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Chapter 7: Never His

on September 15, 2012

Months have passed. Geun Suk did not hear anything from Shin Hye. And just like what she said, she never did visit Bang San.

Geun Suk busied himself with NonStop 4. He met new friends. His relationship with his girlfriend has never been better. Everything seems to be ok. He tried to forget that girl. He tried to forget about them. There was never THEM after all.

Shin Hye never did visit Bang San. Right after her class, she would go direct to Dream Factory. Samchon, Lee Seung Hwan, was indeed mad when she showed up the following day for her training. She did her best to forget about her space in Bang San.. to forget about that boy. To forget about them. There was never THEM after all.

January 2004

Geun Suk arrived late at the set. He read and memorized his lines. The story was not his. Based on the script, it will revolve around MC Mong and that new Tutee.. Shin Hye? He kept on reading the script that he almost memorized the lines between the tutor and the student. Could it be? Ani.. aniya… she’s doing dramas. Her management won’t risked to have her guested on a sitcom.

Yes. Geun Suk tried his best to forget her. He tried everything to divert his attention from anything that would remind him of her. He would walk outside Bang San without looking at that space. Ten feet from her space, this stubborn him would look back, hoping that he would see her pacing back and forth on the edges of her space. And in everytime he would do that, he would just be disappointed, would scold himself for still believing that she would come back.

Shin Hye busied herself with the training. She did not hear anything from Geun Suk. She did not hear anything about him. Shin Won would tell her stories of special events in Bang San, but never did he mention anything regarding Geun Suk.

Shin Hye arrived with Manager Jun. She’s still new in the business. She has never really acted with actors her age except for Baek Sung Hyun. Because her first project was a drama, it’s quite difficult for them to really spend some time together and get to know each other. Most of her scenes required her to cry bucket of tears. So aside from the scolding from the director before the take, aside from her crying scene everytime the camera would roll… aside from the hard time that it would take her to stop herself from crying after every other scene, Shin Hye could not remember anything that she has done on the set.

The staffs ushered her to her dressing room. She was introduced to the other celebrities in the set. She has heard something about the show, but did not really pay attention on it. She was nervous.. scared. She hasn’t done anything near to being a comedian.. or near to who she really is behind the camera. She was told that it should be easy to guest in a sitcom. That would be a no-brainer for her. No need to act.

Shin Hye was brought to a certain room where most of the mainstays were teasing, chatting, laughing about nothing in particular. Before she entered the room, she thought she heard Geun Suk’s voice. Her heart leapt a bit. Could it be?

Then as she entered that room, she saw at her peripheral that someone left to get something at the back.

Shin Hye was introduced to Hyun Bin, Han Ye Sul and MC Mong first.

She bowed her head, said, “Annyeong haseyo. Park Shin Hye imnida. Please take care of me”, then she smiled shyly.

Each one of them introduced themselves, while MC Mong and Hyun Bin were teasing her, “We’ll definitely take good care of you, Han Jung Suh.”

With widened eyes, Shin Hye looked back at Hyun Bin.

“We’re a fan. We always watch Stairway to Heaven. Ah.. cham.. later we’ll introduce you to our Pretty Boy. He’s the biggest fan”.

“Pretty Boy?”

“Uhm. He always tell stories about this girl who called him Pretty Boy…”

“Ha ha.. and that flock.., aissssh! Stories of Ulzzang..”, interjected MC Mong.

Shin Hye just tilted her head and silently repeated, “Pretty Boy”.

“Hm. He keeps on talking about that girl. If I didn’t know that he has a girlfriend, I would think that girl is actually his girl”

“Yah, and then he stopped talking about her about two months ago. He doesn’t want to hear anything about that girl. Then last month, we were surprised when he would ask us to stop filming when the clock strikes 9.55. Whatever it is that we are doing, whether we are outside.. drinking at a bar, or wherever, we need to stop and find a place to watch Stairway to Heaven. I thought he’s waiting for Kim Tae Hee Noona”

“Jinja? Maybe he was just waiting for Kim Tae Hee Unnie”

“Aniya, he already stopped watching when Jung Suh grew up”.

“Jinja?”, Shin Hye did not know why, but she seems ecstatic knowing that someone has been watching the show because of her.

“Ah.. cham, Park Shin Hye, right?”


“Better be careful when he sees you later”


“He’s quite furious of the scenes with Baek Sung Hyun and Lee Wan. Aissssh! Fan boy indeed. Ha ha!”

After the scenes with MC Mong, Shin Hye was then called to have a late lunch with the rest of the celebrities. The Managers and the rest were left at a separate table, discussing some things outside. Being the youngest and the only outsider in the group, Shin Hye settled herself at the farthest corner, fiddling her fingers.. nervous, scared.

“Yah! Han Jung Suh, are you internalizing or something?”


“We’re not going to hurt you here. There’s no need to internalize. We’ll not ask you to cry bucket of tears.”

Shin Hye smiled and before she could say something, she heard Hyun Bin say, “oh, pretty boy is here”

“the biggest fan boy is back”.

They were laughing like crazy, giving each other high fives, when as she looked back, her eyes met his. Shin Hye smiled, suddenly uttered “Oppa….”. She was caught off guard when Geun Suk looked at her blankly, as if he did not know her. Is he mad? Am I supposed to pretend that I don’t know him? Tears were now threatening to fall. Shin Hye is not familiar with this feeling. Shin Hye did not know why but it seems that Geun Suk was not happy to see her. She looked at him carefully.

