unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

3* His Moon. Her Star.

29th December

The news regarding Shin Hye’s nomination on KBS Drama Awards has flooded all entertainment portals.

She was surprised. Who wouldn’t?
She didn’t expect the recognition. This was, by far, the most flattering appreciation of her craft.
Shin Hye was ecstatic. She didn’t know how to contain her happiness.

The moment the news reached her, she grabbed her phone and dialed that number.

“Oppa!”, she said, with a shriek.

“Woaah! What did just happen, Park Shin Hye? Are you pregnant?”, he asked, teasing her.

“Yah! How would i? It’s as if something happened…”, and then realizing that playfulness and the good comeback for that, Shin Hye smirked and acted as if she’s on the verge of vomiting. “Oh.. mianhae.. I thought it was you. Wrong number”

“Yah! Park Shin Hye!”, he almost screamed, his voice with fire.

“Wae? You started it, Oppa”, she answered innocently.

“Aisssh! Jinja! Arasseo.. Mianhae…”

Shin Hye smiled on the other line. “Oppa, what if…”

But even before she could finish her sentence, that guy on the other line has already made a declaration, “I’ll marry you no matter what. I will be your husband and the father of your kids… ”

“what if”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“Will you still trust me if ever that happen?”

“You don’t mean it. I know you don’t. And I will understand. I know I will”

Shin Hye’s cheeks blushed upon hearing his confession. “Yah! Do you really think I will get pregnant before we get married?”

“You said, “what if”.. I’m just following the premise. Tch! And the question, Princess, should not be that. It should be, Do you really love me that much, Oppa? That even if something happens, you will still choose me? And the answer, my dear, in case up until know you’re still not convinced, ‘Yes, I love you that much. Yes, I love you more that you would ever know. And yes, I love you in the absolute sense of those words. I love you because I love you, no if’s and but’s. No question needs to be asked.”


“Don’t cry. And I didn’t choose you, Princess. You choose me”


“And, cham, did you just say, before WE get married? So, it is really US until the end… It’s not only me who’s planning for it?”



“Na do”, she answered, her face flushed.

“My Princess is blushing…”, he teased further.

“Yah! Oppa!”

“Ha ha ha.. So what is it, aside from you being pregnant, that made my dear little missy shriek like that?”


“I’m listening…”

“Guess what,Oppa”, she asked, her voice excited.

“tch! Have you finally realized that you cannot live without me?”

“Aisssh! Jinja!”

“Nope? Hm… Are we getting married soon?”

“yah! Oppa!”, she said, stomping her feet.

“Ha ha ha… Did you win an acting award?”, he said, waiting for an answer.

“Hm.. hopeful… but, Oppa.. I am nominated!”, she said, excited.

“Jinja?”, he said, but not a bit surprised.

“Eh.. you’re not excited?”, she answered, saddened.

“Princess, excited and surprised are two different words. I am excited, but not surprised. I know you will be nominated and I know you will win”


“Chukahae! So where’s the celebration?”

“China?”, she asked, excited… and then as her heart was beating too fast, nervously excited, something hits her. “Jang Geun Suk-ssi….”

Geun Suk swallowed upon hearing that tone. He didn’t dare say a word for he knew it will only take a matter of seconds before that girl could figure it out.

Shin Hye did not dare open her mouth. She waited for him to say something.

“Should we discuss this over the phone?”, she asked, her voice calm.

“I’ll be there in five minutes”, he said, hanging up in an instant.


As she waited in vain, their conversation a few days back has come ringing in her ears.

“Why are you not attending the Drama Awards, Oppa? Your eels will be waiting for you”

“Tch! You know it clearly that Drama Awards such as those are mainly based on rating. And Sarang Bi is far.. too far from getting near that rating”

“But, Oppa.. there is still the couple awards”, she said, trying to lighten his mood.

“I won’t dare attend a couple award unless it’s you”

“Tch! You already know that you are not nominated for the couple awards, don’t you?”, she asked with a smirk.

“Are you mocking me, Go Mi Nam?”, he said, his tone serious. And then remembering that girl, he smiled, and continued, “Thankful that I am not nominated for the couple awards?”

“Yah!”, she said, her face red.

“Are you still jealous, Go Mi Nam?”, he asked, loving the redness on her cheeks.

