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4* Confessions. Her Time.

on February 21, 2014

Right after the interview.. at that point when Heechul announced that it is time to pack up, everyone stood from their seats and started their way to the fan meeting.

“Shin Hye-yah, i can’t stay. I’ll meet you at your Mom’s later?”, JunHyung said, excusing himself.

Shin Hye gave him a guy-hug, smiling. “Arasseo. I’m expecting you to be there. If not.. you’ll see, ” she said half teasing, half threatening her friend.

“Arasseo. Will be there”

“Noona, we need to go. We’ll bring the whole FT Island later”, Jong Hoon said, grinning like a kid.

“Aisssh! Why won’t you stay and just ask those kids to come over later”.

“Noona, can’t do. They still need to rehearse some songs. If we’ll not appear in 30 minutes, they will definitely come running here”.

“Arasseo.. arasseo.. Don’t stress my dongsaeng too much, Jong Hoon-ah”.

“Ara.. noona”

“Hyung”, Jong Hoon said, turning to Hong Ki,

“Will you stop calling me, Hyung! It’s giving me goosebumps.”

“Yah! You’re older than me!”

“Five days! Five days! Punk!”, Hong Ki tried to be funny, once in a while throwing a glance at Shin Hye.

“Aissh! Hyung, kaja!”, Jong Hoon said, pulling Hong Ki with him.

“Choi Jong Hoon!”

‘Arasseo, Lee Hong Ki! Kaja!”

“You go ahead.”, he said, sitting down again at the couch.


“I’m staying”, Hong Ki said, smiling.

“tch!”, JunHyung smirked at one corner.

Hong Ki threw him a dagger look, mouthing ” Do you want to die?”

“Yah! Wae? Jae jin and the rest will be looking for you!”

“Tell them, my chingu needs my moral support here”, Hong Ki said grinning at Shin Hye.

“Aisssh!”, Jong Hoon snickered, throwing the pillow at Hong Ki.

“I didn’t know he has a friend here”, Shin Hye said, asking Jong Hoon.

“Yah! Chingu!”, Hong Ki said, pouting.

“Are you talking to me?”, Shin Hye said asking him.

“Yah!”, Hong Ki immediately stood from his seat.

The rest were laughing at their childishness, shaking their heads.

“Geun Suk?”, Hee Chul said, carrying his things.

“You’re also leaving, Oppa?”, Shin Hye said looking at then both.

“Oppa.. HeeChul.. or Oppa Geun Suk?”, HeeChul said, teasing her.

Shin Hye looked at them both, then said.., “both of you?”

“Hong Ki is staying. I’d rather leave”. HeeChul said, grinning.

“Aisssh! Are you making my chingu choose?”,Hong Ki said, challenging HeeChul.

“Don’t you want to leave first, Lee Hong Ki?”, Shin Hye said, looking at him.

“Yah!”, Hong Ki said, stomping his foot.

“Wae?”, Shin Hye said, her chin tilted.

“You’re not funny”, Hong Ki said, narrowing his eyes.

“I’m not trying to be funny..”, Shin Hye said, deadpan.

“Yah! Enough!”, Geun Suk said, mediating between them. He went to Shin Hye, holding her by the waist then kissing her cheeks. “Need to meet Kurt. I’ll see you later?”

“Oh…?”, Shin Hye said, disappointed that he won’t be staying.

“We have recording today. I told you,right?”, Geun Suk said, looking her in the eyes.

“Oh..”, Shin Hye said, trying to hide her hurt.

“Yah! What’s that “oh!”, Geun Suk said, tilting her chin. “I’ll meet you later, arasseo”

“Arasseo…”, Shin Hye said, pouting.

“Don’t worry chingu. I’m still here”, Hong Ki said, volunteering himself.

“Don’t you have anywhere to go?”, Shin Hye hissed, looking at him.

“Yah! Yah!”, Geun Suk said, trying to calm her down. “Park Shin Hye….”, he said, meeting her eyes.

Shin Hye looked at Geun Suk, then at Hong Ki. “I need to go upstairs”, she said, sulking.

Geun Suk shook his head, then looked at Hong Ki. “She’ll forget about it later. Are you really staying?”, he asked, worried of his friend.

