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3* This Time, Again

on February 20, 2014

“Heechul is Coming will start to roll. Yeorubun, if you have anywhere else to go… Ka!” Heechul said, shooing those guys away from that room.

“Not a chance Hyung!’, Geun Suk said, securing the front seat, Nori and Bongji on his lap.

“Afraid that i would divulge your secret escapades, Pretty Boy!”, Heechul said, trying to get a reaction from Shin Hye.

“Aisssh! Why don’t you just bury me alive, Hyung! After the incident earlier, you would still choose to break us apart”, Geun Suk said, his hand holding his heart.

“You’re such a drama queen”, Heechul hissed, shaking his head.

“Oppa, after all of those fights, you mean… i still haven’t known all?”, Shin Hye said, feigning confusion.

“Ha ha ha! Hyung, i think we should take a walk outside, plan an excuse, so by the time this interview is over, we can save your head”, Hong Ki said, laughing at his Hyung.

“Aisssh! I don’t need to save my head, Hong Ki. I need to save my heart”

“Eeewww! Jinja… Hyung.. Aisssh!”, Hong Ki said, pretending to throw up.

Shin Hye smiled, her eyes twinkling as he saw Geun Suk winking at her.

“Jinja… what are you? 14? 15?”, Heechul said, goosebumps forming on his arms.

“Hyung, don’t you think there’s something wrong with them. One minute, they’re fighting. The next one, they’re too mushy. Woah! Is this for real?”

“Are they for real?”, JunHyung said, smiling.

“Woah! I want something like that!”, Jong Hoon said, swooning at those two.

“Yah! Are you a girl? I will disown you, Jong Hoon.”, Hong Ki said, knocking that guy on the head again.

“Everyone.. quiet down a bit. If you all want to go and eat Jangmonim’s…”, Heechul paused, smiling at Geun Suk. “I mean that guy’s Jangmonim’s cooking, we better start now”

“Arasseo.. arasseo…”, everyone settled down, staying at the background, willing this interview to end in a heartbeat.

Heechul: How are you these days? (Heechul asked, smiling… hiding behind his scripts)

“Hyung, can we do it seriously? Jinja.. i want to eat!”, Jong Hoon said, eyeing his sunbae.

“Yah! Kid, who’s older here”. Heechul said, smirking. “And besides, this is my show!”

“Hyung, column.. not show!”, HongKi said, shaking his head.’

“Aishhh! Do all of you really want to stay here? It’s my call, you know..”, Heechul said, grinning.

“Aisssh! Jinja!”, Geun Suk said, throwing him a pillow.

“The door is open, Sukkie”, Heechul said, teasing him.

“Hyung.. our lips are sealed. Carry on..”, JunHyung said, sitting quietly at the corner.

“Can i answer now, Oppa?”, Shin Hye said, shaking her head. “Jinja, this is the craziest interview that i had so far!”

“Should i write that down?”, Heechul asked, pen on his hand.

“Aissh!”, Shin Hye said, rumpling her hair. “Jinja, Dude, do we really need to do this?”

“Jinja, Dude… Act like a lady,will you? There will be some photos later.”

Shin Hye narrowed her eyes, blew some air into her hair, then smiled mischievously.

“You know, you don’t need to do this, Shin Hye. Let that punk find someone else”, Geun Suk said, smiling.

“jinja! Are you going to leave me hanging here?”, Heechul said, a bit hurt.

Shin Hye smiled and bumped her shoulder to him. “Arasseo, Dude.. Mianhae.. Can you be not a bit bossy? I’m not used to it, eh?”

“Your answer, Shin Hye…”, Heechul said with raised eyebrows, his pen tapping the table.

“Jinja!”, Shin Hye said, pouting at him.

PSH: Shin Hye smiled… and in gritted teeth, answer his question After finishing the Heirs, I live in bliss every single day. I went overseas and won 3 awards at the SBS Drama Awards. I received the Excellence in Acting award, Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity award and the Best Couple award.

