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1* That Night. This Year.

on January 21, 2014


As Shin Hye was sitting inside her car, her mind wandered back to that night: the way her pulse has doubled the moment her name was called for the Excellence Award. She cannot stop her tears from falling.. she was so happy.. so happy that she almost forgot that guy who’s waiting for her at the end of that night… almost.

Same time four years ago, she was as well seated on that night, her heart on her eyes seeing only her star. She was broken.. her heart ignored.. her feelings brushed off. Geun Young Unnie was there. And who is Park Shin Hye compared to the Nation’s Little Sister? And who is she in his eyes compared to his very best friend? No one.

Shin Hye shook her head, remembering how devastated she felt that night. She tried to ignore the pain, hoping her stubborn heart has learned her lesson.  Stubborn… stubborn indeed. She found herself crying to sleep that night… again.

As she was passing by the streets of Seoul, she remembered how she felt the first time she set foot on the event.

Red carpet walk.

The Little Red Riding Hood was nowhere to be found. In her place was this Juliet debutante in long white gown. Shin Hye smiled as she looked down and removed the invisible wrinkles of her dress.

Breathe in. Breathe out. This night will soon be over in the blink of an eye.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Will this night turn out to be that night four years ago.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Fighting Shin Hye!

As she was escorted inside the venue and seated on that center table, Shin Hye can’t help but wonder how things seem to be like that year that was.

Woo Bin was the main host, Min Ho Oppa was seated beside her. Oh! Who should be Hong Star in this setting? Ji Won? I don’t think Ji Won would appreciate that.

She smiled, shook her head, as she scolded herself on that comparison.

And unlike that year that was, Min Ho Oppa was there seated beside her. Unlike him, Min Ho Oppa was there paying attention to her. And unlike him, no Geun Young Unnie was there for Woo Bin. And even if there is, unlike herself four years ago, she doesn’t have the weight of her confused heart inside her chest.

The event has passed by her eyes in a blur. She remembered she cried a river of tears as she was acknowledged in her craft. Not bad for her 10 years anniversary. Recognition after recognition after recognition. What else can she ask for?

Like him, Min Ho Oppa took home almost all major awards possible. Like that year, Woo Bin was there, playing his character coolly. Like herself four years ago, her heart was still longing to be thrown with even a side glance.. to feel that somehow he knew that she was there.. to know, that even a portion of what he felt years before was still there, hiding somewhere inside his heart.

Aissssh! No call. No message! You’re definitely dead, Oppa! Jinja!

As the car has stopped in that familiar spot, herself four years ago has again make known of her presence. Kicking of her high heels, she jumped from the car and ran to where her feet are taking her to.

Panting, she stopped in front of Han, looking for that familiar figure.

She’s hoping he’s there.

She’s thinking he should be waiting for her.

She’s expecting this is how the night should end.

As she turn around, her heart beating too fast, she looked around, adjusting her eyes on the dimness of the night. Two.. five .. ten second or so… still no sign of his presence on that night.

And like that year… she bowed her head, embarrass of her heart.

Like that year, she scolded herself, her tears the only witness of her wounded pride.

And like that year, at the end of the night, she has nothing but….

“Who took your candy, Little Girl? Why are you crying in the middle of the night?”

Upon hearing that voice, Shin Hye shook her head, wiped her tears and smiled secretly.

“I thought…..”

“You thought someone will be waiting here for you?”

“I guessed…”

“You guessed there will be a surprise at the end of this night? “

“I….”, she said helplessly, words have left her, no clue on how to explain herself.




Shin Hye, bit her trembling lips unable to control the surge of emotion. The expectation… disappointment… embarrassment… ecstasy… fear…

Geun Suk suddenly appeared before her, his hand on her chin, looking directly in her eyes.




“Love…”, he said, kissing the tip of her nose.


“Tsk! That’s what is missing… I.. You.. I.. You… Love…”

“Aisssh!”, Shin Hye said, smiling against his chest. “I love you”.. she silently whispered.