“Oppa, even if I am”, she said, her voice calm, “I won’t wish for anything that would make you disappointed of your craft. And besides, didn’t I tell you? You look good together.”, she said, giving him an assurance.

“tch! Look good? Better than us?”, he asked, trying to gauge her.

“tch! Though we were also not nominated, no one else comes close to Hwang Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam”, she said, a bit proud.

“I know of a certain pair which is far more convincing than that girl-pretending to be a guy and that chauvinist Hwang Tae Kyung”

“Tch! Who?”

“Us. Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye”

“Aisssh! Eeeew!”, she said hitting him.

Shin Hye leaned to that guy, then said, “Are you sure you’re not attending? I won’t be jealous, promise”.

Geun Suk pinched the tip of her nose, then said, “Jinja?”

“Hm”, she answered, nodding her head. “Even if I do, I will just deal with that later.”

Geun Suk shook his head. “I better not go, then”, he said, wrapping his arms around her shoulder.

“yah! I’m not a kid, Oppa. I can handle it. I passed Geun Young Unnie with flying colors. What are you taking me for?”, she asked, a bit proud.

“Not convincing”, he said, looking at her eyes.

“Aissh!!! Jinja! You’re making me think that there’s really something I need to worry about!”

“Ha ha ha! See! I am just teasing you, and here you are, already doubting my heart. Aigoo! What am I going to do with you, Park Shin Hye”



“There’s still the Netizen Award. I know you can win that one”

“tch! I don’t need another Netizen Award”

“Aissh! Why don’t you want to go? Soong Ki Oppa will be there. Ah, cham, Tae Woong Oppa will be there as well. I want to go!”, she said, smiling.

“Aissh! Do you really want me to go there to get a recognition, or are you pushing me so you can transform to your fangirl mode and scream your heart out at the actors there”

“Tch! Joong Ki Oppa is your friend…”

“And Tae Woong Hyung is getting married. Drop that subject.”

“Daniel Oppa is there”


“And cham, I know that Tae Woong Oppa is getting married. I might have known it even before you know, Oppa”


“Oppa, talked to me about it. He told me not to cry, and not to be disappointed. He said, he really like me, but he can’t wait that long. Ha ha ha”, she said, her eyes smiling.

“And what else?”


“What else did he tell you?”

“why would I tell you?”


Shin Hye smiled, held his hand, then said, “he said, he knew someone loves me so much.. more than anyone could ever promise to me. And he said, he knew, I love him as much.”

She looked at that guy, and was not surprised when she saw him smiling. “Why were you grinning like crazy? Do you know who that person is?”

“I only know of one person, and I guess, he’s right. No one else could love you as much as he does”

“Tch! Oppa!”


“Pali.. Attend the awards night. I don’t want this to be the first drama awards that you would miss. I’ll deal with myself, hm?”, she said, trying to convince him.

“Aisssh! I don’t have anything to do there. Aside from holding that yellow umbrella to Yoona, do you think I would be of any use?”

“You’ll win the Netizen Award. That I’m certain”

“Aisssh! You believe in me that much”

“Ani.. I trust your eels that much”, she said, smiling.


The moment he reached her office, the one which is just a stone-throw away from Tree-J, he immediately went down his car, knowing that it’s only a matter of second before that girl would explode. He didn’t need any receptionist nor instruction for he knows the building just like how he knows Tree-J.

As he reached that certain floor, Manager Jun and the stylist Unnies all excused themselves, leaving them both at one of the meeting rooms.

As he entered the room, he found Shin Hye fitting her gown, her back facing him.

If this was just any other day, he would definitely scold that girl for making a habit of revealing that shoulder, that neckline, which he tried really hard to hide from those blood-sucking vampires.

Aisssh! Jinja! Can I throw my tantrums first.

But before he could even say a word, she heard him say, “Are you done with the rehearsal?”

“Hm..”, he said, gauging where the conversation is going.

“What time is your flight tomorrow?”

“Hm?”, he asked, a bit rattled of this series of questioning. It’s as if he’s a student summoned inside the Disciplinary Action Office.

Shin Hye just looked at him, her eyes cold. Then she smiled weakly, bringing her things with her.

Seeing her retreating back, Geun Suk panicked. “Park Shin Hye”

That girl stopped from her track, then looked at him, waiting.

“Can we talk?”

“I’m listening”


“Are you going to say something or do you want me to ask the question?”