Upon hearing the impending Oppa, Han Ye Sul looked at her and then back to Geun Suk, then asked, “Do you know Geun Suk?”

Shin Hye looked at Geun Suk, waiting for him to say something. And then she felt her heart break into pieces when he said, “Ani.. aniya…”

Shin Hye swallowed. She’s confused. What did I do, Oppa?

Hyun Bin, noticing that Shin Hye was about to cry, asked her, “Are you ok, Shin Hye-ssi?”

“A.. deh.. Mianhae.. Annyeong haseyo! Park Shin Hye-imnida”, then she bowed to Geun Suk, trying to keep her tears from falling.

Geun Suk looked at her and the said, “Jang Geun Suk-imnida”, then he gave her that weak smile.

Shin Hye just bowed again, and forced herself to smile.

“Yah! Gen Suk, why were you late? What time is it?”

“Ha ha ha. 3.30.. Don’t tell me, you went back to Bang..”

“Ani.. aniya..”, he cut them off.

“Or, did you happen to pass by Young..”

“I just went out to get some fresh air”

“Aisssh! How many boxes of cigarettes did you finish again”.

Geun Suk just smiled, threw a side glance at Shin Hye who was looking at his lighter. He smirked, put his lighter inside his pocket, and asked, “Where will this pretty boy sit? It seems that we’re full house today”.

“Ha ha ha. Pretty boy, better sit beside Han Jung Suh. I guess you’re dying to talk to her right now, fan boy.. Ha ha ha”

Geun Suk looked at her, smiled.. the smile that sends goosebumps to Shin Hye. Suddenly, she felt scared of him.

Geun Suk sat on her right side, trapping her between the wall and his self.

“Hey, little girl, are you sure it’s ok for me to sit here?”

“A,..”, Shin Hye looked at him, surprised.

“Won’t your guys be mad if they see me here sitting beside you?”

Shin Hye just looked at him, confused of what he was trying to say.

“Why didn’t you bring Sung Hyun and Lee Wan Hyung here? I guess, they would want to spend more time with you. Tch”

The rest of them laughed while Shin Hye just sat there dumbfounded. It seems that she has eaten her tongue. She wants this to finish the soonest. From the way it goes, it seems that she could not hold herself anymore.

Geun Suk on the other hand, though his body was angled away from the girl beside him, he’s keeping an eye on her in his peripheral.Did I overdo it? Aisssh! What should I do with you? I really wanted to punch those guys on the face. Aissssh!

And then, while laughing, having fun with them, he took some samgyupsal and put it on her plate. He was waiting for her to get it, but she did not move an inch. And then while all are busy discussing something, he whispered, in a voice only the two of them can hear,“are you also not allowed to eat now? Tch”.

Then when he met her eyes, he saw confusion….anger written all over those orbs. Geun Suk bit his lip. Ani.. aniya.. I didn’t mean it to be like this.

And then he saw her closed her eyes and before tears fall from them, she managed to stand up and said, “Mianhae. Can I be excused? I need to go to the washroom?”, and then she smiled.

Geun Suk just looked at her while she’s making her way out of that banquet.

After five minutes, he began to become restless, he stood up and said, “I need to smoke”.

Hyun Bin smiled at him and nodded his head.

Geun Suk stood there at the alley leading to the washroom, waiting for that girl to come out.

Three more minutes have passed, and there he saw her, with stains of tears still on her cheeks, with head bowed down, she walked dragging her feet, towards that room. She doesn’t seem to notice him standing there. When she passed by him, he held her in the arm. He felt her tremble upon the sudden intrusion. She instinctively wiggled her arm. He pushed her against the wall, and when she was about to scream, he covered her mouth with his hand and looked at her eyes. “Shin Hye….”

Shin Hye, upon seeing who that intruder is, relaxed a bit, but her eyes were still fixed on that guy in front of her. They were having a staring contest; Shin Hye trying to read what is in that guy’s head that made him say those things that he said earlier, while Geun Suk was looking at her, missing those eyes, that face.. her smile. Aissssh! Geu Suk, what did you do?

Shin Hye was still not removing her eyes from his, waiting for him to say something. Upon reading what those eyes were saying, Geun Suk smirked, bowed his head and said, “Mianhae…”

The girl in front of him simply swallowed, heaved a sigh and then, he heard her say, “Why?”

Geun Suk just shook his head. This is not right. What are you going to tell her? You’re jealous? What right do you have to get jealous? Is she your girl? The last time I checked your girlfriend is in New Zealand.

He looked at her, held her face, smiled and then started to walk away.

“Oppa!”, he stopped from his track when she heard her calling him. He missed that. He missed that big time.

Then without looking at her, he said, “Hmm?”

“Wae-yo? Did I do something? Why were you mad?”

“Tch. Ani.. aniya.. I’m just playing with you.”then he looked back and smiled at her.

“Aissssh! Don’t play with me like that, hm? I wanted to punch you in the face earlier. Lucky I was able to hold my fist, “she then pouted and smiled at him.

Geun Suk felt his heart has jumped to the other end of his chest.

He missed this girl. This girl that was never his.


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  1. thanks for the update…. this is more more exciting

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