unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

3* Her Heart in His Eyes


As she utter those words, Geun Suk was immediately in front of her, his arms enclosing her in a cocoon, giving her warmth. She cried helplessly.. She cried ugly. She didn’t have an idea where those tears are coming from or why these tears are even here. It’s as if a weight was lifted from her chest, like she’s crying as if her life is dependent on it.

“Shhhhhh”, she heard him say, while his lips planted a kiss on her head. It’s as if he has an idea what is even happening inside her head, when she could not even figure out how they’ve come to this point.

She rested her head on his shoulder, her heart too heavy to be calmed. Her tears are running non-stop, as if they’ve been hiding for long.

Has she been hiding that long? Running that far? How long has she been floating, going as if nothing is happening around her…

“It’s ok, Princess…it’s ok. It will be ok”, His whispered words, just like before, works like a balm to her heavy heart.

“Oppa…”, and like a broken record, all she could say was that word. She’s still confused, lost. Her head is playing some havoc within. Nothing seems to be clear except for that need to let go of these tears and that uncharacteristical need to let go.

She’s been playing that part of being strong for long, and as good as an actress as she is, no one seems to notice that she’s been lost in this charade…

All have been carried away on thic act, all except for this guy who seems to have been waiting on the sideline for long, anticipating when she will let loose and let go.

While those tears are having a race down her cheeks, she suddenly felt a lift at the corner of her lips… There could have beeen something wrong in her head. She could have been running for long, for her crazy to have been let loose the same day that this emotion was allowed to show her shape.

While her mind was lost in checking her sanity, she felt him smile against her head. Still puzzled on how he knows every beat of her heart, every frown of her mouth, and every lift of her smile, she held him closely while smiling, crying on the calmness that suddenly replaced her confused heart.

“Oppa…”, how intelligent her words have become. She kissed his cheeks and unknowingly rested her head on his shoulder. Just like that, everything seems to be clear. All doubts and haze have been gone, replaced by the serenity in her heart.

She may try to hide.. play pretend and get lost in the game she herself has drawn. It’s a bit scary.. that place where all she can see are masks- different shapes, different colors that take a peek at her everytime she try to look at the mirror.
It’s frightening, when you’re trying to find a familiar face, and even the mirror would show you nothing but make-believe strength and stories.

It’s right there.. right then that she realized there’s no need for a mirror. What would she used that mirror for if she herself cannot figure out the truth on the face that she sees behind the glass?

“Let’s get you home”, she heard him whisper.

She took a step back, looked up at him and saw herself in the orbs of his eyes.
He smiled lovingly at her, took her hand, and ushered her slowly on their way home.

She almost forgot. She doesnt need a piece of glass if she has his eyes, mirroring the depths of her soul… the desires of her heart…
His eyes who sees the ugly… the weak… the random in her, yet, he still hold her close, as if he’s scared she’ll walk away.
He held her close.. still holding her close, reminding her time and again, that she’s ok.. more than ok.. more than enough…
Her heart, mirrored in his eyes.


5* It’s Time. End of.

Meeting like it’s destiny
Breaking up, then becoming rumours
Having regrets and being lost
Starting again and planning again

As Hong Star doubled over in laughter, Shin Hye hitting her friend in the shoulder, her phone started ringing, pulling her out from her murderous glare on that guy.

“Yeoboseyo?”, she answered without looking at the caller ID.

“Yeobeoseyo?”, the guy at the other end said, irritated at her way of answering his call. “Since when have you started answering my call in that tone, young lady?”

Feeling defiant because of her own confession, though admittedly childish for throwing her tantrums onto him,instead of that guy who still haven’t recovered from his laughing gas, Shin Hye narrowed her grip on her phone, and with acid tongue lashed out on that guy, “Are you talking about me, or the other girls, Oppa? As far as i could remember, i have answered your calls in any tone known to mankind.”

“Woah! What happened to the then and now? Is my friend still alive, Park Shin Hye?”

“Still. But may not be in a little while longer. If you want to save the life of this friend of yours, you better be here in a heartbeat. A funeral in 30 minutes, or a cell visit after. Your choice, “she said, throwing the pillow at Hong Ki.

“Yah! Calm down, will you? It’s your day, remember?”, he said, cajolingly. “And no need to ask me to choose. If you did decide to end his life, i’ll be the one to bury his remains. I’m your partner, remember?”

“Aisssh! Hyung, i can hear you! Jinja, two of my so-called friends are planning to murder me. I can’t believe this. Jolie…”, he said, sulking in the couch.

“Shut up, will you?”, Shin Hye said, silencing him down. “And you, mister,” she said, talking to that guy on the line, “you may have dialled the wrong number. If i remembered it correctly, today is not my day. You might have mistaken me for someone else. Tch!”

“Yah! Lee Hong Ki, what did you do to my girl! Aissh! Jinja!”

“You want to talk to him?”, she asked, not waiting for his reply.

“Yah! I’m not yet done talking to..”,he still hasn’t finished his sentence when he heard a bump from another line, then her voice saying, “Your Hyung wants to talk to you. I need to finish preparing. Would you mind?”, she asked, dismissing him.

“Jinja! Hong Ki, what happened?”

“Hyung, your girl, i think is crazy”

Shin Hye threw him another pillow, shooing him our of her dressing room.

“Oh.. let me change that. I don’t think she’s crazy, Hyung. She is crazy! You have to make up your mind, before you literally throw your life into the den! Scary”, he said, hugging himself.

“Are you done with my phone?”, that girl asked, her eyebrows raised.

“Can you put that down?”, HongKi said, touching her brows. “And can you not fake a smile”, he said, pulling her cheeks. “And stop being a cheapskate. With the way the stars are aligned, you might be able pull another 10 of advertisements. Jinja! Just a phonecall and you’re acting like that. tch!”, he said, handing her the phone. But before Shin Hye could take the phone, HongKi immediately pulled it back, saying something like, “Hyung, you wouldn’t believe what she told me earlier”, he’s still holding the phone tightly when that girl gave her a jab on his midsection, causing him to exaggeratedly fall down on his knees.

“You never learn a lesson”, Shin Hye said, pulling her phone.

“Yah! What did you do to Hong Ki?”, Geun Suk said, shaking his head.

“No worries, Oppa. He’s still breathing. Hm, why did you call? Are you not suppose to get used to us being apart? Oopps”, she said, her eyes wide, biting her lips, asking help from Hong Ki.

“tch!”, Hong Ki said, snickering at her.

“Ooops… You did say something, Park Shin Hye, didn’t you?”

“Oh! That’s nothing, Oppa. I was just teasing you”, she said, a bit overboard.

“You do know that you’re not quite good in lying, don’t you?”

“Am I? I am not aware of such observation.”, she said, shaking her head.

“Do we have a problem, Shin Hye-yah?”

“None that i am aware of”, she said, shutting her eyes.

“Shin Hye…”

“The show is about to start, Oppa. I need to go”, she said, unsure why she’s behaving like this. Should i try to get use of the distance, Oppa?

“You do know that i am not going anywhere, right?”, she heard him asked from the other line.

Shin Hye bit her lips, looking far away. Aren’t you? I don’t think i can ever come out alive if you choose to leave me, Oppa.

“Shin Hye….”

“Ara..”, she said half-heartedly, willing that guy to hang up now.

“Shin Hye…”


“I might come late…. I’ll ask Hong Ki to just bring you to Jangmonim’s?

“Tch!”, Shin Hye said, shaking her head. I thought we don’t have a problem, Oppa.

“Ara.. I don’t want to get in your way, Oppa. Annyeong”, she immediately hang up, not wanting to hear the end of it.

When her phone rang again, she tossed it to Hong Ki, saying something like, ‘I need to go out, now. Answer that phone, will you?”

“Shin Hye..”

“Oh! And you might have not known yet, but he asked you to bring me back to Eomma’s later. He said he cannot take me. He’ll be late”


“Wae?”, she asked, looking sternly at him.

Right after the fanmeet, Shin Hye almost forgot the things that are minutes ago, burdening her heart.. almost.

She was seated at the passenger side, Hong Ki throwing him a sideglance every now and then.

Feeling his constant stares, Shin Hye looked at him, then said, ‘Say it!”

“What?”, Hong ki said, bringing his eyes back to the road.

“That thing that is at the tip of your tongue. Do you want me to pull it out for you?”, she said, narrowing her eyes.

“You’re really scary, you know that, right?”

“tch! Why didn’t we wait for Jun Oppa?”, she asked, not wanting to sit there alone.

“Wae? You don’t want to have a joyride with me?”, he asked, teasing her.

“You do know that I’m not in the mood to play, don’t you?”

“Aissh! Jinja!”, Hong Ki said, pulling his hair.

“Hong Ki..”, she said after some minutes of silence.

“Hm?”, he smiled, knowing that tone.

“You do love me, right?”, she asked, looking abruptly at him.

Hong Ki smiled, looking back at her. “more than you’ll ever know, chingu”

“You do know that i love you too, right?”, she said, looking at him in the eyes.

Hong Ki wrinkled his forehead, a bit confused of his chingu’s high’s and low’s.

“Wae?”, he asked, curious.