“Tch! I hate it whenever you start an argument with that word. It’s as if whatever it is, you didn’t mean to make things happen the way that they did.”

“Shin Hye”

“You knew it, right? You knew about my nomination?”

The guy was silent.

Shin Hye was biting her lips. “Tch! You, not going to that Drama Awards has something to do with this, right?”

“I didn’t win any”, he said, trying to sound convincing.

“Don’t give me that bull. Do you think Moon Chae Won Unnie and Soong Ki Oppa could beat the eels? Tch! Are you underestimating your eels, or, have you simply plotted this one?”

“Mwo?”, he asked, trying to pretend he didn’t know.

“Oppa, chebal.. I hate playing this game. Did you arrange it?”

“I’m flying to Hunan. That’s bigger than the Drama Awards”

“Tch! Hunan was announced after the Drama Awards!”, she said, trying to control her voice.

“I’m targeting Asia, Shin Hye. Even if I win that award, I will definitely choose Hunan over it”, he hissed, gauging whether he could win this one.

Shin Hye just looked at him, silent. Then, after a second or two, when still she didn’t hear what she’s expecting to hear, she grabbed her bag, ready to leave that place.

“Do you really expect me to sit with her, while my girl was seated at the far end?”, he said in gritted teeth, afraid that this would end to another misunderstanding. “I don’t want to read another set of bashing, them, making stories about me and another girl, while my girl was seated at one corner, I could not even throw a glance at.

“How many times do I need to tell not to treat me like a kid”

“Do you really think I buy your cover that you’re ok with her? Do you really think I didn’t know that among all the girls I was paired with, she’s the one you’re affected the most?”

“I’m getting along just fine. I’m beginning to grab the meaning of trust and almost believe that you could actually choose me over her. But, you’ve just made my situation worse. I don’t know why, but somehow, I feel cheated. Chalge, Oppa. We’ll talk when you come back”, then she walked away, leaving that guy, lost.


Since the day Geun Suk left for Changsa, he’s been ringing that girl, hopeful that they could fix things up before the new year comes. He’s been trying to reach her, but the girl was too stubborn.

At the night of the Drama Awards, Shin Hye was too tired, haven’t slept a wink, thinking carefully what would become of them before this year ends.

She was looking at all the lamp posts on their way to KBS, too many uncertainties playing in her head.

One Act Play, Drama Actress Award, will it be given to me this year?
Special Gift to Room 7, will the stars like it?
FBND, how will it stand at the rating battle?
That girl.. that goddess.. Oppa, you don’t need to make this difficult. You could just tell me and I’ll let you go, no questions asked.
What would become of us?
Who will we be when year 2013 starts?

As she walked down the red carpet, she tried to put that pretense.. that glowing… bright Park Shin Hye, whom she always is at the last Red Carpet.

But, no.. ani.. she can’t pull that show. She can’t fool herself. How can she be that Star when she left her star alone the other night….

Then, remembering her lines in Minami… she looked at the night sky then whispered, I am only getting your light, Oppa. How can I shine if I choose to run away from you?

The Goddess in Red..

Shin Hye smiled bitterly, her insecurity eating her out.

Goddess… the word is not for me for this night. It’s simply not for me.

Then she shook her head, trying to hide her tears.

On her way to the venue, she was asked to sit at one corner. She’s not quite familiar with the people in there. Save for Tae Woong Oppa and Joong Ki Oppa, Si Yeon Unnie and Se Young, she felt lost in the night of stars.

Shin Hye looked at that girl in her Princess-style gown. She shook her head and unconsciously whispered, “Jinja, yepuda”

“You are”, she heard someone said behind her.

“Tae Woong Oppa!”, she said, happy to see that guy.

“Why is my Princess… oopss… why the long face, Shin Hye-ya?”

“Hm.. I just feel tired, Oppa”, she said, smiling weakly.

“You’re simply not good at lying. He’s worried, I know. Save him of the trouble. Can you give him a call?”


Tae Woong smiled. “You must have been proud. Your guy is the only Korean invited in that countdown. But, I’m pretty sure he’s not as happy, seeing the face of his angel as gloomy as this”

“Yah, Oppa!”

“I miss you, Shin Hye-ya”, he said, then half-hugged her, just like the old times.

Shin Hye was left there, smiling at herself when out of nowhere, she heard that familiar voice.

