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Chapter 9: Shades of Purple

on September 15, 2012

After the late lunch, the cast continued with the filming. Since the focus of the story was MC Mong and Shin Hye, almost all of them were just sitting at the sideline, chatting on whatever.

Geun Suk was not removing his eyes from Shin Hye, watching her every move. Not satisfied on their distance, he pulled one chair, sat beside the camera man, with script on one hand, he tried to follow every line that Shin Hye was reciting.

“Do you really know how to solve tri… tri…go…., Mianhae”, Shin Hye bowed her head, bit her lips and tried to reach for her script, when before she was able to get a hold of it, someone stood up behind her back and said, “tri-go-no-me-try. Babo!”

“Mianhae” Shin Hye pouted and looked at Geun Suk with sorry eyes.

“Tch”, he handed her the script ”yah! Better read your script, arasseo?”,then he walked away.


Geun Suk looked back and smiled at her.

Shin Hye was reading her script, closing her eyes, and when she was about to open it, she saw a cone of ice cream in front of her face. Her eyes widened upon realizing what it is, then gave an impish grin when she saw the one holding it.

“Pali, eat it before it melts”.

“Kamsa, Oppa”, Shin Hye’s bright eyes illuminate the whole set, which did not escape the eyes of those at the sidelines.

“Awwww. Isn’t it too good to have a girl like her? I think you can do whatever you want with her and she will just pout at you when she got irritated”, Andy said while looking at her.

“Aisssh! Stop what you’re thinking dude. That’s a kid!”

“What am i thinking, ha? Aisssh!”, Andy hissed.

“I wonder what Geun Suk was thinking whenever he looks at her. I mean, that guy has a pretty Noona girlfriend, and here he is flirting with a kid, which i doubt the kid has the slightest hint that someone is hitting on her. Tsk tsk tsk”

“He’s not flirting…” Ye Sul said, without looking at them.

“Woaaaah! Han Ye Sul Noona is defending her dongsaeng”

Ye Sul just shook her head, smiled and looked at Hyun Bin. “You see it, right?”

Hyun Bin just smiled and bowed his head.

All of their eyes flew to the pair at the studio, who were currently talking, smiling, giggling at almost anything.

“I haven’t seen him smile like that. I haven’t seen those eyes. I’ve never seen him stay at the set when he’s not filming scenes. I’ve never seen him leave the set. I’ve never heard him say, ‘ i’ll just go and get some fresh air, Noona’. Aniya.. this is different.”, Ye Sul said smiling.

Upon hearing her analysis, Hyun Bin smirked, stood up, proceeded to Geun Suk and Shin Hye, tapped the guy by the shoulder and motioned to have a smoke outside.

Geun Suk looked at him, looked at Shin Hye, and was about to shake his head, when Jun Jin and Andy suddenly appeared and dragged him outside.

“Aissssh! Hyung! I don’t feel like smoking”, he said, quite irritated, looking back at the studio.

“Punk, Han Jung Suh will not disappear like a smoke inside. Tch!”

“Andy Hyung, that girl has a name. Will you stop calling him Han Jung Suh! Aisssh!”

“Still jealous of Song Juh and Tae-Hwa?”


“How should we call her then, hm?”

“Young-pa girl or the girl who owns that space”

Geun Suk just looked back at his Hyung, rumpled his hair and was about to walk away, when he heard Hyun Bin said, “ Geun Suk, what do you plan to do with that girl?”

“Mwo?”, Geun Suk hissed, forgetting that they are older than him.

“You know what i mean, kid. Don’t pretend that you don’t”

Geun Suk just looked at them, bowed and walked back to the studio.
As he entered the studio, he was spacing out, his mind flying to somewhere. What are you going to do with her? Then he looked back at the filming venue, his eyes automatically landed on that girl. Geun Suk closed his eyes. I’m not doing anything wrong, am i? She doesn’t know anything, does she? For as long as i am not saying anything.. for as long as she doesn’t know… then he looked back at her and said.. for as long as i am the only one who knows, there should not be anything wrong, right?. Yeah.. there should not be anything wrong.

Geun Suk was still drowned in his thinking when he felt a tug on his shirt.

“Yah, Oppa!”, then as he opened his eyes, his lips automatically curved into a smile when he saw that face. “Oppa!”

As if waking from a dream, he tapped his face and answered, “Wae?”

“I need to change clothes”


“Can you come with me at the dressing room?”, Geun Suk’s eyes widened. What is this girl thinking? Then swallowed, ”Mwo?”

Han Ye Sul, who was just sitting beside them, saw Geun Suk’s confused face and interjected, “Yah! Pretty boy, Shin Hye is simply asking you to go with her because she doesn’t know anyone there. I guess her Manager was called for a meeting. Right, Shin Hye-ssi?”

“Deh, Unnie”

“Shin Hye, if you want, i will just go with you?”

“Jinja, Unnie?”

Han Ye Sul just nodded her head.

“Komapta.”, Shin Hye said then looked at Geun Suk and said, “Oppa, i will just go with Unnie, arasseo?”

“Arasseo”, then Geun Suk smiled at her, then he looked at Ye Sul and said, “ Kamsa, Noona”.


As they were walking towards the dressing room, Geun Suk called up and said, “Yah, Shin Hye!”


“Don’t go anywhere. Just follow, Ye Sul Noona. Arasseo?”

“Yah, Oppa! Where do you think i am going? Is this a park? Aisssh!?”, then Shin Hye pouted at him.

Geun Suk just grinned and motioned her to continue walking.