“Geunyang… Not a lot of people can stick with this me… and you almost take the first place for keeping up with this crazy me”

Hong Ki smiled, knowing the sincerity behind those words. “You’re always you, Shin Hye-yah. And i love you, crazy or not. You love me also, mentally stable or not, right?”

“Hm…”, Shin Hye said, nodding her head. “Though you’re mostly mentally unstable”, she said smiling, looking outside of the window.

“He’s crazy as well. Crazier than you. Crazier because of you. hm… crazy crazy, and he will not ask for anything and anyone else. You do know that, right?”


Shin Hye was looking outside the window, when they suddenly stopped at the Han. The engine was cut down, waking her up from her thinking.

“wae?”, she asked, looking at Hong Ki.

“I think there’s something wrong with the right wheel. I’ll just go down and check it. Just stay here”, he said, pulling the handbreak, and jogging to the back of the car.

Shin Hye looked at the rearview mirror, seeing Hong Ki testing the tires. After a swift check of the sidemirror, and looking back to the rear, she was surprised not to see her friend on the side.

Worried, Shin Hye took her phone, and dialled his number.
The phone rang, but it was ringing beside her.

“Jinja! I will kill you, Lee Hong Ki”, Shin Hye’s eyes are shifting from the rear to the side mirror, looking for the traces of her friend. When twenty minutes have passed, and still no sign of Hong Ki, she willed herself to conquer her fear and check her surroundings.

There are still a lot of people here. No one would be able to do something bad. Jinja! Hong Star, you’re dead when you’re playing with me

Shin Hye stepped out of the car, then immediately get blinded by a spotlight. She covered her eyes and slowly tried to get used to the brightness. She looked around, making a check of her place, and then as she make a turn from the side of the car to the other, she realized, that she was standing at the middle of the rink.

Then a song, suddenly amplified in the area.

The sun rises.. the sun sets
The moon rises.. the sun rises again
The flowers blossom, the birds fly
They move, they get busy…

Shin Hye turned around, waiting for that soul to appear.

Then, at the end of that rink, she saw that silhouette she know by heart.

Is this it? Do you really want to do it this fast?

She said, tears running down her cheeks.

Though standing at the distance, he saw the tears covering her cheeks.


He whispered in the night air, shaking his head.

“Do you see that thing at the middle?”

She heard his voice, surrounding her presence.

Shin Hye’s eyes automatically flew to that area, wondering what that guy is talking about. She smiled as she saw a three-layered cake at the middle, her Go Mi Nam self at the top.

“I have a question…. will you say yes if i make this jump?”, he asked, turning to face her.

Shin Hye bit her lips, her hands shaking, her heart breaking in two.

She looked at the cake, seeing her broken self as he made that jump.

Knowing the he’s waiting for her answer, she turned to face him, nodded her head, giving him an ok sign.

You’re breaking my heart, Oppa. But i never.. will never want you to fail.

She closed her eyes, smiling at the truthfulness of her words.
As she saw him preparing for the jump, she closed her eyes, holding her heart.

Not yet.. you can do this, Shin Hye She whispered, hoping to pretend whole in front of his eyes.

As he made that jump, a smile on her eyes, proud of his stunt.

Just like that… the story will end. In just one jump, you stepped on my heart. Eotteoke, I cannot blame you, Oppa. I will not…

Geun Suk breathe heavily, as he listened to the silent monologue of her heart.

Jinja.. stubborn.. Jinja..What should i do, Princess?

Returning to his script, he turned around and said, “There’s a rumour going around…”

“Hm?”, she answered, smiling, looking at him lovingly.

“I will be enlisted within the year… Two years.. i will be gone. Will that be a yes?”, he asked without stating the question.

Shin Hye covered her mouth, not being able to hide her sobs. She closed her eyes, and slowly turned around.

‘Wae?”, Geun Suk asked, about to run to her,but chose not to.

She raised her finger, signalling she needed a minute.

Geun Suk shook his head, wanting to flick her forehead. Should i still continue with this, Princess?

Shin Hye pulled out a long breathe.
Do you want me to say no, so you could leave freely? Or should i say yes, to ruin your plan? Eotteoke, Oppa? Should i follow what you want and should i give in to my heart?

Shin Hye slowly turned around, smiled and nodded her head.
Yes, to whatever it is, Oppa

Geun Suk shook his head, not sure on what is running on that pretty little head of hers.

“Three more days and you’ll be 25.
Five more, and i will have my degree.
I am securing the first prerequisite, waiting for you to fulfill yours…”

Shin Hye smiled, remembering that they have both agreed to finish their degrees before settling down. If not with what it is that has been bothering her head, she would say that everything is going according to plan… but with the current turn of events… with the conditions at hand, she doubt that this is what they have planned.

“I don’t know what’s running in that head.
I can see doubt in your eyes.
I can see pain in your smile.
I can feel you anger amidst our distance.
Why, Oppa?
Why are you doing this?”

Geun Suk looked down, his hands trembling.
Shin Hye looked away, waiting for the inevitable to happen.

“Can you see the doubt in my eyes, Princess?
The doubt that it may not be possible for you to doubt on us…
Can you see the pain in my smile?
Why can’t she still trust me?
I am currently in war with myself, knowing that it could have been me who have put that doubt in your heart..

Shin Hye’s eyes instantaneously flew to him, her gaze meeting his.

Should i say no, and let you walk away freely?
Should i say yes, and make it hard for you?

Geun Suk walked near her, held her face, wiped her tears and looked directly in her eyes.
He held her hand and placed it on his heart.

“Can you feel that? You can make it race in just a smile, and can make it stop when i see your doubt. I thought it was you who’s always running away. I’m always on my toes, ready to run after you. And now that i have you, do you seriously think that i have not waited enough to see this through? I don’t have anywhere to be, Princess…. So, choice or not, you’re stuck with me”, he said, smirking.

“Oppa…”, Shin Hye said, looking at him.

“Mian…?” he asked, voicing her word.

Shin Hye nodded, shameful of her tears.

Geun Suk smiled, held her chin, then said, “Do you really think that i will not wait for you?”

“Yah!” she said, not looking at him.

“Princess, I’ve waited all my life. What would a little more time be in comparison with our hide and seek”.

“Yah!”, she said, hitting him on the chest.

Geun Suk smiled, and remembering something, he went down on one knee, his hand still clasped on hers.

“Oppa”, Shin Hye whispered, confused.

Geun Suk smiled at her, took a box from his pocket, opened it, looked at her….

“Yah! I thought…”

“I would really want to pop that question. But knowing what is running in that head, i better not. I want it free willed and not by force. Tch!”


“Shhhh!”, he said, silencing her to give her piece. “Ms. Park Shin Hye, today.. on your ‘almost’ 25th year, will you make me the happiest man in the world…

“Oppa!”, she said, stomping her feet, and pulling her hand.

‘Yah! you’re the most stubborn woman i’v ever met. Hand!”, he said, pulling her.

“Where am i? uhm…Ms. Park Shin Hye, today.. on your ‘almost’ 25th year, will you make me the happiest man in the world by promising me that you will love only me… “, he slowed down, then prodded her to answer.


“Will you love only me?”, he repeated, looking at her.

“Let me think…”, she said, feigning having a hard time on deciding.


“Do i have a choice here, Oppa..”

“Honestly, no. But i want to hear it from you. Park Shin Hye-ssi.. will you love only me… will you obey me.. care for me and seek only to please me?”, he asked, raising his eyebrows questionably.

“Yah! I don’t like that vow!”, she said, stomping her feet.

“Yah! This is my script. You can make your own. But this is mine..”

“So, i don’t have a choice?”, she asked, narrowing her eyes.

“Technically, you have. But you do know that in reality, you don’t”, he said, smiling.


“You do know that it is not is who chose us…”


“you cannot run away…”



“yes”, she said, smiling at him.

Geun Suk held her hand, put that ring on her finger, then slowly stood up, held her face and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“Will you give me that peace of mind that you will never run away.. that you will never doubt my heart.. that you will say yes that day I will ask that question”

“Oppa, aren’t you asking for a lot of things?”

“Am I?”

“Hm..”, Shin Hye said, smiling.

‘Oh… then i should have just asked that question. and bag that yes, willingly given or not.”

“Yah!”,she said, looking at him sternly.

“I love you”

“I love you”

“I love you first and last…. and everything in between.”

And just like that, another vow was made.
Sealed by their kiss…
Held by their heart..
Willed by the sky..

They cannot run away..
No one can run away..
End of.


Chapter 39: Crazy Start

The sun rises, the sun sets
The moon rises, the sun sets again
The flowers blossom, the birds fly
They move, they get busy

People walking, people running
All doing their own things in the same time
Going around and around and around
Going around and around and around…

Geun Suk woke up earlier than usual. His heart on his sleeve, his eyes has his smile. He’s moving from here to there, there to here, without a specific thing in mind. Oh… scratch that out. With only one thing on mind. Make that call.

He slowed down.. stopped suddenly, looking at the bright sky.
“Good morning, Sunshine! Why is everything too bright today?”, he asked, amused how a certain conversation could turn his life in 180.

He still remembered clearly how that night end… The end of that day gives the beginning of his life. “Woah! Isn’t it eight o’clock yet? Why can’t i simply call her now? Aisssh!”, he whispered, rumpling his hair, as he decided to go downstairs and do a short run.

