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1* Invisible Heartstring

on November 9, 2014

He silently sat at one corner, cap pulled low, hoodies put on. He was drinking with his friends when his message ping, alarming him of that girl on the other side of town.

“Hyung, did you fight? Your girl is drinking…. downing bottles as if her life dependent on it. Aisssh! Hyung, can you come here… fast?”

Geun Suk shook his head when he read Hong Ki’s message. The great chaperone is in town and his girl has probably finally found the breaking point to finally release everything. He’s been anticipating it,  patiently waiting on the sideline…watching her closely, making sure that he is there when it happened.

He slowly chugged his bottle, straightening from his seat, and nod at their table. “Rain check. The prince is being summoned”.

“Problem in paradise?”

“The agency is calling you?”

“The eels are at war?”

Geun Suk shook his head at his friends antics.

No words needed. They knew without the need for another breathe.

Hell will freeze and heaven will be on fire but he will not be pulled out from an escapade like this. Nope, definitely not. But when the great Jang Geun Suk asked for a rain check, a ticket to be excused… there’s a silent understanding in this pact.

No question need to be asked. He will leave with or without their permission. And he will be allowed to leave with or without asking for one.

“Slow down on driving. Hong Ki is there. There shouldn’t be something serious”

Geun Suk nod his head and sprint to his car.

Now, thirty minutes later, here he is, nursing a bottle of soju while carefully watching the girl.

She’s a blabbering mess. Laughing uncontrollably,  while hitting Hong Ki on the shoulder.

She’s carefree… careless…

His friend might be black and blue the following day, but he knew, just like him, they are all waiting for her to explode.

She was laughing on nothing in particular, when her eyes suddenly glued outside, her irises not moving. She was staring blankly ahead and he knew the moment it hits her.

Slowly, tears silently stream down her face. She shook her head, smiled weakly and said in a soft voice….

“Oppa, i want to go home…”

No one heard her except for that guy beside her, and before he even touched his phone, Geun Suk on bended knees, was slouched beside her.

He did not look at her eyes. She did not acknowlege his presence.

He gathered her hair, tied it in a loose bun, just like how she like it. She contentedly lean on him when his hand touches her cheek.

“Let’s get you home”, he whispered, her eyes not meeting his, wringing her scarf folded neatly on her lap.

She slowly nodded her head, her eyes glassy…. tears threatening to fall.

As he collected her things, still without looking at him, she whispered softly… “i knew you were here. Even if i didn’t see you, i knew you were here.”

Geun Suk paused, looked  at his broken girl. Holding her by her nape, he whispered back, “even if i’m not, you must know that i will be here even before you realize that you need me here”.

Shin Hye closes her eyes, tears flowing down from her eyes.

He held her to his chest, kissing the top of her head.


“I’m not going anywhere”



7 responses to “1* Invisible Heartstring

  1. mimin says:

    Hi Sachasa, I am so glad when I received the notification. Thank you for updating your story. I still don’t understand, where the story will lead to, but I am happy. I have been reading for about a week now because I miss your story.

    I wish you are in good shape, stay healthy. 🙂
    Again, thabk you. 🙂

  2. sanplawer says:

    Thank you so much Sachasa … Please update us once in awhile … We missed u so much …. If u only know how many times i read repeatedly ur FF … And am trying to promote ur works of love … Take care of yourself … God bless …

  3. cherry says:

    Brilliant! Been waiting for your stories..thank you..your stories about keunshin keep me company….

  4. martland says:

    Whoa!! Sachasa, thank you so much for the update. Like others, I’m so glad with your comeback FF 😀 Miss you so much, sis. I thought you won’t update again. I’m happy I’m wrong this time ㅋㅋㅋ
    Speaking of this new FF of yours, I’m curious about the timeline of the story. I mean, when this story happened? Shin Hye seems so upset or what? Is this before Chengdu event or after? I know you’ll answer all of them in your next updates. Hehe.. I’m just too curious 🙂
    Stay healthy, Sacha^^
    God bless

  5. Arisu says:

    Hi Sachasa,like other sisters i have been waited for your update and now really happy finally you back again,welcome back sis,stay healthy,love you 🙂

  6. lucci says:

    I am so thrilled to see the notification of your new update. OMG I am reading your story for nth times already and I cant get enough of it….I am spacing out now.. luv yu sis…you just dont know how happy we are for this update… thanks stay healthy and God bless!!

  7. Ceptykyu says:

    Yaaaayyy. . . . Finally u come back eonnie. . . . 😀
    I’m very happy, n I greedy for more n more. . . . Eonnie I’ll wait for ur update. . . Stay happy n healthy eonnie :-*

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