“I love you more”


And just like that, their night has ended.

Like that night four years ago, she was in his arms at the end of the day.

But unlike that night, this time.. her heart was whole.

No hide and seek.

No pretense.

No third parties.

No fancam needed.

She was simply his. And he was hers.

End of.


14 responses to “1* That Night. This Year.

  1. mimin says:

    Hi Sachasa, thank you. After such a long time, thank you. 🙂

    How are you Sachasa?

  2. Rita Haryati says:

    Finaly after long time wait, here you update again
    Thanks sis sacsha I love you ff so much♥♥

  3. Velia says:

    Yay…so happy to get the notification from your blog.. Miss our couple;)

  4. schumi8 says:

    Daebak!!! I am so happy that you update your blog. I’m always thinking how are you. You just made my gloomy day turned to a happy one. You don’t know how much I miss your writings. I just can’t contain my happiness after reading this. Thank you…..I miss this couple. Have you heard the news about the new cf of this two lovely people? I hope you can write another one soon….

    Stay healthy and God Bless!!!

    Thank you….

  5. shinsukkie says:

    Gosh.. this brought me to tears!!! Right in time of Sukkie’s announcement of their China CF, huh sis? Kekeke… I love how you ended it.. aaaah.. I so missed your writing.. Take care and hope you update more! I dunno if I can say the same to me.. kekekeke

  6. jgslvspsh says:

    dear sacha, happy new year and happy chinese new year. wish you all the best of health, wealth and prosperity.

    thanks a million for the beautiful update. always delighted to get a notification.

    take care and please do update when your time permits.

  7. Arisu says:

    HI sachasa,thanks,really happy to see you’re updated your ff,………beautiful as usual….:)

  8. lycille aka Ces Amari says:

    thanks for posting again another great story…. i love all ur works….and hoping for more

  9. martland says:

    Sis Sachasa, I’m so happy to know you’ve updated this blog of yours again. You know I’ve hoped someone write a story of that SBS night since weeks ago, and it’s you who did it. Though it’s been a while since your last update, your writing is still very good. This is not such a long story yet so touching. However I’m a bit curious of that SBS night 4 years ago, was Shin Hye jealous of Geun Young for real? It is said Geun Suk did ignore Hye for Geun Young that night >_<
    I dont think so. Even if he ignored her (or maybe pretended to ignore her), it's not for MGY, I guess.

  10. sachasa says:

    Hi Sis…
    mian for the late update…
    honestly, i’m not sure if i still know how to write!!!! (sis martland, thanks for giving my confidence a push… haha)
    as i told sis august sardonyx, i don’t have the confidence to touch chance and ever after…
    i think it will take some time…

    i hope you still find the shadow of that stubborn writer in this bits and pieces. 🙂

    Sis Mimin, Velia, schumi8, shinsukkie, jgslvspsh, arisu, lycille, martland.. thanks for staying with this stubborn me. Sis Rita, welcome to the stubborn page ^^

  11. schumi8 says:

    Hi Sis Sacha,

    I just wanted to tell you that I will never leave this blog. I really love your style of writing. Keep on writing and I’m always here waiting for your updates as long as Shin Hye is there. I always love the relationship between these two beautiful people, whatever they called it I am glad that even after four years they are still in contact with each other and I’m happy with that.

    Keep writing chingu!!! Stay healthy!!!

    • jgslvspsh says:

      please count me in for not leaving this blog. you are such a talented writer with beautiful stories either sad or happy.

  12. martland says:

    Sis Sacha, of course you still know how to write ㅋㅋㅋ
    You still have that talent, so please don’t think you can’t do it anymore.
    Take care and God bless

  13. trish_david7 says:

    hi sachasa! i’m lucky to have found this page… you’re really good! thanks for all your stories! i enjoyed reading it all.. and i will definitely be waiting for your updates.. 🙂 keep it up! god bless!

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