Thirty minutes before 8, Shin Hye has awaken from her dream. A smile on her lips, her heart on her sleeves. “Good morning, Sunshine!”, she whispered, as she saw the light streaming down her curtain. She looked at her clock, willing for it to touch 8.

“Why is time ticking too slow when you want it to come in a heartbeat?”, she said pouting, worries lining her forehead.

Will he call?
He asked what time i will wake up.
Does that mean he will call?
Aisssh! Jinja!

She bit her lower lip, worried that last night was just a dream.

Tell me i was not dreaming.
It did happen, didn’t it?
Oppa, can you make that call now?
I really need to get in touch with reality

Shin Hye closed her eyes, laid there still, hoping to wake up in the continuation of her dream. She felt for her phone, looked at that screen, and willed her tears to stop from falling.

He said he would call….

She mumbled absentmindedly, wiping her tears from her eyes.

At that instant her eyes flew to her clock, and the second hand hit that 12, her phone rang, making her almost jump from her bed.

“Yeoboseyo?”, she said slowly, not minding to see who’s calling, her eyes not leaving the clock.

“Did i wake you up?”, his voice said carefully, melting the worry in her heart.

Shin Hye smiled, bit her lips, wipe that stray tear. Her heart jumping in joy when she heard that voice.

“Yeoboseyo?”, he said, gauging whether someone is on the other line; worried that the person on the other end somehow anticipated this call. Geun Suk bit his fingernail, scared that last night did not give him that clean slate he’s asking for. “Princess…”, he said, cautious on what to say next.

“You said you would call..”, he heard her say like a kid.

Geun Suk looked at his phone, checking whether he dialled the number correctly. He checked the time, confirming that he didn’t miss that eight o’clock.

How could it be? Not possible… simply not possible

The clog of his brain kept on turning as he willed his self to face the consequences of the impossibility of that time reaching it due without him knowing it.

He half opened his eye, having a peek at that clock, a silent prayer sent out, hoping to have not make the first, and hopefully would not be the biggest mistake of his life.

As he turned around and come face to face with his clock, he squinted his eyes, doing a double take, ensuring that it is indeed eight in the morning. He saw the second hand almost doing a round to 12, indicating that it’s merely a minute after eight.

It is still bright outside…. it is still morning, isn’t it?

He silently asked himself, as he pulled the curtain from his window.

Upon meeting that silence, Shin Hye’s heart did a drumroll, scolding herself for appearing too desperate.

This is not good. Shin Hye, this is not good. Hang up now… hang up now, while you still have time.

“Aisssh! Jinja!”, she said softly, pulling her hair, oblivious that someone is at the other end of that call.

“Yah! I did call, right?”, that guy swallowed, panicking at the sudden outburst of that girl.

“You said you would call!”, she said without break, then biting her lips tightly, knowing that this is not how she is expected to act.

“Shin Hye..”, confused, lost… Geun Suk didn’t know how he is expected to answer that one.

Shin Hye closed her eyes, silently pleading that this call would end without her making a disaster out of herself. She breathed in and out for a while, willing him to break the silence.

When he still did not say a word, she held her phone tightly, and in gritted teeth said, “Oppa, I need to go…”

“Did i do something wrong? Didn’t I do it right?” she heard the panic.. disappointment in his voice.

Shin Hye closed her eyes, knowing that he’s silently looking at nothing in particular now, hoping to hear another word from her.

“Oppa….”, Shin Hye said, not sure on how to proceed on this, hoping to calm her heart.

“Shin Hye…”, he said weakly, probably gauging whether there is a battle ahead that he has to prepare for.

Hearing that confused tone..
to fight or to yield
to push or to pause
to force or to slow down…

Knowing that they did want to start anew, Shin Hye breathe deeply and decided to tackle it the way that she knows.

She being herself..
and that guy being… that him.

Shin Hye smiled, then said, “You asked what time i would wake up”

“And you said, around eight o’clock”

“I though you would call…”, she stated shyly.

Geun Suk let out that breath that he didn’t know he’s holding. He smiled and answered, “And i thought i did”

“Around 8 o’clock”

“I don’t want to wake you up.”

“I was awake around 7.30”, she stated calmly.

“And i was before the break of dawn, hoping to pull the sun from his bed, and forced that clock to strike at eight”


“Were you waiting for my call?”, he asked, then immediately scolded himself for pushing his luck that far. When his question was met by silence… he tried to gear to another direction, preparing for that… “Mian…”

“You said you would call”, she softly answered, as if that would explain the sudden tantrums at the beginning of this call.

Bringing down his guard, Geun Suk smiled, then teasingly said, “I asked what time you would wake up. I didn’t remember telling you that i would call”.

“O.. guirae..”, she suddenly said, her voice a bit hard. “Mian… i thought i was talking to you last night. It might have been someone else. Can you hang up now? Someone might be waiting for that eight o’clock now”.

Geun Suk chuckles, and was surprised when he heard that busy tone on the other line.

“Jinja… Aisssh! Park Shin Hye!”, he said, frustrated, amused, scared.

And before his mind could think of something to say, his hand has made that decision to dial that number, while his sane self is having an argument with his crazy side.

“Aissh! Jinja! You’ll definitely drive me insane”, he said, whispering… not knowing that the line has been connected already.

“Are you talking to me?”, the voice on the other end said, cold.. without emotion.

“Yah!” he said, a bit irritated.

“Wae? I told you i was waiting for a call”, she said stubbornly.

“Stubborn.. stubborn.. indeed”, he said in clenched teeth.

“Would you mind hanging up now? I’m not in the mood to be scolded this early in the morning”, she said defiantly.

“Park Shin Hye, you’re making me crazy”, he said, biting his lips.

“Crazy mad? Good! Because you make me crazy frustrated, Oppa! Ooopps!”, she suddenly said, her eyes wide, her face red.

“Frustrated because you thought i won’t call?”, he said, his voice teasing her.

“I have something else to do. Annyeong!”, she quickly said, then hang up.

What was that! Jinja, Park Shin Hye, are you crazy!
This is not healthy.. this will not do any good.
Jinja, stop it now

She was in that battle with herself when her message ping sounded.

“You make me crazy….”


“Crazy impatient when that clock won’t strike eight in a heartbeat”

“Crazy frustrated when i couldn’t get a grasp of what is running in your head”

“Crazy disappointed with my crazy self when i’m blabbering crazy words and the words i planned to say are kept deep down this heavy heart..”

“And most of all.. you make me crazy in love, Princess. And I’d rather be crazy than sane if i would be allowed to have this crazy feeling with you”

Shin Hye’s eyes widened as she saw those messages. Her heart beating a thousand. Her fingers trembling.. her head doing a quick scan of words that can be said.

And after a minute or five, she was staring at her phone screen, the words jumping at her.

Nada… nothing… zero… no word. no space.
Only the cursor blinking at her, asking her to press the buttons.

Shin Hye carefully laid her phone on her bed.
Her eyes bugged out.
Her hand on her heart.

See.. see.. this is why it’s not healthy, Shin Hye.
First day… just that first day that you are talking to him, and here he is, rendering you speechless

Her other self said, but she can see her giggling on the words sent by that guy.

Is it possible? Is it simply possible?
Ani.. aniya.. cannot..
Breath in, Shin Hye..
Breathe out…

She was looking at her phone, when a message ping suddenly sounded.
Cautiously, she held it tightly, debating whether she could bring herself to another smile-shattering message.

Shin Hye covered her face with her hands,scolding herself for acting like a kid.

“You are a kid. Stop scolding yourself for acting like one.
I love you. I hope that’s no longer a news for you.

I love you.
I hope one day, you’ll find that you love me too…
Just like before… when you said that you did.
When you give me your heart, and i broke it into pieces.

Let me mend it. Let me put it together.
I need your heart to be whole… just like how i need you to put me back together.

I love you… have i said that already?

Rise and shine sleepyhead.
See you when i see you 🙂 ”


4* Confessions. Her Time.

Right after the interview.. at that point when Heechul announced that it is time to pack up, everyone stood from their seats and started their way to the fan meeting.

“Shin Hye-yah, i can’t stay. I’ll meet you at your Mom’s later?”, JunHyung said, excusing himself.

Shin Hye gave him a guy-hug, smiling. “Arasseo. I’m expecting you to be there. If not.. you’ll see, ” she said half teasing, half threatening her friend.

“Arasseo. Will be there”

“Noona, we need to go. We’ll bring the whole FT Island later”, Jong Hoon said, grinning like a kid.

“Aisssh! Why won’t you stay and just ask those kids to come over later”.

“Noona, can’t do. They still need to rehearse some songs. If we’ll not appear in 30 minutes, they will definitely come running here”.

“Arasseo.. arasseo.. Don’t stress my dongsaeng too much, Jong Hoon-ah”.

“Ara.. noona”

“Hyung”, Jong Hoon said, turning to Hong Ki,

“Will you stop calling me, Hyung! It’s giving me goosebumps.”

“Yah! You’re older than me!”

“Five days! Five days! Punk!”, Hong Ki tried to be funny, once in a while throwing a glance at Shin Hye.

“Aissh! Hyung, kaja!”, Jong Hoon said, pulling Hong Ki with him.

“Choi Jong Hoon!”

