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3* The New Competition

on September 22, 2012

Right after that dinner…

Shin Hye walked to PD Hong and Yong Hwa, while Geun Suk and Hong Ki were talking about something at one corner.

“Shin Hye-ya, so we’ll meet again on the next Minami reunion”, PD Hong said, while giving that girl a quick hug.

“Save the date, Kangdungnim. If you won’t show your face, you’re dead!”, Shin Hye answered, playfully.

“Aigoo! This kid! Tell that to your Hyung-nim! Better show his face in the photos. If not, I will have your Shin Woo Hyung stand beside you, ” he said, remembering the funny photo that they’ve uploaded after that Minami Shineyo second anniversary last year. “Haha! I wonder what will the commotion be about this year”

“Yah! Hyung!” Yong Hwa hissed, stopping PD-Hong.

“Yah! Yong Hwa-ssi, in case you forgot, I …”

“Mianhamnida, Kangdungnim! This Busan boy suddenly forgot who he’s talking to”, Yong Hwa answered in his Busan accent, and then looked at Shin Hye and pulled that girl to an embrace.

“I will miss you, chingu!”, he said, while tapping that girl at the back.

“I will miss you too, Chingu!”, Shin Hye answered, smiling on his shoulder but as she opened her eyes, she saw her Hyun-nim, eyes as big as saucers and with that signature pout, Shin Hye blinked twice and thrice and then swallowed, but still not letting go from that embrace.

Yong Hwa, noticing her uneasiness, smiled through that embrace and whispered in her ears,”Is your Hyung-nim throwing his daggers on me, again?”

Shin Hye shook her head on his shoulder and said, without removing her eyes from Geun Suk, “Ani.. he’s throwing his draggers on me

“Ha ha ha!” Yong Hwa pulled away, and then placed his arm around Shin Hye’s shoulder, winked at Geun Suk, but standing there, still.

Geun Suk chewed his lips, his eyes on Yong Hwa’s hand, then shifted his gaze to that girl. Shin Hye swallowed, standing uncomfortably.

“Hyung..”, Hong Ki said in a whisper, tagging Geun Suk as he charged towards those two.

“Cut!” PD Hong said, laughing.

All four of them laughed in unison as they heard that magic word.

Geun Suk and Hong Ki walked to where they were standing. Geun Suk pulled Shin Hye immediately as he reached that place, trapping that girl to a tight embrace.

“You do know that I am not feeling well, don’t you? Yet, you still pulled that prank”

“Hyung-nim, you know pretty well that this is always part of the farewell, right?”

“And you do know, little Missy, that what we all have this year is far different from what we have last year, hm?”, Geun Suk whispered, his tone dead serious.

“Oppa!”, Shin Hye exclaimed, pulling away from his embrace, her eyes squinted.

Geun Suk smirked, placed his arm on her shoulder while Shin Hye’s is automatically placed around his waist.

“So, I will be taking this girl away. I guess my body temperature is getting higher, afraid that I will reach the boiling point if I keep on seeing that stare, Shin Woo-ssi. Tch!” he said, playfully.

Yong Hwa smiled, bowed his head, then said, “Mianhae, Hyung. I just missed my Gyu… ahm… Mi Nam”


“Yah, Oppa! Yong!”, Shin Hye said, pulling them both out of that trance.

Geun Suk and Yong Hwa both laughed, then smiled at that girl.

“We’ll head off, first”, Yong Hwa said, smiling at her.

PD Hong looked at Shin Hye, then at Geun Suk, “Hwang Tae Kyung, I hope you do know how lucky you are to be standing beside that girl. You do know what I mean, right?”

Geun Suk looked at PD Hong for five second or so, smirked then said, “This girl is not going anywhere. The script might change, the cast might come and go, but this girl will never go anywhere”

PD Hong smiled, then excused himself as well.

Hong Ki walked near them, squinted his eyes on Shin Hye, then said, “Up until now, I still don’t know what they both see in you, Shin Hye-ssi” then he smiled at her and nudged Geun Suk by the shoulder.

And as he turned around, he heard his Hyung let out a dangerous laugh. “That is why I like you the most, Lee Hong Ki. And I do appreciate that”.