“You are, in no way, allowed to touch any cocktail glass tonight, Princess. My phone almost ran out of battery that night. The guys at MAMA almost thought I was homo, receiving calls every now and then from your Prince”

“Yah! Joong Ki Oppa”

“He’s still calling me, Shin Hye-ya. Should I just transfer near your seat so I can report to him accurately how you’re doing tonight?”

Shin Hye just shook her head then, smiled at Joong Ki. “Kamsa, Oppa. I’m fine. Tell him, I am.”

Joong Ki smiled, waved his phone, then whispered, “No battery. I guess you better give him a call. I heard the 1-hour rehearsal was cut to 30 minutes because he’s trying to buy some time to talk to his Moon”

“Yah, Oppa!”

“I don’t know what happened. That guy would not tell me. But believe me, he’s anxious. And he’s waiting. Don’t allow an eclipse to happen, Shin Hye-yah. If you don’t want the wolf to come out after years of hibernation”

“Aissh, Oppa!”

“You look great, Princess. That, I was able to tell him. But I guess, he doesn’t need that information… because he knows you are”

As Shin Hye finds her seat, she smiled to herself, confidence starting to creep to her nerves.

“You do love me, right? You do, right?”

She was lost in her thinking when Se Young nudged her and whispered, “Chukahae”


“Unnie, chukahae!”

Shin Hye almost tripped as she walked towards the stage. She didn’t know how she get there, but somehow she managed to climb the stairs. Her heart beating a thousand, her eyes almost welled. She was biting her lower lip, her eyes wandering around.

Something is missing… something feels odd.

And as it was her turn to give her speech, she met the smiles of those people who knew her for long.

Manager Jun was shaking his head. Finally! At last, three years after Minami, she was given the recognition she long deserve to have.

Hyun Joon Sunbae was there, nodding his head, proud of that young Choi Ji Woo.

Tae Woong Oppa was smiling at her, proud of that little girl, who at one point, made him consider marriage.

Si Yeon Unnie was there, her eyes bright, proud of her dongsaeng.. that girl, who with that guy, have managed to make MZUU popular.

Se Young was there, her eyes welling in tears, admiring her Unnie.

And then, she didn’t mean to, but as she made a glance to her left, there she saw that girl, nodding her head, smiling sweetly at her.

Shin Hye nodded her head as well. Mianhae.. you might have done nothing, but I have hated you for who knows how long.

Then as she closed her eyes, still a pang of jealousy in her heart, she held the microphone and said in her calm voice, “Hello everyone, I am Park Shin Hye. This year has been a year full of worries, and agonies for me personally. At this point, PD Lee Eun Jin and writer Hwang Da Eun let me encounter Yeon Hwa who is although a ghost but is more humane than anyone else..allowing me to gain lots of strengths. In any case, I will work even harder and make more effort to show everyone a better side of me next year. Thanks to my mom and dad who are always by my side giving me love and comfort, and thanks to the 4Him management team who is more hardworking than anyone, and always followed me around (running for schedules). Next year, I will strive to grow into a more mature actress, giving all my best~ Lastly, I feel greatly honored to be able to gain the award. Thank you everyone!”

As she looked at her watch, she saw the clock strikes 8.00pm.

She ran to nowhere in particular, aiming to reach a place before the clock strikes 12.


At the other side of the globe, as all the Chinese eels were cheering for that Prince, Kurt needs to nudge him once in a while, waking him up from his trance.


Geun Suk simply smiled weakly, trying to push all his worries at the back of his head.

He was looking at his watch, scanning the faces of the people in the audience.

Before the performance, Keunsama walked near Geun Suk and whispered, “Mr. and Mrs. Park just arrived at the venue. They are with your Eomma”

Geun Suk smiled, waiting for something. When he didn’t hear any, he looked at Keunsama, asking.

The elder just smiled weakly and shook his head.

Geun Suk heaved a sigh, closed his eyes. He then looked at the night sky, and whispered, “It’s too dark. I can’t see anything. I need my moon”


As the countdown is about to end, as he went back to his assigned dressing room, Geun Suk felt a familiar feeling, holding his hopes high. He looked around, trying to read his surrounding, only to be left disappointed.

Kurt, knowing what it is that he’s looking for, shook his head and told him, “I’ll wait for you outside. You have 15 minutes to breathe a little”

Geun Suk just nodded his head and proceeded to his room.