‘Arasseo, Lee Hong Ki! Kaja!”

“You go ahead.”, he said, sitting down again at the couch.


“I’m staying”, Hong Ki said, smiling.

“tch!”, JunHyung smirked at one corner.

Hong Ki threw him a dagger look, mouthing ” Do you want to die?”

“Yah! Wae? Jae jin and the rest will be looking for you!”

“Tell them, my chingu needs my moral support here”, Hong Ki said grinning at Shin Hye.

“Aisssh!”, Jong Hoon snickered, throwing the pillow at Hong Ki.

“I didn’t know he has a friend here”, Shin Hye said, asking Jong Hoon.

“Yah! Chingu!”, Hong Ki said, pouting.

“Are you talking to me?”, Shin Hye said asking him.

“Yah!”, Hong Ki immediately stood from his seat.

The rest were laughing at their childishness, shaking their heads.

“Geun Suk?”, Hee Chul said, carrying his things.

“You’re also leaving, Oppa?”, Shin Hye said looking at then both.

“Oppa.. HeeChul.. or Oppa Geun Suk?”, HeeChul said, teasing her.

Shin Hye looked at them both, then said.., “both of you?”

“Hong Ki is staying. I’d rather leave”. HeeChul said, grinning.

“Aisssh! Are you making my chingu choose?”,Hong Ki said, challenging HeeChul.

“Don’t you want to leave first, Lee Hong Ki?”, Shin Hye said, looking at him.

“Yah!”, Hong Ki said, stomping his foot.

“Wae?”, Shin Hye said, her chin tilted.

“You’re not funny”, Hong Ki said, narrowing his eyes.

“I’m not trying to be funny..”, Shin Hye said, deadpan.

“Yah! Enough!”, Geun Suk said, mediating between them. He went to Shin Hye, holding her by the waist then kissing her cheeks. “Need to meet Kurt. I’ll see you later?”

“Oh…?”, Shin Hye said, disappointed that he won’t be staying.

“We have recording today. I told you,right?”, Geun Suk said, looking her in the eyes.

“Oh..”, Shin Hye said, trying to hide her hurt.

“Yah! What’s that “oh!”, Geun Suk said, tilting her chin. “I’ll meet you later, arasseo”

“Arasseo…”, Shin Hye said, pouting.

“Don’t worry chingu. I’m still here”, Hong Ki said, volunteering himself.

“Don’t you have anywhere to go?”, Shin Hye hissed, looking at him.

“Yah! Yah!”, Geun Suk said, trying to calm her down. “Park Shin Hye….”, he said, meeting her eyes.

Shin Hye looked at Geun Suk, then at Hong Ki. “I need to go upstairs”, she said, sulking.

Geun Suk shook his head, then looked at Hong Ki. “She’ll forget about it later. Are you really staying?”, he asked, worried of his friend.

Hong Ki followed Shin Hye’s retreating back, shook his head, smiling,then said, “Yup. I need to make friends with my chingu”.

“Tch! Let’s see what will Shin Hye make you to do so you’ll be friends with her again”, HeeChul said, grinning.

“Yah! Don’t you have schedule to catch, Hyung? Ka!”, he said, irritated.

“Ha ha ha. Park Shin Hye is getting to Lee Hong Ki’s nerves”

“Yah!”, Hong Ki said, leaving them both, following his chingu.

“Ha ha ha”, HeeChul laughed, shaking his head.

Geun Suk shook his head as well, then shouted, “We’re going. Hoping to still see you both alive later. Princess… Love you!”

“Nado, Oppa!”, was heard, shouted back.

Inside the waiting room…

“Are you going to sing?”, Hong Ki asked, sitting at the couch behind Shin Hye’s mirror.

Shin Hye looked at him, then continued with what she’s doing.

“Are you really ignoring me, Avant-Hye?”


“Aisssh! I really don’t know how Hyung can stand this girl?”, he whispered in a voice Shin Hye can hear.

Shin Hye looked at him, then shook her head.

“Jinja.. Go Mi Nam?”


“Shin Hye-yah”, Hong Ki stood from his seat, pouting. “You’re really not going to talk to me, are you? Mian…”, he said, then slowly exiting the door.

“Aisssh! Will you not really give me time to eat my pride? Jinja!”

Hong Ki jumped from the door and ran towards his chingu. “I thought you really got mad, eh”, he said, hugging his friend.


“Hm.. not really. But i don’t have much time to play with you on being mad”, he said, releasing Shin Hye.

“You do know that if Geun Suk Oppa saw what you just did, your head will definitely roll, right?”

“Hyung will not do that to me. I’m your number 1 GeunShin, remember?”

“Really? I thought you’re from the other camp.”

“Aisssh! Do you want Hyung to skin me alive! Chingu…”

“Wae?”, Shin Hye said, looking at Hong Ki, while they’re seated on the couch.


“Eh? Wae?”


Shin Hye smiled, rested her head on Hong Ki’s shoulder,while Hong Ki was simply playing with her hair.

“Hm?”, he prodded her to answer.

“Deh.. Wae?”

“tch! Hyung is just like that…”

“Ha ha ha”, Shin Hye suddenly burst into laughter.

“Wae?”,Hong Ki said, shaking his head.

“I miss you,chingu!”


“Hm….”, Shin Hye remained silent for a while Hong Ki was just waiting for her to continue. “I’m scared…”


“Earlier… in that room.. that’s the first time that he wanted out. I mean…. we had our fights before.. he’ll make me really mad, but never did he say that he wants to take the pass”


“I got scared. He said, it’s not healthy anymore. That he didn’t like what’s becoming of us…”

“Mian…”, he whispered, not looking at her.

Shin Hye smiled, nodded her head. “i overreacted”

“i noticed”, Hong Ki said, grinning.

“Yah!”, Shin Hye said,slapping his shoulder.



“You’re overreacting these past few days…”

“Hm…”, Shin Hye answered, biting her lips.

“Wae?”, Hong Ki said, having an idea what it is that is playing in her head. “He loves you, you know right?”

“Hm..”,she said nodding.

“I can become too mushy here, describing what i see and what i know about Hyung whenever it is related to you… but i don’t need to do that, because you do know, right?”

“It won’t hurt to try, Hong Star”, Shin Hye said, smiling.

“Then, why?”


“What’s that “but” for?”

“I’m turning 25…”, Shin Hye said, a bit embarrassed.


“We’ve been seeing each other for like eternity. We’re beginning to become too busy. I can no longer stay and wait for him at night because of schedule. And he’s still too busy on his commitments…”


“We don’t have that much of time…”

“Much of time…”

“To spend together. When Oppa is not busy and he has time.. i can no longer be there for him”

“But he will still find a way to spend it with you, right?”

“Hm…. but.. it’s not like before.. when i’m a bit free. I mean.. people won’t notice me sneaking every now and then.. He can’t do that…

“Tch! If you only know…”



“Yah!”, Shin Hye said, looking at him sharply.



“Don’t make me say something that will put my life on the line, Chingu,.. hm?”, Hong Ki said, pleading with her.

“Aisssh! Arasseo…”

“As you were saying…”, Hong Ki said.. asking her to continue.

“We don’t have time. And we’re running out of time”

Hong Ki smiled, shaking his head.

‘Yah! Are you laughing at me?”

“Aniya.. aniya.. Continue”

“Two things.. Hong Star.. only two things”


“I don’t want to say it… because i’m afraid it will come true.”

Hong Ki sat up straight, and looked at his Chingu.

“We’re nearing the end…” Shin Hye said, confused.. bothered.. scared..

“Mwo?”, he asked, surprised.

“i don’t know. But i can feel it, Hong Star. If I will continue to be this busy… i think.. Oppa will get tired of waiting…”

“Did you ever get tired of waiting for him?”

“Ani… never…”


“I don’t know.. Everytime i can call him.. i always try to call him. I’m afraid he will call us off without me spending much time with him. I don’t think i can even imagine that…Hong Star.. jinja… i think… Oppa, will get tired of waiting. He’ll get bored. And…”


“And just because he felt burdened of our parent’s expectations, he’s trying to stick with me … for a while. And then…”

“And then..?”, Hong ki swallowed, as if listening to the unfolding of the scariest story ever told.

“and then.. he will ask me to marry him?”


“He knows, i still don’t want to… so, he will ask me. If i said no, he has a reason to leave me.. Woah! Hong Star, i think i’m getting crazy…”

“getting crazy?!? You are already crazy Park Shin Hye.. jinja.. Aisssh!”

“But i have a confession to make…”

Hong Ki’s eyes widened, looking directly at Shin Hye.\

“If Oppa did ask me to marry him… i might give him that heart attack he’s asking for.”


“I’m afraid i’ll say yes?”, she said, biting her lips.

“Eh! I thought you’re not yet ready?”, Hong Ki said, taking a drink from his cup.

“I’m not..”

“Eh, wae?”

“He might be looking for an out if he asked that question…. but that would be my way to…”


“to… trap him. “, Shin Hye said, covering her face.

Hong Ki almost died of laughing at her friend’s way of thinking. “Jinja, Park Shin Hye?”

“Don’t laugh!”


“Eottoke? I love him, Hong Star.. more than he thought i do”


3* This Time, Again

“Heechul is Coming will start to roll. Yeorubun, if you have anywhere else to go… Ka!” Heechul said, shooing those guys away from that room.