” Oh! and all of them are with Lee Min Ho-ssi”, Heechul said, grinning.

Shin Hye stepped on his foot, smiled, then said,

“Yes! And I had a photoshoot with JGS oppa in China.”


Heechul: So, how did we get close?

PSH: When I was filming a drama with Hongki, I heard a lot about oppa.

“Tch! Hong Ki!”, Geun Suk whispered, grinning”

“So, should i say, Yong hwa-yah?”, Shin Hye said, grinning at him.

“Jinja.. Yong Hwa Hyung is old news”, Hong Ki said, shaking his head. “I am really dying to eat already. Can we do this fast?”, he said, throwing daggers at those two.

“And the official chaperone is officially pissed off”, HeeChul said, shaking his head.

Heechul: Geun Suk? he said, winking at Sukkie.

“Jinja! Punk!”, Geun Suk said, throwing peanut at him.

“Wae? I didn’t know Hong Ki before.”, Heechul said, thinking.

“Aisssh! Hyung, we went out with you before… Remember.. FT Island… this guy.. that girl.. one bar… one night.. remember?”, Hong Ki said, scratching his head.

“Oh.. Jinja? Oh.. that night… Tiffany… Jessica.. Si Won…that night?”, HeeChul said, teasing Geun Suk.

“Hyung, continue…”, Geun Suk said, looking at him.

“Jinja.. Dude, can we finish this one before my birthday?”, Shin Hye said, shoveling those food in her mouth.

“Jinja… can you slow down on food?”, Heechul said, moving the plate away from her.

cont…The friends you have are all rather similar to me. If you want to befriend someone like me, you need to be extra careful. Perhaps you could even get into trouble hahahahaha.

Hee Chul paused, then looked at Geun Suk. “Am i talking about me.. or about you?”

“Jinja.. Oppa, the BTS of this interview is double than the actual work. I want to eat…”, Shin Hye said, complaining.

“Yah! Hyung,can you give her back that plate? Princess, what do you want? Ice cream? Coffee?”, Geun Suk said, standing from his seat, giving Shin Hye some nuts.

“Tch! Don’t fall for that, Shin Hye. This guy here’s main goal at this point is to make you as big as he can, so no other guy can look your way”

“Aisssh! As if… Shin Hye was like a pig in Mina…mi”, Hong Ki swallowed, chewing his lips. “Mian…”, he said, smiling at Shin Hye.

“Do you want to die?”, Shin Hye said, throwing daggers at Hong Ki.

Then smiled at Hee Chul, answering his question.

PSH: I won’t get into trouble. Recently, with the proliferation of SNS, news get around really fast. I went bowling some time ago, and within a short time the news spread over SNS.

Heechul: There were photos?

PSH: Not everyone took photos. Some post messages such as “Where did you go? What did you do?” And the news went out really fast.

“Lucky, they didn’t follow you in Sri Panwa..”, Geun Suk whispered, smiling.

“Were you saying something, Oppa?”, Shin Hye said, her eyes narrowing at him.

Heechul: That’s really tough.
especially having this guy.. ehem ehem..
Let me teach you how to prevent news from spreading. It’s a method I employ. Every time I discover that someone has been taking photos, I’ll beat the person to it and upload photos for fans to see, with updates on who I am with and what I am doing…

PSH: That sounds like a pretty good plan.

“That’s definitely a better plan.. compared to someone who’s hiding girls behind a giant beer mug…”, HeeChul said, looking at Geun Suk.

“A girl… only one…”, Geun Suk said, smiling.

“Or, someone celebrating Suni’s bday, and having that someone sing a birthday song, forgetting that Stars knew exactly that girl’s laughter”

“Aisssh! I’m just a kid, Hyung”

“You’re simply in love! Aisssh! Eeew!”


