unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

1* Missing You Badly

“Where are you?”


“I’m here in front of theatre building. Until when is your class?”

“Eh, Oppa… why… what are…”

“Tch! I’m parked at the usual place. Give me a call once your class ends”

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Shin Hye looked at her phone as she heard the busy sound. “What’s with that guy?”, she smiled, shaking her head.

The moment her class ended, she took her phone and dialled that number.

“The class just ended Oppa. Where are you?”

“Just wait for me in front. I’ll pick you up there”.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Hal! Second time. Jinja! You’ll see Geun Suk!”, Shin Hye let out a chuckle as she made her way out of the building.

Not less than two minutes, a red Ferrari stopped in front of her.

As she made her way inside the car, Shin Hye did not bother to give the chauffer a peck on the cheek, just like the usual; instead, she squinted her eyes and said in gritted teeth, “I told you not to bring this car here, didn’t I?”

“Tch! What’s wrong with the car?”, Geun Suk said, chewing his lips, trying to recover from the embarrassment of that expected kiss. He was about to lean towards her, waiting for that kiss, when he was taken aback by that look.

“The whole of Korea knew whose car is this.”

“It’s as if they don’t know that I own that white Porsche or that black land rover”, he said, as he maneuvered the car outside of Chung Ang.

“Louis and Khan are ok. At least a certain percentage of Korea’s population are used to those… not this!”

“What’s wrong with this car?”, he said, quite irritated of that sudden stubbornness. “Aren’t we settled on this one yet? We have discussed this a couple of times, didn’t we? Or should I say my sorry again for impulsively buying this one, and for making you worry”

Shin Hye looked at him, then said, “I don’t care about this car.”, Shin Hye heaved a sigh and then, “Just don’t pick me up again using this car”.

“Wae? What’s wrong with me picking you up?”

“Jang Geun Suk! I didn’t say there’s something wrong on you picking me up. Are you even listening? Just don’t pick me up using this car!”, she said, smoke starting to flare in her nose.

“Why! Just give me one good reason why I must not pick you up with this one?”, he said, looking back at her.

Shin Hye met her gaze and without batting her eyes, she said, “Didn’t you get it? Only a handful owns this car in Korea. And seeing me getting in to this car would start a fire of rumours that a certain girl from Chung Ang was picked up by Geun Suk’s Ferrari. I wonder who that girl is. Ah, cham, Park Shin Hye is studying in Chung Ang, right?”

Geun Suk looked at her and with disbelief written all over his face, he averted her eyes and let out a dangerous laugh. “So we’re going back to that thing again. Park Shin Hye, I’m getting sick of this argument. I know we have agreed that we will not disclose this one, but don’t you think we’re making a fool of ourselves when all of the world already know the real score, where here we are, trying our best to pretend that nothing is going on”.

“Don’t give me that argument, Geun Suk. We agreed on this”

“Don’t you get tired?’

“Do you?”

“Ha!”Geun Suk looked at her with pain in his eyes. He heaved a sigh then decided to keep quiet.

All along the ride, no word was said. No sound was heard. Shin Hye was just looking outside the window, trying to control her tears. What a great I miss you. We seldom see each other and you will greet me with this.

Geun Suk was just holding the steering wheel, he would at times took a peek at that girl seated beside him. I miss you. I have a lot of things to tell you. Why does it have to end this way?

As they reached their favourite spot at the Han, Geun Suk stopped the engine and let everything be drowned in silence. They both waited, silently pleading for the other to break the silence.

When she could not take it anymore, Shin Hye opened the passenger’s seat and walked out of his car.

Startled, Geun Suk immediately stepped down, following closely behind her.

She knew, he went down. She knew, he was following behind her.

“Ahhhh!”, Shin Hye screamed, and when she was about to look back, she felt a pair of hands wrapped tightly around her, her face buried to his chest.

Surprised, with widened eyes, Shin Hye blinked twice and thrice, let her breathing normalize, then, she closed her eyes.

“Mianhae.. mianhae…”, the guy whispered to her ears, as he held her tightly.

Shin Hye chose not to say a word. She listened to her heart.. to his heart…

Ten.. fifteen seconds after, “Are you really getting tired?’, she asked against his chest.

“I’m tired. You know I am.”, Geun Suk said, while kissing her head.

Dumbfounded, Shin Hye looked up at him, and with tears brimming in her eyes, she said, “Mianhae, if I’m making it too difficult. You do know that I love you, right? I understand. I know you’re tired. Mianhae…”

Confused, Geun Suk looked at her, and before she freed herself from his grip, Geun Suk held on her tighter.

Lost, Shin Hye wiggled herself to break loose, and said, “I understand, Oppa…. Ara…”

As she said those words, Shin Hye felt his arm loosened around her. Disoriented, she closed her eyes, then slowly walked away. I didn’t expect it to end this way.

As she took a step farther, she heard him chuckle, and then a hand grab hers. “Do you really want to die, Park Shin Hye? Or, would it be an ease for you to see me dropping dead here? Shoot me. Just shoot me. I think that would be easier.” He said, glaring at her.

Taken aback, Shin Hye took a step back, then slowly, she faced him, “You said you’re tired”

“You know I am”

“Tch! I’m just setting you free”

“Am I asking for it?”


“Do you want me to flick your forehead, young lady?”

Puzzled, Shin Hye tilted her head, then silently said, “I thought…”

Geun Suk smirked, pulled her to him, and when his lips are an inch from hers, he said while looking in her eyes, “I miss you. I miss you badly. I’m tired… too sick and tired, but knowing that at the end of the day, I will be coming home to you, somehow, all the pain, the longing, become nothing. You know I can only rest when I’m with you…I love you…”

He looked into her eyes for a second or two, then his eyes slowly lowered down to her lips. His eyes, fixed on her lips, lost in his passion, and then as if being called for, he closed his eyes as she closed hers, then the meeting of their lips happened. Geun Suk held on her waist tightly as his other hand has a grip on her face, not showing any sign of letting go. His kiss was deep… too deep that Shin Hye thought she got lost within that sensation. He did not let her go, he captured those lips for who knows how long. He missed her.. misses her badly.

Shin Hye did not know what to do, or how to react. The feeling was different, too intense…. Too strong. She closed her eyes tightly as tears start to fall from her eyes. She missed this guy.. she misses him badly.

Still not letting go of her, Geun Suk rested his forehead on hers, smiled then said, “You’re not that bad of a kisser as they described you to be”.

With widened eyes, Shin Hye was about to say something, when that guy’s lips landed on hers again and then said, “Do it like that, and you’re dead! There will be a blood pool next door, and the flower boy will definitely be at the center”.

“Yah!” Shin Hye said, blushing.

Geun Suk smiled, then silently whispered, still not letting go of her, “I have matured, right? The boyfriend does not throw tantrum anymore everytime the girlfriend go out and walk down the red carpet, or when the girlfriend is paired with someone else”, he said, still leaving butterfly kisses on her face.

“Tch! What’s the sudden hanging up on me… not only once, Oppa…. But twice..”

Geun Suk averted his eyes, and when he was about to let go, Shin Hye held unto him, her arms wrapped around his neck. The guy smiled, then said, “Everyone is taking a notice of my Little Missy….”

“Hm?”, she said, smiling.

“You really like it when you see me like this, don’t you?’, he asked, rubbing his nose on hers.

“I’m listening, Oppa”, she said, giggling.

“The boyfriend suddenly becomes jealous, jealousy turned to worry.. worry became fear…”

“Hm? “

“While I see you walking down the red carpet, my head was held high. That’s my girlfriend…Tch! Then I looked around, only to find out that I am like an idiot talking to myself. I wanted to go out and brag to everyone that.., that girl is my girl….girlfriend, but I couldn’t do so. Everyone is saying that Park Shin Hye is stunning.. flawless… elegant.. classy… I wanted to tell to everyone that.. Hey, that girl is mi….my girlfriend”

“And..”, Shin Hye said while looking at him.


“And.. you still want to say something Jang Geun Suk-ssi”

“tch!!! That girl is my girlfriend, so better keep your distance from her”, he said, his head bowed down, embarrassed of his immaturity.

Shin Hye smiled, then said, “While I look at those clips of the Cri Show, and the photo of that guy who’s working really hard amidst the pain and the longing for his Princess”, Shin Hye slowed down her last words, reading the face of that guy, and when she saw him smile, she tilted her head, then continued, “ I silently screamed to everyone…. That guy is mine. And I am his… “.

Then the girl tiptoed, pulled his face closer to her, then gave him one soft kiss on the lips.

Lost moments
Sweet kisses
This time is theirs.. and theirs alone..
Missing you badly….


3* Sunrise before Reality Sets In

October 19, 12 mn

Geun Suk went out of the red fiat, and turned to the other side of the car, opening the passenger’s seat.

That girl was wearing a black leggings, a white wool sweater and chucks, while the guy was wearing a black sweat pants, a white pullover and grey jacket.

That guy took her hand and they walked hand in hand towards the seashore.

“Oppa…”, Shin Hye said as she let go of his hand, surprised where they were.

“Wae?”, he asked, smiling.

“How did you…”, she said, looking around, remembering that place.

“You said you want to go back to Okinawa, right?”


Geun Suk smiled, walked back near her, and held her hand again. “Why else would you want to come to Okinawa but to see this exact place again? I know the moment you saw the sand, you wanted to run as far as you can, and though it’s freezing cold, you kept on coming near the water, playing with the wave”

“But you keep on calling me back, holding my hand, not letting me go.” She said, as she remembered how Geun Suk would not let go of her when they were filming near the sea.

“But stubborn as you are, you kept on running with Hong Ki and that chingu of yours, as if you’re a kid who has just seen the sand”

“Tch! I remembered you got mad when you called unto me, but I did not come near you”

“You just looked at me blankly, as if confused why I’m calling out your name”

“The staffs were already looking at us. They thought we were going out. You have this habit of teasing me, and they thought it’s cute”

“I was not teasing you. You know I’m not”

“Yah!”, she said, squinting her eyes on him. “Oppa, why did you suddenly get mad?”

“It was not suddenly. “, he said, channeling Hwang Tae Kyung.


“I kept on calling you, but you were not coming to me. I was looking at you from afar, but you were not coming near me.”

“Why didn’t you come to me? Why were you waiting for me to come near you? If you really want me near, you could do the other way”, she said, looking far ahead.

Geun Suk heaved a sigh. “When you were just looking back at me, suddenly, those days in the past flashed back in front of my eyes.”

Shin Hye looked at him, and smiled weakly.

Remembering his lines in YAB before, he smiled and playfully answered. “I got mad, Shin Hye. I asked the obvious. Why did I get mad? When I was looking at you, I saw your eyes were bright even if I was not near you and that made me irritated. It seems that you don’t feel empty when I’m not with you and I got scared. I saw you smiling at them, ignoring my calls. I saw you looking at me blankly. The same look that I saw that night when I sent you home.. that night in Tokyo, asking me why I was asking you to stay. I got mad, irritated, scared, lost… I want you near me but I can’t stay, I couldn’t stay. And at the same instance, when I saw his look, his stare at you, I remembered Deok Hwan. I remembered that feeling. But this one was much stronger. His look was different, and I know you’re beginning to feel comfort with him. Selfish as I am, the moment I saw that look, I made that choice. I suddenly remembered the reason why I was working so hard, making my name. I cannot pretend that you were just my dongsaeng. I cannot wait one.. two years more. I cannot made a fool of myself anymore. Aisssh! Who am I playing with everytime I tell everyone that you were the sister that I never had. Heck! I have never seen you as my sister, and I would never do.”

“Yah!” Shin Hye hit his chest playfully, looking at his eyes. But the moment she saw his eyes, his eyes which were not leaving her face, her cheeks suddenly became red, bowing her head, hiding her face from him.

Geun Suk held her hand and held her closely. “Mianhae….”


“Jinja. I was mad because I don’t want to lose you again. Tch! How am I going to lose you when you’re never mine after all?”, Geun Suk kissed the top of her head and closed her eyes. “Mianhae….”

Shin Hye hugged him back and then, with all the courage that she has, “I have a confession to make.”


“I hate it when you tell them that we were soul sisters”

“Ha ha ha”

Shin Hye looked at him, and with pouted lips said, “Why can’t we simply be soulmate? Why do you need to tell them that we were soul sisters?”

“So, you also don’t want me to be simply your Oppa?”, he asked teasing her.

Shin Hye looked away, and then said, “at one point you tell them that you like very feminine woman, and you called me, Avant Hye. But you eliminated me in the Ideal World cup. You picked Min Jung Unnie. I was hurt, but then you answered they were asking for someone to date, and Eommonim was looking for someone for you to settle down with.” Shin Hye crinkled her nose, and then said, “I was thinking that time, you were becoming bolder, Jang Geun Suk-ssi. I told you before to stop playing with me, and now you even became bolder, playing around, for all the world to see. Everytime I go out, people were asking me if Jang Geun Suk-ssi was my namjachingu and they won’t believe me when I say “no”. Aisssh! You’re too cruel. Idols and actors alike were distancing themselves to me, probably thinking that I was already dating my Hyung-nim. Ha! I was 20 and no one would dare ask me out”

“Ha ha ha. So, it was somehow effective”

“No one was asking me out, Jang Geun Suk-ssi, when in fact I don’t have a boyfriend”

“You have. Everyone knows you have. And everyone who sees us know that they will just be wasting their time, courting you, because in the end, it will still be you and me.”


“Why? Don’t tell me, up until this point , you still haven’t accepted your fate young lady? I was just arranging some things then. I don’t want to scare you. I was just making sure that the moment I come near you again, I won’t need to answer to anyone, except for my heart and yours…”

Shin Hye smiled, closed her eyes, and then whispered, “I have another confession to make”


Shin Hye removed her hand from his and with that mischievous smile, she walked two steps away from him and then said, “When you saw me looking at you blankly, I was actually waiting for you come near me”

“Mwo?”, with widened eyes, Geun Suk asked, slowly taking steps near her.

Shin Hye, with face as red as tomato, started to walk backward, keeping their distance, added, “I may not want to admit it, but I guess, all those while I was just waiting for you to come near me… waiting for you to claim this stubborn heart”.

And with that said, she ran as fast as she could, embarrassed of what she just said.

Geun Suk smiled, allowed that girl to buy some time, and after a second or two, he ran after her… same way he ran after his dream, taking possession of that happiness and sanctuary, held it tightly, showing no sign of letting go.

After almost two hours of playing in the sand, Shin Hye leaned her head on Geun Suk and said, “Oppa, can we stay like this? Can you hold me like this?”

Geun Suk smiled, half-hugged her, while they were sitting at the sand, and whispered, “You know I’m just waiting for you to allow me to do it. Say it, and we’ll take all the time that we have”

Shin Hye snuggled closely to him and then said, “Aniya.. I can wait.. we will wait, right? No matter what, it will all go down to that”

“I know you would say that. Your words are my rules”

“Eh?”, she said, half teasing him.

