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Accidentally in Love

Shin Hye: Yah!!! JANG GEUN SUK!!! Michyeosso!!!????

Shin Hye’s voice echoed along the hospital hallway, while Geun Suk was laughing his heart out seeing his chagiya’s reaction.

One week before the said accident….

Shin Hye was cycling along Han. It was 10 in the evening, but there she was, sitting at one of the benches, with Pixie parked two feet away from her. With HIS iphone in one of her hand and an ice cream on the other, Shin Hye’s face could not be painted. There is that crease in her forehead, that crinkling of her nose, and that pout….that signature pout whenever she is not comfortable with something. For some, that would be a face to behold… how would those crinkling of nose and pouting of lips still look that good on someone.

Yes, for some, they would certainly agree that’s one of those reasons this girl is a sought after make-up endorser. But for him, for that guy who’s been standing there for quite awhile already, he has an idea what those expressions are for. Let’s just say, “those” are his girl’s expression whenever she’s seeing something she’s not supposed to see. And he has this funny feeling what this girl is seeing….

While he’s approaching the bench, he heard her uttered…

Shin Hye: One second.. two second… three second… hal.. it’s not funny… tss.

Having that 100% Hwang Tae Kyung signature smile, it feels that he is about to win that 100 points again.

Shin Hye: Aisssh! Fountain kiss… three steps-kiss… you’re really dead, Jang Geun Suk! Aigoo! No-NG scene ha! Grrr!!!

Geun Suk was about to drop his bomb of surprise when he was stopped in his track when he heard Shin Hye…

Shin Hye: Yoona-sshi, yepuda!!! Almost all idols are in-love with you, Agasshi.
I wonder how long will it take for Geun Suk-sshi to fall in love with you… has he not fallen yet? I bet it will take less than three seconds… Aigoo, Shin Hye!

“Aigoo, Shin Hye”…

Startled with what she heard… Shin Hye froze… her eyeballs were moving but not her head…

Geun Suk, observing her from the back, just two steps away, was wondering what happened to Shin Hye…

“Did i just hear what i just heard? Hello?….”


“Michin, Shin Hye. How will there be an echo here? But i heard it, aint i?”

Geun Suk would want to die of laughing when he realized what Shin Hye is doing, but he tried to muffle his laugh in silence.

He saw Shin Hye breathes out. Then, look at a distance. The silhouette he truly adores, Geun Suk can no longer control his self.

“One step… two step.. three step…”, he said as he sat beside his girl.

“Oppa!” Shin Hye was startled. He put his arm on one of her shoulders and rested his head on the other.

“Park Shin Hye, did i not tell you that you’re not allowed to come in here alone? Do you know what time it is? Are you really going to drive me crazy, tweeting those pictures at the middle of the night?” Geun Suk, leaving Shin Hye’s shoulder and looking directly into her eyes, said without pausing.

Shin Hye, knowing what her chagiya is trying to do, crinkled her nose, gave a mischievous grin and said, “Mianhamnida, Hyung Nim. I don’t have anything to do at home so i decided to take Pixie out”.

“Is it, Go Mi Nam? What are you doing in here awhile ago? A.. cham, i need to get my phone. I already checked all your contacts and deleted those numbers that you won’t be needing..”, Geun Suk said with that evil grin on his face.

“Oppa!! Mwo! What did you just say? What did you do?”, Shin Hye asked without a pause, glaring at Geun Suk.

“ Wae? I think your phone is running out of space. I deleted those Lee’s, those Kim’s….aisssh.. why are the number of Lee’s and Kim’s in your phone increasing? Why is that King Kim and King Lee in there? Aigoo!”

“Aigoo, Oppa. Your girl is a Princess. I think, i better aim higher. Why settle for a Prince when i can get a King”, Shin Hye giggled at her smart come back.

“When did you learn to answer like that,a, Park Shin Hye”

“Yah, oppa… what are you doing here?”

Thinking of a way to come back to his girl’s smart remark, he decided to launch his bomb.. “You want war Shin Hye, I’ll give you one”… he said to himself.

Having that smirk on his face, Shin Hye suddenly became nervous and said, “ Yah,Oppa. Wae guirae?”

Geun Suk smiles his sweetest smile that gave Shin Hye, not butterfly in her stomach but goosebumps. She knows her Oppa is planning for something…

“Shin Hye-ssi, can you hand me my phone? I just need to check something”, Geun Suk winked at Shin Hye.

Feeling irritated, sensing that Geun Suk is waiting for a call or an sms from a certain someone, she handed him his phone…

“Oppa, don’t you think you’re too bold, expecting for someone else’s call while in front of your girlfriend”, Shin Hye said and pouted.

“Who’s saying i’m waiting for someone else’s call? Why would i do that when she’s here beside me? Wae, are you planning of still giving me a call while you’re already here with me? Tsk”

Shin Hye felt her heart is beating a thousand per minute. Before she fainted, her eyes grew wide when she heard…

“one second, two second, three second”

She wanted to disappear from where she is seated. Waaah!! How she wished the ground will just open up and eat her alive. Aigoo, having that smart remark will surely not give her victory.. not from Geun Suk.

“I thought, you are not watching Sarang Bi, Hye-a” Geun Suk teased. Loving the redness on Shin Hye’s face, he is tempted to take a photo of it, but decided not to. He doesn’t want this victory of his to be ruined.

Still blushing, Shin Hye, without meeting his gaze, said,” I’m just wondering why the rating is not good. I mean the project is nice. I saw the script… it’s just that, i don’t know what’s wrong,” then, she smiled the Go Mi Nam’s smile whenever Tae Kyung caught her red-handed.

