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2* Her Heart Tied in a String

on November 10, 2014


“I’m not going anywhere…..”

They stood there in silence. The outside world continued moving on its own. The talks on their table proceeded, the laughters strained, knowing that her cracked armor is slowly giving way.

After a heartbeat or two, Shin Hye released a deep breath, smiled weakly and with all her strength, put on her mask, smiling meekly at them.

“Annyeong chingu! Mian for the scene. You better pay me for the advance screening that you just saw.” , she said, crinkling her nose, talking to no one in particular.

Shin Hye closed her eyes, bit her lips, fighting the impending explosion of her heart.

“Just a litte bit more… Β just a bit more Shin Hye”, she whispered to herself, her self spiraling down to that black hole.

Hong Ki looked at his friend and shook his head.

“Let it out chingu. Don’t bottle it inside”, he silently encouraged his friend, hoping the wind will relay his message.

“Kaja?”, Geun Suk pulled her out from her trance, holding her by the waist, his other hand carrying her things.

Shin Hye bowed to her friends, and with heavy feet, retreated out of the diner.

Geun Suk nodded his head then excused himself immediately to follow that girl.

As he opened that door, he saw her standing at the middle of the alley, lost in her train of thoughts.

He heaved a deep breath, then slowly stand in front of her, wrapping his scarf around her neck.

“Cold?”, he asked, rubbing her hands together and blowing some air to it.

Shin Hye lifted her head and smiled weakly at him.

“Oppa?”, she called to him, her smile bright.

“Deh?”, he answered, missing those light in her eyes.

She stood on her tip toes, brushing her nose to his. “I missed you”

“And i, you”, he answered pulling her by the scarf, softly touching his lips to hers.

He felt her smile behind his kiss.

“You’re my butter to my bread”, she said biting her lower lip.

“Tch! Your pick up line is getting mushier, Princess” he said, his lips an inch from hers.

“I learned from the best”, she said, her eyes looking back at him.

“Jinja?”, he said, nuzzling her neck.

“Jinja. Oppa….?”


“Why didn’t you call me out on that interview?”

“Missing the crazy me?

“Aniya… i won’t get mad if you did.”

“Hmm? But i didn’t. Do you want me to?”

“Aniya… i just don’t want you hiding from me.”

“Shin Hye…”

“Why are you not calling me, Princess?”, she asked, looking at him with questioning eyes.


“Ani.. aniya…”, she said shaking her head, stepping back from him.

Geun Suk tilted his head, looking at her.

He closes his eyes, pleading the heaven for this day to be that day that she will open her heart.

“It’s ok to cry…”

“I can’t!”, she answered hastily. “Not yet”, she said, looking at anything but him.


“Aniya… why would i…”, she said, her breathing becoming deep.

“Shin Hye..”

“Oppa…”, she said, her lips trembling, her dam of tears breaking free. “I’m scared. I’m tired. I’m…”

Geun Suk was about to step to her, but she chose to step back.

“Don’t. I can do this. I can handle this”.

And like a lost kid, the moment she locked her eyes to him, her mask shattered, surrendering… her world came tumbling down.



13 responses to “2* Her Heart Tied in a String

  1. sachasa says:

    If anyone find her writing a bit out of place or scattered to too many places… mian… she’s struggling to find the rhythm of her thoughts.
    She’s not quite updated on some things these days, so the stories might be out of nowhere, buying time to find her tune.
    Bear with her for a while… this seems to be an unchartered territory for now…

  2. sanplawer says:

    Thank u so much Sachasa … More updates please …

  3. mimin says:

    Sachasa, as you say, I still don’t get where the stories will lead us to, however, I am really thankful for the update. Please take your time to get the rhythm, we trust you Sachasa. πŸ™‚
    Waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

  4. helen p eddy says:

    thank you sachasa for updating. i have been waiting for this day. i hope that you continue with your updates. your ff is really a work of art, you are a great writer!

  5. jgslvspsh says:


    how can we not live u dear sacha especially on your impatient mode.
    we r all grateful of yr updates b carving for more, pleaseeeeeee.

  6. Ceptykyu says:

    Thank u for updating again. . . . πŸ˜€ n I’ll patiently waiting for next update. . . . Stay happy n healthy eonnie. . . I love u. . .
    Hwaiting πŸ˜€

  7. martland says:

    Thanks for fast update, Sacha. It’s okay, sis. I’ll wait for you to find your rhythm. I’m thankful with your stories of our bread & butter couple. I’m glad you mention about it, anyway πŸ˜‰

  8. I’m addicted to butter&bread couple, can’t wait to read more. Thanks for this up date however short it is.

  9. helen p eddy says:

    hi sachasa… we truly missed your stories… please do write some more… your stories always warm my heart whenever I miss our keunshin… you are a great writer your stories are alive full of heart and life… hope to hear from you again… fighting!

  10. mimin says:

    Hello Sachasa, how are you? I miss you and your story. πŸ™‚ Shin Hye will graduate on 15 February and suddenly I remember you. So, one obstacle will be gone, remember Mr. Park rules?

    Happy valentine.

  11. martland says:

    Missing you, sis Sacha
    You’re busy, perhaps? Hehe… no matter what, I hope you’re feeling good.
    Anyway, have you seen the ring that shinhye wore on her graduation day? It’s similar with the ring that frequently used by geunsuk these days. Whoa! It’s exciting, isn’t it? Do you think there’re unspoken words behind that? γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

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