unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

Chapter 39: Crazy Start

on February 22, 2014

The sun rises, the sun sets
The moon rises, the sun sets again
The flowers blossom, the birds fly
They move, they get busy

People walking, people running
All doing their own things in the same time
Going around and around and around
Going around and around and around…

Geun Suk woke up earlier than usual. His heart on his sleeve, his eyes has his smile. He’s moving from here to there, there to here, without a specific thing in mind. Oh… scratch that out. With only one thing on mind. Make that call.

He slowed down.. stopped suddenly, looking at the bright sky.
“Good morning, Sunshine! Why is everything too bright today?”, he asked, amused how a certain conversation could turn his life in 180.

He still remembered clearly how that night end… The end of that day gives the beginning of his life. “Woah! Isn’t it eight o’clock yet? Why can’t i simply call her now? Aisssh!”, he whispered, rumpling his hair, as he decided to go downstairs and do a short run.

Thirty minutes before 8, Shin Hye has awaken from her dream. A smile on her lips, her heart on her sleeves. “Good morning, Sunshine!”, she whispered, as she saw the light streaming down her curtain. She looked at her clock, willing for it to touch 8.

“Why is time ticking too slow when you want it to come in a heartbeat?”, she said pouting, worries lining her forehead.

Will he call?
He asked what time i will wake up.
Does that mean he will call?
Aisssh! Jinja!

She bit her lower lip, worried that last night was just a dream.

Tell me i was not dreaming.
It did happen, didn’t it?
Oppa, can you make that call now?
I really need to get in touch with reality

Shin Hye closed her eyes, laid there still, hoping to wake up in the continuation of her dream. She felt for her phone, looked at that screen, and willed her tears to stop from falling.

He said he would call….

She mumbled absentmindedly, wiping her tears from her eyes.

At that instant her eyes flew to her clock, and the second hand hit that 12, her phone rang, making her almost jump from her bed.

“Yeoboseyo?”, she said slowly, not minding to see who’s calling, her eyes not leaving the clock.

“Did i wake you up?”, his voice said carefully, melting the worry in her heart.

Shin Hye smiled, bit her lips, wipe that stray tear. Her heart jumping in joy when she heard that voice.

“Yeoboseyo?”, he said, gauging whether someone is on the other line; worried that the person on the other end somehow anticipated this call. Geun Suk bit his fingernail, scared that last night did not give him that clean slate he’s asking for. “Princess…”, he said, cautious on what to say next.

“You said you would call..”, he heard her say like a kid.

Geun Suk looked at his phone, checking whether he dialled the number correctly. He checked the time, confirming that he didn’t miss that eight o’clock.

How could it be? Not possible… simply not possible

The clog of his brain kept on turning as he willed his self to face the consequences of the impossibility of that time reaching it due without him knowing it.

He half opened his eye, having a peek at that clock, a silent prayer sent out, hoping to have not make the first, and hopefully would not be the biggest mistake of his life.

As he turned around and come face to face with his clock, he squinted his eyes, doing a double take, ensuring that it is indeed eight in the morning. He saw the second hand almost doing a round to 12, indicating that it’s merely a minute after eight.

It is still bright outside…. it is still morning, isn’t it?

He silently asked himself, as he pulled the curtain from his window.

Upon meeting that silence, Shin Hye’s heart did a drumroll, scolding herself for appearing too desperate.

This is not good. Shin Hye, this is not good. Hang up now… hang up now, while you still have time.

“Aisssh! Jinja!”, she said softly, pulling her hair, oblivious that someone is at the other end of that call.

“Yah! I did call, right?”, that guy swallowed, panicking at the sudden outburst of that girl.

“You said you would call!”, she said without break, then biting her lips tightly, knowing that this is not how she is expected to act.

“Shin Hye..”, confused, lost… Geun Suk didn’t know how he is expected to answer that one.

Shin Hye closed her eyes, silently pleading that this call would end without her making a disaster out of herself. She breathed in and out for a while, willing him to break the silence.

When he still did not say a word, she held her phone tightly, and in gritted teeth said, “Oppa, I need to go…”

“Did i do something wrong? Didn’t I do it right?” she heard the panic.. disappointment in his voice.

Shin Hye closed her eyes, knowing that he’s silently looking at nothing in particular now, hoping to hear another word from her.

“Oppa….”, Shin Hye said, not sure on how to proceed on this, hoping to calm her heart.

“Shin Hye…”, he said weakly, probably gauging whether there is a battle ahead that he has to prepare for.