“Not a chance Hyung!’, Geun Suk said, securing the front seat, Nori and Bongji on his lap.

“Afraid that i would divulge your secret escapades, Pretty Boy!”, Heechul said, trying to get a reaction from Shin Hye.

“Aisssh! Why don’t you just bury me alive, Hyung! After the incident earlier, you would still choose to break us apart”, Geun Suk said, his hand holding his heart.

“You’re such a drama queen”, Heechul hissed, shaking his head.

“Oppa, after all of those fights, you mean… i still haven’t known all?”, Shin Hye said, feigning confusion.

“Ha ha ha! Hyung, i think we should take a walk outside, plan an excuse, so by the time this interview is over, we can save your head”, Hong Ki said, laughing at his Hyung.

“Aisssh! I don’t need to save my head, Hong Ki. I need to save my heart”

“Eeewww! Jinja… Hyung.. Aisssh!”, Hong Ki said, pretending to throw up.

Shin Hye smiled, her eyes twinkling as he saw Geun Suk winking at her.

“Jinja… what are you? 14? 15?”, Heechul said, goosebumps forming on his arms.

“Hyung, don’t you think there’s something wrong with them. One minute, they’re fighting. The next one, they’re too mushy. Woah! Is this for real?”

“Are they for real?”, JunHyung said, smiling.

“Woah! I want something like that!”, Jong Hoon said, swooning at those two.

“Yah! Are you a girl? I will disown you, Jong Hoon.”, Hong Ki said, knocking that guy on the head again.

“Everyone.. quiet down a bit. If you all want to go and eat Jangmonim’s…”, Heechul paused, smiling at Geun Suk. “I mean that guy’s Jangmonim’s cooking, we better start now”

“Arasseo.. arasseo…”, everyone settled down, staying at the background, willing this interview to end in a heartbeat.

Heechul: How are you these days? (Heechul asked, smiling… hiding behind his scripts)

“Hyung, can we do it seriously? Jinja.. i want to eat!”, Jong Hoon said, eyeing his sunbae.

“Yah! Kid, who’s older here”. Heechul said, smirking. “And besides, this is my show!”

“Hyung, column.. not show!”, HongKi said, shaking his head.’

“Aishhh! Do all of you really want to stay here? It’s my call, you know..”, Heechul said, grinning.

“Aisssh! Jinja!”, Geun Suk said, throwing him a pillow.

“The door is open, Sukkie”, Heechul said, teasing him.

“Hyung.. our lips are sealed. Carry on..”, JunHyung said, sitting quietly at the corner.

“Can i answer now, Oppa?”, Shin Hye said, shaking her head. “Jinja, this is the craziest interview that i had so far!”

“Should i write that down?”, Heechul asked, pen on his hand.

“Aissh!”, Shin Hye said, rumpling her hair. “Jinja, Dude, do we really need to do this?”

“Jinja, Dude… Act like a lady,will you? There will be some photos later.”

Shin Hye narrowed her eyes, blew some air into her hair, then smiled mischievously.

“You know, you don’t need to do this, Shin Hye. Let that punk find someone else”, Geun Suk said, smiling.

“jinja! Are you going to leave me hanging here?”, Heechul said, a bit hurt.

Shin Hye smiled and bumped her shoulder to him. “Arasseo, Dude.. Mianhae.. Can you be not a bit bossy? I’m not used to it, eh?”

“Your answer, Shin Hye…”, Heechul said with raised eyebrows, his pen tapping the table.

“Jinja!”, Shin Hye said, pouting at him.

PSH: Shin Hye smiled… and in gritted teeth, answer his question After finishing the Heirs, I live in bliss every single day. I went overseas and won 3 awards at the SBS Drama Awards. I received the Excellence in Acting award, Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity award and the Best Couple award.

” Oh! and all of them are with Lee Min Ho-ssi”, Heechul said, grinning.

Shin Hye stepped on his foot, smiled, then said,

“Yes! And I had a photoshoot with JGS oppa in China.”


Heechul: So, how did we get close?

PSH: When I was filming a drama with Hongki, I heard a lot about oppa.

“Tch! Hong Ki!”, Geun Suk whispered, grinning”

“So, should i say, Yong hwa-yah?”, Shin Hye said, grinning at him.

“Jinja.. Yong Hwa Hyung is old news”, Hong Ki said, shaking his head. “I am really dying to eat already. Can we do this fast?”, he said, throwing daggers at those two.

“And the official chaperone is officially pissed off”, HeeChul said, shaking his head.

Heechul: Geun Suk? he said, winking at Sukkie.

“Jinja! Punk!”, Geun Suk said, throwing peanut at him.

“Wae? I didn’t know Hong Ki before.”, Heechul said, thinking.

“Aisssh! Hyung, we went out with you before… Remember.. FT Island… this guy.. that girl.. one bar… one night.. remember?”, Hong Ki said, scratching his head.

“Oh.. Jinja? Oh.. that night… Tiffany… Jessica.. Si Won…that night?”, HeeChul said, teasing Geun Suk.

“Hyung, continue…”, Geun Suk said, looking at him.

“Jinja.. Dude, can we finish this one before my birthday?”, Shin Hye said, shoveling those food in her mouth.

“Jinja… can you slow down on food?”, Heechul said, moving the plate away from her.

cont…The friends you have are all rather similar to me. If you want to befriend someone like me, you need to be extra careful. Perhaps you could even get into trouble hahahahaha.

Hee Chul paused, then looked at Geun Suk. “Am i talking about me.. or about you?”

“Jinja.. Oppa, the BTS of this interview is double than the actual work. I want to eat…”, Shin Hye said, complaining.

“Yah! Hyung,can you give her back that plate? Princess, what do you want? Ice cream? Coffee?”, Geun Suk said, standing from his seat, giving Shin Hye some nuts.

“Tch! Don’t fall for that, Shin Hye. This guy here’s main goal at this point is to make you as big as he can, so no other guy can look your way”

“Aisssh! As if… Shin Hye was like a pig in Mina…mi”, Hong Ki swallowed, chewing his lips. “Mian…”, he said, smiling at Shin Hye.

“Do you want to die?”, Shin Hye said, throwing daggers at Hong Ki.

Then smiled at Hee Chul, answering his question.

PSH: I won’t get into trouble. Recently, with the proliferation of SNS, news get around really fast. I went bowling some time ago, and within a short time the news spread over SNS.

Heechul: There were photos?

PSH: Not everyone took photos. Some post messages such as “Where did you go? What did you do?” And the news went out really fast.

“Lucky, they didn’t follow you in Sri Panwa..”, Geun Suk whispered, smiling.

“Were you saying something, Oppa?”, Shin Hye said, her eyes narrowing at him.

Heechul: That’s really tough.
especially having this guy.. ehem ehem..
Let me teach you how to prevent news from spreading. It’s a method I employ. Every time I discover that someone has been taking photos, I’ll beat the person to it and upload photos for fans to see, with updates on who I am with and what I am doing…

PSH: That sounds like a pretty good plan.

“That’s definitely a better plan.. compared to someone who’s hiding girls behind a giant beer mug…”, HeeChul said, looking at Geun Suk.

“A girl… only one…”, Geun Suk said, smiling.

“Or, someone celebrating Suni’s bday, and having that someone sing a birthday song, forgetting that Stars knew exactly that girl’s laughter”

“Aisssh! I’m just a kid, Hyung”

“You’re simply in love! Aisssh! Eeew!”


Heechul: So what kind of guy does Shinhye like? Take for instance, among the members of Super Junior, Siwon is the kind who always helps the girl pull her chair and ask the girl for her opinion when ordering good. “Waiter…” “Shinhye-si, what do you want to eat?” While driving, “How’s today? What do you want to do tomorrow?” So do you prefer a gentlemanly guy like him or an impolite guy like oppa who straightaway calls for kimchi after entering a restaurant, without asking?

“Is it Kimchi, Hyung, or beer?” Jong Hoon said, grinning.

“With that girl… americano and cheesecake.. no question’s asked”, Hong Ki said, looking at Geun Suk.

“How about with other girls, Hong Star?”, Shin Hye said, looking directly at him.

“Eh?”, Hong Ki said, confused.

“You said, ‘with that girl’. I supposed i am ‘that girl’. How about with others? What does he usually order?”, Shin Hye said, about to launch a war.

“Yah! You know what i mean, Chingu. Do you want to see my head roll down the floor. Jinja!”, Hong Ki whispered, narrowing his eyes at her.

Shin Hye smiled, then answered

PSH: I like someone in between.

Heechul: There is no middle. Only a complete gentleman or someone like me.

PSH: I like someone who can lead me. Usually a lot of couples quarrel because guys don’t come prepared, and ask girls “what should we do today?”

Heechul: But if a guy always says “let’s do this, let’s do that”, the girl would think that her oppa does not care about her feelings. So Shinhye likes dominating guys, those with “leadership” charisma?

PSH: Because I feel that the other party takes special care of me, and that’s what i like. Minus the being unreasonable.. possessive.. jealous… oh,.. did i mention unreasonable?

“I heard you, loud and clear”, Geun Suk said, smiling. “But you definitely like the unreasonable me!”.