Hong Ki stopped from his track, swallowed a little. Does Hyung know? Then, he shook his head, he laughed, walked away, while waving at them from the back.

And as all of them drove off, Shin Hye automatically removed her hand from Geun Suk and started to walk away.


“Tch!”, Shin Hye smirked, then stopped two feet away from him. “What was that?”

Geun Suk laughed, then said, “which one?”

“You do know what I’m talking about, Oppa?”

Geun Suk raised his eyebrow, still pretending that he doesn’t know.

Shin Hye looked at him as well, and with squinted eyes, stood there, still.

“I was just playing with them”

“And you do know it’s not funny”

“Do you think I’m having fun standing there, watching you both?”

“Oppa, three years. It’s been three years. You’re beginning to become unreasonable”

“Don’t tell me you don’t see it, Shin Hye. The guy still has a thing on you”

“Ha!” Shin Hye answered in disbelief. “ I’m not hearing any of these”, she said while walking away.

Geun Suk closed his eyes, knowing that he pushed it too far again. He shook his head, remembering that guy… her chingu.

And then, suddenly…

“Argh”, his voice was heard, followed by a thud.

Shin Hye automatically turned around, and as she saw Geun Suk on the ground, she automatically ran towards his direction, worry evident in her eyes.

“Oppa!”, Shin Hye exclaimed on her way to where he was. “Gwaenchana? Gwaenchana?”, she asked, again and again.

And when the guy still did not answer, “Oppa.. Oppa…”, she said while tapping his cheeks, her hands, trembling.

Tears were already running down her cheeks, her heart beating a thousand.

She was looking around her, her other hand looking for something inside her bag, when the guy in her arm twisted a little and then she felt his hand on her cheeks. “Did I scare you?”

“Oppa!” she said, her voice a bit louder.

“Mianhae… my world suddenly twisted and turned when I saw you walking away”, then he smiled weakly, trying to remove the worries in her eyes.

“Funny.. jinja funny”, she answered back, while trying to stop her tears.

After five seconds or ten, Geun Suk tried to stand up, his arms anchored to that girl.

And as he was pulled to a stand, before that girl can make a step forward, he pulled her to a tight embrace, then whispered, “Saranghae….”

Shin Hye’s heart jumped a beat. “Oppa…”

“Eh, is that the correct answer, Go Mi Nam”

“nado, saranghae oppa”

As they reached her house, Shin Hye supported Geun Suk while walking towards the main gate. She was struggling to get her keys when the front door opened, revealing her Eomma.

“Eomma!/Jangmonim!”, Shin Hye and Geun Suk said at almost the same time. Geun Suk immediately removed his hand from Shin Hye, but losing his balance, lucky Shin Hye Eomma was fast, if not, he could have kissed the ground.

“Geun Suk/Oppa!”, Mrs Park and Shin Hye said, as they both tried to keep Geun Suk in his standing position.

“What’s that commotion about”, they heard Mr. Park approaching the door. GeunSuk embarrassed of his state, tried to remove his hand from Shin Hye, and before the girl could say another word, they heard her Appa said something like, “Are you drunk, young man?”, his eyes fixed on that guy.

Geun Suk swallowed, then with all the strength that he could gather, tried to stand up straight, bowed at Mr. Park then said without pause, “Annyeong haseyo, Abeojji! Animida. I am not drunk. I tried not to drink tonight. I am just sending Shin Hye home”.

Shin Hye’s eyes widened. She couldn’t almost stop her impending laugh, still not getting used to her Oppa acting like this in front of her Appa.

Geun Suk after saying his piece, closed his eyes, bowed his head once more, then started to walk away, but Shin Hye’s arms were faster, her hand automatically grabbing that guy,”Oppa!”

Geun Suk almost lost his balance, his world turning, but still trying to compose himself.

Mr. Park shook his head, smiled turned around then said, “Bring him to Shin Won’s room. He can stay in Shin Won’s room”, then looked at Shin Hye abruptly, “not in your room, young lady”

Shin Hye swallowed, and before she could say her protest, she saw her Appa smiled and said, “I trust you.” Then looked at that guy, “I trust you as well, but you have to follow my rules, arasseo?”