Hong Ki followed Shin Hye’s retreating back, shook his head, smiling,then said, “Yup. I need to make friends with my chingu”.

“Tch! Let’s see what will Shin Hye make you to do so you’ll be friends with her again”, HeeChul said, grinning.

“Yah! Don’t you have schedule to catch, Hyung? Ka!”, he said, irritated.

“Ha ha ha. Park Shin Hye is getting to Lee Hong Ki’s nerves”

“Yah!”, Hong Ki said, leaving them both, following his chingu.

“Ha ha ha”, HeeChul laughed, shaking his head.

Geun Suk shook his head as well, then shouted, “We’re going. Hoping to still see you both alive later. Princess… Love you!”

“Nado, Oppa!”, was heard, shouted back.

Inside the waiting room…

“Are you going to sing?”, Hong Ki asked, sitting at the couch behind Shin Hye’s mirror.

Shin Hye looked at him, then continued with what she’s doing.

“Are you really ignoring me, Avant-Hye?”


“Aisssh! I really don’t know how Hyung can stand this girl?”, he whispered in a voice Shin Hye can hear.

Shin Hye looked at him, then shook her head.

“Jinja.. Go Mi Nam?”


“Shin Hye-yah”, Hong Ki stood from his seat, pouting. “You’re really not going to talk to me, are you? Mian…”, he said, then slowly exiting the door.

“Aisssh! Will you not really give me time to eat my pride? Jinja!”

Hong Ki jumped from the door and ran towards his chingu. “I thought you really got mad, eh”, he said, hugging his friend.


“Hm.. not really. But i don’t have much time to play with you on being mad”, he said, releasing Shin Hye.

“You do know that if Geun Suk Oppa saw what you just did, your head will definitely roll, right?”

“Hyung will not do that to me. I’m your number 1 GeunShin, remember?”

“Really? I thought you’re from the other camp.”

“Aisssh! Do you want Hyung to skin me alive! Chingu…”

“Wae?”, Shin Hye said, looking at Hong Ki, while they’re seated on the couch.


“Eh? Wae?”


Shin Hye smiled, rested her head on Hong Ki’s shoulder,while Hong Ki was simply playing with her hair.

“Hm?”, he prodded her to answer.

“Deh.. Wae?”

“tch! Hyung is just like that…”

“Ha ha ha”, Shin Hye suddenly burst into laughter.

“Wae?”,Hong Ki said, shaking his head.

“I miss you,chingu!”


“Hm….”, Shin Hye remained silent for a while Hong Ki was just waiting for her to continue. “I’m scared…”


“Earlier… in that room.. that’s the first time that he wanted out. I mean…. we had our fights before.. he’ll make me really mad, but never did he say that he wants to take the pass”


“I got scared. He said, it’s not healthy anymore. That he didn’t like what’s becoming of us…”

“Mian…”, he whispered, not looking at her.

Shin Hye smiled, nodded her head. “i overreacted”

“i noticed”, Hong Ki said, grinning.

“Yah!”, Shin Hye said,slapping his shoulder.



“You’re overreacting these past few days…”

“Hm…”, Shin Hye answered, biting her lips.

“Wae?”, Hong Ki said, having an idea what it is that is playing in her head. “He loves you, you know right?”

“Hm..”,she said nodding.

“I can become too mushy here, describing what i see and what i know about Hyung whenever it is related to you… but i don’t need to do that, because you do know, right?”

“It won’t hurt to try, Hong Star”, Shin Hye said, smiling.

“Then, why?”


“What’s that “but” for?”

“I’m turning 25…”, Shin Hye said, a bit embarrassed.


“We’ve been seeing each other for like eternity. We’re beginning to become too busy. I can no longer stay and wait for him at night because of schedule. And he’s still too busy on his commitments…”


“We don’t have that much of time…”

“Much of time…”

“To spend together. When Oppa is not busy and he has time.. i can no longer be there for him”

“But he will still find a way to spend it with you, right?”

“Hm…. but.. it’s not like before.. when i’m a bit free. I mean.. people won’t notice me sneaking every now and then.. He can’t do that…

“Tch! If you only know…”



“Yah!”, Shin Hye said, looking at him sharply.



“Don’t make me say something that will put my life on the line, Chingu,.. hm?”, Hong Ki said, pleading with her.