Heechul: There are a lot of mushy scenes in the Heirs. How did you act them out?

“Skip…”, Geun Suk said, playing with his ring.

Shin Hye looked at Geun Suk, then shook her head.

PSH: When I first saw the script, I also felt that it was very mushy and did not know how to play it out. I found the scenes really funny initially. As there were a lot of sweet and touching scenes, we had a lot of NGs. But as time goes by, it became more natural. The interactions with Kim Tan as well. It was very awkward at the start, but it became more natural towards the end as we get more familiar.

“Hyung, there were a lot of sweet and touching scenes, and they had a lot of NGs.. Imagine.. doing Minami BTS… but Min Ho-ssi is the guy.. not Hwang Tae Kyung”, JunHyung said, whispering at Geun Suk.

“Yah! You’re such a Beast!”, Hong Ki said, asking that guy to stop.

“Kamsa…” Shin Hye mouthed at her chingu.

Grinning, Hong Ki continued, “Jinja… Imagine Hyung those nights when you will take advantage of that girl. Imagine Kim Tan doing that to our…. i mean… your Shin Hye”

“Aisssh! Hong Star!”, Shin Hye said, throwing him a pillow.

Heechul: You had many scenes with LMH and KWB in the Heirs. Which one of them is a better boyfriend? But it seems like you’ve encountered a lot of questions like that so I’ll let you choose between Ha Neul and Min Hyuk instead. So which of the two is the type you like?

PSH: Should be Min Hyuk. He’s the kind who can joke around, is cute, and takes care of people.

“She chose CN Blue, Hyung!”

“Lee Hong Ki!”

“Hyung, she’s talking to you”, Jong Hoon said, smiling.


Heechul: Next question. When filming, who did you converse with more, LMH or KWB?

PSH: I chatted a lot with both of them. Minho oppa is very gentlemanly. How should I put it… Minho oppa is very manly and motivated. He is very gentlemanly not just to girls, but to everyone. Regardless of who it is, as long as someone is carrying heavy things, he’ll always go forward and help. There was one time, a staff was carrying a heavy load and could not open the door, so he went forward to open the door for him.

“Hyung, she was asked about Min Ho-ssi and Woo Bin-ssi, and she only answered about Min Ho-ssi. It might not mean a thing. I’m just saying..”, Hong Ki said, grinning.

“Lee Hong Ki, one more time, and you will be without the #1 Pri. I’m serious!”

“Yah! Hyung! Stop!”, Jong Hoon said, pouting at Hong Ki.

Heechul: I’ve met a same situation before, but then I was so shy and awkward I just kicked the door (to open it for someone) and ran way.

PSH: Wow, that’s so Youngdo-like.

Heechol: That’s because I had an earlier experience that I just kicked the door (not intending to open it for others), and then a staff told me ‘Thank you’. I felt awkward so I ran away also.So, how’s KWB like in terms of personality?

PSH: Woobin is a good person. His thoughts and views stand properly. The more I got to meet him, I got to think that ‘He is a well-bred person’.

“Oh.. so…”,Hong Ki was about to say something, when Shin Hye threw him a side glance.


Heechul: Oh yes, do you know why I want to move on to other topics? Actually I don’t wish to discuss too extensively on the Heirs, since you’ve probably had a lot of interviews regarding the Heirs after the drama ended?

PSH: Those are good topics. Actually I hardly chat about these things. All the questions are about comparing with Cha Eun Sang, or how I perceive Young Do or Kim Tan.

“Should i ask about Go Mi Nam and Hwang Tae Kyung?”, Heechul said, smiling at Geun Suk.

Heechul: If that’s the case, I shall ask you something new… How’s Rachel? Is she pretty?

PSH: I planned to meet up with her today over meal, but she has caught a flu.

Heechul: You are supposed to have a meal with her today? (…)
” and here i am thinking that you planned to meet us today”

“Yah! Oppa… i was supposed to bring her and introduce her with all of you”

“Oh… so can we bring girls now in Chocoballs meet up?”, Jun Hyung said, smiling.

“I think we will be mistaken as gays since Chocoballs officially announced the Star Chapter”, Jong Hoon said, shaking his head.

“Jinja, chingu… can the ban be guy-specific, not by group?”

“Are you talking to me, CHINGU?”, Shin Hye asked, not smiling.

“Yah! Shin Hye-ssi…”

Cr: kayleecorner.tumblr.com for Heechul’s interview


2* That Day. This Year.


“Are you ready?”, he asked that girl seated in front of him.

“Ready when you are!”, she said, kissing Nori, setting it down the floor.

“Woah! I am really getting nervous. Dude, my hands are sweating. Look!”, that guy said, beads of sweat trailing down his forehead.

“Hyung, can you just start so we can finish early here. The guy with those dogs is already throwing daggers at you”, that vocalist says, throwing peanut at his chingu’s direction. “Yah, chingu, you look like a girl today”, he said, playing with that girl.

“Jinja”, that girl said, combing her hair with her hands.

“Aisssh! You let him baby those dogs. This time is mine”, that guy said, smirking.

That guy with those dogs stood from the couch, going straight to that girl’s direction. “Kwaenchana?”, he asked, holding that girl in her face, kissing her at the forehead.

The girl creased her eyebrows, questioning that guy’s recent need for contact.

“Wae?”, the guy said, holding her chin.

“Wae?”, the girl asked, smiling… confused.

“Wae, Hyung?”, the vocalist asked, shaking his head.

“Noona, Heirs will be shown in Japan! Woah! Lee Min Ho-ssi…”, that lead guitarist stopped, swallowing his tongue as he saw his Hyung’s fierce eyes on him.

“There.. there chingu. Do you still need to ask something?”, the vocalist said, raising his eyebrows.

“Shin Hye-ssi, you’re getting prettier and prettier”, that Beast said, winking at that girl.

“Yah!”, Geun Suk hissed, chewing the inner side of his cheeks.

“Yah!”, Shin Hye said, pulling him by the shirt.

“Remind me again why you’re here”, that guy sitting opposite the girl, Hee Chul said, nodding at JunHyung, “and tell me again how you become a member”, he said, smirking at Jong Hoon.

“Ah! Chocoball Stars,why do we have a meeting here? Will there be a new recruit? Aigoo, Jang Geun Suk, who is it this time? Kim Soo Hyun?”

“Oh! I received an SMS from Soo Hyun Oppa….”, she said slowly, biting her lips when she sensed Geun Suk’s eyes narrowing at her.

“I deleted his number from your phone, right?”

“Oh…”, she said, biting her lower lip.

“Oh?”, he asked, his eyes focused on her.

“O…. Oppa, messaged me. I asked who he is. Woah! Oppa, do you know how embarrassing it is to ask someone who he is when he sent you a congratulatory message?”, she asked, trying to divert the topic.

“Tch! He’s not supposed to message you?”

“Wae-yo?”, she asked, pouting.

“Yah! Go Mi Nam! I cannot imagine you pausing like a sexy goddess….”, Hong Ki slowed down, his eyes shifted to Geun Suk.

“Yah, Hyung, what I mean is my chingu is still my chingu. How they were able to package her like that is outside the limit of my knowledge”

“Packaged like what?”, Geun Suk asked, pissed.

“Yah, Oppa! Enough!”, she said, holding his face.

“Hyung, what Hong Ki meant is that Shin Hye-ssi is no longer that clumsy Go Mi Nam on tv. She’s now grown up. Most of the….”

Geun Suk’s eyes shifted to JunHyung, challenging him to continue his sentence.

“Hyung, Noona’s image on some pictorials might be a bit sexy..”, Jong Hoon said slowly, “but the moment they tried to remove her from those spreads and talk to her, she’s still our Shin Hye”

“Our Shin Hye?”, Geun Suk said, shaking his head.

“Your Shin Hye… your Shin Hye, Hyung…” Jong Hoon said, smiling.

“Oppa….” Shin Hye called his attention, her eyes looking for his.

“Wae?”, he asked, softly.

Shin Hye shook her head and smiled softly.

“Mian…”, he whispered, kissing her temple.

“Ehem… ehem….”, Hee Chul interrupted, getting their attention. “So if it’s not Kim Soo Hyun… “

“Seung Gi Hyung is out of the competition…”, JunHyung said, smiling.

And before Geun Suk was able to fire something on that guy, Shin Hye smiled, saying something like, “You didn’t fight better. He won her over”, she said, nudging him by the shoulder.

Geun Suk’s eyes flew immediately to that girl, his face irritated. “Again?”, he said, raising his eyebrows.

Shin Hye smiled and added drily, ”You should have fought better. I gave you the out”, she said teasing him.

“Do you really want to discuss this again?”, he said, angered.

“Oppa, that was a joke.. a joke…”, Shin Hye said smiling.

“Am I laughing? Do you see me laughing, Park Shin Hye?”, he asked, holding her face.

“Mian…”, she said, lowering her head.

“Woah! Hyung, are we filming something here? It’s like watching a rom-com, unfolding naturally in front of our eyes. Where’s the popcorn?”, Hong Ki said, shaking his head.

“Lee Seung Gi is out. He took our symbol of deer…” Hee Chul said, shaking his head.

“How about Kim Tan?”, Jong Hoon asked, oblivious of the tension seething on that guy.

“Yah! Jong Hun!”, Shin Hye said, stopping him.