“Oppa, aren’t you cold? You’ll catch a cold if we stay here a little longer. I know you hate cold weather”

“Aniya. We’ll wait for the sunrise and then, we’ll head home”

“Later, we’ll go back to the real world. I wonder when we will be allowed to have a beautiful moment like this again”

Geun Suk just smiled, shook his head, somehow disappointed that he could not grant that wish.

Sensing his sudden silence, Shin Hye looked at him, then said, “Thank you”

“Hm?”, he said, looking back.

“For making this day possible.”

“Thank you for allowing me to be with you. Saranghae”

And just like the movie, as the sun is rising on their background, the silhouette of that guy’s face came nearer to the girl, their lips softly touching each other, calming the waves of the sea, bringing serene to that wonderful sunrise.

In a not too far distance, the official chaperone arrived, his eyes still sleepy, but his smile bright and his heart light, knowing how important this time is for his two chingus. He may be the Hong Ki of FT, the idol of Pri… he may not have enough sleep and might have schedule here and there, but the moment he received that call… no further word needed. He is her Hong Star and his little brother, before anything else. And that, he won’t exchange for any hours of sleep. Anything for his Hyung and his prettiest friend.

And then suddenly remembering the message he received the moment that guy arrived in Naha, he immediately took his phone, and made that call.

“Free your schedule. Another invitation is out”, Hong Ki smiled, shook his head after he ended that call. “Jang Geun Suk will still be Jang Geun Suk”

YT by shiareagy6thalbum (Sukira video)
YT by PSHARAB (Oct 20, 2012)


2* Spies and Back Ups

As they reached Incheon, Shin Hye went down of the Red Ferrari, Geun Suk following closely with her luggage on hand. The girl did not say a word all throughout the ride, probably weighing whether it is really necessary for Geun Suk to go with her.

“Oppa..”, she said, looking back at him.

“Wae?”, Geun Suk tilted his head, looking back at her.

“You know I would love you to come with me… “

“hm…”, he asked with raised eyebrows, asking her to continue.

“But, this is Japan. Of all the places, you know you cannot afford to be seen in Japan with some random girl”

“Tch! Are you some random girl, Park Shin Hye?”

“I mean…”, Shin Hye closed her eyes. The last call for the flight was already being announced, and here she is, still convincing that guy not to come along.

Shin Hye bit her lips, tilted her head, worry evident in her eyes.

Geun Suk walked towards her direction, reading her eyes. “They will not hurt you, Princess”, he said as he held her, hugging her tightly.

“Oppa, I’m not thinking about the antis… this is just not the right decision at this point…”

Geun Suk heaved a sigh, and then distanced his face, looked at her, as if memorizing every inch of it.

“You are not allowed to leave the hotel room unless time for rehearsal ….”

Shin Hye’s eyes brightened upon hearing the rules. Her lips with a smile, her head nodding, asking him to continue.

“Aissh! Jinja, don’t you really want me to go with you that much!”, he said, as he saw the relief in her eyes.

“Oppa, I’m listening..”, she said, looking at him with a grin.

“You cannot, in no way, give your number to any idol or eat, dine with them. Shin Hye, you have to answer my call no matter what. You… and I mean this… you are not allowed to sit beside Seung Gi, or talk to him, unless otherwise part of the script.”

Shin Hye was just smiling, biting her lower lip.

“Are you listening?”

“Deh..”, she said, biting her tongue.

“Jun Hyung will bring your other things, and Eun Young Noona will be here in a while”

“Eun Young Unnie? But isn’t she with Jung Hwa Unnie?”

“I asked her for a while. This will just be short trip. She will not be away for long”



“Unnie is busy. She has other appointments to attend to. Aisssh! Why don’t you just ask Kurt to come with me instead?”, she said, irritated.

“Oh.. I haven’t thought about that”, he said with a smirk. “Pali, Princess, the plane is waiting for you”

“Oppa, you’re not…”

Geun Suk smiled, then said, “Trust me. I won’t do anything unreasonable”


“I love you”, he said, as he kissed her forehead, pushing her to the VIP entrance of the airport.

As she went inside, Eun Young went directly to her, getting her luggage.

“Unnie..”, Shin Hye said, feeling sorry that her Oppa has dragged her here.

“Wae?”, Eun Young said, smiling. “There’s nothing much to do at the office.”


“Do you want me to go with you, or do you want me to call him and accompany you there?”

“Yah! Unnie, are you really under 4HIM or you’re working as a double agent?”, she said, teasing her, thankful that Eun Young has been with them through thick and thin.

“The guy is just worried, Shin Hye. A lot of idols will be there, swarming at the location he’s two hours away from. And besides, you know how he’s worried of that King”

Shin Hye shook her head and then said, “Unnie, why can’t he trust me a little?”

“He does. He trusts you, a lot. It’s just that when that green monster is eating him up, he can’t use any logic to stop it”

Shin Hye hugged Eun Young and then whispered, “Kumawo, Unnie. Mianhae..”

“Aisssh!”, Eun Young said, shushing her.

“That punk won’t trust me”, Manager Jun said, a bit hurt.

“Ha Ha! Jun, the last news that he heard so far was that you called Lee Shin during the accident last year. And he still couldn’t get over that”

“Yah! You know I called him up first. I called him up even before I called Shin Hye Eomma. He almost made me deaf when he answered that call. And I almost die from his death glare the moment he reached the hospital”

“Ha ha ha! You’re quite close with FNC, Jun”, Eun Young said, teasing him.

“Hong Ki is FNC”

“You know that’s not what I mean”, Eun Young answered back.

“Aisssh! Jinja!”

“Yah! Oppa, Unnie… stop it.”

“Shin Hye, is Geun Suk really mad at me?”

“Jun Oppa, you know Geun Suk Oppa loves you so much. He would even hug you when he visited our dressing room in Tokyo Dome”

“He was teasing you Jun, because he knew you would ask him to leave her dressing room, if not for the camera that you saw following him”

“Eun Young, I’m just protecting Shin Hye”

“And you’re overdoing it. Don’t you trust him?”

Manager Jun closed his eyes, then looked at Shin Hye. “I don’t… at first. I know everything, Eun Young. I was there even before YAB… even before Etude.”

“Oppa… gwaechana… arasseo.. kumapta”, Shin Hye said, smiling at him.

Eun Young smiled as well then said, “You know, among all of 4HIM, Geun Suk is most afraid of you. He knows how much you care for Shin Hye, and he respects you for that”


As they arrived at the hotel, Shin Hye was walking side by side with Eun Young and Manager Jun when an arm suddenly flew to her shoulder.
Startled, Shin Hye almost slap the owner of that hand, but was taken aback when he heard that voice.

“You seem too free to be loitering around, Go Mi Nam. My Hyung will not like that. If some other wolf will eye you here, I’m telling you, you’re dead!”

“Aisssh! How many spies are here?”

“You’ll be surprised if you would know”

“Aisssh! Hong Star…”

Shin Hye was about to say something when he heard someone approaching them. “Shin Hye, I’ll pick you up later?”

“Seung Gi Oppa”, Shin Hye said, a bit startled.

“Hyung!”, Hong Ki said, eyeing that girl dangerously. “I thought the rehearsal will still be tomorrow morning? Ah… I want to discuss something with my Chingu here. Will it be ok if you’ll just discuss whatever it is that you’re going to talk about.. tomorrow?”

Lee Seung Gi looked at Shin Hye, then at Hong Ki. Shin Hye bowed her head, apologizing at him.

Seung Gi nodded in understanding, smiled, then said, “So, tomorrow?”

“Mianhae, Oppa”

“Gwaenchana…”, then he excused himself and proceeded to his room.

“Tch! What will you do if I were not here, Park Shin Hye? Aissh!”, then he dragged her towards her room.


“Where is your room?”, she asked, trying to lighten up the mood.

“Tch! We’re just next door, Shin Hye-ya. Hyung said…”

“Yah! Hong Star! Am I a kid? Why do I need a chaperone? Do you want me to call your Hyung now?”, she said, glaring at her.

“Aigoo! My prettiest friend is transforming into a monster!”

“Better be scared, Hong Ki. You know me. Do you want me to tie you and your Hyung together? Aisssh!”


At the rehearsal of her dance number, most of the crew were surprised as they saw her dancing. Hong Ki and the rest of FT Island were passing by, when they heard the other idols discussing about the dance rehearsal inside.

“Jinja, pretty!”

“She’s not just pretty, she can dance”

“She’s hot!”

“Hot but still cute”

“Sexy..in a different way”

The whole FT Island were puzzled.

“Ji Yeon, T-ara?”

“Gyuri, KARA?”

“Dara, 2NE1?”

“Uee, After School?”

They were having fun, guessing who is that girl practicing inside, when as they were about to open the door, they heard someone said, “I heard, she’s dating Jang Geun Suk-ssi”

All five of them almost spit whatever it is that they were eating.

“Shin Hye Noona?”, the three younger FT Island exclaimed, immediately running inside.

The five of them sat at the front row, their eyes glued to that girl who seemed to be oblivious of the stares and the temperature inside that room.

“Is that really Noona?”, Jaejin asked, without looking at them.

MinHwan swallowed, then nodded his head.

They were all seated there, casted under a spell.

When the song ended, Hong Ki stood up immediately and ran to Shin Hye, “Yah! Does Hyung know that you will dance like that?”

“Oppa knows that I will dance. I’m just not sure of what you mean by like that. Is it too bad?”

“Aisssh! I cannot stay here. I better ask for back up. I didn’t know that you will dance tonight”


“Aigoo! Go Mi Nam, can you just cut your hair again and transform to that clumsy girl? It’s easier to guard you before than now. I don’t know where to look or who to guard you from. All their eyes are on you”

“Yah!”, Shin Hye hissed, not sure whether she will be flattered or irritated.


The following morning, Shin Hye went back to Naha Airport, Eun Young Unnie and one stylist in tow.

“They won’t notice that Jun Oppa suddenly disappears, right? They won’t ask where my clothes are, right?”, Shin Hye thought as she went out of the hotel room, a smile plastered on her face.


After the event, a little before midnight, as she went inside her room, she found a bouquet of flowers, with a note..

“You look too lovely tonight… “

Shin Hye smiled upon reading that note.
“Hong Star! Aigoo! You are one great spy!”

She was about to run outside, scold her friend, but was held back by a pair of arms.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Oppa!”, Shin Hye exclaimed, as she heard that voice.

“Deh.. Wae?”

“What are you doing here? What time did you arrive? Who are you with?”

Geun Suk smiled. “I heard someone is looking for back up. Tch! The gown is a bit subtle than the one you wore at Melon”

“Tch! Thanks to that shear laces. I almost tripped off”

“Tch! The layering was not that long. You won’t definitely step on it.”

Shin Hye smiled, shaking her head. Geun Suk spinned her around and hugged her from the back. “Lucky I was not there during Melon last year”


“The dress was too sexy… I said, I like girls in mini skirt, but not girls in mini skirt while dancing on stage, her legs free for all to see”

“Yah!”, she hissed, a bit irritated.

“You can only dress and dance like that in front of me?”, he whispered to her ears, teasing her.

“Yah! Oppa”, she said, hitting his arm.

“Ha ha ha! I bet your face is red by now”

“Aisssh! Jinja! What are you doing here?”

“If I remembered correctly, someone said that she wanted to go back to Okinawa, because the last time she came here, it was too cold, she could not even go out”

“Oppa..”, Shin Hye said, looking back at him.

“There might not be that of an opportunity, so better take this now. One moment of waiting for the sun to rise should not be a problem, right?”


“Eun Young Noona and Jun Hyung already did some arrangements.”

“Oppa, how will you go back?”

“Jun Hyung will accompany me”


“Eun Young Unnie will take care of you”


“Pali, Princess. We better hurry before the sun rises in the east”

어쩌면 다신 오지 않을지도 모르는 지금 이 순간.. 너무 감사하고 또 감사합니다. 언제나 고맙습니다.. 사랑해…우리언니..
Don’t know when will I have this moment again. really really thankful. been really grateful.. love you… our sister..

Credit: http://geunshinaddict.blogspot.sg/
YT by Ijat Aben (Melon)
YT by boojiyoung (Okinawa)


[8] Maybe.. Might be.. Who Knows?

At dawn following that night, Geun Suk woke up, his eyes automatically searching for that someone, missing the warmth which for the last week has been accompanying him in the middle of the night. His lips automatically curved into a smile, finding his little girl settled like a ball beside him; her arms wrapped around herself. her back facing him, her limbs settled on her big pillow. He didn’t know how, but Shin Hye managed to remove herself from under their blanket, her oversized tee lifted upto her midsection, one of her shoulder exposed, her short pink star boxers showing her legs. Geun Suk shook his head, went out of the blanket as well, pulled down her tee, arranged its shoulder, cradled her head, removed her limbs from that pillow, then slowly moved her to his side.

He was wrapping his arm around her, when Shin Hye moved, with half-opened eyes looked at him, smiled, then asked, “Wae-yo, Oppa?”

Geun Suk smiled at her as well, shook his head and while rubbing her shoulder, said, “I didn’t know you sleep like a log, Princess. You almost kicked me out of the bed”

“Yah! Oppa!”, Shin Hye said with a pout, lifting her body a little, settling her head on his arm.

“Aren’t you cold? You’ll catch a cold if you won’t get under the blanket. And do you really have a habit of stripping while sleeping? If I didn’t know you’re tired, someone could have taken advantage of you while you were sleeping”

“Yah, Oppa… Do you want to die?”

“Aigoo, my fierce , little missy. Seriously aren’t you cold?”, he asked, concerned.

Shin Hye shook her head, then said, “I can’t sleep if it’s too warm”

“Do you want me to adjust the airconditioning?”

“Aniya.. you’ll get sick, Oppa. I know you can’t sleep when it’s too cold”

“Eh? How about you? I can manage..” he said, but as he motioned to stand up, Shin Hye had a grip on his shirt then said, “Gwaenchana, Oppa. I just don’t want to use the blanket. It’s too warm”

“You’ll get sick if you don’t wrap yourself up”

“Aren’t you cold?”

Geun Suk shook his head and smiled at her.

“Liar… the temperature is ok. Just don’t ask me to go underneath the blanket”

“You’ll catch a cold!”

“Just hold me like this”, she said smiling, snuggling closer to him.

Geun Suk smiled, held her tighter, kissed her forehead, then whispered, “I love you”

“I love you, too Oppa”

“Go back to sleep, Princess. See me in your dreams…”

“See you, Oppa”

Three hours later, Geun Suk woke up, his little girl in his arm, her hair covering her face.

