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Chapter 8: Space for Rent

on September 15, 2012

“Aissssh!”, Geun Suk walked back, offered his hand to Shin Hye which the girl instantly grabbed. He pulled her closer to him, rumpled her hair,then wrapped his arm around her shoulder while Shin Hye put her arm around his waist.

The two were teasing, laughing like crazy, when as they entered the banquet, all eyes were on them. All were puzzled. Their eyes shifted from Geun Suk’s arm on her shoulder and then to her arm on his waist.

Geun Suk caught off guard, smiled shyly at them, while Shin Hye was just smiling as if there was nothing wrong with how they look.

“Punk! I knew it”, Hyun Bin muttered under his breath, then shook his head and smiled at him.

Geun Suk just bowed his head and smiled.

“Yah, you two, better sit there in front.”

“Eh?” Shin Hye, with widened eyes, asked why they were being asked to transfer seats.

“It’s already quite full here. You two transfer there”, Han Ye Sul said.

Shin Hye still puzzled, looked at Geun Suk and said, “Oppa?”

MC Mong, scratched his chin with the back of his hand and said, “Yah, Han Jung Suh, how old are you?”

“Me? 14. Turning 15. Wae-yo?”

Hyun bin was biting his thumb, looked at Geun Suk and hissed, “Punk! That kid, for sure, doesn’t have an idea what she is doing to you”.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Eh? Wae?”

“You’re not listening…”Shin Hye said, while she was cut mid-sentence by Geun Suk who is now ushering her to sit down, his arm no longer on her shoulder, but was clasped with her hand.

“You’re not listening. Didn’t you hear when she said she’s only 14?”, and then he shook his head.

“Woaaah! Oppa, you remembered?”, Shin Hye looked at him with widened eyes.

“Tch! Didn’t you hear?”, MC Mong looked at Geun Suk and said, “Didn’t you hear pretty boy, she’s only 14?”

“Tch!” Geun Suk kicked MC Mong’s feet which was under the table.


Shin Hye looked at him and said, “wae-yo?”

“Don’t mind him”, then Geun Suk glared at MC Mong.

Andy and Jun Jin came in and were surprised when they saw a familiar face in the banquet.

“Han Jung Suh?!”

Shin Hye’s eyes widened. “Oppa, do all of you really watch Stairway to Heaven?”

“Ha ha ha”

“Thanks to pretty boy, after you grow up, we stopped watching the drama anymore. Aisssh! I miss watching that one. I wonder what happened to Jung Suh”, Andy said, then he added,” but it would never be the same without Shin Hye-ssi”.

Geun Suk saw Shin Hye’s cheeks became red and he suddenly became irritated. As if that is not enough, Jun Jin sat beside Shin Hye, making Shin Hye seated between Jun Jin and Geun Suk.

Hyun Bin and MC Mong were just smiling, watching Geun Suk’s reaction closely.

“ Aissssh! Shin Hye you move here”


“Aisssh! You move here”, he pulled Shin Hye to move on his seat while he sat beside Jun Jin.

“Yah, Jang Geun Suk, why are you hiding Jung Suh away?”, then Jun Jin looked at Shin Hye and said,” Shin Hye-ssi, I’m Jun Jin. How are you?”, then he reached for her hand.

Shin Hye smiled, bowed at Jun Jin then reached for his hand”, Park Shin Hye-imnida”.

“Yah! Yah! Your hands, they’re blocking my way. Aisssh!”, then he took Shin Hye’s hand from Jun Jin.

“Yah, Pretty Boy, why are you suddenly like this. This is Jung Suh, not you’re Young…”, then he paused and grinned when Geun Suk hissed “ Aissssh!”

“This looks funny.”, Jun Jin said, having a feel on what is happening. “Shin Hye-ssi?”


“Are you by any chance the girl from Young-Pa?”


“Aisssh! Don’t mind them, Shin Hye”, Geun Suk said while filling Shin Hye’s plate with food and glaring at almost everyone who was seated around the table.

“Wae-yo?”, Shin Hye looked at Geun Suk while chewing samgyupsal.

“Aisssh! Pig”, Geun Suk said, smiling, while holding her chin, wiping Shin Hye’s lower lip with his thumb.

Shin Hye just stood there still, waiting for Geun Suk to remove what it is that he is removing. She was not looking at Geun Suk, playing with her chopsticks, then when Geun Suk distance his face from hers, she smiled and said,” No more, Oppa?”

“Aisssh!”,then he flicked her forehead.

“Ouch! Yah, Oppa”, then Geun Suk smiled at her, when as he looked at the people inside the room, he was surprised to see all their eyes on them. Geun Suk swallowed then said, “Yah! What are you looking at?”

Hyun Bin smiled and said, “ Shin Hye-ssi?”


“Are you by any chance the girl from Young-Pa?”


“Yah!”,hissed Geun Suk.

“Wae, Oppa?”

“Yeah.. Wae, Oppa?”, repeated Han Ye Sul.

“Aisssh!”, then he rumpled his hair.

Shin Hye looked at him, puzzled. Geun Suk just smiled at her.

“Can i answer now, Oppa?”

Geun Suk looked at those guys who are throwing him dagger looks.

Geun Suk closed his eyes and asked her to continue.

“I am from Young-Pa, but i’m not sure about THE girl from Young-Pa. Who is she?”

Jun Jin and Andy nudged each other by the shoulder and whispered, “I’m beginning to love this girl”.

Geun Suk glared at them.

“Oh? So you’re from Young-Pa?”, then MC Mong squinted his eyes to Geun Suk”, I’ve been in front of Young Pa more done a dozen of times.”