As he stepped inside, somehow the room looked a bit brighter, his heart jumping from his chest.

When he was about to scold his heart, his eyes caught something…

A trophy was place on the table. An orange bouquet of flower on the side.

And then, that voice he longed to hear for who knows how long, played like music in his ears.

“She’s pretty. “ she said, as she walked near him. She was about to protest, when he felt her finger on his lips. “I may not be able to put up a fight, but…. I’m holding you responsible of your words… you love me, right?”, she asked like a kid.

Geun Suk smiled, holding that girl’s face.

“I am holding you responsible of my heart, Jang Geun Suk-ssi. Can you promise…”

And before she could finish her sentence, that guy drowned her words, kissing her deeply.
Fireworks have exploded five minutes in advance and butterflies have once again flown around them.

As that guy showered her with his longing, she remembered her speech… the words which she has just said…the worries and agonies…

She remembered, she almost ran out of stage as she thought of that year that was… her tears she almost could not control… but remembering the year that will be.. her worries ate her out, creeping down her spine…

What will become of us, Oppa?
What will become of me if there will no longer be us?
What if you finally let me go?
Should I let you go, Oppa?
Ani.. andwae….

And as she remembered how dark the night sky is, she remembered her Star and the light he is shining upon her.

Mianhae, Oppa..
Shin Hye has become twisted again….

Then, remembering her words.. those words which struck him dumbfounded.. that guy distance his face from hers, looked into her eyes, then said, “Mianhae, if I worry you too much.. Mianhae, if I make it hard for you… Mianhae, your Oppa is quite twisted. Can we give it another try?”, he asked, his eyes pleading.

Shin Hye looked at him, then shook her head.

Geun Suk was startled, lost. “Princess…”

Shin Hye put her finger on his lips once more, smiled then said, “Have we ever surrender, Oppa? Have you? Because I haven’t”

“I thought I need to teach myself to be familiar with darkness. Lucky, you came back”

“I thought I won’t be able to shine again. Lucky I have you”

Geun Suk looked at her lovingly, smiled, then said, “I’ve got you, Princess. Worry not. You have my heart and my head on the line”

Shin Hye looked at him, smiled sheepishly, then whispered, “You cannot runaway anymore, Oppa. Because even if you do, I will not let you”

Geun Suk shook his head and even before he could say another word, that girl tip-toed, pulled him closer and brushed her lips on his. “Saranghae, Oppa”

Geun Suk held her waist, lifted her slightly from the ground. “Nomu nomu nomu saranghae, Princess”, he managed to say as he captured her lips once more, their hearts finally found their home before the clock strikes 12.

Cr: http://www.thedooleycouple.com for translation of Shin Hye’s speech


2* His Yeoja

“Shin Hye, Geun Suk…”, Manager Jun said as he passed the phone to Shin Hye.

“Tell him I’m busy Oppa”, she said, as she took her things, her eyes automatically on her vehicle window.

“Shin Hye-yah..”, Manager Jun called unto her again, pitying Geun Suk for not answering his call the whole day.

“Oppa…”, Shin Hye said, her voice scary-calm.

“Ahrasseo…”, Manager Jun said, shaking his head. “Geun Suk-a, she’s preparing her things for the red carpet later. Try to call her again, say after three hours. Deh… deh.. ahrasseo.. I’ll call you back”

As Manager Jun hanged up the phone, Shin Hye looked at him, then said, “Oppa, can you turn off my phone. I don’t want it to be ringing in the middle of the awards night later”.

“But, Shin Hye…”

“You keep it, then. At least someone could answer it if Eomma will be looking for me later”

“Shin Hye…”, Manager Jun said, trying to start a conversation with her.

“I’m tired, Oppa. I guess I better take a nap. Can i?”, she said, her face blank.

“Arasseo.. arasseo…”


Two days before KBS Drama Awards, Shin Hye was overly excited to attend the year-end concert in China. Geun Suk agreed to go first and she will just follow later on with Manager Jun and his Eomma.

That girl was floating for the last five days. The news that Geun Suk will be performing in that big event has made her ecstatic, knowing that her Oppa has once again lived upto his name as the Asia Prince. Aside from the year-end concert and that much coveted invitation, Shin Hye has persuaded her Oppa to bring her along since she wanted to have at least a rest from all commitments before year 2012 would finally bid them goodbye.