Heechul: So what kind of guy does Shinhye like? Take for instance, among the members of Super Junior, Siwon is the kind who always helps the girl pull her chair and ask the girl for her opinion when ordering good. “Waiter…” “Shinhye-si, what do you want to eat?” While driving, “How’s today? What do you want to do tomorrow?” So do you prefer a gentlemanly guy like him or an impolite guy like oppa who straightaway calls for kimchi after entering a restaurant, without asking?

“Is it Kimchi, Hyung, or beer?” Jong Hoon said, grinning.

“With that girl… americano and cheesecake.. no question’s asked”, Hong Ki said, looking at Geun Suk.

“How about with other girls, Hong Star?”, Shin Hye said, looking directly at him.

“Eh?”, Hong Ki said, confused.

“You said, ‘with that girl’. I supposed i am ‘that girl’. How about with others? What does he usually order?”, Shin Hye said, about to launch a war.

“Yah! You know what i mean, Chingu. Do you want to see my head roll down the floor. Jinja!”, Hong Ki whispered, narrowing his eyes at her.

Shin Hye smiled, then answered

PSH: I like someone in between.

Heechul: There is no middle. Only a complete gentleman or someone like me.

PSH: I like someone who can lead me. Usually a lot of couples quarrel because guys don’t come prepared, and ask girls “what should we do today?”

Heechul: But if a guy always says “let’s do this, let’s do that”, the girl would think that her oppa does not care about her feelings. So Shinhye likes dominating guys, those with “leadership” charisma?

PSH: Because I feel that the other party takes special care of me, and that’s what i like. Minus the being unreasonable.. possessive.. jealous… oh,.. did i mention unreasonable?

“I heard you, loud and clear”, Geun Suk said, smiling. “But you definitely like the unreasonable me!”.


Heechul: There are a lot of mushy scenes in the Heirs. How did you act them out?

“Skip…”, Geun Suk said, playing with his ring.

Shin Hye looked at Geun Suk, then shook her head.

PSH: When I first saw the script, I also felt that it was very mushy and did not know how to play it out. I found the scenes really funny initially. As there were a lot of sweet and touching scenes, we had a lot of NGs. But as time goes by, it became more natural. The interactions with Kim Tan as well. It was very awkward at the start, but it became more natural towards the end as we get more familiar.

“Hyung, there were a lot of sweet and touching scenes, and they had a lot of NGs.. Imagine.. doing Minami BTS… but Min Ho-ssi is the guy.. not Hwang Tae Kyung”, JunHyung said, whispering at Geun Suk.

“Yah! You’re such a Beast!”, Hong Ki said, asking that guy to stop.

“Kamsa…” Shin Hye mouthed at her chingu.

Grinning, Hong Ki continued, “Jinja… Imagine Hyung those nights when you will take advantage of that girl. Imagine Kim Tan doing that to our…. i mean… your Shin Hye”

“Aisssh! Hong Star!”, Shin Hye said, throwing him a pillow.

Heechul: You had many scenes with LMH and KWB in the Heirs. Which one of them is a better boyfriend? But it seems like you’ve encountered a lot of questions like that so I’ll let you choose between Ha Neul and Min Hyuk instead. So which of the two is the type you like?

PSH: Should be Min Hyuk. He’s the kind who can joke around, is cute, and takes care of people.

“She chose CN Blue, Hyung!”

“Lee Hong Ki!”

“Hyung, she’s talking to you”, Jong Hoon said, smiling.


Heechul: Next question. When filming, who did you converse with more, LMH or KWB?

PSH: I chatted a lot with both of them. Minho oppa is very gentlemanly. How should I put it… Minho oppa is very manly and motivated. He is very gentlemanly not just to girls, but to everyone. Regardless of who it is, as long as someone is carrying heavy things, he’ll always go forward and help. There was one time, a staff was carrying a heavy load and could not open the door, so he went forward to open the door for him.

