unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

That Stubborn Soul

This impatient reader
pretending to be a writer
decided to start something,
which, at this point,
she doesn’t have a clue why
but she did anyway.

Since her mind is currently pegged
on entertaining the ramblings of her head
and the tapping of her fingertips,
she decided to create this page,
hoping to somehow, document
the stubbornness of her imagination.

So, how?
Let’s see how this soul
that stubborn soul
would create her side of story…


5 responses to “That Stubborn Soul

  1. shinsukkie says:

    Hi sis! OMG! I am so glad that I was introduced to your site! I am a writer too and a number one fanatic of these two but I am bowing down to you now… You have made me cry with some of your stories and now I decided I must read it from start to finish. I am envious of you.. for you have time to write about all their chapters in life.. I had planned to do this and I am thankful for you doing this. Let’s write to each other.. I dunno if you know me or if I know you personally. I would love to share secrets and spazz with you. Kamsahmnida! Nomu kamsahmnida!

    Your number one fan,
    shinsukkie (Pammie)

    • sachasa says:

      Hi Sis! I’m not sure whether we know each other, but i definitely know shinsukkie (The Unseen Truth: Love Behind the Camera).
      Before i started pretending that i know how to write, i’m a silent lurker on different sites, reading stories and fanfics.
      I just got impatient on updates (haha); hence, this girl started to try writing while waiting for you and other writers to upload your stories.
      Thank you! 🙂

  2. GeunShin says:

    Hi Sachasa ! I’ve been a silent reader for so long right now.
    I’ve just finished reading all your blog and it’s just so amazing… I love your writting so much, you’re really really talented dear 🙂
    I wanted to talk to you about something if possible, can you contact me by mail please ?
    Thank you !!

    Hope to read some more writting from you 🙂

  3. I just read all your story and I love every chapter and cried a lot. Hope they really meant for each other. It was introduce to by an eel friend. I dont have sleep everynight due to reading it all night.

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