Geun Suk smiled, tucked her loose hair behind her ears, studied her face carefully, admiring how innocent, pretty, how bright his star is. He placed a soft kiss on her lips, careful not to wake her up, knowing that this girl hasn’t really rested for the past couple of days.

Slowly he lifted her head, placing it on one pillow. Though he hesitated to do so, he pulled himself out of the bed, leaving her Princess, her sleeping beauty within the fortress of their bedroom.

An hour later, still with no movement coming from their bedroom, Geun Suk went back to their bed. He kneeled on the floor, his head on the pillow, waiting for that girl to wake up.

He was blowing some air on her face, irritating her, trying to wake her up.

“Yah! Bongji, stop it! Unnie is sleeping”, she hissed, with wrinkled forehead, arranging her hair.

Bong ji? The guy said, surprised.

“Princess… Princess, wake up”, he said softly.

“Appa, I went home late last night. Can I sleep more?”, she answered with a pout, but still not opening her eyes.

Geun Suk smiled, seeing the randomness of that kid.

“Alice… Alice…”, he said, wanting to see what her reaction would be.

“Eomma… five more minutes, please”

“Yah! Little bugger”

“Aisssh! Oppa, can you please quiet down a bit”

Geun Suk smiled, enjoying the show in front of him.

Then, as if tempted to do so, but he hesitated a little, Geun Suk swallowed, then said, “Alice, Geun Suk is waiting downstairs”

He saw her covered her eyes, as if irritated, still without opening her eyes, she said, “It’s too early, Eomma. Why is Oppa up this early? He should be sleeping a little more”

She closed her eyes tightly, but before she could do another move, before she could open her eyes, that guy, his heart jumping in joy, sat on the bed, settling himself beside her. One hand at the side of her head, the other beneath her pillow, and in one swift motion, he dipped his head, kissing her full on the lips.

“Oppa!”, Shin Hye exclaimed, even before she opened her eyes.

“So, even when sanity is not with you, you still know the feel of my lips”, he teased her, as his face was just an inch above hers.

“Aisssh! Who would be allowed to go inside my room this early in the morning? And who would be kissing me without camera rolling? Tch!”, she said, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“So, it’s all about logic?”, he asked, a bit disappointed.

Shin Hye smiled, then said, “Do you want me to have a blind test.. kiss ten guys and ask me to identify who among those is you, so I can prove to you that I know.. I perfectly know the touch of your lips?”

Geun Suk smiled, rubbed his nose on hers and said, “I believe you. I’ll take your word on that. I’d rather have that word, than have you do an elimination round on that kissing test”

Shin Hye shook her head. Geun Suk looked at her, smiled, kissed her once again, and whispered, “I love you”

“Na do”, and as she was smiling, as if remembering something, her eyes widened; she immediately removed her arms from him, took a pillow, covered her face, then said, “Why did you kiss me? I still haven’t brushed my teeth, Oppa! Aisssh!”

Geun Suk laughed at that twisted girl. “Why? Is there something wrong with that?”, he asked, as he scooped her from bed, bringing her to their washroom.

The girl did not say a word, with pouted lips, she sat at the counter, while that guy handed her the toothbrush. Shin Hye glared at him, but took it still, and started brushing her teeth.

“Done?”, Geun Suk asked the obvious, as he took the toothbrush from her, putting it near the sink.

He stood in front of her, and with that mischievous grin on his face, he settled his hands on her sides, then as he neared his face to her, the girl leaned back, and with widened eyes, asked, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Continuing where we left off…”, he said, as he leave soft kisses on her lips.

“Oppa..”, she managed to say, between his kisses as she’s trying to inch herself away from him.

“Hm?”, he answered in between. Geun Suk smiled, placed his one hand on her back, preventing her from moving away, his other hand on her neck, holding her still. “ I should have not stopped earlier, but knowing that you won’t give in on morning kisses, YET… and with the comfort of the bed not that too inviting for my Princess, YET… you better be grateful of this understanding husband for knowing when to stop and I think it’s just right to reward him of the continuation of those kisses”

Shin Hye smiled, placed one of her hand on his arm, the other on his shoulder, answering his every kiss.

They were savouring the moment, this alone moment which is quite new to them, when as the wolf inside that guy is beginning to show himself, when the kisses were beginning to become deeper, his hands wandering on her back, the girl suddenly distanced her face from him, then said, “Oppa.. have you shaved?”

Geun Suk was still following her lips when she put her hands in between them, pushing him away. “What?”, he said, a bit frustrated.

“Your hair here.. the 2-day old moustache and beard are tickling me. You better shave, Oppa”, she said with squinted eyes.

“Aisssh! You’ll definitely be the death of me, Park Shin Hye”

“Should I be thankful, Oppa?”, she asked, teasing him.

Geun Suk shook his head, closed his eyes and heaved a sigh. Disappointed, he walked towards the sink, took his shaver from the cabinet, placed some cream on his face and started shaving.
Shin Hye was just standing there still, watching him.
Knowing that her husband was quite pissed off of her sudden randomness, she smiled, and pulled her in front of her again.

“What?”, he asked, looking at her.

Shin Hye rubbed her nose, took the shaver, and started doing it for him.

Geun Suk smiled, his eyes never leaving that face.

Shin Hye was just smiling as well, when as she looked back at him, she saw that pretending to be innocent smile, his eyes not meeting hers, and as she felt his hand on her sides, Shin Hye shook her head, pinched his torso and said, “Do you want to have a cut on your face, Mr. Jang?”

Geun Suk stopped his hand, bit his lips and with that guilty smile, he shook his head and answered, “Mianhamnida, Mrs. Jang. “


Five minutes after, Geun Suk put on his aftershave. Shin Hye was just smiling, and when he was carrying her on his back, he felt her snuggled closely, then said, “I love this scent. It’s too refreshing”

Geun Suk smiled, and did not say a word. As they went out of the bed, he placed her on the chair, and placed plates and utensils on the table.

“Yah! You already cooked?”, she asked, quite irritated.

Knowing that tone, Geun Suk shook his head then said, “I don’t want to wake you up”

“But I told you I’m going to cook today, didn’t i?”

“Princess, you can cook tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the days to come”

“But I said I will cook today”, she said stubbornly.

“But you were still sleeping?”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Because you were still sleeping”

“That’s why you need to wake me up”

Geun Suk smiled, shook his head and chose not to say a word anymore. He placed her Americano on the table and sat beside her, placing food on her plate without saying a thing.

Shin Hye felt the sudden change of mood, bit her lip, but quite embarrassed to say a thing.

After five minutes of silence, Shin Hye lifted her head a little, trying to search his face, and then, out of nowhere, she said , “The coffee is nicer than the one served in Café Bene”. She tilted her head, wanting to read his reaction.

Still, when he didn’t say a thing, “the toast is good. Not as good as Eomma and Eommonim, but good”

And when she still did not hear anything from him, Shin Hye pouted, and placed her utensils on the plate.

“Won’t you try any harder?”


“Will you just give up like that?”, he said with poker face.

“Why are you still mad?”

“Am i?”

Shin Hye nodded. “Mianhae”

Geun Suk smiled, then said, “You know I don’t get mad..

“Eh?”, she said, not believing.

“don’t get mad easily at you”, he said, continuing his sentence.

“Can you still do that 10, 20 years from now?”

“Making you coffee and toast?”

“Aniya… not get mad at me easily. Mianhae.. I know I’m quite stubborn..”

“Not quite. Stubborn indeed”




“Arasseo… as you were saying…”

“I’m quite stubborn, hard-headed. I may be narrow minded at times, childish more often than necessary… can you promise not to get mad at me easily? I may need some time to adjust”

Geun Suk simply smiled and showed her his hand.

“Did you see this ring? I think this means I will stick with you, whether you like it or not”

Shin Hye smiled shyly, then flashed her ring as well. “It says, I will be with you till this ring met a corner”

“Tch! Circles don’t have corner”

“Woaaah! So does that mean I’ll be with you until the end? Should I write and suggest a rule to re-define circles?”

Geun Suk pinched her nose, then said, “you and me, until our ever after ends”.


That night before they go to bed, Shin Hye was fiddling her phone.

“Oppa, kimchi pancake still?”, she asked without looking at him.


“Breakfast tomorrow”

“Oh.. kimchi pancake”, he answered, smiling.

“Kimchi pancake it is. Oppa, do you have an appointment tomorrow?”

“ I need to be at the office by 10”

“I still haven’t checked with Jun Oppa when my next schedule is”, she said with a pout.

“I told Jun Hyung to free your schedule for two months”

“Two months, Oppa?”, she asked, surprised.

“I want to spend time with you before my enlistment”

“You want to spend time with me? I am free, but you’re not. Do you want me to spend time in the house alone”, she said, sulking.

Geun Suk shook his head, sat on the bed, facing that girl who was seated at the center of the bed. “I will just arrange some things tomorrow, and then after that, my schedule is free until that day”


“Jinja..” he said, smiling, rubbing his nose on hers.

“Arasseo….” She answered, crinkling her nose, then settled herself on the bed.

“You’re sleeping early?”

“I need to wake up early”, she said, grinning.

“Eh, but….”, he said

“But?”, she asked, obliviously.

“Arasseo… can I hug you at least while we sleep?”

“Yah! You’re making me look bad. Aisssh! Come here.”, she said, tapping the space beside her. “Come here, come to Mommy, aegi…”

Geun Suk shook his head, laughing at that girl.

Instead of him placing his arm on her shoulder, Shin Hye hugged him, one hand around his neck, the other around his shoulder, making him settle on her neck.

Geun Suk snuggled closer, his arms wrapped around her waist. Shin Hye was rubbing his back, tapping him while randomly singing a song, as if sending a kid to sleep.

She has almost flown into dreamland, when she suddenly felt a kiss landed on her collar, on her neck, his hand going down her waist.
Shin Hye bit her lips, and in the very diplomatic tone, she said, “Oppa…. “

“Arasseo.. Mianhae…”

12 mn, Shin Hye woke up, checking her phone.

1 am, that girl, out of the blue, grabbed her phone checking the time.

“Shin Hye, it’s still early”, Geun Suk whispered, hugging her tightly.

“Mianhae, Oppa..”

3 am, Shin Hye looked at the window, gauging whether it’s already 6.

5 am, she looked at her watch and smiled when she saw that it’s just one more hour before 6.

A few moments after, Shin Hye immediately stood up from bed, a smile on her face, but the smile suddenly vanished when she didn’t see that guy beside her. She automatically grabbed her phone and check for the time.


Shin Hye jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen, only to find that guy already toasting some bread, slicing some onions…

“Good morning, Princess!”

“Did you turn off my alarm?”, she asked, mad.

“It kept on ringing but you’re not waking up, so I turned it off”

“You know I set the alarm so I can wake up early, right? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You haven’t slept a wink. You keep on waking up every hour. I just wanted you to have some sleep”, he said, trying to keep his cool.

“But I told you, I will be cooking, right?”

Geun Suk closed his eyes, then said, “Mian…”

Shin Hye passed by him and went direct to the fridge. Geun Suk turned his back from her, arranging the toast.

She took some eggs. She was about to get a bowl from the cupboard, when as she tiptoed, trying to reach that bowl, her hand suddenly slipped, the bowl reaching the ground.

“Shin Hye!”, Geun Suk immediately ran to her direction, lifting her from the ground, afraid that she will be cut by the broken glass.

Shin Hye did not say a word. Geun Suk was checking her from head to toe, making sure that she’s not hurt at any part.

“Gwaenchana?”, he asked, concerned. “I told you to be careful, didn’t i? Why is it too hard for you to allow me to do this at the very least?”, he continued, a bit mad.

Shin Hye was biting her lips, her tears started to run down her cheeks.

“Gwaenchana?”, Geun Suk asked, startled, seeing those tears.

“I just want to make breakfast. Is that too difficult to understand? I always dream of cooking you breakfast, can you not just allow me to do that? Do I still need to guard time to make sure that I will wake up earlier than you do? Do you know how excited I am before I go to sleep, and how frustrated I become everytime I wake up, seeing you not on the bed, while hearing plates and utensils from the kitchen? Oppa, do you know that feeling? When you wanted to do something really badly, you planned for it, you even dreamed about it, only to find out that you need to let another day pass, so that you can see whether you can do it the next day?”

“Shin Hye, you’re beginning to become unreasonable”, he said, shaking his head. “Stop being childish”

With those words, Shin Hye felt her chest tightened. “I am too disappointed of myself at this point. Don’t make me feel too frustrated that I am not the person you expect me to be”, she looked at him coldly and then started to walk away.

Geun Suk sat there, confused, irritated, angered.

He heard her took some key from the bedroom.

“Go on. Go back to Jangmonim. We will file our divorce on the ground that I did not allow my wife to cook me breakfast. How pathetic!”, he said, but was taken aback, when she saw the pain in her eyes.

He heard the front door opened and then, he heard the sound of the lift.

Geun Suk was just sitting there, and then remembering those words… her mother’s words…

The moment this girl comes home crying, I will call you. You make a choice. It’s either I will let her in, or you will pick her up at my door steps. The moment I let her in, you cannot take her back

Geun Suk panicked. He ran towards the door, and then, “What if I won’t be able to answer Jangmonim’s call.. what if she let her in… Aniya.. better bring my phone”.

He rushed towards their room, looking for his phone. “Aisssh! Jinja! Where are you? Why can’t I find you when I’m not looking for you?”

And when he found that phone, he grabbed his car key, ran towards the main door and then to the lift, dialing that number…

“Jangmonim.. Jangmonim… I’m coming. Do not let her in. I’m coming..” he said, a bit nervous, on the verge of crying.

“Mwo? Who? Alice?”

“I will explain when i…”

In the midst of his five-minute lost of sanity, he heard that familiar voice, “You’re slippers don’t match. And you’re wearing my jacket. Take that off. It looks funny on you”

Geun Suk stood there, dumbfounded. With widened eyes, he saw that girl, sitting on the stair to the lift, knees hugged to her chest, with tear stains on her face.

“Geun Suk.. Geun Suk… did Alice leave home?”

“Mianhamnida, Jangmonim. I made your daughter cry. I thought she left me, but she chose to stay. I’ll call you back. Mianhamnida for troubling you”, then he hanged up.

“Hey”, he said as he sat beside her.

“Hey”, she answered back.

“I thought you left me”

“I thought you’ll allow me to leave like that”

“I thought I broke my promise”

“I thought my stubborn self has come in the way again”


“I was about to go home”

“I was about to run to your house”

“I’m afraid you’ll tell Eomma to let me in”

“I’m scared Jangmonim will let you in”

“What if I really made you mad, what if you got really pissed off, and just send me back home?”

“What if you really get mad and go home crying, leaving me alone?”

“What if you won’t come and pick me up? What if you won’t answer my Eomma’s call? What if….”, she said, crying.

“Shhh! Mianhae….”