Hearing that confused tone..
to fight or to yield
to push or to pause
to force or to slow down…

Knowing that they did want to start anew, Shin Hye breathe deeply and decided to tackle it the way that she knows.

She being herself..
and that guy being… that him.

Shin Hye smiled, then said, “You asked what time i would wake up”

“And you said, around eight o’clock”

“I though you would call…”, she stated shyly.

Geun Suk let out that breath that he didn’t know he’s holding. He smiled and answered, “And i thought i did”

“Around 8 o’clock”

“I don’t want to wake you up.”

“I was awake around 7.30”, she stated calmly.

“And i was before the break of dawn, hoping to pull the sun from his bed, and forced that clock to strike at eight”


“Were you waiting for my call?”, he asked, then immediately scolded himself for pushing his luck that far. When his question was met by silence… he tried to gear to another direction, preparing for that… “Mian…”

“You said you would call”, she softly answered, as if that would explain the sudden tantrums at the beginning of this call.

Bringing down his guard, Geun Suk smiled, then teasingly said, “I asked what time you would wake up. I didn’t remember telling you that i would call”.

“O.. guirae..”, she suddenly said, her voice a bit hard. “Mian… i thought i was talking to you last night. It might have been someone else. Can you hang up now? Someone might be waiting for that eight o’clock now”.

Geun Suk chuckles, and was surprised when he heard that busy tone on the other line.

“Jinja… Aisssh! Park Shin Hye!”, he said, frustrated, amused, scared.

And before his mind could think of something to say, his hand has made that decision to dial that number, while his sane self is having an argument with his crazy side.

“Aissh! Jinja! You’ll definitely drive me insane”, he said, whispering… not knowing that the line has been connected already.

“Are you talking to me?”, the voice on the other end said, cold.. without emotion.

“Yah!” he said, a bit irritated.

“Wae? I told you i was waiting for a call”, she said stubbornly.

“Stubborn.. stubborn.. indeed”, he said in clenched teeth.

“Would you mind hanging up now? I’m not in the mood to be scolded this early in the morning”, she said defiantly.

“Park Shin Hye, you’re making me crazy”, he said, biting his lips.

“Crazy mad? Good! Because you make me crazy frustrated, Oppa! Ooopps!”, she suddenly said, her eyes wide, her face red.

“Frustrated because you thought i won’t call?”, he said, his voice teasing her.

“I have something else to do. Annyeong!”, she quickly said, then hang up.

What was that! Jinja, Park Shin Hye, are you crazy!
This is not healthy.. this will not do any good.
Jinja, stop it now

She was in that battle with herself when her message ping sounded.

“You make me crazy….”


“Crazy impatient when that clock won’t strike eight in a heartbeat”

“Crazy frustrated when i couldn’t get a grasp of what is running in your head”

“Crazy disappointed with my crazy self when i’m blabbering crazy words and the words i planned to say are kept deep down this heavy heart..”

“And most of all.. you make me crazy in love, Princess. And I’d rather be crazy than sane if i would be allowed to have this crazy feeling with you”

Shin Hye’s eyes widened as she saw those messages. Her heart beating a thousand. Her fingers trembling.. her head doing a quick scan of words that can be said.

And after a minute or five, she was staring at her phone screen, the words jumping at her.

Nada… nothing… zero… no word. no space.
Only the cursor blinking at her, asking her to press the buttons.

Shin Hye carefully laid her phone on her bed.
Her eyes bugged out.
Her hand on her heart.

See.. see.. this is why it’s not healthy, Shin Hye.
First day… just that first day that you are talking to him, and here he is, rendering you speechless

Her other self said, but she can see her giggling on the words sent by that guy.

Is it possible? Is it simply possible?
Ani.. aniya.. cannot..
Breath in, Shin Hye..
Breathe out…

She was looking at her phone, when a message ping suddenly sounded.
Cautiously, she held it tightly, debating whether she could bring herself to another smile-shattering message.

Shin Hye covered her face with her hands,scolding herself for acting like a kid.

“You are a kid. Stop scolding yourself for acting like one.
I love you. I hope that’s no longer a news for you.

I love you.
I hope one day, you’ll find that you love me too…
Just like before… when you said that you did.
When you give me your heart, and i broke it into pieces.

Let me mend it. Let me put it together.
I need your heart to be whole… just like how i need you to put me back together.

I love you… have i said that already?

Rise and shine sleepyhead.
See you when i see you πŸ™‚ ”


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  1. sachasa says:

    After almost a year, it’s back…
    Mian.. this girl is really scared to continue this one.
    After almost a year of freestyle stories…don’t hate her for continuing it like this..