Ye Sul was just smiling at the two, admiring how cute they were.

When they went out of the dressing room, Ye Sul’s eyes widened upon seeing Geun Suk who has now changed into his new set of clothes. Geun Suk was wearing a lavender wool turtleneck sweater, topped with a red jacket. Ani.. Nothing is wrong with that. Ye Sul did a double take and then looked back at the girl who was now coming out of the dressing room.

“Unnie, do i look ok now?” Shin Hye said, while still trying to arrange her clothes.

Ye Sul just smiled at her, giving her an assuring nod. Did they talk about it?

Han Ye Sul sped up her pace, told Shin Hye that she would go ahead in the set, and as she reached Geun Suk, he pulled him at one corner and said, “Yah, Jang Geun Suk, did you take a peek at the dressing room?”


“Did you look at Shin Hye while she was changing her clothes?”

“Aissssh! Noona, you know i’m not like that”,irritated, annoyed, Geun Suk didn’t know why Ye Sul think of that.

Realizing what she has just said, Ye Sul shook her head and said, “Ani… aniya..i didn’t mean it like that. Aisssh! Geun Suk, your Hyung will definitely make fun of you both later when they see you”

“Aisssh! Noona, can you spare Shin Hye of all the teasings?”, he was about to say something when he heard MC Mong and the rest of the guys entered and said,” Yah! Han Jung Suh!”, upon hearing them, Geun Suk shook his head, pitying the girl for needing to deal with his Hyungs.

Then as he shifted his eyes to her, before he could say something, he heard Andy said, “Ohh! What do we have in here? Couple shirts?”

“Aisssh! Babo!, “ Jun Jin interjected. “Those are not couple shirts. Han Jung Suh is just wearing a light purple coat while our pretty boy here is wearing a dark purple turtle neck. Tch!”

“Not couple shirt?”, Andy asked, pretending that he didn’t know.

“Ani… it just so happen that they wore different shades of purple” then they all laughed in chorus.

“Yah, Jang Geun Suk, isn’t this too much?”, MC Mong asked, still in his teasing tone.

Shin Hye has a smile on her face, when as she heard them teasing Geun Suk regarding the color, she looked at her coat and then at Geun Suk’s sweater. She saw irritation flashed all over Geun Suk’s face.

Not wanting to hear anymore of the teasings, and not wanting to see his Hyung bullying him again, Shin Hye bowed her head down, stepped back, retreating to the dressing room.

Her back was already facing them, when she heard a voice call her name.

“Shin Hye”, Han Ye Sul saw her retreating back.

“Deh, Unnie?”

“Where are you going? The filming will start in five minutes.”

“I’ll just go and get something in the dressing room. I think i left something”, Shin Hye said, her eyes focus on the floor.

Geun Suk, though irritated, upon hearing that voice, he didn’t need to look back to know that something was wrong. Almost forgetting that they were older, Geun Suk glared at his Hyung, then made his way out of that group.

“Yah! Where are you going? It’s almost time!”

“O.. Jinja?”, Shin Hye scratched her head, but not looking at him. “ Changkaman..”

Geun Suk was searching for her eyes, but she kept on averting them from his. He was watching her closely and was surprised when she raised her hands, removed one hand from her coat, pulling the other from the sleeve.

“Yah! What are you doing?”

Shin Hye just looked at him, bowed her head and said in a whisper, “It may not look good on screen. I think it’s better if i will not just use a coat” she said half sure if what she’s saying made sense.

All of them at the sideline felt guilty for what they have said earlier. Hyun Bin was about to step in, thinking that Geun Suk may not know what to say.

Geun Suk heaved a sigh, closed his eyes, tried to clear all the irritation that he had earlier.

Shin Hye was looking at him carefully, thinking whether she has said something that made him more mad.

Then in a second or two, all of those watching them took a step back when Geun Suk opened his eyes and flick that girl in the forehead.

“Ouch”, Shin Hye exclaimed, rubbing her forehead, dropping her coat in the process.

Geun Suk squatted down, picked her coat and said, “Babo! Do you know how cold it is inside? Tch” then he smiled at her.

Shin Hye still gauging whether he’s irritated at her or not, just pouted her lips looked at him while still rubbing her forehead.

“Aisssh!”, Geun Suk stepped closer to her, removed her hand from her forehead, and just like before, rubbed it with his hand while blowing some air to lessen the pain.” Does it still hurt?”

Shin Hye just shook her head. “Oppa….?”


“Are you… uhm.. still mad?”


“Are you still mad?”

Geun Suk stepped back, looked at her and asked, “Was i mad?”

Shin Hye just nodded her head.

“Mianhae. Aisssh! I forgot that i have to play a good host to you”


Then he lifted her coat and said “Let them bully me for as long as they want. Aisssh! They’re just jealous because i’m close with Han Jung Suh!”, then he smiled at her.”Pali! Better wear this now.”

“Jinja? Are you ok now?”, Shin Hye asked while she was wearing back her coat.

He nodded and then, while he was assisting her in wearing back her coat, he said, “This will be our first official screen appearance together. So these, “he paused, pointing at their matching tops,” will be our official couple shirt”.



“We’re not a couple…”


“Uhm uhm”, Shin Hye nodded and said,” Aniya.”

“Mianhae,i forgot… since we’re not a couple, these will then be our first official…matching tops?”

“Matching tops with matching color! Better!” Then she smiled at him.

Geun Suk curtsied at her, and offered his hand.

“Oppa, what’s with the curtsy?”

“Tch! Purple is the color of royalty, Princess. Don’t you know?”


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