“I was really mad, Oppa. Really mad that I wanted to leave you. But then, I remembered what Eomma said. I got scared. What if you won’t ask me back? Mianhae… I am too immature”

“Mianhae, I am too inconsiderate.”, he said, wiping her tears. “I thought you left me. I was too scared”

“Are you really running after me?”, she asked, smiling, though with tears in her eyes.

“Aniya..”, he answered, teasing her.

“Aisssh!”, she said, hitting him.

Geun Suk held her hands, kissed them and then said, “I am not running after you.. I am not running after you, Mrs. Jang. I am running after my happiness…”, he said, closing the gaps between their lips.

That guy ran his thumb on her cheek, looking at her face, calming his heart.



“Can I cook our breakfast tomorrow?”, she asked, her stubborn self channeling in again.

Geun Suk gave out a heartily laugh and said, “Your wish is my command, Princess.”

Then she carried that girl and brought her back inside their castle.

“Should I put locks on all exit doors, Princess? I am afraid I would have a heart attack the next time you come running out of that door”

“Yah, Oppa!”

And with that, their second morning ended.
The teasing continues.
The bickering does not end.
The guy held on her tightly.
The girl did not let go.
Their hands clasped together,
And with smiles on their faces,
Until when will their ever after last?

Maybe not today..
Probably not tomorrow…
Not in the years to come
Who knows?
It may possibly never end..
Just like what he had promised,
Many years back,
That night, when they began to realize
That things seem to go after a script…
That night, when he suddenly uttered..
There isn’t an ending. I won’t allow it to end


1* Fair and Square

October 17

As Shin Hye was packing her things, Manager Jun waiting at the living room, she was at times glancing at that guy seated on her sofa.

Geun Suk came a bit early that morning, and she somehow knew what brought him there at that hour. Prepared to hear his never ending tirade regarding the do’s and don’ts, the written and unwritten rules, Shin Hye wrinkled her forehead, crinkled her nose, puzzled why in the past hour that they were left alone in her room, she didn’t hear a word from that guy.

Sensing that the girl was looking at him, Geun Suk smiled, while playing with Nori and Bongji, and without looking at her, said, “Wae?”

Shin Hye pouted her lips, was about to say something, but decided to stop before she said a word.

“What is it young lady? Ask it now, or forever keep your peace.”

“Aisssh! Oppa, what is it?”


“What did you do?”


Shin Hye crinkled her nose and looked at that guy with squinted eyes, “Why is Geun Suk not asking anything? Why is he not giving instruction? I haven’t heard words like, “Do it and you’re dead!” or “try it and you’ll see me in front of the stage”. Oppa…”

“Hm?” Geun Suk said, looking at her as well.

“You didn’t do something behind my back, did you? Are you planning to go to another trip while I’m away? Or are you dating someone?”, she said, glaring at him.

“Ha! Park Shin Hye, do you see me that little? After all the hardworks that I did to be with you, do you still think I would opt to do something behind your back? Ha!” he said, shaking his head, a bit hurt.

Shin Hye looked at him, reading his eyes.

Geun Suk did not bat his eyes, looking back at her.

“Seriously, Park Shin Hye?”, he said, a bit irritated.

“Jinja, Jang Geun Suk, if I heard that you are dating…”

“And you will believe what you will hear from them? Aisssh!”, he said, biting his lower lip, standing from the sofa.

“yah! Where are you going?”

“Will lock myself inside my room, while you are away. Happy?”

“Aigoo! Jang Geun Suk..”, she said, a bit rattled by his sudden change of mood, but tried to play with him.

“What? Or would you prefer me going out with someone? Park Shin Hye, just say it if I’m making it too difficult for you. You don’t need to wait for me to do something cruel just so you could leave me. Just say it, and I will allow you to go, without questions asked”, he said, in one breath.

Shin Hye stood there, confused. He was looking at that guy, but she couldn’t see anything. Her mind went blank. She couldn’t process a thing.

Geun Suk was standing there, his back facing him. He was rumpling his hair and when he did not hear a thing, he looked back at her and hissed, “What? Why can’t you say a thing…”. He stopped mid-sentence, his eyes widened, when he saw that look in her eyes.

Shin Hye smiled, blinked a tear, and then said, “Mianhae… I didn’t mean to offend you..”. She heaved a sigh, bit her lip, then continued packing her things.

Geun Suk was just standing there, looking at her. What did just happen?

Five minutes and no word was uttered inside that room. Geun Suk was pacing back and forth. Shin Hye was silently folding her clothes, checking some things inside her bag.

“Shin Hye”, he asked, testing the water.

“Hm?”, she answered without looking at him.

“Are you mad?”

“Should I be?”, she said, as she zipped her bag.

Geun Suk walked near her, sat on the bed and looked up at her.

“Are you mad?”, he asked again.

Shin Hye averted her eyes , then shook her head.

“Liar!”, he said, hugging her waist.



“I was just quite worried why you are not asking a thing”

“Don’t you like it?”

“hm… geunyang…”

“I thought you don’t like me giving you instructions on what to do or not?”


“Hm.. but?”

“It’s quite new.. and I’m not used to it”

“Wae? You’re missing the unreasonable Geun Suk?”, he said, looking back at her.

“Yah! Oppa!”, she hissed, hitting him.

Geun Suk held her hands, and pulled her to sit on his lap. He kissed her hand and whispered, “I love you”

“I love you, too”, she answered, trying to hide her giggle.

“I was hurt earlier”, he confessed.

“Hm?”, she asked, pretending she didn’t know why.

Geun Suk squinted his eyes, looking at her.

Shin Hye smiled mischievously, then said with bowed head, “Mianhae”

Geun Suk pouted his lips, asking her to kiss him.

“Hm?”, Shin Hye asked, confused.

Geun Suk, with closed eyes, protruded his lips more.

Shin Hye smiled, held his face, then kissed his pouted lips. “Mianhae”, she whispered as she hugged him after that kiss.

“Why were you mad?”, he asked while he hugged her back.


“Why were you mad?”

“Hm… Oppa…”


“Will you really let me go just like that? I mean, if I say I want out, will you just let me go?”

“Do you want out?”

“What if..?”

“I’ll let you go..”

“Yah!”, she said, hitting his shoulder, removing his hands around her.


“Wae?!?”, she asked, mad.

“Don’t you want me to let you go?”

“Will you really let me go?”

“But if you want..”

“Aissh!”, she said, trying to free herself from him, but Geun Suk held her tightly. “Yah, Oppa!”

“Wae? Why are you mad? Don’t you want me to let you go?”

“You told me before, no matter what you say, no matter what you do, I should hold on you tightly. Even if you say you want out, I should not let you go..”

“Hmm..”, he said nodding his head.

“Hm?”, she asked, squinting her eyes.

“But, that’s me Princess. No matter what, I don’t want you letting me go. I might say one word about leaving you, but it means the other. I might get twisted at times, get confused, lost… but in the end, I know I will always end up with you. I will always choose you”


“’hm?’ ?”

“But you will let me go?”, she asked, like a kid.

“Don’t you want me to let you go?”, he asked, smiling.
Shin Hye bit her lip, then looked down.

“yah! Look at me”, he said, one hand wrapped around her, one hand holding her cheek. “Don’t you want me to let you go?”

Shin Hye smiled, then shook her head.

“Are you sure?”, he asked, grinning. “I’m giving you another chance, Ms. Park Shin Hye. I’m quite good in remembering promises. Once I said something, I really do it”

Shin Hye nodded her head and hugged her, hiding her face.

“I promise. I will never, ever let you go”, he said, as he stand up, lifting her from the ground, spinning around.

“Yah, Oppa! Put me down”, she screamed, hugging him tightly.

Geun Suk stopped, smiled, brought her down. And when her feet touched solid ground, he held her waist, rested his forehead on hers, and said, “Did you get mad at me earlier?”

“Hm”, she said, nodding her head.

Geun Suk smiled, held her face with his hand, and as his face neared her, Shin Hye placed her hands on his chest and with widened eyes, asked, “What are you doing?”

“We have to play fair. I made you mad, so I better kiss you”

“But, I didn’t ask for a kiss”, she said smiling.

“Even so… I always want to play fair”, and with that, he held her closely and kissed her full in the lips. He captured those lips for who knows how long, and when that girl was almost out of breath, he slowed down, leaving her with butterfly kisses. “We’re almost late for the flight”

With cheeks as red as tomato, Shin Hye bit her lower lip, distanced her face from him, then said, “almost…” and then, realizing what he just said, “We are?”

Geun Suk smiled, gave her one final peck on the lips, lifted her suitcase, then said, “WE are. I miss Okinawa”

“Yah! Oppa!”

“You went with me when I had my Cri Show in Yokohama. I think it’s just fair that I will stay with you in Okinawa. What do you think?”, he said, winking at her.

“Yah! You got to be kidding, Oppa”

“You wish, Princess. And if i heard it correctly, King Lee is having the same flight as yours”, he said with a smirk. “I kept my distance from Yoona. Why is he still keep on coming near you? I respected his territory, why isn’t he respecting mine?”, he whispered, having that signature Hwang Tae Kyung pout.

“Oh? So, should i be thankful to Seung Gi Oppa that he made a declaration to Yoona-ssi, because if not, the story in Love Rain will be relived the third time? Ha!”

Geun Suk smiled, pinched her nose, then said, “funny, Park Shin Hye. Ha ha ha! You’re really cute when you’re jealous. You can transform into the most unreasonable, unbelievable person, and you are still cute”

“Yah! Don’t change the topic, Oppa! Seriously, are you going to date Yoona-ssi, if not for Seung Gi Oppa?”

Shin Hye squinted her eyes.

“Maybe…. maybe, I would be dating Yoona-ssi if not for this girl named, Park Shin Hye”, he answered, shaking his head, while looking at her.


Geun Suk smiled. “I feel burdened of tall ladies”

“Should i be thankful that i am shorter than her?”

“I don’t like petite, thin girls”

“And you like me because i’m chubby. Hal! I understand. I will understand. At least, it won’t be that hard to accept if you decide to break up with me because of her. Why won’t you fall for her? She is adored by everyone. She looks innocent, so lady-like. She’s a goddess.”

“She’s not you”, he cut her off, smiling, shaking his head. “Yoona and I are so… not that. Maybe, if i met her like nine.. ten years ago.. maybe, we could hit it off. But, that is, provided you will not show yourself in the picture. I might break her heart the moment i feel your presence”

“Yah!” she hissed, trying hard not to smile.

“I love you, and you have me in the palm of your hands, little Missy.”

Shin Hye’s cheeks turned red again. She was standing there, not moving.

“Wake up, Princess! We’ll be late”

And then realizing the current situation, Shin Hye stomped her feet, pouted then said in a soft voice, “Yah, Oppa! Don’t you trust me?”. She asked him with puppy eyes.

Geun Suk smiled, held her face, kissed her again and then said, “i do. I’m just keeping my promise. I’m not letting you go…”



Chapter 30: [Un]written. Her Secret Love Story

On that night she waited for Geun Suk, that night she went at the Han waiting for a miracle to happen, she was seated like a ball at that bench, her secret love story on hand, wanting… waiting to hand it to him.

A little before 12, when her stubborn self has surrendered, though a part of her still believes that he would still come, maybe not that night, but on the days to come, when that self still was hanging on that faith that the guy would come, that he would not let go, would never let go of her, she tried to drag herself away from that side of the river, hopeful that all uncertainties will be cleared when the sun shines the following day.

When before she resigned to the refuge of her own room, she looked at the Han, closed her eyes and whispered a silent prayer.

It took her all her willpower to believe in this story, to finally succumb, surrender and admit without guilt that she indeed fell for him. He’s worth it, isn’t he?

She smiled a bittersweet smile, let that final tear for the night roll down her cheeks, and is if walking without a soul, she floated away from that site, forgetting her written secret story.


Unaware of the things around her, consumed by all her worries, scared of what could be happening, Shin Hye did not notice all through that night, a guy was watching her from a not too far distance. He saw her as she alighted from that cab, as she made her way to that spot, as she drowned herself in tears, her hope that he could come keeping her afloat.

The guy saw her resigning eyes, her pain and muffled screams. At times, he tried to look away, not wanting to see her in pain. He tried to stay on that distance, afraid that if he tried to come nearer, he would only make her situation worse.

He stayed there at that end, guarding her vicinity, wanting her safe of anything else.

He could not be of any help at this point. She could have not known it, but at least, he was there. She may not be aware, but she’s never alone. He never left her. He would never do.


One Sunday morning, as he passed by the Han, he stopped as he remembered that bench, that night when he saw that broken self. He smiled a bittersweet smile, sat at that very exact place where she was once seated. He closed his eyes, trying to have a feel of her heart. He stayed in that position, not moving, hoping to at least have a feel of her pain… the pain which if he would be allowed, he’d rather took it from her and have it hidden inside his chest.

….when I saw you that day, I heard songs started to play in my ears. I was puzzled… confused.. something within you is pulling me nearer. Unconsciously, my feet took little steps going nearer to your direction. I was just following my feet, not sure what I was doing.

I remembered I saw you being swallowed by the crowd. My heart started beating too fast when I thought I lost you, and then, something magical happened.

I bumped into something, into someone. I was prepared to fall and kiss the ground. When as I was preparing to make the fall not that painful, I felt a hand held me, saving me from that impending pain.

There, I felt my heart skipped a beat, the beatings becoming too fast, it deafened my ears. I saw you smile. And there, right before my eyes, I saw myself falling into that deep abyss. I got scared. Something in your eyes is sucking my soul, keeping me breathless. I was beginning to get nervous, lucky Shin Won Oppa came to my rescue. Suddenly, I was pulled back to reality and I saw you for the first time.

Confused of that brief five minute-encounter, the moment I saw you looking at me, I tried to look away. Something seems too planned… too planned that it doesn’t seem right.

The night after that, as I was waiting at that steps of the bar, as I woke up from that nap, the moment I raised my eyes, though it was a bit dim, I saw you striding, walking near me. I squinted my eyes, blinded by your light. You seem too bright, too bright that it hurts my eyes.

I don’t know what was happening. I could not figure out anything logical from it. After that day.. that night, everything happens as if it is part of a script. But unlike that day, that night, unlike that drumroll and that beating of my heart, everything seems to normalize… too normal that I would at times stop and be cautious of that comfort.

I might be too smart for that feeling. I know something is different, but I dare not do anything about it. I might be young, but I could somehow figure out what that thing is. And smart as I am, from that time my stubborn heart has made my brain an accomplice, though they both believe that there is indeed something… somehow, at that very point, I know it’s not meant to be.

It’s as if it’s a good story.. a too good story that seems impossible to happen. At one point, you try to ignore it, afraid to really look at it clearly. You try to deny that there is something different. You try to bring out all logic that you have… tried to scrutinize everything, hoping that by doing so, you would put your feet on the ground again, might stop it from floating in mid air.