“Deh, abeojji!”, Geun Suk said, bowing at the old man.

Mrs. Park smiled, then looked at Shin Hye. “Do you think you can bring him to the room, Alice? I will just prepare some porridge”

Geun Suk was already lying on the bed, his eyes closed. Shin Hye left him for twenty minutes or so, washing up, preparing to go to bed as well.

But before she resigned herself to the comfort of her room, she decided to check on Geun Suk, worried that he’s still not feeling well.

Shin Hye sat at the side of the bed, looking at his face, admiring the calmness of his figure. She placed her hand on his forehead, checking whether he still has a fever, then smiled afterwards, knowing that his temperature has gone down.

She pulled the blanket to him, checked the humidifier inside the room, and before she went back to her room, she sat back at the edge of the bed again and leaned closer to him, giving him a peck on the cheek.

“ Goodnight, Oppa!”, she whispered in the wind. She was still leaning at him, her face above his, when she was taken aback, her eyes wide open, mirroring the eyes of that guy beneath her. The guy smiled, pulled her on top of him then rolled on the bed, making her lie on her back, his body on top of hers.


“Tch! Do you know that it’s not a good idea to steal kisses from someone who’s sleeping, Princess, especially if that someone is pretending to be sleeping, restraining himself from pulling you to a tight embrace?”


“I love you. I love you more than anything.. more than anyone. I love you!”, then he dipped his head, meeting her lips.

After five seconds or ten, he pulled himself away, admiring the face of that angel below him.

“I love you!”

“I love you too, Oppa”

Geun Suk smiled, then with all his might, moved his body away from her then said, without looking at her, ”Now, leave Princess, before I can’t hold myself from trapping you inside this room”

Shin Hye smiled, then immediately stood up from the bed, ruan to the door. But before she took a step outside, she looked back at him then said, “Kamsamnida, Oppa!”

“Saranghamnida, Princess!”

Saturday, Codes Combine. Busan

Shin Hye and Geun Suk were seated at one corner inside Hyunduk’s newly opened restaurant, Cola Mercato S+.

They were munching on anything, laughing at nothing in particular, Geun Suk’s arm on her waist, while she’s feeding him with whatever that Hyunduk was giving them.

Hyunduk sat opposite to where they were seated, his hands on his chin, his mouth hanged open, looking at that couple in front of him. “Are you sure you two have been seeing each other for six years? Jinja, seeing that guy acting too mushy like that gave me goosebumps on my skin. Don’t you get bored?”, he said, teasing them.

Shin Hye smiled, crinkled her nose, then said, “I’m beginning to get bored, Hyunduk Oppa. Should I find another one? Six years is far too much, right?”

“Yah!” Geun Suk hissed, eyeing that girl dangerously.

“Don’t you get bored, Oppa?”

Geun Suk let out a dangerous laugh, then with that evil grin said, “I am getting bored. Do you think we can explore doing some other things?”

“Yah! Byun-teh!”, she said, removing his hand from her waist, giving that guy a slap on the chest.

“Ha ha ha! Shin Hye-ssi, when do you plan to get married?”

“Oppa, we’re still too young for that?”

“Yah! This guy has been itching to settle down, amidst his popularity”

“Ha ha ha. Maybe he’s beginning to get tired of all the commitments. Should we tick off one commitment from those, Oppa?”, She said, playing with Geun Suk.

“Ha! Do you still want to get your diploma young lady, or should I drag you to give me your “I do” now?”

“Tch! Do you think I will say “I do”?” she said, challenging him.

“Ha! Are we still playing here, Agasshi?”

“You tell me, Ahjussi. “

“Yah!” Funduk stopped them both, knowing how childish these two can sometimes be. “Shin Hye, if ever you will have a kid, what would you like your first kid to be?”

“I want a daughter. A pretty one”, that girl said, her eyes smiling.

“Look who doesn’t have any plan of settling down. Stop day dreaming, little missy. A daughter is not a simple gift which Santa can put inside your Christmas socks. Give me your “I do” and I will give you your daughter”, he said, smiling mischievously.