“Do I need to invite him, Princess?”

“You’re back to Princess, chingu. Something’s wrong…”, Hong Ki said, shaking his head.

“Really, Mr. Jang, where are you getting these things?”, Hee Chul said, smirking.

“I returned her Min Young-ssi.”

“Yah! They’re no longer together”

“Not my fault”, Geun Suk said, shrugging his shoulders.

“No one’s saying it’s your fault, punk!”

“But, why is she getting my girl?”

“She’s not your girl….?”, Jong Hoon said, and then, slowed down when all eyes are on him.

Hong Ki knocked him on his head, saying “ Where have you been, hm? That’s a finished business. She’s his girl now. He can call her that”

“Jinja?”, Jong Hoon said, smiling. “Mian… carry on. Hyung.. continue”


“No one’s getting your girl”, Hee Chul said, assuring him.

“I am here. Don’t talk as if I am somewhere else”, Shin Hye said, shaking his head.

“Are you?”, he asked, a bit irritated.


“Are you here? You’ve been sending messages every now and then. Why don’t you just excuse yourself and answer that call which you keep on cancelling”

“Are you trying to say something, Oppa?”, Shin Hye said, standing from her seat.

“Nothing. I’m just giving you a pass”

“Am I asking for it?”

“I don’t know….”

“You don’t know?”, Shin Hye said, her voice a bit loud.

“Hyung…” Hong Ki said, getting nervous.

“Yeah… I might need that pass”, Shin Hye said, about to walk away, but Geun Suk held her arm immediately.

“Chingu…”, Hong Ki said, a bit confused on the sudden turn of event.

“Everybody out… out”, Geun Suk said, looking at Shin Hye.

“Yah!”, Hong ki said, his eyes flying from Geun Suk to Shin Hye.

Hee Chul looked at the two of them, and then, stood from his seat…”Kids, out… out… “

“Yah!” Hong Ki said, pleading the two.

“Out, Hong Ki”, Hee Chul said, pulling him out of that room.

When all has left the room, that guy and that girl were standing there still. No one dared to move. No one dared to say a thing.

The stillness of the night was broken by Shin Hye’s message ping.
Geun Suk took her phone at the same time that Shin Hye was about to get it.

Seeing her reflex, Geun Suk raised his hands in surrender.

“Why are you like this?” she asked, her eyes focused on the phone left on the table.

“Why? Are you getting tired of this me?”, he said, in gritted teeth.

“Oppa, this is not funny anymore”

“So… say the word, Princess”

“Oppa… please…”

“Just say it….”

‘Yah!”, she said, her voice a bit loud.

Geun Suk shook his head, his eyes on the floor.

“You promised me, Oppa. You promised me!”, she said, on the verge of crying.

“I’m losing my sanity, Princess. This is not healthy anymore.”

“What did I do, Oppa? Wae?”, she said, her tears flowing down her cheeks.

“I don’t like this me. I don’t like this you that I see whenever I’m this me”

“Then, don’t be like this, Oppa! Oppa….”

“I can’t!”, he said, about to walk away.

“If you want out, just say it!”, she said, her voice breaking.

“Mwo?”, he whispered, his head turning to face her. “Mwo?”

“If you’re getting tired of this… just say it. No need to say all of those bull, Oppa. Am I getting in your way? You found someone? Tell me!”, she said, her feet stomping.

The door automatically opened, Hong Ki running directly inside.

“Yah!” he said, his eyes on Shin Hye’s tear-stained face.

“Hong Star…”, Shin Hye said, resigning on the floor.

“Chinggu…”, Hong Ki said, about to run to his chingu’s rescue.

“Hong Ki, out!”


“Out!”, Geun Suk said, in gritted teeth.

“Hyung… don’t….”

“Do you really think I will hurt this girl?”he asked, his eyes not leaving that girl.

Hong Ki nodded his head, and slowly walked outside of the room.

Shin Hye was sobbing, her form that of a kid who has given up everything.

Geun Suk crouched beside her, breathing heavily.

“Mian…” he whispered.

“Why do you always do this, Oppa?”


“Did I do something?”


“Do you want out?”, she asked, her eyes searching his.

“My Little Girl. My Princess. Maybe.. they’re right…”


Geun Suk smiled, wiping the tears on her cheeks. “No matter how they paint you… you’re still my girl”

“I am always your girl”

Geun Suk smiled, shaking his head. “Mian…”


“For losing confidence on myself…”


“for losing confidence on you…”


“for losing confidence on us…”

Shin Hye smiled, held his hand on her face and whispered,
“Saranghae, Oppa…”

“I love you more…”

They were seated on the floor, when the door slowly opened, Hong Ki’s head at the tiny opening, gauging the situation. The guy smiled, looking at his friends… when suddenly, he remembered something.

“Hyung, you buy something?”

“Mwo?”, he asked his head turning to Hong Ki.

“I received a package. It says for Shin Hye…. but….” Hong Ki said, a bit confused.


“I don’t know… I’m not so sure… but, I think it’s yours… I don’t know”


Hong Ki opened the door, and with him a package that appears to be a skateboard.

Shin Hye’s eyes widened, her hand on her mouth, surprised.

Geun Suk eyed the piece, then slowly turned to look at that girl.

“Yes, Go Mi Nam?”

Shin Hye looked at her phone and smiled mischievously at Geun Suk and whispered, “I was supposed to ask them to deliver at home, but you distracted me…”




“I want to try.. I want to do.. I can do it. I know I can. The routine that you’re doing last time is quite sim…ple”





“You won’t allow me to try!”, She said, stomping her feet.

“I told you it’s dangerous”


Hong Ki shook his head, smiling.
He slowly.. quietly exited the room, sighing contently.

That guy… with that girl…
That girl…. with that guy…
They’re simply … them…

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1* That Night. This Year.

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4* A Little Bit of Us

She couldn’t sleep a wink. She kept on turning and tossing on her bed. The last shooting day has wrapped up. The after party was fun. Fun… until she came back to her room and felt this sudden emptiness.

She was staring at her phone.. wondering.. debating whether to make that call.

The clock at her bedside was ticking. It’s competing with the beating of her heart.

One ten thousand… two ten thousand… three ten thousand

She saw his name on her phone.


She heard him say. She was still looking at it, wondering who made that call. Was it her, or him?

“Shin Hye-ya”

“Oppa?”, she asked, confused.

“Hey…”, she heard the worries in his voice.

“Yah!”, she answered playfully, her soul magically a bit lifted.

Her heart beating… fluttering a bit. She found comfort on that space… a sliver of peace in her heart.

“The girl needs the boy friend, or the boyfriend can come out now from his hiding place?”

“Oppa… boy friend… two words.. i need to talk to him?”, she asked, a bit careful.

“Boy friend it is! How’s the after party?”

“Good. Fun. Fine”

“How’s the flower boy?”

“Yah! Oppa… You are currently the boy friend, remember?”

“Currently the boy friend, yes. But i am currently the boyfriend as well.”

“Will not be the boyfriend tomorrow?”, she asked suddenly.

“You wish. tch!”

“Aniya/You wish?”, they both said at the same time.

Shin Hye smiled, seeing Geun Suk’s reaction when she asked that question.
Geun Suk laid back, smiling, knowing Shin Hye’s face as she said “aniya”.


“Can’t the boy friend tease the girl friend on her new screen partner?”

“In our case…cannot. We both know one of us will be offended later on”

“And that would probably be… me?”


“Ok… So, how’s Krystal?”

“Stop it!”

“Wae? Can i not ask about your female co-workers? Friends do that”

“Not in our case. There will be a blood bath later”

“Oh! And the blood will be mine?”

“Unless you would choose it to be mine”

“Understand… It would be my blood.”

Shin Hye giggled on the line.
Geun Suk smirked, shaking his head.

“We can’t talk like friends”, she said.

“We can’t be friends”, he said.


“Arasseo.. we can’t pretend the pleasantries of friends. So, back to the case… as friends. How do we do this? Hm… How’s the after party?”

“Good. Fun. Fine”, she repeated, smiling.

“How’s LA?”


“How’s Jun Hyung?”


“How are you?”


“How are you?”


“How. are. you? I am the boy friend, remember?”

“Not good.”

“Hmm”, he said, nodding, giving her the cue to continue.

“They still don’t think i can do it. They.. still feel i’m not there yet. They… still see me as that kid… not good enough… playing her way… riding the popularity of others.”, she said slowly, trying to control her sobs.

The guy closed his fist, pinched his nose, as if controlling his anger.

“Oppa… the boy friend… I’m talking to the boy friend… Oppa?”

“Isn’t the boy friend allowed to be offended, hurt…?”

“Can.. can be allowed, but logically hurt.. Like he will say.. They are too unfair. You’re too good for that project. He’ll tell me, I’m the best from that cast. That i am the drama’s secret weapon. That i should just ignore them. Just show them and prove to them that they’re wrong”

“Oh… They are too unfair. Really unfair. You’re too good for that project. You’re definitely the best from that cast. You know what?”

“What?”, she said, smiling.

“You’re ‘The Heir’s’ secret weapon. You should just ignore them. Show them and prove to them that they’re wrong.”