“Ah Guirae. Mariba… What do you think”, Geun Suk further teased her.

“I didn’t watch a lot, Oppa. Mianhae. But i think, you and Yoona-sshi are doing a good job. You look good together”, then showed him her two thumbs approval.

“Cincha? Shin Hye, what do you think of the fountain kiss”

Shin Hye stood up, glared at him and proceeded to walk away.

“yah, Shin Hye”

“Oppa, don’t push it too hard. Stop it.”

Geun Suk was still teasing her, “Yah, you forgot Pixie”

‘Aisshh, just bring it over”.

Geun Suk took Pixie in a flash and hurriedly followed Shin Hye.

Surprised that Shin Hye is standing still in front of his new white land rover, “What are you doing standing there? Just go inside, it’s getting late”.

As if she had seen a ghost, the scene where Yoona was driving the white land rover has played in her mind. “Andwae”

“Andwae, wae” Geun Suk was puzzled with Shin Hye’s reaction

“Khan. Where is Khan?”

“I left Khan. Wae? Why are you suddenly looking for Khan?”

“Oppa, are you not late yet? Why don’t you just drive home and i’ll just ride Pixie towards my house. It’s just 5 minutes away from here”

“Shin Hye-ssi, you don’t have to tell me how far your house is from here. It’s getting late. Just go inside”

Feeling defeated, Shin Hye went over to the white land rover. Getting in at the back seat, Geun Suk was puzzled by Shin Hye’s sudden loss of senses.

“Yah! Am i your driver?”

“ah.. Mianhae, Oppa.” Shin Hye opened the passenger seat and sat uncomfortably.

She was fumbling at the seatbelt, when Geun Suk said, “Anything wrong?”



“Can Yoona-sshi really drive?”, it was already late when Shin Hye realized what she just said. She immediately bit her lips and bowed down her head.

Geun Suk, finally realizing what the “commotion” is all about, straightened his seat and said, “ Ani..not that good. I still need to teach her how to maneuver my new baby.”

“Ah. Guirae?”

Shin Hye was silent the whole drive, while Geun Suk was just smiling at Shin Hye’s indecisiveness on what to talk about.

When they reached Shin Hye’s home, Geun Suk brought down Pixie, and handed it to Shin Hye.

Shin Hye, as if doing a routine, tip-toed and gave Geun Suk a peck on the cheek, “Good night, Oppa! Be careful”

Before she could turn around, Geun Suk grabbed her hand and poked her head.


“Why are you spacing out?”

“I’m not”

Geun Suk smiled, gave out a chuckle and said, “Don’t you really like this car?”

“Ani.. Andwae… I mean, he’s ok, Oppa. It’s just that i still love Khan more, and…”. Geun Suk eyebrow’s almost met, as if asking Shin Hye to continue..


“Aisssh… i don’t think he likes me”, Shin Hye covered her face with her hands upon saying it.

Geun Suk removed Shin Hye’s hands from her face and embrace her tightly.

“Oppa, don’t ask anymore. I’m not answering any of your question”.

“Why do you think he doesn’t like you?”

“Oppa!?!”, Shin Hye stomped her foot, knowing that Geun Suk will not stop as she requested.

“What is it, Shin Hye? You’re not going back there until you answer my question. Why do you think he doesn’t like you?”

Geun Suk lifted Shin Hye’s chin and look into her eyes,:”Wae?”

Like a kid, Shin Hye pouted, looked into Geun Suk eyes and said, “ because i think he likes Hana more!”.

After saying this, Shin Hye bowed down her head and gave Geun Suk punch on his chest.

“Yah.. Oppa, see what you did!”

Geun Suk smiled, pulled Shin Hye closer and trap her in a tight embrace, “Aigoo… my aegi is jealous”

“I’m not”

“Shhh.. Yeah.. you’re not”

“Oppa,you’re making fun of me”

“Andwae. Oppa would never do that”

One week after…

Shin Hye hurriedly enter the hospital room, a lot of things playing in her mind. She heard from Jason what happened. She’s been there. She knows how it feels. Aissh.. but she did not know that it felt a lot worse when you cannot do anything. She pictured Geun Suk with a lot of bandages.. Aigoo, whoever is driving that car will definitely get it from her..

Shin Hye felt tears running down her eyes. She’s too nervous. As she opened that hospital door, much to her surprise, she saw Geun Suk munching on pizza while holding one phone on one hand.

“Oppa? Gwaenchana?”

“Aigoo! Who called Shin Hye here?”

“Who called Shin Hye? Wae? You don’t want me to come here?”

Geun Suk glared at Jason. Jason just bowed his head and excuse himself from the room.
The two were left in the room, and Shin Hye, still can’t stop crying…

“Aigoo.. cry baby”

“Cry Baby! Oppa, do you even know what happen? Do you know how nervous i am?”

“Ssshhh. It’s nothing serious.”

“Who’s driving? Did i not tell you all to be careful? Did i not?”

“ I did. I was driving”

“You.. you what? But they said..”

“yeah. It was me.”

“Why were you driving? What happened?”



“Mianhae.. it’s one week late. I don’t have that free time the past week”

“What? Oppa?”

“You said, he doesn’t like you. I don’t like him either. That punk making my girl feel sad”, Geun Suk pouted.

Realizing what Geun Suk just did, “Yah!!! JANG GEUN SUK!!! Michyeosso!!!????”



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