“Tch! Are you the only one who can give me a daughter?”,she said, pushing it further.

Geun Suk looked at her, without saying anything. She saw him closed his eyes, then started to walk away.

Surprised of the sudden turn of event, Shin Hye immediately grab his shirt, but before she could say another word, she saw the guy smirked, looked at Hyunduk, then said, “Do you think you can close this level for today. I think I better give this girl her daughter before she would say another word that would break my heart”

Shin Hye’s eyes widened, and as she saw that guy walking closer to her, she said, “Yah”

Geun Suk smirked, Hyunduk stood up, excused himself, knowing what will happen next.

“Hyunduk Oppa”, Shin Hye said, helplessly.

“Mianhae, Shin Hye-ssi. I’m out of here”

“Oppa”, Shin Hye swallowed, her eyes on the ground.

“Deh?”, Geun Suk answered sarcastically.

He’s five feet away from them, when Hyunduk’s phone rang. After a minute or two, the guy smiled then looked at Geun Suk, “Stop scaring that girl, Geun Suk! I know you won’t do it. Ah Cham, your kid is here. Do you think you can introduce him to her? I asked them to bring him over”

Shin Hye’s eyes widened. “Your kid?”

Geun Suk looked at her, then at Hyunduk.

Knowing what that look is for, Hyunduk acted a bit disoriented, then said, “I thought you have discussed it with her already.” Then he looked at Shin Hye then back to Geun Suk,”Mianhae”

Geun Suk rubbed the back of his neck, then looked at her slowly. “Shin Hye…”

“Oppa….” He saw confusion drawn in those orbs.

“I can explain…”

Shin Hye shook her head and as she was about to run away, Geun Suk grabbed her hand and pulled her to somewhere.

Five minutes after, Shin Hye was seated on that couch opposite Geun Suk and his son. Her eyes keep on moving from Geun Suk to that kid and then from that kid to Geun Suk.

“You really look the same, jinja!”, she said amused.

Geun Suk was smiling at Shin Hye, admiring the spark in her eyes as she was looking at his son.

“What is your name?”, she asked, kneeling in front of that little Geun Suk.

“Mason. Moon Mason”, the kid answered. “You’re pretty”, he said shyly.

“Jinja?”, Shin Hye asked, her eyes smiling.

“Hm. I saw your picture with me when I’m still a baby. You were with this Ahjussi and you were holding me”

Shin Hye looked at Geun Suk then to the kid’s Mom. “He likes you the moment he saw that photo.”

Shin Hye smiled, then as she looked at Geun Suk, she heard that little boy said in a whisper, “Shin Hye-ssi…”

“Hm? You can call me Eomma”


“Eh!’ Shin Hye asked, startled by that sudden little voice.

“Shin Hye-ssi, can I kiss you?”

“Mwo?” Shin Hye exclaimed, surprised of that question.

“Can i?” the kid, asked stubbornly.

“Ha ha ha. If I didn’t know any better, I will really believe that you are this guy’s son. You are as stubborn as this big guy here. Hm.. let me think.” Then she looked at Geun Suk who was laughing at that kid’s request. “Little man, you have to ask this guy right here if he will allow me to kiss you”

Moon Mason looked at Shin Hye, then at Geun Suk. “Can I kiss this Agasshi, Ahjussi?”

Geun Suk smiled, and before he nodded his head, he said playfully. “Kid, that girl is taken. You better find your match”

Moon Mason squinted his eyes, jumped off that couch and stood in front of that girl kneeling on the ground.

Shin Hye tilted her head, was smiling at that little guy, but was taken aback when that kid held her face then give her a quick kiss on the lips.

Shin Hye’s eyes widened, her face red, surprised of that kiss.

Moon Mason’s eyes were smiling, his face red, then ran, hid behind his Mom

Geun Suk’s eyes squinted, his face red, angered by that kid who just stole a kiss from his girl.

Jinja… the competition is getting bigger and bigger…
Ooops.. their sizes are getting smaller and smaller.