I tried so hard to keep it inside, until one day, hopeful to let go of all the feelings, I hopelessly imagine the two of us together, hoping that maybe by doing so, when my stubborn self somehow experience that magic in that daydream of hers, she would finally get used to it and learn to let go. I hoped. I daydreamed. But I was not able to let go. I was left in that dream. My not so smart brain left me in that make-believe world, hoping that one day, you would come and save me.

Day passed by. Things become too scary. The beatings of my heart started to make a different beat. I was trying really hard to tame it, but you were too cruel. It’s as if you know the havoc that I am in, and instead of pulling me out of that mess, you casted a spell and trapped me there inside. I could not leave. You wouldn’t allow me to.

At nights, I would scold myself for giving in to that make-believe story. I could not do anything to pull myself out of it. You keep on coming near me, asking me to believe. Everytime you would do that, my other self would jump in joy, her heart keep on sinking in that trap. I could not do anything to pull her out. I was just standing there, watching her sink.. watching her fall. I’m scared.

The height is too deep. I could not see the bottom. What if I let go? What if I totally allow myself to fall? Will you be there to catch me when I fall? It was too deep, Geun Suk. I could not see what’s waiting for me at the end. It was too dark. I could not see you. But somehow, a little voice inside my head was asking me to give in… to let go. A little voice was telling me that you’ll be there. You won’t allow me to hit the ground. Just like that day.. that day when I first saw you.

But when I was about to give in, when I was about to take a step closer to you, when my foot is already in mid-air, ready to run towards you, you start to run at the opposite end. You’re too fast that before I could ever set my foot on the ground, I could no longer see nor feel your presence. When I have removed my hand from that branch, with my eyes closed, giving it all to fate, I would hear your voice, pleading me to hold on… not to let go.. yet.

You would always ask me to come near you, but the moment I got the courage to take my first step, you would run away, filling our distance with space. You would always ask me to trust… to believe in you, but the moment I decided to give in, you would disappear, leaving me with nothing. You always ask me to stay, but you always walk away.

I am not telling this to you to hold you responsible of my heart. I’m not blaming you for the heartaches that I had for the past years. I love you. I always do. I tried not to fall.. tried hard to ignore … tried to walk away, many times. But how? You’re too cruel and I’m so stupid. No matter how hard I try to warn my heart, it keeps on falling in your trap. Geun Suk, promise me, you’ll catch me this time. Promise me, you’ll never let me go. I’m not sure whether I could still trust my heart if you leave me like before. You’ll never do it, right?

Ha! This is too embarrassing. After you read this one, can you burn my story so that no one else would know how pathetic, how hopeless, how stupid this girl is?

Ah. Before I forget….when you asked me that day if I would agree to be your wife, my heart started to beat fast. You might just be kidding, but my future started to show itself in front of me. I did a sanity check. I almost flown to dreamland again, planning my future… my family… hopefully with the man that would love me unconditionally.. to that man who will be a great husband and a good father to my kids.

When that time comes, do you think you can make that promise again?

Maybe after tomorrow, after we make things official, do you think you can visit me in my dream and plan for the years to come?

Maybe after tomorrow, after we make things official, do you think you can visit me in my dream and plan for the years to come?

He has read it for more than ten times now, still, his tears would not stop from falling… pained, hurt, lost.

The guy heaved a sigh, closed that book and hid it inside his pocket.

He wiped his tears, closed his eyes and said a silent prayer.

As he stood up, as he made his way away from the Han, her words kept on ringing in his ears…

Promise me, you’ll catch me this time. Promise me, you’ll never let me go. I’m not sure whether I could still trust my heart if you leave me like before. You’ll never do it, right?

That guy smiled weakly and silently uttered, “mianhae


“Geun Suk, they’ve been waiting for you for long. Why did you cut your hair like that? Why are you wearing those clothes? Aisssh! They will all be furious when they see you like this!”, Keunsama said as he saw that guy enter the company.

“Tch! Am I also not allowed to wear what I am comfortable with? They already took possession of my heart! Can they at least allow me this freedom?”, he hissed, anger evident in his eyes.

Keunsama dragged him away, afraid that someone would hear that guy.
“Listen, young man. I know what you’re going through. But you signed a contract”

“I only signed a contract, asking them to manage my career. But I did not ask them to ruin my life!”, he said in gritted teeth, his hand balled into a fist.

“Punk, don’t make this too difficult. Dance to their music. You don’t have a choice”

“tch! I do. I will make my own sound be heard. And two, three years from now, I won’t allow anyone to ask me to do something I don’t want to. I don’t have a choice, yet. I will play along. But the moment I got an opportunity… aniya.. I will create that opportunity and lay down all my choices. When that day comes, I am telling you, I would not dare cause her any pain. I would choose her over anything…over anyone”, he said, his last words almost not heard.

Keunsama smiled, tapped him on the back and said, “When that day comes, I know she would still be there. She will be there, waiting. She’ll stay, Geun Suk. I know she would.”


And as if taunting him, the moment he stepped inside SBS, with a smile on his face, his hand on Geun Young, there he saw that girl he hasn’t seen in a while.

Shin Hye was laughing with JoA, Manager Jun in tow, when as they were about to pass one corner, she saw a glimpse of that familiar figure.
JoA looked at the guy and then like a star-struck fan, she giggled and dragged Shin Hye towards their direction.

“Shin Hye-ya, Shin Hye-ya, can you see them?”

“Unnie, wae-yo? Where are we going?”, she asked, her heart starting to do a drum roll.

“Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young! Waaah! Are they really dating? I watched them in 2005. Jang Geun Suk said he likes Geun Young. They look good together. But I guess, given a chance, you will look better with him”

“Aisssh! Unnie, I guess they’re busy”, she said in a soft voice, afraid to see that guy. “We better pretend that we don’t see them. They might get embarrassed. Let them have their private life”, then she tried to escape from her grip.

She was about to run away, when she heard her Unnie call unto Geun Young, “Geun Young-ssi, Geun Young-ssi”

And then, as she tried to hide herself, she heard Manager Jun called her name a bit louder than necessary, “Shin Hye-ya, where is JoA?”

Geun Suk’s eyes automatically flew to her direction, his lips suddenly curved into a smile.

“Jun Oppa, here”, she heard JoA answered. “Geun Suk and Geun Young are here”, she said, giggling like a kid.

Geun Suk was waiting for her to turn around. He wanted to see her. He misses her badly. He was anticipating to see her face, not expecting anything….just to see her is enough, when it suddenly hits him. She won’t think that we are going out, right? She won’t misunderstand, right?

He saw Manager Jun looked at him, then at Shin Hye. He might have known something. Geun Suk bowed his head and smiled weakly. The guy smiled as well. He saw him held Shin Hye’s hand, ushering her outside, as if hiding her from him.

He was about to make a step, a run towards that girl, when he heard Geun Young called unto that girl.

“Park Shin Hye-ssi?”

Shin Hye closed her eyes, and after a second or two, she turned around, smiled and bowed to Geun Young. She walked near them and paid her respect to her seniors. “Annyeong haseyo! Park Shin Hye-imnida. Mianhamnida, sunbae. I didn’t notice you here”, she said trying really hard not to look at his direction.

Geun Young smiled. “You can call me Unnie. Sunbae is quite too formal”

Shin Hye just smiled. She was opening and closing her hands, she’s getting uncomfortable by a minute.

“Geun Suk, do you know Park Shin Hye?”, she heard her asked that guy.

Shin Hye heaved a sigh, preparing for that denial again, when as she was about to bow her head, she was taken aback with what he just said. “I know her. I know her ever since…”

“Jinja?”, Geun Young asked, looking at Geun Suk, then at Shin Hye.

She saw him smiled, his eyes never leaving her face.

Shin Hye smiled shyly, bowed her head and then introduced herself again, “Park Shin Hye-imnida”

“How are you?”, she heard him asked.

Confused, Shin Hye looked at him, her heart started to play that familiar beat.

When as she looked at him, she saw those familiar eyes, she felt the familiar warmth in his eyes.

Shin Hye smiled, and said, “Good. Doing good. You look good together, Unnie. Jinja”, she said, smiling at the elder.

She was trying to tame her heart, and as she looked back at him, she saw his eyes looking intently at her… a lot of questions playing in those orbs, too many things he wanted to say.

Shin Hye just smiled and nodded her head. I’m good. Doing good.

“Unnie, you better make a move. I bet you still have an appointment to attend to. Geun Suk Oppa, it’s nice seeing you again”, then she bowed her head and excused herself.

Geun Suk was just standing there, watching her retreating back. He’s used to this. Pretending to be whole, while slowly being tormented inside. I miss you… I miss you badly.

Shin Hye turned around, started to walk away. She tried not to look back, not to see nor feel his presence. She’s new to this, but she better learn how to do it. Pretend to be whole, while deep down inside, you’re being torn into pieces.

The game is on. Play it cool. Let’s play pretend, shall we?


3* The Promise Ring (nth couple ring)

8th October

Shin hye was preparing, rehearsing her spiel for her hosting engagement the following day, when as she was about to flip her script, her phone rang, playing that familiar tone.

“You miss me?”, she heard him asked on the other line.

Shin hye smiled, shaking her head, giggling at that guys randomness. “Oppa, eo di?”

“Miss me?”, he stubbornly asked.

Shin Hye smiled, and then sweetly answered, “Too much… Shin Hye misses Geun Suk too much”

“Tch! I miss you!”, he said sincerely.


“Do you know what is the meaning of i miss you in french?”


“you are missing from me. i miss you”, he repeated.

“Nado, Oppa! Nado… you’re missing from me as well”

“Can i see you now?”

“Eo disseo? Are you back in Seoul?”

“Almost home”

“Oh… call me when you’re here already”

“Do i still need to make a call?”, he asked.

“Weh? if you’re busy, just carry on. I’ll see you later?”. Don’t want to see me when you reach home? Won’t even give me a call. Tch!

Shin Hye was sulking, a pout on her lips, when she felt a tap on her left shoulder, and when she turned her face to her left, a kiss landed on her pouted lips.

“I love you!”

“Oppa! I thought…”

“You thought, but you were wrong”, he said smiling as he sat on the couch beside her.

Shin Hye just smiled back, her head rested on his shoulder.

“What time is the event?”

“Around ten”

“Do you want me to…”

“Aniya… it’s not a celebrity affair, Oppa. no need to bring an entourage”

“Yah! can i not play the role of the boyfriend at the very least”

“Yah! Oppa, you know you cannot show yourself there. There will be a lot of people, university students, outsiders who will come and watch that show. It will not be good if someone will spot you there”

Geun Suk just looked at her, closed his eyes and heaved a sigh.
“What if…”

“Nope. Don’t. You know that’s the last thing that you need to do at this point.”

And as if remembering those words, the night that he regretted the most, Geun Suk closed his eyes once again, trying his very best to forget that night.

“Oppa, you are now the Geun Chan.. don’t do this…”

Shin Hye was smiling, her hand cupping his face, trying to convince him on this. Geun Suk might be too playful, but the moment he decided on something, like her, he could be very stubborn.

Shin Hye was trying to play with him, tilting her head, trying to read his face, when as she was looking at him, she felt his hand holding hers, and still, with eyes closed, she heard him say, “Mianhae.. jinja, mianhae..”

“Oppa…”, startled, Shin Hye with widened eyes, asked.. confused why he’s suddenly sorry.

“Mianhae for leaving you that day… mianhae, I did not choose you”

“Oppa…”, Shin hye paused, as she remembered that very day that Geun Suk was referring to.

Then she saw him opened his eyes, with pain in those orbs, she knew how much sorry.. how much pain he had when he has to make that choice.

“Mianhae…”, then she saw him heaved a sigh, it’s as if it has always been a weight in his chest. “Everytime I remembered that night, I want to punch my face for being such a fool”

“Shhh.. Oppa, I told you I understood, right? I told you, it’s ok”

“Aniya.. it was not and will never be… Mianhae”

Then she nodded her head and smiled at him, “how many times do we need to have this conversation? How many times do you need to say sorry and for me to say it’s ok. Oppa, until when..”

“Until I have you for real”

“you have me for real”, she said, hugging him. She knew, these were the days that he really felt down… lost, guilty for making that decision. She was smiling on his chest when she felt his arms wrapped around her as well and the she heard him asked, “Shin hye, can we not..”

“Don’t. No need. You don’t need to tell the world that you are in love, Geun Suk-ssi. They know”

She felt him smiled and then after a second or two, that childish, stubborn self channeled in him again, “But they…”

“For as long as they know you are in love and you love that girl so much, it doesn’t matter if they knew that girl or not. For as long as you know, for as long as I know, it’s ok…”

“Shin Hye…”

“Oppa… don’t… are the rings not yet enough”, she asked as she distanced her face, looking at him.

“I want to make it official”

“Are we not official?” she asked, teasing him.

“You know that’s not what I mean”

“Oppa, we’re still young, and there’s still a long way for you to go. Do not make me a reason to stop you from reaching that dream”

“You are my dream”, then he smiled, pinching her nose. “you know I am only able to do these things because you are here”

“Aisssh! Don’t pull my leg, Oppa.. Aniya.. cannot.. andwae.. shiro”

“Wae-yo? Are you still not sure about me? Aissshh! I want to be married before I turn 30”

“And you’re still five years from that”

“Princess, I am not asking you to marry me now”

“Then, why are you asking me to answer you now?”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“Do you trust me, Oppa?”

“Shin Hye…”

“Oppa! We are discussing this thing again.”, then she smiled, shaking her head. “You know what my answer would be even before you pop that question, right?”

“Princess, what if..”

“Oppa, do you still think I would…”, then she smiled mischievously. “Oppa.. what if..?”

“Yah!” he said, angry.

“Yah! How am I going to marry you if you are as twisted as this?”

Then she saw him closed his eyes, as if calming his nerves. “better?”, he asked smiling.


“So, really..”

“cannot.. not yet.. chebal.. I’m only 23, Oppa!” she said, teasing him.

“Shin Hye, it will still lead to that one.. that day will still come, and you will still see me with that ring.. might be kneeling on the ground, as I asked that question, or maybe inside the cake while we’re having the dessert or, probably at the bottom of your Americano cup”, he asked, smiling.

“Yah! That’s gross! You would ask me to drink the Americano where you submerged that ring! Eeewww! And oppa, please, if ever that day come, don’t make it too dramatic.. too cheesy.. just ask it and I will answer”

“And the answer would be?”, he asked raising his eyebrow.

“Let’s see.. I don’t want to say something that I will not utter at the end”


“I love you!”, she said, smiling.

“Will that be the answer?”

“Aniya. Was there a question?”

“Can I ask now?”

“Aisssh! I’m just telling you in case you forgot…”

She still hasn’t finished her sentence when Geun Suk held her hand and played with her ring finger.

