unreasonable”

“You miss it, too. Say it. I’ve been quite good these past few days. I’ve never been jealous”, he said, grinning.

“Jinja? If I remembered it correctly, you were jealous at Yong during the last YAB meet up”


“You were jealous with Mason”

“Aissh! Jinja, that kid!”, he heard her laugh. “I almost strangle his neck for stealing a kiss from my girl”

“He asked for permission and you said yes”

“I said yes on the kiss, but I did not say on the lips! Jinja”

“Should I wait for him? He’s cute”

“Yah, Park Shin Hye!”

“Wae? You said in one of your tweet that you will be waiting for that little girl in the poster of a children’s clothing line.”

“Did I say that?”


“So, you waiting for Mason is the you getting back at me? Don’t be that jealous, Princess. At the end of the day, you still have me. Yours and yours alone

“Aissh, Oppa!”

“Wae? Did I make your heart flutter again?”

“Aniya. You’re making me feel nauseous. Where are you pulling these things from?”

“From my heart”

“Aisssh! Jinja”

And I quote, “First of all, a warm hearted and gentle person. And a person who has a sense of humor. Besides, a person who can be responsible for his work! Am I asking too perfect (much)?”. Don’t you think you’re beginning to become bolder, Princess? Where did you get the courage to describe me in detail?”


“Let me finish. I’m not done yet. You’re not asking someone who’s too perfect. You’re just describing that someone who you already have”

“Aisssh! I’m hanging up”

“Don’t cover your face. I know those chubby cheeks are now all red”



Then he saw her bit her lips, then asked in a soft voice, “Is it too obvious?”

“Ha ha ha. I love you”. He heard her smile on those words. “Shin Hye?”


“I said I love you. Don’t daydream in there and answer my I love you”

“I love you too”

Shin Hye was smiling, biting her lips, trying to hide that giggle.

“You like Gyu Won more than Mi Nam?” he asked, his voice channelling Hwang Tae Kyung


“So you like Lee Shin more than Hwang Tae Kyung?”

“Eh? Here comes the unreasonable you, Jang Geun Suk-ssi”

“So, Gyu Won it is?”

“Oppa, they were asking me which is more similar to the real Shin Hye. I might be clumsy, but I am more of Gyu Won. You know that.”

“Tch! So you’re more into Lee Shin that Hwang Tae Kyung? Have you fallen for him?”

“Jinja! Why are you like this?”

“You make me into this?”


Then she heard him smirked then said, “Gyu Won (of “Heartstrings”) is more similar to myself than Mi Nam (YAB). Especially the part on how she makes efforts to get closer to a person whom she likes. I’m also that type of a person who works hard to make a man whom I like look at me. Maybe that’s why my friends often tell me that my feelings are too obvious, even though I don’t mean to tell.”


“You’re quite bad. You set me up.” He said, grinning. “You planned it, right? You make me look your way. And when I looked your way, you tried to run away, not taking responsibility on the person you made me into”


“Three years. Three years before you agreed to meet me.”

He saw her smile, then said, “You set me up first, then you broke my heart many times”

“Look who’s talking”


“You broke my heart so many times, that I wonder why i am still breathing”

“because I am still here”


“You’re still breathing because I am still here”

“Ha ha ha. You’re learning too fast, Princess”

“My teacher is good”

Then, they laughed in unison.

“Which will you choose? Minami Shineyo or Heartstrings?”

“I already answered that one. I said Minami Shineyo, right? Didn’t you read it?”


“Why why?”

“Why Minami Shineyo?”

“And i quote, ‘You Are Beautiful” was a turning point of my life. When I met that drama, I felt refreshed as if I’d found a correct- sized clothes that suited me for the first time and I could wear it well. That drama is my monumental work that leads me to become an adult actress from a child actor

“I read that part. But you didn’t answer my question.”


“Should i answer that question for you?”

“Ha ha ha. Let me hear it then, Oppa”

“Tch! You found your heartstring in Minami. You found the other end of your string of fate. You found the correct size of hands that fitted yours perfectly. You found your perfect match. You found me”


“Your stubborn self has finally given in. Six years. Six years, Princess and I finally heard that yes.”


“I found you first. I knew it first. Lucky I’m patient”

“Lucky, I stayed”

“Lucky, I waited”


“The consequences will be given when I return back to Seoul. Better be prepared”


“I figured you out. I decoded the secret messages”

“You were just asking me questions and I was just answering”

“And for every correct interpretation of that answer, I got the chance to ask Truth or Dare. But you did not give me the chance to ask for Truth. So, I’d settle with Dare”


“Tch! The Weibo Q&A was much more difficult. What should the consequences be? I have enough time to plan and I’m giving you enough to prepare”


“Don’t give me that pout. That won’t work. Ha ha ha”

“Jinja. You set me up, again. You set me up on something that I am not aware of”

“It’s not a set up if you knew it,Princess”

“So, you did admit that you set me up”

“Whatever. I’ll get my prize when I return. Better be prepared, Go Mi Nam”.

And then, as if he remembered something, she heard him cuss and then in gritted teeth, said, “Should I ban you from having interviews in Japan?”


“I think all of them are casted under a spell”


“Jinja, I should have not agreed on that interview! Should I just hide you inside my pocket, Princess?”


“They are all stating open admiration. Should i make known of my presence?”


Then, the bickering, the laughter and the teasings continue on that early morning/late night catching ups, miss you’s, love you’s and sweet dreams.

【an・an editor’s comment about Shin Hye】Shin Hye ssi had a shiny skin & wobbly eyes. She was like a fairy. She was so pretty that I thought I would take her to our office many times…!!

Chief editor, Korea TV Drama Japan Magazine: Shin Hye has such a nice personality. Whenever i meet Shin Hye, I think ” how one can be grown up into such a nice girl?”. I saw Shin Hye’s mother at the event. She seemed vey affable and looked very similar to Shin Hye. Geun Suk said that she was loved by co-actors’ mothers.I think she is the top favorite prospective bride in Korea.

Credit: twitter.com/ozbussi



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