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2* That Day. This Year.

on February 20, 2014


“Are you ready?”, he asked that girl seated in front of him.

“Ready when you are!”, she said, kissing Nori, setting it down the floor.

“Woah! I am really getting nervous. Dude, my hands are sweating. Look!”, that guy said, beads of sweat trailing down his forehead.

“Hyung, can you just start so we can finish early here. The guy with those dogs is already throwing daggers at you”, that vocalist says, throwing peanut at his chingu’s direction. “Yah, chingu, you look like a girl today”, he said, playing with that girl.

“Jinja”, that girl said, combing her hair with her hands.

“Aisssh! You let him baby those dogs. This time is mine”, that guy said, smirking.

That guy with those dogs stood from the couch, going straight to that girl’s direction. “Kwaenchana?”, he asked, holding that girl in her face, kissing her at the forehead.

The girl creased her eyebrows, questioning that guy’s recent need for contact.

“Wae?”, the guy said, holding her chin.

“Wae?”, the girl asked, smiling… confused.

“Wae, Hyung?”, the vocalist asked, shaking his head.

“Noona, Heirs will be shown in Japan! Woah! Lee Min Ho-ssi…”, that lead guitarist stopped, swallowing his tongue as he saw his Hyung’s fierce eyes on him.

“There.. there chingu. Do you still need to ask something?”, the vocalist said, raising his eyebrows.

“Shin Hye-ssi, you’re getting prettier and prettier”, that Beast said, winking at that girl.

“Yah!”, Geun Suk hissed, chewing the inner side of his cheeks.

“Yah!”, Shin Hye said, pulling him by the shirt.

“Remind me again why you’re here”, that guy sitting opposite the girl, Hee Chul said, nodding at JunHyung, “and tell me again how you become a member”, he said, smirking at Jong Hoon.

“Ah! Chocoball Stars,why do we have a meeting here? Will there be a new recruit? Aigoo, Jang Geun Suk, who is it this time? Kim Soo Hyun?”

“Oh! I received an SMS from Soo Hyun Oppa….”, she said slowly, biting her lips when she sensed Geun Suk’s eyes narrowing at her.

“I deleted his number from your phone, right?”

“Oh…”, she said, biting her lower lip.

“Oh?”, he asked, his eyes focused on her.

“O…. Oppa, messaged me. I asked who he is. Woah! Oppa, do you know how embarrassing it is to ask someone who he is when he sent you a congratulatory message?”, she asked, trying to divert the topic.

“Tch! He’s not supposed to message you?”

“Wae-yo?”, she asked, pouting.

“Yah! Go Mi Nam! I cannot imagine you pausing like a sexy goddess….”, Hong Ki slowed down, his eyes shifted to Geun Suk.

“Yah, Hyung, what I mean is my chingu is still my chingu. How they were able to package her like that is outside the limit of my knowledge”

“Packaged like what?”, Geun Suk asked, pissed.

“Yah, Oppa! Enough!”, she said, holding his face.

“Hyung, what Hong Ki meant is that Shin Hye-ssi is no longer that clumsy Go Mi Nam on tv. She’s now grown up. Most of the….”

Geun Suk’s eyes shifted to JunHyung, challenging him to continue his sentence.

“Hyung, Noona’s image on some pictorials might be a bit sexy..”, Jong Hoon said slowly, “but the moment they tried to remove her from those spreads and talk to her, she’s still our Shin Hye”

“Our Shin Hye?”, Geun Suk said, shaking his head.

“Your Shin Hye… your Shin Hye, Hyung…” Jong Hoon said, smiling.

“Oppa….” Shin Hye called his attention, her eyes looking for his.

“Wae?”, he asked, softly.

Shin Hye shook her head and smiled softly.

“Mian…”, he whispered, kissing her temple.

“Ehem… ehem….”, Hee Chul interrupted, getting their attention. “So if it’s not Kim Soo Hyun… “

“Seung Gi Hyung is out of the competition…”, JunHyung said, smiling.

And before Geun Suk was able to fire something on that guy, Shin Hye smiled, saying something like, “You didn’t fight better. He won her over”, she said, nudging him by the shoulder.

Geun Suk’s eyes flew immediately to that girl, his face irritated. “Again?”, he said, raising his eyebrows.

Shin Hye smiled and added drily, ”You should have fought better. I gave you the out”, she said teasing him.