“oppa.. don’t play that trick. We both know you can buy me a ring even with your eyes closed. You know this size after buying that more that a dozen rings…” and before her tirade was done, as Geun Suk removed his hand on hers, there he saw another ring.


“Hm?”, Geun Suk said, innocently. “maybe this one will not be an issue.. you’re under MZUU as well. Tch! The camps will just say that this is part of your endorsement.”

Shin Hye smiled as she looked at that ring.

“You know the story, right?”

Shin Hye just smiled weakly.

“I found the girl. She’s not just ready yet. So this will be my promise ring. I am waiting for her.. will be waiting for her.. no matter how long.. no matter what”

“Jinja? So, there will be 1000 of us, Oppa?”

The guy simply shook his head and gave her a kiss in the forehead.


11th October, Thursday…

I’m wearing a couple ring!!! ….with Mum -_-w
나 커플링 했다!! オレカプルリングやった!!! 。 。 。 。 ….엄마랑.. ….ママと-_-w

Shin Hye was smiling when she saw that tweet that night.
Not a little while after that tweet, her phone rang..

“Hm?”, she answered, smiling.

“That girl still would not allow me to ask the question.”

“Jinja?”, she asked, playing along.

“Hm… so , to safeguard my ring.. my future, I passed it to Mom. At least I’m certain I won’t be waking up after a drunken night, married to some girl I barely know”

“Eh? You gave a zikzin ring to Eommonim?”

“Wae-yo? Disappointed that her will-be engagement ring has a 999-others around the globe. Eh? Why are you concerned?”


“Ha ha ha… Why don’t you ask Eomma how the ring looks like?


“You know, Eomma will only allow me to marry her, right?”

“Aisssh! Oppa!”, she hissed, trying to hide her giggle.

“Ah, cham, in case you don’t know, the 1000 rings have numbers engraved inside. Can you check yours and see what number you get”


Beep.. beep.. beep

“Eh, did he just hang up on me?”, Shin Hye squinted her eyes, shaking her head.

Then remembering his question, she removed the ring and check the characters engraved inside..

“My Shin Hye… Your Geun Suk”

Shin Hye was smiling unconsciously when she heard her phone beep.
A message came in…

I am making a declaration. I am claiming the answer for my question. Just so, when I do the proposal, the heavens already know what answer I am waiting for.
Ask and it will be given.. ^^
Do otherwise, you’re dead!
I love you!

Cr: http://jangkeunsukforever.com/


Chapter 29: D Day…

Morning after that night, Shin Hye woke up, her smile plastered on her face. She couldn’t hide her giggle, her heart beating a thousand.

Eotteoke? What to do first?

She was hopping from her room to the washroom, music ringing in her ears, her face blushing.

Aisssh! Jinja! Why didn’t you say it yesterday! How am I going to tell him now?

She was brushing her teeth, a pout on her lips as she was looking at her face on the mirror.


She smiled at her reflection. Then, from her bedroom, she heard her phone rang.

Shin Hye almost jumped from her bathroom, knowing exactly who the caller would be. She gurgled too fast, her heart beating a thousand.

As she neared her bed, she stopped for a while, trying to compose herself.

“Yeoboseyo?”, she answered, biting her lower lip, hoping that he didn’t notice her tone which is a bit higher than usual.


Late that night, Geun Suk could not sleep a wink. His heart beating a thousand, hoping for tomorrow to come in a heart beat.

Is this it? Will she answer my question? Will it be a yes?

That guy could not hide his smile. His heart jumping from his chest.

What if she said “no”? Geun Suk, what if she said maybe not yet?

Aisssh! Maybe not yet.. I can wait. Still can wait.. still willing to wait.

A NO … maybe not. Hopefully not. Should be not, right?

As he woke up that day, a little early than usual, he jumped from his bed, and immediately prepare for this day. When he was done brushing his teeth, he grabbed his phone and immediately dialled that number.


“Yeoboseyo?”, he heard her answer on the other line.

Geun Suk smiled upon hearing that voice. It was just yesterday, but he missed her that much.

“Did I wake you up?”, he asked, a bit lost on what to say next.

“Aniya…I woke up about 30 minutes ago”, she answered, her voice a bit soft.

“Do you have class today? Do you want me to pick you up?”he asked, wanting to see her at the earliest time possible.

“Eh.. gwaenchana, Geun Suk. I can manage. I will just be meeting some friends and probably finish some homework. And besides, you have schedule today, remember?”, she asked, a bit disappointed that she cannot see him until later this afternoon.

“Ah, right. Mianhae.. I forgot my schedule. Hmm… later, I’ll pick you up?”, he asked, frustrated that he can only see her late that afternoon.

“Ok. Later..”she answered.

“Shin Hye” he called, before she hanged up.

“Deh?”, she asked, a bit startled.

“You will be telling me something later, right?”, he asked, a grin on his face.

“Oh..”her face red, suddenly remembering that.

“You didn’t forget, right?”


Sensing the hesitation, Geun Suk’s smile vanished, then he said in a low voice, “if you think it’s not yet time, it’s ok. Maybe we can just talk about something else. I’ll pick you up, no matter what?”, he asked again, not sure whether he can at least see her today.

“We’ll talk later. We might need to talk.. we need to talk, I guess..”,she bit her lower lip, hearing the words that she just uttered.

“Arasseo, later..”, he answered, his eyes smiling.

“Later..”. she answered back.

“Shin Hye”, he called unto her again.


“Whatever it is, I just want to let you know, I’m not going anywhere. I love you”

“Hm.. later… annyeong!’

That morning, time seems to be too slow. Shin Hye kept looking at her watch, wanting to end that day in a flash. Geun Suk on the other hand, was moving back and forth, his mind couldn’t focus on whatever it is that they were discussing.

At 12nn, that guy took his phone and dialled her number.

“Hm?”, was her bland answer.

“Eh? Are you not excited to hear my voice?”, was his pained question.

“Geun Suk… mianhae… i didn’t mean to. I was trying to concentrate on something that i did not notice it’s you on the other line”, she said, apologetic.

“So, does that mean you are waiting to see me later?”, he asked, teasing her.

“Yah! Jang Geun Suk!”, she exclaimed, her face red.

“Yah! Do you want to make me deaf? Arasseo.. arasseo.. i was just hoping that you are feeling at least 10% of my excitement to see you later. I couldn’t even concentrate on what we were discussing earlier, because i keep on thinking about you. Mianhae…” he said, a bit disappointed.

“Yah! You better focus on what you’re doing. We’ll talk later, arasseo?”

“Arasseo.. arasseo..”


“Later. I miss you”

“hm.. later”

Shin Hye was smiling to herself, her eyes twinkling. She opened her bag and pushed her hand to find that something that she has prepared last night. She smiled as she felt that master piece… the sole witness and secret keeper of all those things that she tried too hard to hide.. and now, as the clock is nearing that time, that hidden story would be told to that guy who was supposed, destined to hear it.. to that someone who tried so hard to find her and who did not dare leave her side the moment he got a hold of her hand. He didn’t let go.. he didn’t let her go…



Shin Hye was waiting in front of Young Pa, her head bowed down, trying to tame her heart. She was 15 minutes early, but she chose to wait anyway. All these while, it was him who would always wait for her. .. no matter what.

She was looking at her watch, books hugged on her chest, when as she lifted her eyes, she saw something familiar. That pretty face was an endorser of a cosmetic? Shin Hye shook her head, smiled as she saw Geun Suk with the new actress Go Ara in that Etude billboard ad.

Shin ye closed her eyes. All those time that they have been together, they had never once discuss anything about their craft, except for that kiss scene with Seven Oppa, or his gig in Inkigayo or that quick visit at his filming locations. They would mention, at times, some projects… an fyi, just so you wouldn’t be surprised seeing him on something while you’re walking down the street.

He did mention this cf. That, she’s sure. But never did it occur to her that it would really be possible to have a guy endorsing a girl’s cosmetic. Shin Hye smiled, shaking her head.

One year. They have been seeing each other for more than a year now.. their career almost forgotten whenever they were together. The chit chats.. those quick conversation would always be about his family.. her family…his dreams …her dreams..

As she was recalling whatever it is that they had, she heard a group of middle school kids passed by, discussing about that pretty boy. Shin Hye smiled upon hearing those fangirls, stating open admiration to Geun Suk. It still amused her everytime she would hear people saying that Geun Suk is this.. Geun Suk is that. She’s not naive. She’s not oblivious of the fact that Geun Suk is different. The guy is good looking. A good actor. He can sing. He can dance. Is it really possible for us to be together?

Shin Hye closed her eyes once more. With the way her mind is running now, she better stop and find some distraction.

Shin Hye looked at her watch. The sun is beginning to rise above her head. The weather is too humid. She’s getting uncomfortable by the minute.

Her phone rang, and she smiled when she saw the caller id.


“Shin Hye, can you go to the cafe first? I cannot leave yet”, she heard his worried voice.

“Gwanechana.. arasseo.. i’m still not done with my papers. Do not worry too much. I will wait”

“Mianhae.. jinja”

“Geun Suk, it’s ok. I’ll see you later?”

“Later”, then before she hanged up, she heard a voice scolding Geun Suk. I told you to concentrate on the discussion inside the room, Geun Suk. This would make or break your career. Why do you keep on fiddling your phone? Do you have a girlfriend? I told you that’s the last thing you would need at the moment.

Shin Hye froze upon hearing those words. She didn’t mean to listen. She didn’t mean to. She’d rather not hear those words. She was looking far ahead, not seeing anything definite.

Eotteoke? What to do?

Her heart started to beat too fast.

Am i making the right choice? Will it be good for us? Will it be better for him?

Aniya.. Hold your grounds, Shin Hye. Geun Suk will be hurt if you will have a change of plan. He waited for this. You both waited for this, right?

Shin Hye smiled. Gwaenchana.. everything will be ok. They might just be teasing him, right?

Shin Hye was inside the cafe that Geun Suk told her to stay in. It’s been 40 minutes since that last call, and she didn’t receive anything from that guy.

Still no call. Shin Hye was beginning to become annoyed. No call. No message. She didn’t have an idea on what had happened. Geun Suk, please, not now. Don’t do this.

A staff approached her.

“Ms. Shin Hye?”

“Deh?”, she asked, surprised.

“A cab was waiting outside”

“A.. i did not call for a cab”, she answered, a bit confused.

“Mr. Geun Suk has booked a cab”

“Oh…”, Shin Hye smiled upon hearing that. She shook her head, anticipating what it is that the guy has planned. You made me wait for four hours.. this better be good, Geun Suk.

As she settled herself at the backseat of the car, smile plastered on her face, she heard the driver said something that made her jaw dropped to the ground, her eyes almost tearing.

“Ma’am, where to now? Do you still need to go somewhere or should i bring you direct to your house?”

Shin Hye felt a glass of cold water was splashed on her face. She bit her lower lip, trying really hard not to cry. “What did Mr. Geun Suk tell you?”

“He asked me to pick you up from here, and drive you to wherever it is that you would want to go”

Shin Hye smirked, shook her head. “Sir, can you drive me to Han? Thank you!”

Shin Hye did not dare say a word on that whole journey. She was trying really hard to control those tears. At least not yet… not at this point yet.

As they reached Han, she thanked the driver and walked near to that bench where they usually met.

Shin Hye sat there…lost. A lot of uncertainties have enveloped her heart. What is it? Why am i worried? Isn’t it the time yet? Or, is it never meant to be?

She sat there in silence… then slowly, she pulled her feet, her knees to her chest, she was seated there like a ball. The night has slowly eaten the Han, but she was still there, not moving an inch.
She was waiting for something to happen.. for a magical moment to happen. Aniya.. she doesn’t need magic… she doesn’t need any trick.. can she wish to see that face, and tell her that everything will be ok?

The night has slowly become darker. The light of the moon serving as the mere source of energy in that side, when as she lifted her head, she felt tears running down her cheeks.

Why are you crying, babo! It’s as if someone broke off with you. Tch!

Then, something hits her. When realization gets a better hold of her, her tears wouldn’t stop falling. Herself has been scolding her, while her other self.. that pretending to be strong self still has that fate on that guy..

Tomorrow… tomorrow, we’ll talk.
Maybe, tomorrow, i can tell him everything that i am meaning to tell him.


That week has passed without a call or a message from that guy. It’s as if he was a bubble that suddenly burst without anyone taking a notice of. He disappeared without a trace, while that girl was left there, waiting.

Shin Hye’s excitement was replaced with worry.. worry becoming impatience… impatience to annoyance.. annoyance to anger…

And before she totally explodes for being left there, lost.. hanging, again, she sent him a message.

I’m not sure whether you are still on Earth, or whether an Alien has taken you out as a hostage, but just in case you still remember who this girl is, i just want you to know that i am waiting… still waiting until we put an end to this thing. I will be at the Han later. It’s either we’ll talk about this, or will end it as is.

Shin Hye arrived at the Han at 7pm.

She hasn’t slept properly for days, thinking what it is that has happened. It’s too unusual for Geun Suk to not say a thing in a day.
He might be busy, but something is not right.

She’s getting scared. She’s nervous. She somehow knew how this day would end, but she’s still hoping otherwise. Fate may not be that cruel to leave them like this, right? It isn’t just fair to have it end this way.

8.00, 9.00 and still no trace of that guy at the Han. Shin Hye’s eyes were already tearing. This couldn’t be happening.

Five minutes before 10.00, before consciousness has taken her away from her body, she felt a coat being placed on her shoulder.

Startled, she tried to move away, but the moment that figure sat on the other end of the bench, she tilted her head, watching him in slow motion.

“ It’s already late. Why are you still here?”

Shin Hye sat there, dumbfounded. She did not dare say a word. She was looking at him.. looking for him…

Then , sensing that the girl was looking at him, Geun Suk looked back and smiled weakly at her. “Mianhae…”

Shin Hye swallowed. “ For what?”

Geun Suk did not say a thing. He was just sitting there, his head bowed down.

“Mianhae for what?”, she repeated.

She saw him closed his eyes and then, slowly, he uttered. “I didn’t mean to”

“Didn’t mean what?”, she asked, her eyes becoming to feel hot.

Geun Suk looked back at her. She saw tears running down his cheeks. He’s hurting, she knew. He’s breaking as well.

She saw him reaching for her face, but she tried to move away.

“For the nth time, my heart is broken.. broken by that same guy”, she started, looking away. “and you know what the worst thing is? I don’t have any right to be mad.” Shin Hye closed her eyes, trying to control her emotion. She was biting her lips, trying to muffle the sobs. “I should have said it that day, at least i have all the right to be angry now. “

“Shin Hye…”

“Don’t, please. I knew it will end to this. I was waiting for you to make that call… to at least put an end to this properly, but you leave me hanging… again.”, then she tried to smile and then slowly, she looked at him. “If we had this conversation a few days back, i might be crying my eyes out, cursing you for making me fall again….but during those days.. those nights, while i was waiting for your call, something hits me. It’s not your fault. I knew you didn’t plan for this, did you? I know you’re sorry. I know you didn’t mean to. Apologies accepted. I understand. “

Geun Suk looked at her, confusion evident in his eyes.