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  1. sis you are on…hahaha im so happy for the updates and as always im a fan super love this chapter….hahaha your ideas are brilliant as ever….thank you for sharing your talent with us 🙂
    Jinja… the competition is getting bigger and bigger…
    Ooops.. their sizes are getting smaller and smaller.

    sis im still laughing out loud until now i can imagine sukkie face…. and the way you described getting smaller and smaller lolz… perhaps sukkie thought a kiss on the cheek…hahaha

    • sachasa says:

      Sis.. i cannot cope up with all the comments, your blog updates and pm’s..
      i may not answer all of them yet, but do know that i am reading everything. ^^
      thank you!

      • no worries sis take care

        im always here for you awaiting for your updates…

        im reading over and over again the stories so just bear with my comments im on my down the memory reminiscing mode…hahaha

  2. Sweet Lacap says:

    I love you Sachasa…thank you for this update…actually I’m more happy now that I can read again you update in all your fanfic…THE CHANCE ENCOUNTER two updates chapter really make my day and night complete…and now you update again this fanfic of yours WHY NOT GIVE IT A TRY…you made my weekend complete…

    and of course more happy now that I can make a comment to show how I’m a fan of yours appreciating you every story….thanks Sachasa for continuing you writing about the couple..GOD BLESSED and keep safe always

    • sachasa says:

      mssweet, thank you!
      really appreciate the comment and your time for reading the stories. ^^
      did i just say i appreciate your comment?
      happy to read these now 🙂

      • Sweet Lacap says:

        Thank you so much that in my simple way (posting a comment) is I make you happy…though I’m really the one should feel that way..APPRECIATING all your work (writing fanfic)…you are really amazing writer…having such a talent is really rear…Thank your for that and you share your talent with us…I’m lucky that I found a such genius writer…now I can read more beautiful story of Sukkie and Shinhye…

        God Bleassed and Keep safe always Sachasa

      • Vi says:

        I second this comment. Thanks for speak my mind 

      • sachasa says:

        i’m actually thinking on how to reply to you both…
        no more reply button on the page (lost indeed)…

        but seriously, i really apprciate the comments..
        i’ve said this before and for a lot of times, i think…
        i really didn’t imagine that someone would actually read my nonsense… ^^
        aigoo! someone is actually taking some time to read these things…. jinja

  3. nayna says:

    Oh girl, Thanks for updating, love your ff always ^^
    Ah…Sacha, Shin hye will paired with Lee Seunggi again for Kpop Paradise Okinawa and she with Joo Sang Woo selected as honorary ambassador for the 49th Daejong film festival
    wanna see how the respons geunseuk about it?? remember Seunggi and Sang Woo no stranger for Shin hye ^^ hope you will update soon …Thank you so much ^^

    • sachasa says:

      sis nayna…i’ll try to come up with something related to Seung Gi and Joo Sang Woo…
      but i can’t promise eh…
      almost a month of not writing anything left me staring at the screen for long, waiting for ideas to hit me. 🙂
      aigoo! 😦
      thank you! 🙂

  4. Mimin says:

    Thank you Sachasa for updating the story.
    I am still sad everytime I check the fanfic at PSHIC. Keep the good work.

    • sachasa says:

      Sis Humilis (will try to get used to Mimin 🙂 ),
      thank you for reading….
      i am also saddened every time i visit the ff section…
      this all started in that section and me reading almost everything in there before i even tried to pretend that i can write.
      i miss the thread…
      i miss love battle
      i think my first ever comment is in that thread. 🙂

      anyway, keep it up, sis! 🙂
      i am still checking all your works in the site.

      • Mimin says:

        I won’t give up sis. I can’t let all the hard work by the creator to be flushed just like that for my love to the couple. Please, keep supporting us.

  5. vi says:

    thank you sacha for a super fast update and a very hilarious one, still laughing while typing, hahahahahaha.

    please keep them coming.

  6. sis reading this again while awaiting updates hehehe

    “Hm. I saw your picture with me when I’m still a baby. You were with this Ahjussi and you were holding me”………..

    hahaha this was in the chance encounter right?

    really you are brilliant writer sis! luv yah

  7. simplyjessi says:

    This chapter really put a smile on my face! Brilliant writing. Thank you.

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