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4* A Little Bit of Us

She couldn’t sleep a wink. She kept on turning and tossing on her bed. The last shooting day has wrapped up. The after party was fun. Fun… until she came back to her room and felt this sudden emptiness.

She was staring at her phone.. wondering.. debating whether to make that call.

The clock at her bedside was ticking. It’s competing with the beating of her heart.

One ten thousand… two ten thousand… three ten thousand

She saw his name on her phone.


She heard him say. She was still looking at it, wondering who made that call. Was it her, or him?

“Shin Hye-ya”

“Oppa?”, she asked, confused.

“Hey…”, she heard the worries in his voice.

“Yah!”, she answered playfully, her soul magically a bit lifted.

Her heart beating… fluttering a bit. She found comfort on that space… a sliver of peace in her heart.

“The girl needs the boy friend, or the boyfriend can come out now from his hiding place?”

“Oppa… boy friend… two words.. i need to talk to him?”, she asked, a bit careful.

“Boy friend it is! How’s the after party?”

“Good. Fun. Fine”

“How’s the flower boy?”

“Yah! Oppa… You are currently the boy friend, remember?”

“Currently the boy friend, yes. But i am currently the boyfriend as well.”

“Will not be the boyfriend tomorrow?”, she asked suddenly.

“You wish. tch!”

“Aniya/You wish?”, they both said at the same time.

Shin Hye smiled, seeing Geun Suk’s reaction when she asked that question.
Geun Suk laid back, smiling, knowing Shin Hye’s face as she said “aniya”.


“Can’t the boy friend tease the girl friend on her new screen partner?”

“In our case…cannot. We both know one of us will be offended later on”

“And that would probably be… me?”


“Ok… So, how’s Krystal?”

“Stop it!”

“Wae? Can i not ask about your female co-workers? Friends do that”

“Not in our case. There will be a blood bath later”

“Oh! And the blood will be mine?”

“Unless you would choose it to be mine”

“Understand… It would be my blood.”

Shin Hye giggled on the line.
Geun Suk smirked, shaking his head.

“We can’t talk like friends”, she said.

“We can’t be friends”, he said.


“Arasseo.. we can’t pretend the pleasantries of friends. So, back to the case… as friends. How do we do this? Hm… How’s the after party?”

“Good. Fun. Fine”, she repeated, smiling.

“How’s LA?”


“How’s Jun Hyung?”


“How are you?”


“How are you?”


“How. are. you? I am the boy friend, remember?”

“Not good.”

“Hmm”, he said, nodding, giving her the cue to continue.

“They still don’t think i can do it. They.. still feel i’m not there yet. They… still see me as that kid… not good enough… playing her way… riding the popularity of others.”, she said slowly, trying to control her sobs.

The guy closed his fist, pinched his nose, as if controlling his anger.

“Oppa… the boy friend… I’m talking to the boy friend… Oppa?”

“Isn’t the boy friend allowed to be offended, hurt…?”

“Can.. can be allowed, but logically hurt.. Like he will say.. They are too unfair. You’re too good for that project. He’ll tell me, I’m the best from that cast. That i am the drama’s secret weapon. That i should just ignore them. Just show them and prove to them that they’re wrong”

“Oh… They are too unfair. Really unfair. You’re too good for that project. You’re definitely the best from that cast. You know what?”

“What?”, she said, smiling.

“You’re ‘The Heir’s’ secret weapon. You should just ignore them. Show them and prove to them that they’re wrong.”

“Show them and prove to them that they’re wrong, Oppa”

“You can definitely turn the table, Park Shin Hye”

“I’m good, Oppa. I’m that good”, she smiled, knowing the criticism that Geun Suk was getting for Pretty Boy.

“Can the boyfriend talk now?”

“Hm.. andwae. I know what he will say.I don’t want to hear it”

“Oh! What would the boyfriend say?”

“Do you want me to call the attention of all those press people and show on their faces how good Park Shin Hye..”

“my girlfriend”, he corrected.

“That self-centered, hm?”, she said, teasingly.

“uh uh”

“and show to their faces how good my girlfriend is? Do you want me to call my eels and bash the other characters of the show?”

“Will i say that?”



“You’re not that temperamental anymore. You’re not that childish..”

“Childish?”, he said, smirking on the other line.

“Then, why….”

“I just want to talk to a friend. I don’t want to add to your burden, Oppa”

“Shin Hye..”

“Let me finish. I don’t want to make you mad. I don’t want to appear too weak. I just want to talk to someone who will listen.. Just listen and, probably give me comfort”

“Don’t i comfort you?”, he asked in a whisper.


“Shin Hye…”

“Whenever i turn to you, Oppa, i feel weak. I’m quite stubborn, but little by little, I’m losing myself when i”m with you. I always feel like letting all these feelings go, and let you soothe me. I don’t feel like I’m having the bone to fight. It’s just like, when I’m with you, i’m simply letting it go”

“Is it bad? Are we…”

“Ani.. aniya. It feels good, Oppa. It feels good that i don’t question why i’m laying them all in front of you.. like i don’t feel burdened that i give you my burden. But, sometimes, i want to handle my battles by myself. That i just want to prove that i can still fight my own war. It’s not about that pride and feeling weak.. like how i view what we have years before. It’s more on stopping at times, and grabbing and taking control of the wheels.”


“Oppa, are you mad?”

“The boy friend, or the boyfriend?”

“Hmm.. both?”

“The boy friend doesn’t have the right to get mad”

“The boyfriend?”

“Let me find the words….”


“The boyfriend is suddenly out of coverage area”


“He’s currently in cloud nine, rejoicing that the girlfriend has finally trusted him… i mean.. admittedly trusting him”


“Shin Hye?”


“Do you know what the boyfriend would want to say to you at this point?”

“Hm?”, she asked, smiling.

“I’m your number one fan…. and..”

“Hm?”, she said, her tears running down her cheeks.




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