“Jinja? Do you know someone from there?”, Shin Hye’s eyes widened, excited to hear that she might know someone that they know.

“I really haven’t seen her before. It’s just that someone I know would drag me there to wait for that girl”.

“Jinja? I wonder who she is? Oppa, have you been with them? Do you also go to Young-Pa?”

All guys almost spit whatever it is that they are eating and looked at Shin Hye, then to Geun Suk with wide eyes.

Shin Hye, looked at them, puzzled why they were looking at her, “Wae-yo?”

“Ani…aniya”, Jun Jin said, smiling at her, and then looked at Geun Suk and mouthed, “She doesn’t know?”

Geun Suk glared at them, and then upon realizing that it would be to his disadvantage if they continue this one, with pleading eyes, he asked them to stop.

“Han Jung Suh”, Han Ye Sul called her.


“Aissssh! Punks, all of you quiet down a bit. I’m getting lost here” then she glared at all those guys who were whispering; laughing at each other, save for Geun Suk who is now becoming red. “I don’t know about the girl from Young-Pa but…about this girl who I’ve been hearing since I met that someone in here…it really puzzles me why I suddenly stopped hearing about her and then suddenly, I heard a lot of Han Jung Suh…”.

Confused, Shin Hye looked at Han Ye Sul, and said’, Eh?”

“Aissssh! You’re too slow, Ye Sul. Ask it directly and don’t ask someone who doesn’t know anything about it. Tch!”, interjected MC Mong, “Jang Geun Suk-ssi, are Han Jung Suh and the Young-Pa girl the same?”

Geun Suk cursed MC Mong under his breath and then said in gritted teeth, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, then he looked at Shin Hye nervously.

“if the one who knows does not want to answer, why not ask the one who doesn’t know”, Andy winked at Hyun Bin.

“Shin Hye-ssi…”, Hyun Bin faced Shin Hye, then smiled at her.


“Aissssh! Do not listen to them Shin Hye. Listen to Oppa, hm”, then he covered Shin Hye’s ears.

“Aisssh! Yah! Jang Geun Suk, we want to talk to Han Jung Suh!”

“Oppa..”, Shin Hye said, asking Geun Suk what was happening, but not removing his hand on her ears.

Geun Suk just smiled at her and mouthed, “They’re talking something perverted”.

Upon understanding what Geun Suk has said, Shin Hye looked at each one of them in squinted eyes, looked at Geun Suk, bit her lower lip, answered “Arasseo”, then just nodded and sat there still.

“Yah, punk! You made us look bad in front of that girl”.

Geun Suk was grinning like a kid, knowing that he had won this one.

“Arasseo.. arasseo.. we will not talk to her about that… we will not ask her any question regarding that”, Andy said, asking him to remove his hands from her ears.

“Aisssh! Better be sure, hyung!”

“You have my word”.

Geun Suk looked at them one by one, getting an assurance. Aissssh! Will it just be better if I drag her out?

Geun Suk slowly removed his hands from her ears, arranging her hair. “Ok now, Oppa?”, he simply nodded, and then she looked at them and asked, “Are you done?”

The guys, forced a smile, cursing Geun Suk under their breath.

Upon seeing them nod, Shin Hye just smiled, then continue with what she’s eating.

“Yah, slowly”.


Hyun Bin looked at MC Mong, then at Andy and Jun Jin. Geun Suk did not know why, but it seems that something big is about to explode. Don’t let your guards down, Geun Suk. You know your hyungs.

“I already have an idea”.

“Tch, I already knew it”

“I just need a confirmation. Tch!”

Geun Suk, with his eyes, followed every person who was saying something, and then, Hyun Bin smiled and said, “Jang Geun Suk-ssi, have you, by any chance….”

Geun Suk looked at Hyun Bin who in turn, was watching him closely and then in a nano-second, looked at Shin Hye, and continued, “rented out that empty space in Bang San?”

And before his reflex reacted to cover her ears, Shin Hye in a speed faster than his, looked at Hyun Bin and when her ears caught the words, empty space and Bang San, she instantly looked at Geun Suk and said, “Yah! Oppa, you rented my space out?”

Geun Suk, closed his eyes, bit his lips and simply shook his head, accepting his defeat.

The guys in front of him were now clapping their hands, grinning while saying,

“Han Jung Suh”

“Tha Young-pa girl”

“The girl who owned that space”

And then MC Mong looked at Geun Suk, while grinning, asked “How’s your heart, pretty boy? Have you rented the space out?”

They all shook their head, smiling mischievously at Geun Suk.

Then, anticipating what that girl’s reaction would be, after all the revelations made, their mouth hang open when they see her looked at them and then to Geun Suk, pouted and said, “Yah! Oppa, you rented out my space? Jinja?”

All of them fell from their seat, realizing how oblivious the girl was, while Geun Suk, just a second ago hoped that he would just be eaten by the ground, upon hearing her, lifted his face, now brighter than ever, kicked the guys below the table, held her face, smiled and said, “Ani.. aniya. Oppa, will never rent your space out! Jinja.”


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  1. sis want to see pic of special participation hyun bin…lolz

    thankyou for the story really great

  2. sachasa says:

    sis, the pic… the video is already in your site…
    no need for me to upload, right? ^^

    • haha sis i missed hyun bin of secret garden….yes i saw the vid thanks…

      i dont know if just coincidence but in secret garden hyun bin and hajiwon great pair and see how the coincidence jks working hyunbin in nonstop and he works with hajiwon in hwang jini… what im trying to say is coincidence happens but hacci to guest in nonstop i think not coincidence rather by destiny matched in heavean…kkkkkk.

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