“Aisssh! Arasseo…”

“As you were saying…”, Hong Ki said.. asking her to continue.

“We don’t have time. And we’re running out of time”

Hong Ki smiled, shaking his head.

‘Yah! Are you laughing at me?”

“Aniya.. aniya.. Continue”

“Two things.. Hong Star.. only two things”


“I don’t want to say it… because i’m afraid it will come true.”

Hong Ki sat up straight, and looked at his Chingu.

“We’re nearing the end…” Shin Hye said, confused.. bothered.. scared..

“Mwo?”, he asked, surprised.

“i don’t know. But i can feel it, Hong Star. If I will continue to be this busy… i think.. Oppa will get tired of waiting…”

“Did you ever get tired of waiting for him?”

“Ani… never…”


“I don’t know.. Everytime i can call him.. i always try to call him. I’m afraid he will call us off without me spending much time with him. I don’t think i can even imagine that…Hong Star.. jinja… i think… Oppa, will get tired of waiting. He’ll get bored. And…”


“And just because he felt burdened of our parent’s expectations, he’s trying to stick with me … for a while. And then…”

“And then..?”, Hong ki swallowed, as if listening to the unfolding of the scariest story ever told.

“and then.. he will ask me to marry him?”


“He knows, i still don’t want to… so, he will ask me. If i said no, he has a reason to leave me.. Woah! Hong Star, i think i’m getting crazy…”

“getting crazy?!? You are already crazy Park Shin Hye.. jinja.. Aisssh!”

“But i have a confession to make…”

Hong Ki’s eyes widened, looking directly at Shin Hye.\

“If Oppa did ask me to marry him… i might give him that heart attack he’s asking for.”


“I’m afraid i’ll say yes?”, she said, biting her lips.

“Eh! I thought you’re not yet ready?”, Hong Ki said, taking a drink from his cup.

“I’m not..”

“Eh, wae?”

“He might be looking for an out if he asked that question…. but that would be my way to…”


“to… trap him. “, Shin Hye said, covering her face.

Hong Ki almost died of laughing at her friend’s way of thinking. “Jinja, Park Shin Hye?”

“Don’t laugh!”


“Eottoke? I love him, Hong Star.. more than he thought i do”


11 responses to “4* Confessions. Her Time.

  1. GeunShin says:

    Aaaaaah loving it Sashasa !
    Thank you so much for updating, I’ve loved all the recent ones as much as the olders.
    And woow, where did you stop ?? I can’t wait for the next part !!! The conversation with Hong Ki was too cuuuute and I can’t wait to see what happens when she will confront Geun Suk ! Thanks again 🙂

  2. sanplawer says:

    Thank u so much Sachasa … I love it to pieces … Its our long time wish … I hope u can update ever after and chance encounter … God bless

  3. mimin says:

    Sachasa, thank you. 🙂
    I wish you update more often. I feel like the story is just not finished yet.

  4. thank u….. i love this story….. please….. i hope you can up date encounter and next part this story….

  5. sukhye_4eva says:

    Thanks a millions sacha…a great day since last week with your update. I think suk didnt go & overheard hye & hongki conversation..hahahha..so sweet

  6. shinsukkie says:

    Daebak! Again.. her time.. this time it is her.. love it! ♥

  7. jgslvspsh says:

    what a twist!! 😄😄😄😄

    brilliantly written. please be more impatient sacha, thank you for pouring their story in to beautiful words.

  8. martland says:

    Sachasa, your impatient mode has taken over, huh? ㅋㅋㅋ I love it!
    This is such a cute story. I always love it whenever hong ki involves in it 😉
    My favorite part is when shin hye covers her face while saying marrying geun suk would be her way to trap him. LOL!! I laugh together with hong star

  9. Rita Haryati says:

    Omo…omo….its realy fast update…but still daebaak story!!
    I can imagine this story.., how hye realy2 nerveous to answer that question…
    And many2 thanks to you sis sacsha always write story of geunshin..
    Please2 more update..am always big fans of you >_<

  10. keunshin forever says:

    soo cute!! psh..say yes to trap him..haha!lol…
    .nice sachasa..love you story so much..

  11. Sje Lucky says:

    Keep writing about GeunShin Sachasa, I always read and re read ll your stories. Thanks.

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