“Last Hoorah for 2012,Oppa”, she said, giddy of the fact that she will be celebrating it in a different land.

“Do you really want to have your New Year in China?”, that guy asked one night, as they were sitting at the sofa in his living room.

Shin Hye snuggled closer to him, her head on his chest, she whispered, “Ani.. I simply want to spend my New Year with you, Oppa”.

“Aigoo! My little bugger”, he said smiling, giving her a kiss on her forehead. “I won’t be dating behind your back, Little Missy. So if I were you, better have a good rest on that day, instead of flying off and guarding this Prince”

“Tch! Yah, Oppa! Who told you I will be guarding you? And has someone said something about dating behind my back? You can go on and date all you want. I don’t care”, she said, her lips with a pout, removing her hand from his.

“Yah! I am just teasing you”

“Tch! I am not in the mood to play”, she said, standing from the couch.

Geun Suk smiled, shaking his head, then immediately pulled that girl to sit beside him again before she could take another step away from him.

Shin Hye, with wrinkled forehead, her arms crossed on her chest, she looked unto that guy then said, “If you don’t want to spend that day with me, fine. I’ll just book my ticket to China. No big deal”

“Have you heard what you just said? We’re going to the same place, but we’re not spending that time together?”

“You started it, Oppa! I mean, I know you’ll be busy. And this girl might get demanding on that day. So, to save us both from having an argument on the first day of 2013,we better stay away from each other. Yeah, that would be better”

“Tch! Park Shin Hye-ssi”, Geun Suk said, pulling that girl to him. “Do you really think I would allow that to happen?”

“You just said it, Oppa.”, she said with a smirk.

“I said, I just don’t want you to tire yourself.”

“Why would I be tiring myself? It’s as if I will be joining a marathon if I will be spending my New Year in China. Ah, cham… You and Kurt Oppa might have scheduled a bar tour on that night. Don’t think about it, Oppa. You proceed with your plan. Forget what I have just said. I’m just thinking maybe we could save some if we could go together and book the same room, instead of me….”, Shin Hye’s eyes widened as she saw the eyes of the wolf in front of her.

“If that’s the case, then, it’s settled. You could have mentioned it a little earlier. That could save us both from this argument”, he said, matter-of-factly, an evil grin on his face.

“yah!”, she said, hitting him on the chest. “I’m not going. I will not be going with you ever, again”, she said stomping her feet, marching away from that guy.

Geun Suk was laughing his heart out, as he followed that pissed off girl.

“Yah! Jang Geun Suk!”, his Mom called his name the moment she saw her “daughter-in-law” marched out of their porch.

“No worries, Eomma. I can handle this.”, he said, running after her. “if you’re lucky, you might have a grandson made on the eve of 2013”, he said, laughing heartily.

Upon hearing his words, that girl stopped from her track, and with fire coming from her nose, “Say that again, Oppa. Say that again, and you’ll see”

Geun Suk laughed at that girl’s really mad face. He walked closer to her, bend down a little so that he is of the same level as her eyes. “Arasseo.. mianhae.. the future husband is just worried of the future wife. But if the future wife would insist of coming, who is the future husband to object? He’s actually planning of asking the future wife about it, but was just tongue-tied knowing that the future wife is dead tired of all the commitments these past two months.”

Shin Hye tilted her head, her eyes on that guy. “Why do I feel not convinced, Oppa?”

Geun Suk smiled, locked her gaze, then, in a serious tone asked, “Can we really share a room?”

And as his words reached her ears and were processed by her brain, Shin Hye’s eyes widened, she stomped her feet, “ahhhhh!”, had a deep breath, then turned around and motioned to walk away.

The guy was fast enough. He held her hand and pulled her to him, locking her to a tight embrace. “You’re not a good sport”

“You’re pissing me off, Oppa!”, she said, not hugging him back.

“My fierce, Little Shin Hye. Arasseo.. Mianhae… “ then he felt her arms wrapping around him.

Geun Suk smiled, then whispered to her ears. “ Shin Hye..”

“Hm?”, she asked back, as her face was on top of his shoulder.

“Don’t you really care if I will be dating someone behind your back?”

If she was just any other girl, hearing your boyfriend asking you about dating someone else, would definitely make her blood boil. But she is Shin Hye and that guy is Geun Suk.