“Do you really want to discuss this again?”, he said, angered.

“Oppa, that was a joke.. a joke…”, Shin Hye said smiling.

“Am I laughing? Do you see me laughing, Park Shin Hye?”, he asked, holding her face.

“Mian…”, she said, lowering her head.

“Woah! Hyung, are we filming something here? It’s like watching a rom-com, unfolding naturally in front of our eyes. Where’s the popcorn?”, Hong Ki said, shaking his head.

“Lee Seung Gi is out. He took our symbol of deer…” Hee Chul said, shaking his head.

“How about Kim Tan?”, Jong Hoon asked, oblivious of the tension seething on that guy.

“Yah! Jong Hun!”, Shin Hye said, stopping him.

“Do I need to invite him, Princess?”

“You’re back to Princess, chingu. Something’s wrong…”, Hong Ki said, shaking his head.

“Really, Mr. Jang, where are you getting these things?”, Hee Chul said, smirking.

“I returned her Min Young-ssi.”

“Yah! They’re no longer together”

“Not my fault”, Geun Suk said, shrugging his shoulders.

“No one’s saying it’s your fault, punk!”

“But, why is she getting my girl?”

“She’s not your girl….?”, Jong Hoon said, and then, slowed down when all eyes are on him.

Hong Ki knocked him on his head, saying “ Where have you been, hm? That’s a finished business. She’s his girl now. He can call her that”

“Jinja?”, Jong Hoon said, smiling. “Mian… carry on. Hyung.. continue”


“No one’s getting your girl”, Hee Chul said, assuring him.

“I am here. Don’t talk as if I am somewhere else”, Shin Hye said, shaking his head.

“Are you?”, he asked, a bit irritated.


“Are you here? You’ve been sending messages every now and then. Why don’t you just excuse yourself and answer that call which you keep on cancelling”

“Are you trying to say something, Oppa?”, Shin Hye said, standing from her seat.

“Nothing. I’m just giving you a pass”

“Am I asking for it?”

“I don’t know….”

“You don’t know?”, Shin Hye said, her voice a bit loud.

“Hyung…” Hong Ki said, getting nervous.

“Yeah… I might need that pass”, Shin Hye said, about to walk away, but Geun Suk held her arm immediately.

“Chingu…”, Hong Ki said, a bit confused on the sudden turn of event.

“Everybody out… out”, Geun Suk said, looking at Shin Hye.

“Yah!”, Hong ki said, his eyes flying from Geun Suk to Shin Hye.

Hee Chul looked at the two of them, and then, stood from his seat…”Kids, out… out… “

“Yah!” Hong Ki said, pleading the two.

“Out, Hong Ki”, Hee Chul said, pulling him out of that room.

When all has left the room, that guy and that girl were standing there still. No one dared to move. No one dared to say a thing.

The stillness of the night was broken by Shin Hye’s message ping.
Geun Suk took her phone at the same time that Shin Hye was about to get it.

Seeing her reflex, Geun Suk raised his hands in surrender.

“Why are you like this?” she asked, her eyes focused on the phone left on the table.

“Why? Are you getting tired of this me?”, he said, in gritted teeth.

“Oppa, this is not funny anymore”

“So… say the word, Princess”

“Oppa… please…”

“Just say it….”

‘Yah!”, she said, her voice a bit loud.

Geun Suk shook his head, his eyes on the floor.

“You promised me, Oppa. You promised me!”, she said, on the verge of crying.

“I’m losing my sanity, Princess. This is not healthy anymore.”

“What did I do, Oppa? Wae?”, she said, her tears flowing down her cheeks.

“I don’t like this me. I don’t like this you that I see whenever I’m this me”

“Then, don’t be like this, Oppa! Oppa….”

“I can’t!”, he said, about to walk away.

“If you want out, just say it!”, she said, her voice breaking.

“Mwo?”, he whispered, his head turning to face her. “Mwo?”

“If you’re getting tired of this… just say it. No need to say all of those bull, Oppa. Am I getting in your way? You found someone? Tell me!”, she said, her feet stomping.

The door automatically opened, Hong Ki running directly inside.

“Yah!” he said, his eyes on Shin Hye’s tear-stained face.

“Hong Star…”, Shin Hye said, resigning on the floor.

“Chinggu…”, Hong Ki said, about to run to his chingu’s rescue.

“Hong Ki, out!”


“Out!”, Geun Suk said, in gritted teeth.