    She can simply put it down if you think it’s not in sync with the previous chapters.
    Will try to pen another one… (hope she still can) ^^

    Waiting for your comments,and let’s see how it will go from here πŸ˜€
    Kamsa to those who are still here, patiently waiting..

    To those who are lurking around, reading and re-reading stories, liking and posting comments, thank you! ^^

    ‘miss you all! πŸ˜€

  2. august says:

    Thank you sis the best ever. Im still your number 1 fan. Please continue writing and be impatient. Haha. I hope to see etude cf and yab days in this episodes.

  3. august says:

    Also sis i think ending on 11-11-11 would be best for this chance encounter. With finale on tokyo dome. Whahaha im going crazy. Chapter 39 still in 2007 righ t? I will wait for 2008 cf kiss etude. 2009 yab days.2010 japan taiwan fm. 2011 codes combine tokyo dome whahaha pleasse sis be more impatient than ever hahaha. Sis next chapter please first crazy date . And all whatever you may think as their first haha now that they already know they both like each other. Omg how about first movie date whahaha im getting crazy excited sis. Pali pali be impatient haha. Kamsa sis aja youre the best

  4. thanks…. you want to up date this story… i hope you want to write nest part…. i’m so happy…

  5. Arisu says:

    you are the best sis.i love your stories in all parts and read them again and again.please go on.we will wait for you.thanks for 4 recent update,God bless you πŸ™‚

  6. Rita Haryati says:

    Omg..omg….me and my freinds always wait…and wait you will contineu but here and now your write this chapter, i love it so much…
    Don worry sis’everything you write this story, i wil always reading….
    Just give you more suport to write again.nex chapter…
    And i will share to all my freinds…
    Love you sis sachasa….zikzin!!!!

  7. mimin says:

    Sachasa, yes I feel such a long time waiting this to be updated. Thank you sis. Keep it up, there is still long way to go until 2014. I will be patient sis. πŸ™‚ As August say, there are still more encounters to be written. πŸ™‚

  8. sachasa says:

    And almost all of us are here ^^
    Sis, we’re already in 2008… after the champ elysees rumour… just waiting for the dec etude house, aren’t we?
    And this stubborn soul is now officially confused! Are we in 2008 or 2007?

    • august says:

      sis, i have to read past chapter to get where the timeline is now hehehe chapter 34 is november 2008 champ elysees…. indeed we are awaiting for the december etude house cf… hahaha and their first christmas, first new year? hahahaha

      sis thanks again and please be impatient again ….i can’t wait for chapter 40 hahahaha


  9. august says:

    Sis you are right we are in 2008 hehe mr google confirmed. Before the chapter meet with kurt was 44th baeksang which was april 2008. Then champs rumor was yes 2008 . So dec 2008 was shooting of cf etude kiss which was realease jan 2009. Haha sis back in the timeline now pali pali be impatient haha

  10. august says:

    Sis can i request for a first date chapter please before the etude kiss? Haha sorry for many request im spazzing rofl. Movie date bowling date or whatever you may think as the first date im excited

  11. shinsukkie says:

    The song that Keun Suk just recently posted! Love this! Love all your updates!

  12. august says:

    Take care sis mwahh thanks again for updates. Im impatiently excited haha

  13. helen p eddy says:

    love your story so much… always waiting for your updates… thank you for writing again… you made our hearts jump with joy.. please dont get tired of writing cause your stories are really good!

  14. cha_shipper says:

    when I read keunshin story, I felt that it’s real. it’s touched. I love keunshin more, hoping.. hoping that they will be together always

  15. jgslvspsh says:


    another chapter of chance encounter. love it 5555. you said you’d call. 555

  16. martland says:

    Sachasa, miss you too sis ^^
    Mwo? How can I hate you for continuing this story? In fact, I thank you for that as I’ve waited for almost a year for this story. Don’t worry too much sis.. As you can see all the comments are positive. This is in sync with the previous chapters. I just didn’t get the timeline of the story before reading the comments πŸ™‚
    So, we’re almost there, huh? the famous lipstick cf that impresses shin hye so much? γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ (based on strong heart variety show)

    Anyway, I love this chapter ❀ I'm starting questioning myself, 'is there any chapter I dont like?' None.
    Shin Hye's so cute in this chapter. She's so young at that time and so in love.
    I'm curious on how she will react when she knows for the first time she will be paired with geun suk. I trust you for the storyline, Sachasa.
    Stay healthy and God bless!

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