That girl simply smiled, then answered without looking at him. “Ani.. go on, date whoever you want, Oppa. And you won’t hear a word from me”

“Tch!”, Geun Suk grinned upon hearing her answer. If he was just any other guy, he would be pissed off hearing his girl letting him date anyone. But he is Geun Suk and that girl is Shin Hye. “I better book a date, then”

The girl simply nodded her head, smiled, then said, “Do I need to know the details, or you better keep me off the loop?”

“What do you think?”

“Hm… your call”, she said, smiling.. looking at that guy.

The guy just smiled, held her hand and said, without looking at her. “Date another soul. You won’t hear a word. Your choice. Book a date and prepare to have a list of girls right after that. My girl won’t even start a fight. Up until now, you will just simply let me go”, he said, his voice pained.

Shin Hye shook her head, smiled then held that guy’s face. “And up until now, you would still think of ways to make our distance bigger. And that hurt me big time”

Geun Suk smiled, knowing exactly what she meant of those words. “Mianhae… it’s just that sometimes, I wanted to know if you would hold me back. It scares me a lot knowing that it’s that easy for you to let me go”

“What do you think, Oppa? Would you want to try it? Make me cry.. bring me pain, and see if I would hold unto you tightly”

Geun Suk shook his head, hugging that girl tighter. “Mianhae….”

Shin Hye smiled, then whispered, “If ever that day happened, do know that it’s not you I am letting go. I am letting go of the bigger part of me”

Geun Suk smiled, his heart leaping from his chest. “Saranghae…”

“Na do”

“Changkaman, I need to make a call”


Geun Suk took his phone, his other hand still with that girl, “Jangmonim…. Deh.. Deh… “

Shin Hye tilted her head, surprised of that call.

Geun Suk put his forefinger on her lips, asking her not to say a word.

“Jangmonim, what do you think of spending New Year in China? Deh… Hm… I would want to bring Shin Hye along, but I know she would prefer if you could come.. deh.. deh.. Jinja! Kamsamnida, Jangmonim. I will ask Keunsama to book the tickets, then. Chalge, Jangmonim. See you later”

Shin Hye smiled, then said, “What was that?”

“Don’t you want to bring them along?”, he said, his eyes twinkling.

Shin Hye bit her lower lip, then said, “Saranghae, Oppa”

“Ara.. I’m good, right?”


And as if on cue, as Mrs. Jang reached the porch, she smiled then called unto her son, “Adeul, will we be having a twin, a grandson or grand daughter?”

“Eommonim!”, Shin Hye said, biting her lips, pinching that guy in his torso.


As he send her home, Geun Suk held her hand all along the drive.


“Wae? Do I still need permission to hold my girl’s hand?”


“I told Team H and Chocoballs that I will be spending the New Year’s eve with my girl”, he said, proud.

Shin Hye looked at him sideways. “yah! Don’t I have a name? My girl… tch!”

“Yah! I’ve been deprived of that for who knows how long. Girlfriend… girl.. aigoo! You really have this talent of starting a havoc in me”, he said, remembering those arguments.. those fights.

Shin Hye just shook her head, smiling.


“Nothing… I just remembered something..”, she smiled sheepishly.

“Do you trust me now?”

“yah! Oppa!”, she screamed, pouting.

“Wae? It’s all about trust and taking responsibility, right?”, he pushed further, teasing her.

“Aisssh!”, she hissed, irritated.

“Do you trust me now?”, his lips with a smile.

Shin Hye bit her lips, her face red. “Yah! Eyes on the road, Oppa. I am making you responsible of me now”, she said, her eyes avoiding his.

Geun Suk almost jumped from his seat. “Finally! It’s my pleasure, Princess”

They were smiling on nothing in particular when his phone rang.

“No… not the 3.00pm flight. 8.20pm.. yah.. yah.. 8.20.. 31st night.. arasseo.. arasseo…. Kamsa”

Shin Hye looked at him as she hanged up his phone.

“Keunsama. He has booked the flights”

“I am not going with you?”

Geun Suk swallowed, then averted his eyes. “Ani… I will be there earlier. Spend some time with your friends before the clock strikes 12”, he said trying to drop the subject.

The uneasiness did not escape Shin Hye’s eyes. “ Do we have a problem here, Oppa?”, she asked, her stubborn self channeling in.