“Hyung, she was asked about Min Ho-ssi and Woo Bin-ssi, and she only answered about Min Ho-ssi. It might not mean a thing. I’m just saying..”, Hong Ki said, grinning.

“Lee Hong Ki, one more time, and you will be without the #1 Pri. I’m serious!”

“Yah! Hyung! Stop!”, Jong Hoon said, pouting at Hong Ki.

Heechul: I’ve met a same situation before, but then I was so shy and awkward I just kicked the door (to open it for someone) and ran way.

PSH: Wow, that’s so Youngdo-like.

Heechol: That’s because I had an earlier experience that I just kicked the door (not intending to open it for others), and then a staff told me ‘Thank you’. I felt awkward so I ran away also.So, how’s KWB like in terms of personality?

PSH: Woobin is a good person. His thoughts and views stand properly. The more I got to meet him, I got to think that ‘He is a well-bred person’.

“Oh.. so…”,Hong Ki was about to say something, when Shin Hye threw him a side glance.


Heechul: Oh yes, do you know why I want to move on to other topics? Actually I don’t wish to discuss too extensively on the Heirs, since you’ve probably had a lot of interviews regarding the Heirs after the drama ended?

PSH: Those are good topics. Actually I hardly chat about these things. All the questions are about comparing with Cha Eun Sang, or how I perceive Young Do or Kim Tan.

“Should i ask about Go Mi Nam and Hwang Tae Kyung?”, Heechul said, smiling at Geun Suk.

Heechul: If that’s the case, I shall ask you something new… How’s Rachel? Is she pretty?

PSH: I planned to meet up with her today over meal, but she has caught a flu.

Heechul: You are supposed to have a meal with her today? (…)
” and here i am thinking that you planned to meet us today”

“Yah! Oppa… i was supposed to bring her and introduce her with all of you”

“Oh… so can we bring girls now in Chocoballs meet up?”, Jun Hyung said, smiling.

“I think we will be mistaken as gays since Chocoballs officially announced the Star Chapter”, Jong Hoon said, shaking his head.

“Jinja, chingu… can the ban be guy-specific, not by group?”

“Are you talking to me, CHINGU?”, Shin Hye asked, not smiling.

“Yah! Shin Hye-ssi…”

Cr: kayleecorner.tumblr.com for Heechul’s interview


7 responses to “3* This Time, Again

  1. Velia says:

    Chocobal with Shin Hye!! Waaaa.., happy for this back to back update… Hope you’ll give us more tomorrow;)

  2. sanplawer says:

    Thank u so much Sachasa … More update please …

  3. mimin says:

    Thank you Sachasa for quick update. 🙂
    I wish next story won’t be too long.

  4. jgslvspsh says:

    love live love indefinitely in live with your impatient mode 😍😍😍😍😍. such a hilarious story 😀😀😀😀😀.

    pls keep them coming.

    thank you so so much.

  5. martland says:

    The impatient mode’s back! ㅋㅋㅋ
    I really thank you for this story and the interview translation. I’ve searched for the whole interview translation but can’t find the complete one. They cut the translation everytime Shin Hye mentions Geun Suk’s name in other translations I’ve read before >_<

    Anyway, heechul seems to be the new chaperon now 😉

  6. shinsukkie says:

    Weee!!! Daebak!!! Back to back to back! I love this.. having all the Chocoball members (well, at least most of them) during the interview which I actually imagined… haha!

    I agree with Sis Martland.. Heenim seems to be the chaperon these days.. with Hongki and Junhyung. The BEAST and SUPERJUNIOR plus FTIsland.. is just heaven.. hahaha! 😉

  7. Rita Haryati says:

    Wow….super fast update…and same with sis martland cos we are gsunshin freinds,.
    And yes we try to find a full translate but cant find coz the other camp cut the full interview..
    And this you bring the full interview, plus with the chocoball gank.
    I cant say anything again….you make my day happy. Sis sachasa>·<

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