“Hyung… don’t….”

“Do you really think I will hurt this girl?”he asked, his eyes not leaving that girl.

Hong Ki nodded his head, and slowly walked outside of the room.

Shin Hye was sobbing, her form that of a kid who has given up everything.

Geun Suk crouched beside her, breathing heavily.

“Mian…” he whispered.

“Why do you always do this, Oppa?”


“Did I do something?”


“Do you want out?”, she asked, her eyes searching his.

“My Little Girl. My Princess. Maybe.. they’re right…”


Geun Suk smiled, wiping the tears on her cheeks. “No matter how they paint you… you’re still my girl”

“I am always your girl”

Geun Suk smiled, shaking his head. “Mian…”


“For losing confidence on myself…”


“for losing confidence on you…”


“for losing confidence on us…”

Shin Hye smiled, held his hand on her face and whispered,
“Saranghae, Oppa…”

“I love you more…”

They were seated on the floor, when the door slowly opened, Hong Ki’s head at the tiny opening, gauging the situation. The guy smiled, looking at his friends… when suddenly, he remembered something.

“Hyung, you buy something?”

“Mwo?”, he asked his head turning to Hong Ki.

“I received a package. It says for Shin Hye…. but….” Hong Ki said, a bit confused.


“I don’t know… I’m not so sure… but, I think it’s yours… I don’t know”


Hong Ki opened the door, and with him a package that appears to be a skateboard.

Shin Hye’s eyes widened, her hand on her mouth, surprised.

Geun Suk eyed the piece, then slowly turned to look at that girl.

“Yes, Go Mi Nam?”

Shin Hye looked at her phone and smiled mischievously at Geun Suk and whispered, “I was supposed to ask them to deliver at home, but you distracted me…”




“I want to try.. I want to do.. I can do it. I know I can. The routine that you’re doing last time is quite sim…ple”





“You won’t allow me to try!”, She said, stomping her feet.

“I told you it’s dangerous”


Hong Ki shook his head, smiling.
He slowly.. quietly exited the room, sighing contently.

That guy… with that girl…
That girl…. with that guy…
They’re simply … them…

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10 responses to “2* That Day. This Year.

  1. sanplawer says:

    Thank u so much Sachasa … I missed u so much … I missed ur writings … Just this afternoon i started reading again ur post and shares it again to all my friends … I hope you will not stop writing about our couple … Thank u again and i really missed ur posts … God bless u …

  2. shinsukkie says:

    Sacha!!! Sis!!! This is daebak!!! I cried when they were fighting their usual fight.. I cried when they said I love you… so true.. feels so real.. it is real..

    Looking forward to more.. hajiman.. I knew that skateboard was for another person.. hahaha.. 🙂

  3. mimin says:

    Finally, you write a new story. It’s such a long time. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Arisu says:

    A nice combination of the recent events and persons and the cute dialogues,love it. you are great dear Sachasa,thanks ❤

  5. sukhye_4eva says:

    Sacha…welcome back..thanks for the update. Really miss you & your masterpiece.pls dont let us waiting too long for another great story.

  6. jgslvspsh says:

    thank you sacha, it’s, again, a beautiful story of the two love birds and their royal friends. LOVE the story and love your stubborness in keeping faith with this match make in heaven.

  7. Velia says:

    Yay!!! So happy to get the notification from your blog Sachasa.. Thanks for the update of our couple fanfic 😉 LOVE it!!!

  8. martland says:

    Sachasa!! Everyone has thanked you, can I just hug you sis? ㅋㅋㅋ
    Another great story of yours really makes my day. I always love it when you write about this couple’s cute fights and their make ups. It feels so GeunShin.
    Anyway, I do agree that no matter what the image given to shin hye now, she’s still that young lady she used to be.
    This is my favorite part of this ff:
    Geun Suk smiled, wiping the tears on her
    cheeks. “No matter how they paint you…
    you’re still my girl”

  9. Rita Haryati says:

    Omg….me an my geunshin freinds mantion this in my chat room,.. and wondering. What happen ithan and now you update about this…. am feel we like have telephaty to you sis’ ..hehe
    But all story so amazing !!!!
    Am so happy to share and read with all my geunshin freinds…
    Please2. Still contineu 😉

  10. Sje Lucky says:

    Your stories about GeunShin sound so real, I’m addicted to read them. Keep writing. Best rgds.

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