“Mwo? Tch! Princess, I need to go there early. Plus, you might have some appointment prior to that night. You will just be bored in Changsa if you go there early”

“Arasseo… “, Shin Hye smiled weakly as she heard his reasons.

“Princess…”, Geun Suk called her when he sensed her silence.

“Don’t mind me, Oppa. I just remembered something”

28th December
KBS Song Festival

As she was busy filming, her chingu sent her a message.

“Are you watching?”

“Filming.. Mianhae. How’s the show?”

“Great. A lot of pretty ladies”

“Ha Ha Ha… I didn’t know you’re looking for one, chingu”

“Tch! I’m just guarding the eyes of my bandmates. You know, we don’t usually go out with girls”

“Tch! And what are you taking me for?”

“Chingu, I’m talking about ladies. Not those pretending to be girls. If you know what I mean”

“Ara.. ara… How’s my weird chingu”

“Good. Doing good. He’s been throwing daggers on one of the ladies here”


“Chingu, if ever you and Hyung would break up, I mean… if… do you think Hong Ki would side with whom?”

“Tch! Do you still need to ask that? Of course, with Oppa”

“Nah.. I guess he’s with you”


“If I didn’t know any better, that “goddess” would drop dead by now if only his eyes have daggers”


“You’re still the prettiest, chingu! Just like what your Hong Star has always said”

“Aigoo! You are really one great chingu, Yong! Do know that no matter what, I will always be your number one Boice and Hong Star’s number one Pri”

“We know and we’re thankful. Chingu, they’re already calling me”

“Hm.. arasseo.. fighting, chingu!”


After the exchange of messages, her phone rang.

“Yah! Park Shin Hye!”

“Hong Star, are you trying to make me deaf?”

“Ha ha ha. I miss you chingu! The girls here are not fun”

“Ha! Are you complimenting me, or mocking me?”

“Aigoo! Since when did you become sensitive, Go Mi Nam?”

“Ha ha ha.. I heard there are a lot of pretty ladies there, Hong Star”

“Tch! Says who? Your other chingu?”

“How? Are there a lot?”

“You’re still the prettiest!”

“yah! Did you and Yong Hwa talk about this? Are you playing with me?”

“Woaah! Did your chingu say that you’re the prettiest? I will tell that to Hyung”


“Why did he tell you you’re the prettiest?”

“Eh? You can say that to me, but he cannot?”, she asked, confused.

“Tch! In case you forgot, I am Hong Star, Go Mi Nam. I have the license to flirt with you”

“Woaaah! So you’re just flirting with me? So, me being the prettiest is not true?”, she bickered with him.

“Ha ha ha! But, honestly, Chingu, Yong should have not said that. His words are with malice”

“Yah! And yours don’t have?”, she teased back.

“Aigoo! We will never ever come close to that, Go Mi Nam. Ever”

“Saranghae, Hong Star!”

“Say that again”


“I’m recording it and will tell Hyung that his girl is cheating behind his back”

“His girl?”

“O.. didn’t you notice? That guy has became obsessive of the term. If I didn’t know any better, I might have called you his girl instead of Shin Hye”


“He’s just happy, chingu.. jinja, happy”

Shin Hye was just smiling on the other line, when Hong Ki woke her up from her daydream.

“Princess, the staffs are already calling me”

“hm.. arasseo. Fighting, Hong Ki”

“Kamsa.. and cham..”


“You’re really the prettiest and the best, chingu. No one else comes close”

“Tch! Hong Ki-ah”


“Am I that obvious?”

“Ha Ha Ha! I don’t know. But jinja, I don’t know why you feel insecure… Aigoo, Park Shin Hye”


“Miss you, chingu”

“Miss you too”


As she was reading her script, a smile on her lips, Shin Hye’s phone vibrated.

“There’s a goddess at the KBS Song Festival”

Shin Hye’s eyebrows crossed as she confirmed the sender.

You really do know how to piss me off, Oppa. Don’t!

“Busy….”, was her simple reply.

“Pretty, jinja.. Hm.. gorgeous?”


“some eels were checking whether I am watching”

“back off”

“ha ha”

No reply…

Then, one by one, messages were coming in….

“I don’t know why”

“But I’m hurt knowing that you’re not confident of my heart”

“you’re still the prettiest…”

“my Go Mi Nam”

“my Mary”

“my Hana”

“my best yeoja chingu”

“my yeojachingu”

“my yeoja”




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