Shin Hye smiled. “You didn’t expect this kid to say those words, right? I told you i can handle this. I’m not a kid. Did they scold you?”, she asked, concerned.

Geun Suk was just looking at her, reading her eyes.

Shin Hye closed her eyes. “Don’t! Leave those things to me. Don’t read me. Please play along. I have prepared for this”

“Mianhae…” was all he could utter.

“I know, and you are forgiven. I understand. “ then she motioned to stand up. She looked back at him and she said, “Next time, if we see each other again, please pretend that none of these ever happen. I don’t want to make our world smaller and try to avoid each other. This might hurt this time, but what we had before this day are a lot better than this, right? Thank you…..Oppa!”

Geun Suk’s tears were now running freely down his cheeks. He didn’t know why, but something in her words are not right. She’s hurting, he knew. And he couldn’t do anything to stop the pain.

“Ah, cham, before i forget. I think you deserve to hear what i am planning to tell you that day.”, then she looked at him, and smiled weakly. “I love you. I do. You might think that you love me more because you put it into words first. I don’t know who knew it earlier, but i felt it much earlier than this day. I was supposed to give you my master piece.. i was meaning to tell you my secret love story, but i guess it is better for it to remain hidden. It may not meant to be shared. We may not be meant to be. I had my first official heartache on the day i officially said the content of my heart. I love you, and i’m not holding you responsible. Chalge! Till we meet again”, then she nodded her head, asking him to leave.

Geun Suk stood up, held her face, and gave her one final kiss on her forehead. Shin Hye closed her eyes, savouring the moment.

Time seemed to freeze. They were both in pain… they were both broken… but somewhere in between that kiss.. in between the sorry and forgiveness, something might be waiting for them… somewhere…

Geun Suk dragged his feet away from that girl.

He was driving away, his eyes on the rearview mirror, watching that girl as she waved her hand, giving him farewell, trying too hard to hide her broken self.

And as her image was too small, when she thought he could not see her anymore, there, he saw her fall down, her knees giving in after her tough act. She was seated on the ground, knees on her chest… broken…


2* He Said. She Said. The Moon is Square.

As his plane landed in Incheon, Geun Suk was smiling, shaking his head. His phone still in his hand, he’s been dialling that girl’s number but could not get through.

Jinja.. did she get mad?

Keunsama was just laughing at the side, while mouthing, “You’re dead, Geun-jang!”, which he answered with “Do you want to die? Aissh! Jinja”

The whole entourage was shaking their heads, could not believe that Geun Suk was that nervous, tense the moment he received that call a few days back.


A day after their conversation on her An-An interview, Geun Suk went direct to Paris after the shoot in Berlin. The moment the plane touched down, his phone rang, he swallowed upon seeing the caller ID, MJ and Keunsama ran away from him, didn’t want to witness another epic failure of that eels’ boss.

“Yeobo…seyo?, he answered playfully.

“Where are you?” was her bland greeting on the other side.

“Yeobo, wae?”he tried to tease her further.

“Where are you? Do you still understand Hangul, Jang Geun Suk-ssi?”, she asked, her voice too calm.

This is not looking good. Geun Suk swallowed once more, his throat becoming too dry. “Ah.. I.. did you see the news?”

“I saw the news. I guess you already know why I’m making this call, right?”

“Shin Hye, I will just be checking…”

“Tch! You’re old enough to make decisions for yourself, Geun Suk. And I am not your manager. Just don’t make promises you cannot fulfil. You know I hate that the most”

“Shin Hye.. i…mian.. I’ll be there., jinja!”

“Don’t make another promise from something that has already been broken. Is it hard to tell me that you can’t make it like, two days before, so that I can make some arrangements with my stylist and manager? Jinja, Oppa”

She’s mad. He knew she is. One thing that you must learn when you’re in a relationship with her: Do not tell her something that is not bound to happen.. that you cannot make happen. That girl would not vouch on any word that is told to her, but once she said she trusted you, tell her the moon is square, and she will choose to believe that. Just make sure, you can make her see that the moon is indeed square.

It took him three, five, six years before he fully make her believe that she can trust him, no matter what. Shin Hye will not ask, demand for anything. Just don’t say words that you yourself is not certain.
Say it upfront. Tell her you cannot make it. She would be saddened, but at least she would not expect.

You know what the worst thing about me is, Oppa? I always believe that promises are said to be fulfilled. Words are given so that you can believe on them. To tell you honestly, I’d prefer a “no” rather than a “yes”, which at the end would suddenly be a no. I feel bad.. ani.. I feel betrayed everytime words are not done as they were told. What’s worse than that? Though promises are already broken, I still expect them to be done…

Tch! The promise has been broken, but it still has to be done.

“I’ll be back in time for the fitting of gowns. Just like before”


Geun Suk dialled Manager Jun’s number when that girl would not really bother to answer his call.

“Gown fitting. The usual place. The girl is quite nervous. You know she hasn’t been to red carpet since the Baeksang”

As the red Ferrari was brought down, Geun Suk smirked, eyeing Keunsama and MJ.

“Better be there before that girl decided to bare everything for that festival. Last time I checked, the back side was already removed”.

“Aisssh, jinja!”, Geun Suk muttered under his breath, wanting to hit MJ on the head.

“Test drive this Ferrari, Geun-jang. Check whether you can reach the area with the gown still full”

“Aisssh!” Geun Suk cussed under his breath, and then immediately went inside that Red Ferrari 458 Italia, praying that Shin Hye would not do as she has told him before.


Fifteen minutes after, Geun Suk arrived at the shop.

The whole staff and crew were smiling uncomfortably, probably having an idea on why the Geun-jjang was there.. and he probably has an idea what those nervous stares were.. Jinja.. you’re dead, Park Shin Hye!

As he opened that door, her usual room where she fits her gowns, Manager Jun, Ju Yeon-ssi, JoA and the other stylists were there, a bit surprised, startled of his appearance.

Manager Jun shook his head, JoA bit her lower lip while Ju Yeon just looked at him, walked near him and whispered, “she needs to grow up a little. She’s already 23, Geun Suk. Give her space to breathe. The girl is pretty.”

Geun Suk did not say a word but looked at her in the eye.

Ju Yeon smiled, knowing that look. “It’s stylishly done. A bit daring…”

His eyes widened upon the term, buy Ju Yeon just smiled and shook her head, “daring.. in Shin Hye’s vocabulary, but it’s still her. Aissh! Geun Suk, I can make her wear nothing at all, but the gown would still look wholesome if she’s the one wearing it, if you know what I mean.”

“Unnie!”, they heard her calling for Ju Yeon from inside that curtain.

Ju Yeon excused herself and went immediately inside.

Geun Suk was just standing there, his back leaning against the wall, anticipating what would it be that girl has agreed to wear.

“Unnie, do you think Oppa will be mad if he sees this?”, he heard her asking Ju Yeon inside the curtain.

Manager Jun and JoA almost spit whatever it is that they are eating.

Geun Suk on the other hand, was just standing there silently, listening to the conversation inside that curtain.

“What do you think?”, he heard Ju Yeon asked.

“Might be. He would hate this neck line.. he would hate this back… he would hate this length. Unnie, do you think Oppa will still allow me to go there?”

“Why don’t you ask him?”

“I am mad at him now, eh”, he heard her answer like a kid.

Geun Suk shook his head, smiling at that kid’s childishness.

“If you are mad at him, why were you still thinking if he will get mad seeing you in this gown?”

“Hm.. I don’t want him to get mad at me”


Geun Suk rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, missing that girl badly.

“I may get mad at him at times but those may just be petty getting mad. I might get mad seriously, but I really don’t want him getting mad. I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it. When I get mad, I know it will not last long. Because I know, if he will explain things to me, I would still listen and believe in him in the end. Eh, what if he gets mad and he won’t listen at me? What if he doesn’t trust me that much?”

“You love him, jinja?”

Geun Suk was just standing there, anticipating for the answer. He didn’t hear her voice, but he heard her smile, her heart having a race with his.

After a second or two, he saw the curtain open, Ju Yeon smiling at him, while Shin Hye without lifting her gaze, said “Oppa, what do you think?”

She was looking at Jun Oppa, when a familiar voice echoed inside the room, “Daring… a bit sexy…

He still hasn’t finished his words when he saw her stiffened, her eyes widened, and slowly her gaze looking for him.

He saw her swallowed. He tilted his head, showing a poker face, “Who told you you can wear such gown?”

Sensing the impending argument, the expectators inside the rooms excused themselves, giving various reasons, not wanting to see blood tainting the room.

Geun Suk closed the door as the last person made his exit.

Shin Hye was just standing there, not moving.

“As I was saying, who made that gown?”

He saw her averting her eyes and slowly walked near the mirror, turning around, looking at her back, the length of the gown and the depth of the neckline.

“Why are you here?”, she asked without looking at him.

“Because I remembered I promised someone that I would accompany her in the gown fitting”

“This is the last fitting, Geun Suk-ssi”, she said, giving him dagger looks.

“And I was able to make it before I totally break my word”

“tch!”she said, without looking at him. “I am mad”

“I know…”

Shin Hye bit her inner cheek, squinted her eyes then looked at him.
He saw her heaved a sigh, then she closed her eyes facing the mirror.

After a second or two, “You know..

She still hasn’t finished her sentence when she felt arms wrapped around her waist, a kiss landed on her shoulder and she heard him say, “ Mianhae.. jinja. Bigosipo”

She didn’t say a word, but she did not dare remove his arms on her.

“Are you still mad?” he asked, looking at their reflection.

He saw her smiled and shook her head.

“I hate the neck line. The back is too low. The length is acceptable, but still”, he said, repeating her words.

Shin Hye’s eyes widened, was about to pull away, but he held her tightly. “Shin Hye, tell me that the moon is square, and I will believe it is.”

Shin Hye looked at him, was shaking her head, remembering the very word that she told him before. “But you know what’s the difference between your words and my words?”, he asked still looking at the mirror.

“Hm?”, Shin hye asked, looking back at him.

He looked into her eyes and said, “I won’t ask for a proof or would hold you responsible for your words. I love you so much that I would believe every word you say, without asking a thing”.

“Yah, Oppa!”, she said, with a pout.

“Trust me. Trust me that I trust you. Trust me that I trust you trusting me”.

4th October 2012

After her red carpet walk, as she was about to sit in that row, she felt her phone vibrated.

“The gown looks good. A bit sexy, but good. Don’t remove that smile. Don’t act too sophisticated and mature if you don’t want me to drive over Busan and drag you out of the venue. I want to see my bubbly Go Mi Nam in there. I want to see your smile. Ah, cham, I’m waiting for the realization of the first consequence, Princess”

Aisssh! Jinja.. Won’t he spare me of that?

5th October 2012

As she was walking the blue carpet, she felt her phone vibrated again. She was smiling to everyone, trying to ignore the message. As she entered the venue and settled herself, she opened the message and read,
“That one is sexier than the one you wore last night. I am watching you, Park Shin Hye. I need to see your smile. Act too womanly and you’re dead”

Shin Hye smiled upon reading that message. “Where is the ‘Trust me. Trust me that I trust you. Trust me that I trust you trusting me’, Oppa?”

“Aishhh! This one is different!”

“Oppa, why do you always ask me to smile? Do I look too sad?”

“I know you are sad because I am not there. Remove that pout! I want to see your smile. Your smile is the only thing restraining myself to run over there and hide you inside my pocket. Your smile reminds me that whatever clothes you wear, you are still my Shin Hye. You may opt to show that neck line.. that collar bone.. that back.. others might see you too sexy, but the moment you flash that smile, they know you’re more than that. My charming, bubbly Shin Hye.”


“Don’t hold that giggle. I’m telling you the truth. Ah, cham., in case you forgot, I am waiting for the first consequence.”

“Oppa! Can you.. can i..”


“But, oppa, I am already living a silent, laid back life in twitter world. Please don’t let them hate me by asking me to do that”

“Almost.., but that won’t do, Shin Hye. I need to make a move and remind them once again that you are mine… Oops… mianhae… ok, arasseo, I need to remind them that I am yours. Does that sound better?”


“Tch! Your time is running, young one. Bye. Annyeong!”

6th October 2012

Geun Suk Oppa? Ani.. aniya.. all of them knew that he is my Geun Suk Oppa.. Eotteoke?

오랜만이에요^-^다들 건강하시죠? 전 해운대 달맞이고개 꼴라메르까토에서 맛있는 점심 먹는중이에요^-^ 근짱 보고있나~ㅋㅋ 아 맛있어요!!!!!!”

“Long time no see^-^ Are you all doing fine? I’m having a delicious lunch at colamercato^-^ Geun-Jan g, did you see this~ keke. Ah, this is delicious!!!!!!”.

Shin Hye smiled upon reading her tweet. This will do.

Hours after, the twitterland was flooded by none other than Geun-Jang word.

@minzzangde근짱의 일본말을 다 알아들으면 더 재미있는 공연일텐데,,, 아쉽다 ㅠㅡㅠ 나의 무지함이 이럴때 엉엉
If I understood all Keun-chan speaking in Japanese, the concert would be more interesting,,, I feel a shame at my ignorance this time T_T *sobbing

오늘은 댄서 원종찡 인터뷰하는 근짱 ㅋ 치끄비? ㅋㅋㅋ
Today Keun-chan interviewed Dancer Won Jyon. k Chikubi (Nipple)? Kkk

근짱 ㅋㅋㅋ 너무 신났엌ㅋㅋㅋ
Keun-chan kkk It was really fun. Kkk

And then, before the tweet was posted, she received a message from that guy.
“Nice try, Princess. Wait for this one…”

Behind the venue, food stalls (Yatai) were installed inside walls made by trailers.. It’s our first time having dinner together with all Korean and Japanese staff!!! Yes, this is Keun-chan!!!!

photo uploader

Note: As per my limited knowledge in Hangul, G and K as well as J and CH are sometimes used interchangeably.


Chapter 28: Scripted

Geun Suk went inside the room and sat beside Shin Hye, while that girl was tapping the baby, watching him sleep. Geun Suk looked at her face, his heart has a different tug, as he watched that girl, her face bright, her smile twinkling.

“So, you met my son?” he asked, shifting his gaze to his baby.

“Shhh! He’s sleeping”, she hushed him, without removing her gaze from that kid.

“Arasseo… mian…”, he said, smiling.

Shin Hye looked at him, bit her lower lip, then smiled sheepishly. “He’s cute”

“tch! Of course, he looked like his dad”

“Yah!”, she hissed, slapping him by the shoulder.