“Show them and prove to them that they’re wrong, Oppa”

“You can definitely turn the table, Park Shin Hye”

“I’m good, Oppa. I’m that good”, she smiled, knowing the criticism that Geun Suk was getting for Pretty Boy.

“Can the boyfriend talk now?”

“Hm.. andwae. I know what he will say.I don’t want to hear it”

“Oh! What would the boyfriend say?”

“Do you want me to call the attention of all those press people and show on their faces how good Park Shin Hye..”

“my girlfriend”, he corrected.

“That self-centered, hm?”, she said, teasingly.

“uh uh”

“and show to their faces how good my girlfriend is? Do you want me to call my eels and bash the other characters of the show?”

“Will i say that?”



“You’re not that temperamental anymore. You’re not that childish..”

“Childish?”, he said, smirking on the other line.

“Then, why….”

“I just want to talk to a friend. I don’t want to add to your burden, Oppa”

“Shin Hye..”

“Let me finish. I don’t want to make you mad. I don’t want to appear too weak. I just want to talk to someone who will listen.. Just listen and, probably give me comfort”

“Don’t i comfort you?”, he asked in a whisper.


“Shin Hye…”

“Whenever i turn to you, Oppa, i feel weak. I’m quite stubborn, but little by little, I’m losing myself when i”m with you. I always feel like letting all these feelings go, and let you soothe me. I don’t feel like I’m having the bone to fight. It’s just like, when I’m with you, i’m simply letting it go”

“Is it bad? Are we…”

“Ani.. aniya. It feels good, Oppa. It feels good that i don’t question why i’m laying them all in front of you.. like i don’t feel burdened that i give you my burden. But, sometimes, i want to handle my battles by myself. That i just want to prove that i can still fight my own war. It’s not about that pride and feeling weak.. like how i view what we have years before. It’s more on stopping at times, and grabbing and taking control of the wheels.”


“Oppa, are you mad?”

“The boy friend, or the boyfriend?”

“Hmm.. both?”

“The boy friend doesn’t have the right to get mad”

“The boyfriend?”

“Let me find the words….”


“The boyfriend is suddenly out of coverage area”


“He’s currently in cloud nine, rejoicing that the girlfriend has finally trusted him… i mean.. admittedly trusting him”


“Shin Hye?”


“Do you know what the boyfriend would want to say to you at this point?”

“Hm?”, she asked, smiling.

“I’m your number one fan…. and..”

“Hm?”, she said, her tears running down her cheeks.



2* A Little Bit of Her

Geun Suk was driving along Han when he suddenly remembered something. He stopped driving that Ferrari, tapped his fingers on the steering wheel while humming that familiar song…

I will promise you
Du nu nen no man dam go sa ra gal ke
I will promise you
Du pa run no lan go sa ra gal ke
A chi me nun to jam dun sun gan ka ji
No ha na man gu ril ke
Sa rang he I mal it ji ma
I love you forever

He looked at the Han, shook his head as he remembered what it was that his head was trying to hum.. was it his head or his heart?

“Aigoo, Go Mi Nam-ssi!”

He squinted his eyes, did that familiar Hwang Tae Kyung pout as he tried to ponder on something.

“I should have really befriended that punk.”, he shook his head as he remembered that episode.

“Lee Min Ho-ssi.. Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Ah In, Kim Soo Hyun, Yoo Seung Ho… tsk tsk tsk. Lee Seung Gi, check. Yoo Seung Ho, check. And now, Lee Min Ho-ssi! What the! Three out of five in one year. Yoon Si Yoon did a retake. Lee Jong Suk and Jung Il Woo joined the bandwagon. Aisssh! What were you thinking Jang Geun Suk when you decided to date that girl?”

Tap. Tap. Tap.

“She acts like a guy… talks like one of your guy friends…plays like your biggest competition in any sport. Heck, she could even beat you in car racing. She’s not even that pretty…. not even that pretty… hm… pretty… yepuda, jinja.. nope… really… jinja.. Aisssh!”

He took his phone and dialed one number.

“Where are you? Meet me at the Han in five.”

Plain and simple. Conversation should be that fast. No script writing, script reading.. planning your lines even before she answer the phone. No need to tell someone you miss her or you can’t wait to see her sooner. No pretense… pretense…

The simple hi, would be followed by hey…the courteous how are you… the overrated i miss you’s. You’re too sleepy to start a conversation, a little too annoyed to check in for you will only be discussing some trivial things, asking have you eaten already.. what did you have for dinner, and then will shift to how’s eommonim? Is Sunni doing fine? The never ending sharing of what i did and did not do.. what she did and hope she didn’t.. then, the classic, Oppa, do you think I’m getting bigger (which is a subtle way of asking whether she’s getting fatter)? You’re fighting your eyes from closing, trying to hide your laughter, when she would suddenly mention that she had coffee with Lee Min Ho-ssi last night and you would abruptly sat up from lying, your back against the headboard of your bed. You’re gritting your teeth, trying your best to calm your nerves, asking nonchalantly how the coffee tasted, and how long was it before she finished the cup, which by the way is the not so obvious way of asking how long the coffee date was.

No pretense. A bit boring. No specific topic. No plan on the flow of conversation. You wished to end it fast… fast… Until she said, good night and wished you sweet dreams and you find yourself hanging on the line hoping it won’t end that soon.

Smiling, Geun Suk drove back to the park, hoping to meet that someone in five.


1* A Little Bit Too Much

“Where are you?”, Kurt asked her while sipping a cup of coffee, his eyes focused on that guy who’s flipping the car magazine a little too rough than normal.

“Malibu Beach…”, she answered nonchalantly, her voice a bit bored.

Kurt looked at that guy again, who smirked a little, a bit too annoyed.

“Kurt Oppa, have you heard from Geun Suk Oppa? He’s not answering my calls”, her voice a bit too calm to the ears.

Kurt’s eyes almost bulged. He mouthed, “punk!”, and then, he shook his head while answering, “i’ll be meeting him in a few”

“Oppa, are you on speaker?”

“a…um… deh… i’m eating something”

“oh.. i thought you’re with someone”

“a… i’m at the park. not a lot of people at this time of the day. No one would hear your rants against your Oppa”

“Hal! I’m not ranting about him. He won’t even give me a chance to nag. He won’t even call me. He won’t even answer my calls. Min Ho Oppa thought i’m a bit of a psycho. I was just staring at my phone, waiting for his message”

“tch”, Geun Suk smirked, the pages of the magazine almost got torn.


Kurt eyed Geun Suk, asking him to behave or he’ll come clean to Shin Hye.

“Oppa, are you there?”

“Shin hye-yah, mianhae. The line is not clear”

“It must be the waves of the ocean, Oppa. Wait, i’ll pick another spot”

“Malibu Beach, ha”, he repeated smiling.

“Hm… the air is quite nice. And the sea seems to sing at night. I wonder how the ocean sounds in Phuket.”, she said, shaking her head as if remembering something.

“Why don’t you ask the guy who’s been going in and out of there?”


Geun Suk’s hands stilled, as he heard the echoes of her heart.

“Shin Hye….?”

“Hm… there are some things which are better left unsaid… better not to ask…”

“Shin Hye?”

“Mianhae, Oppa. Maybe, i just felt tired.. bored.. disappointed. I’m quite hormonal.. ha ha ha”, she faked a laugh, hiding her tears.

Geun Suk looked at the phone, his face blank.

“I wonder how Sri Panwa looks like. I wonder how he feels whenever he goes there. I wonder what he needs to escape to, and what he finds as an escape whenever he’s in there. Aissssh! But, i won’t ask. I won’t dare.”


“I thought…”, Kurt said, his eyes anywhere but on Geun Suk’s.

“Ha ha ha. Don’t tell Oppa. Kurt Oppa, promise me, you won’t tell Oppa. I will sound a bit whiny. It’s either he’ll tease me to death, or he’ll find me a bit too childish. Ha!”


“A.. cham.. Oppa, have you seen the stills? Haha.. i was trying to reach Geun Suk Oppa. I want to tease him about the Maserati. The car is quite fast, but Min Ho Oppa is not quite familiar. I wanted to steal the wheels and drive it myself. ”

“Shin Hye?”

“A.. i sprained my ankle the other day. We were shooting some scenes. I accidentally twisted my ankle….. And the day before that, i was with Min Hyuk. You’ve met him before, right? Hm… what else. I met some stars at the set. I was really overwhelmed Oppa. If you only saw my face when i saw the banners….”

Kurt was listening intently, confused on the sudden shifts of topic… worried on the guy sitting next to him.

Geun Suk was just sitting there, his shoulders tensed. He heard her bits and pieces, but he saw her message loud and clear.

She’s scared. Her fear eating her whole.
She’s fading. She’s sinking…
She’s trying to reach out… waiting for him to save her.

His fierce little Princess.
He almost forgot she’s just a little girl.
He was almost tempted to pull her back and push them away.
But he gave her his words.
He’ll stand at the sideline and let her do her battle.

“Kurt Oppa, they’re already looking for me. Kamsa….”

“Take care, Shin Hye…”, and as Kurt was about to end the call, Geun Suk stopped his hand in mid air…. prolonging their connection.

And as if she sensed it, he saw her smile, and whispered, “I’m doing great, Oppa, right?”

Geun Suk nodded his head, and whispered, “Saranghae”



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