The baby rolled to his side, a bit startled by the sudden sound.

Shin Hye glared at Geun Suk, then started humming a lullaby again. She was watching that angel go to sleep, while Geun Suk was just sitting there, not moving an inch.

And when he felt that his kid has flown to dreamland again, he asked in a whisper, “You like kids?”

“Hm”, she answered, nodding her head. “They’ re cute.”

“Have you ever thought of settling down?”

“Hm”, she said, without looking at him.

“Hm, yes? Or Hm, No?”

“Hm, yes.”

“Son or daughter?”

“Sons and daughters”, she said, a bit shy.


“A lot. I want a big family. I want to see kids running around inside my house. I want to see toys scattered all over the place”


“Hm. I will cook a lot. I will braid my daughter’s hair while my husband is playing with my son.”

“At what age do you plan of marrying?”

“Twenty five.. you?”

“Twenty eight”

“Jinja?”, then she suddenly looked to his direction and was surprised to find his face an inch from hers.

“I’ll be twenty eight when you turned twenty five. I didn’t know that you like a big family. I better work hard, then. Sons and daughters? I like the idea. I want to go home and have dinner with my family. I will cook with my wife. I will send her paper airplanes while she’s braiding our daughter’s hair. I will be a good husband and a good father. Do you think you can let me be that to you and your kids?”

“Yah!”, she said, her face red.

“Mian.. that is too far ahead. Can I be your boyfriend? And then, from there, I’ll plan for the proposal, the engagement, the wedding, and the settling down”

“Geun Suk”, she said, a bit startled.

“I like you. I love you… so much, that I really want to keep you and live with you. “

“Are you proposing to an eighteen year old?”

“Are you eighteen?”, he said, teasing her. “I guess yes”

“You’re not sure?”, she teased back.

“Tch! Yes, I am proposing to an eighteen year old… I am proposing to you, Ms. Park Shin Hye. Can you make me the happiest man in the world and agree to be my wife?”

“Yah!”, she said, confused of the things that she is hearing.

“You have a lot of homework to answer now.”


“I already have a previous question, which up til now, you still haven’t answered, and I am giving you another one. “

“Geun Suk…”

“I love you…”

Shin Hye was just looking at his face, her face blank, confused whether Geun Suk was playing with her again. She was biting her lower lip, her eyes squinted, her forehead wrinkled, her gaze fixed on that guy.

“Wae?”, he asked smiling.

“Say it..”, she said, waiting for him.

“What?”, he asked, a bit lost.

“Tch! Say you’re just kidding. You’re going too far. Don’t play that far”

“Tch! You know I’m not playing.. and I’m really looking far ahead.. might be too far, but we’ll get there”

“Yah! Geun Suk!”, she said in a hiss.

“Shhh!”, he hushed her, smiling. “ I really want to hug you right now, to let you know that I am not kidding. But I’m afraid you’ll just get scared”

Shin Hye looked at him, her head tilted, trying to read him.

“What you see in my eyes is what is written here”, he said, pointing to his chest.

“Geun Suk, stop”, she said, pleading him.

“Shin Hye….”

She started to walk away, when Geun Suk grabbed her hand, then uttered, “Mianhae”

Shin Hye closed her eyes, was about to pull away, when the angel lying on the bed started crying. She was about to take a step farther, when she heard Geun Suk trying to comfort the kid. Shin Hye looked back and smiled when he saw Geun Suk quite confused, scared on carrying that angel.

Shin Hye walked back, motioned Geun Suk to move away, giving her ample space to sit down. Geun Suk, like a kid, followed as he was told and sat there silently. He was seated beside Shin Hye, his eyes peeking through her shoulder, looking at the face of that angel.

Shin Hye took the baby to her arm, sway him a little, while humming a song.

That angel opened his eyes, stretched a little, punching Geun Suk in the process.

“Ha ha ha. Geun Suk, he doesn’t like you”

“Yah! Kiddo, I am your Dad, and you’re treating me like that?”, Geun Suk hissed playfully.

Shin Hye was making faces, her eyes bright, while that kid was giggling happily.

“Yah, kiddo, do you know who this girl is?”, he asked, while playing with his hands. “Mason, meet Shin Hye. Your Appa’s girl friend”


“Wae? I said girl friend. Two words. Tch! Shin Hye, this is Mason, my son. Mason, should you ask this Agasshi if she can be your mother?”


“Wae? My poor son doesn’t have a Mom and this girl here would not even pretend to be my wife”

“Baby, do not listen to this Ahjussi here, hm?”

They were smiling, laughing with the kid, Geun Suk’s head almost on her shoulder, while his one arm is placed an inch behind her, the other holding her right hand, supporting Mason’s weight. They were at that position when..




Geun Suk almost hugged Shin Hye and that kid, hiding her, afraid that there would be a scandal from that photo. He was hiding those two when his eyes, his angry eyes met that person at the doorway.

“Oh, Mianhae” Mrs Moon said, as she saw the fire in Geun Suk’s eyes.

“Mianhamnida, ahjumma” he said, as he removed his hands from those two, while Shin Hye was peeking behind his shoulder.’

“You look adorable. You look like a happy young couple with a kid. You two look good together. “

“Eh?”, Shin Hye said, blushing, while Geun Suk was just smiling.

“You will both make a good couple, a good parent”

“Ahjumma, you might be mistaken”, Shin Hye said, shaking her head.

“You’re Shin Hye, right?”

“Hm”, she said, nodding her head.

“This guy here would always talk to my son, telling him that he would introduce him to his Mom one of these days.”

“Yah, Geun Suk”, she said, her cheeks red.

Mrs. Moon smiled at the two, then whispered, “Can I keep this photo? I will show this to Mason when he grows up. His Dad and Mom”

“Eh?”, Shin Hye said, a bit embarrassed.

Mrs. Moon walked near her, then took Mason from her arm.

“I guess, my kid is taking much of your time. This guy here may not have that enough time to spend with you. I’m afraid if I will not take this kid, he will see his son as a competition for your attention, Shin Hye-ssi. This guy is a bit jealous. I may not need to spell that one out, right?”

Shin Hye just smiled, nodded her head and thanked Mrs Moon.

They were about to walk out of the room, Geun Suk following closely behind her, when Mrs. Moon called unto them and said, “Shin Hye-ssi, you look good together, jinja.”

“ Ahjumma..”

“Five, ten years from now, I hope I can still see you together. Give him a hard time, make it difficult for him, but do not push him away. He can.. will endure anything”

Shin Hye accidentally looked at Geun Suk, and was surprised when she saw him looking at her.

She smiled shyly, when the guy held her hand and bowed to the elder inside the room.

They were walking in silence, when Geun Suk looked at her, trying to break the silence. “All the things that you see and hear, all of those are scripted.”

“I know”, she said smiling.

“I wrote the script”

“I know. When did you hand them the copy?”she asked, riding along.

“Everytime I would have the chance to talk to them about you. I am afraid my heart would explode if I will not share you with them”


“All of those are ad libs. I wonder how they were able to memorize my words”

“Your cast is quite good”

“I do the screening”

Shin Hye just shook her head, smiling, walking ahead, away from him.

“Yah!”, Geun Suk shouted, following closely behind her.

“Wae?”, she hissed as she felt his hand on hers. “Eh, is this part of the script, too?”

Geun Suk did not say a word, but held her hand still.

They were walking hand in hand towards his car, when Geun Suk looked at his watch then said, “It’s only five. Do you think we can still go to Han?”

“Your day is quite long, Mr. Jang?”

“Ani…” he said, shaking his head. “I’m always running out of time when I’m with you”

“Aigoo. You must change your profession, Ahjussi. You better work behind the camera. You’re quite good with words”

“Tch! I knew I was, until I met you”


“My words seem empty when I’m with you”

Shin Hye just shook her head then said, “Kaja… let’s go to Han and end this day”

“You really want to end this day in a heart beat, don’t you?”, he said, a bit hurt.

“Aniya.. let’s go to Han, and let’s see what else we can do tomorrow”

“Eh, can we still go out tomorrow”, he said, his eyes smiling.

“Let’s see… I said, let’s see, arasseo?”

Geun Suk was not saying a word all throughout the drive. His eyes on the road, never did look at that girl seated at the passenger’s seat. Shin Hye felt the sudden change of mood, but tried to shrug it off, hoping that Geun Suk would come back to himself when they reach their destination.

Shin Hye would at times threw glances at Geun Suk. Geun Suk was not oblivious of those stares and that uneasiness whenever she would shift her position at her seat. Though he didn’t have any plan to, he tried to ignore her, contemplating whether to continue with what he has plan for that day.

As they reached Han, Geun Suk stopped at their corner, turned off the engine and stepped out of the car without looking at her. Shin Hye was left there, confused.

As she saw him walking to the back of his car, Shin Hye stepped out as well, trying to play it cool. Did he really get mad at me?

“Yah!”, she said, and was surprised when she did not see his face, but was greeted by the trunk of his car which is pulled up.

Geun Suk took a peek at her and without saying a word, raised his eyebrow, asking her why.

“Is there something wrong with the car?”, she said, trying to break the ice.

Geun Suk just looked at her, then shook his head.

Shin Hye closed her eyes, trying to control her irritation. What did just happen? Have I pushed it too far?

Geun Suk, with his face hidden behind the trunk, was smiling at himself, loving that pout, the uneasiness that she is in. So, she ‘s also bothered when I’m not saying a word.

“Yah”, he heard her say.

He took a peek at her again and before he could give another sign language, he heard her say something like, “Did you eat your tongue? Why are you not saying a thing? Have I said something wrong?”, she asked without a pause, looking straight into his eyes.

Geun Suk just smiled and shook his head.

“yah! Tell me if I did something wrong. Stop doing this. I hate guessing games.”, she said , stomping her feet. And when she saw him looking at her, she averted her eyes and said in a whisper, “I’m not good at guessing… please stop….” She looked at him again, but that guy would still not say a word. “Let’s stop it here”, she said, trying to control her tears. What did I do?

And before she could take a step away from him, she felt his hand on hers and when she looked at his face, she saw him smiled and averted his gaze to the sky.

Puzzled, Shin Hye followed his gaze and was surprised, her heart almost jumped from her chest when she realized what it is that Geun Suk was doing.

There, hanging at the sky, playing with the wind, are small heart shaped-balloons with a banner, saying, “I Love You, My Shin Hye!”

Shin Hye swallowed. She didn’t know why but it seems that her eyes are too hot, and in any minute now, those tears will be rolling down her cheeks. She bit her lips, trying to silent any sound.

She was contemplating what to do next, when she was startled when she felt his hand on her face, and then he silently whispered, “I don’t want to say a thing….anything… only those three words could sum up what I really wanted to tell you.”

“Yah”, she said, pinching him at his torso.

“Ouch! I love you! I hope you won’t forget that. I know I’m quite a talker, but I just don’t want to waste any word at this point. I’m always running after time when I’m with you. I just realized that time may not always be enough, so at least, at the very least, I can tell you what I am really meaning to say”

Shin Hye looked at him without saying a word.

“Where are your words now, young lady”

Shin Hye just closed her eyes, afraid of those gazes.

“Yah, open your eyes. What were you saying earlier?”

She closed her eyes tightly, not wanting to see those eyes. Can I tell him now? Isn’t it too embarrassing? How do you say those words?

Geun Suk laughed at that girl’s indecisiveness.

He let go of her face, but held her one hand with his, his other searching for something inside the trunk. And when he found what it is that he is looking for, he smiled to himself, and softly asked, “ Do you think you can try to open your eyes now?”

Shin Hye just shook her head, still not sure on how to face him.

Geun Suk shook his head as well, held her other hand, then placed one thing on her palm.

When she felt that something was handed to her, she slowly opened her eyes, taking a peek on what is that thing. When she fully saw what it is, she looked at Geun Suk, asking him what that thing is.

Geun Suk just shrug his shoulder, and then teasingly said, “Did you eat your tongue? Why are you not saying a thing? Have I said something wrong?”

“Yah!”, she said, a bit irritated.

Geun Suk just smiled at her and asked her to open that gift.

“What is this?”

“Open it”

Shin Hye slowly opened the lace of that gift. It is a notebook… a diary…

She wrinkled her forehead, trying to figure out what would the content of that thing be. Shin Hye slowly flipped the pages and found the first page to be 4th August of that year. She slowly read the first page and then, she heard Geun Suk said, “I might be with you for almost everyday, trying to find ways just so we could exchange a word or two. You may feel bored at times… too suffocated of my presence… mianhae, I just want to feel your presence near me. Knowing that you’re are just an arm length away somehow gives me the comfort that I longed to feel. I may be too talkative, trying to say a thousand words per minute. I am always afraid that my timer would buzz without me completely telling you what happened on my day. You may think that after those hours… minutes of talking, I might have emptied those words that are in here. Ani.. aniya… I hate to break it with you, but a lot are still hidden inside. The behind the scenes… those words that I tried to stop myself from telling you.. most of those words are still here because i am afraid that you might get scared.. that i might scare you again. Instead of telling them to you, I tried to empty some of those words in here, hoping that you could have a better glimpse of my heart if I put those words into writing”, he said, smiling shyly at her.

Shin Hye’s eyes started to water again. Eotteoke… how to say this… should I say it? It feels like my heart would burst if I won’t let this out.

She was still deliberating her words, when he felt his hand on hers… a strand of ribbon in his hand, his finger tracing her ring finger, and then she felt him tie that ribbon in her ring finger, and before she could push herself to say a word, she heard him utter another which made her heart do a drum roll, her ears deafened of her heart beat, “Five, ten years from now, do you think you can agree to marry me?”

Shin Hye’s chest was heaving. He might just be kidding… this might just be a joke.. He’s not serious, is he?

Still could not find the right word to say, her hand still in his, Shin Hye smiled and then said, “What is the ending of this script, Geun Suk-ssi?”

Geun Suk looked at her then shook his head.


“Give me that yes and I will tell you in a heart beat”

“Yah”, she said, trying to stop her heart from beating too fast.

Geun Suk closed his eyes and said in a whisper, “there isn’t an ending. I won’t allow it to end. “

And as if scripted, as if on cue, before she could say her piece, his phone rung, breaking their trance, pulling them back to reality.

“Jang Geun Suk-ssi? You are being considered for a role in Hong Gil Dong. Do you think you can come and see us tomorrow?”

And with that, their day ended.
No word was exchanged.
No question was answered.
Their mere presence and the beatings of those hearts,
The sparks in their eyes and the curve in their lips…
those, for some, might be enough to read between the lines…
for some.. might be..
but not for her… not for that girl

Before she stepped out of his car, she looked back and said, “After your meeting tomorrow, do you think we can meet somewhere.. five, ten minutes maybe?”

Tomorrow would be that day…
It would be that day, right?
Should have been today… but…
Let’s see…
Tomorrow… should be…



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