unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

Chapter 6: Empty Space

on September 15, 2012

Geun Suk was just looking intently at her, running his thumb on her face.

Shin hye flinched when his hand touched a portion on her bruised cheek.

“Aisssh! I will really kill those girls”, Geun Suk hissed in gritted teeth.


Shin Hye was taken aback when he met Geun Suk’s eyes.

“Yah! You’re too way far from being ok, so please stop saying that you are. Aisssh! What am i going to do with you?”


Shin Hye motioned to stand up, when Geun Suk stopped her..

“Yah, Oppa, i can stand up. I’m ok”.

“Aisssh!”, and then, “How did you just call me?”

Shin Hye in a nano second, bowed her head, bit her lips.

“Say that again.”

“Yah!”, then she gave him a slap on the shoulder.

“Shin Hye…”.

Shin Hye bit her lips, lifted her face, squinted her eyes as if not certain whether it’s ok for her to call him that, and said in a whisper, “Oppa?”

Geun Suk was smiling, grinning like crazy. “So I’m not flower boy anymore? I’m no longer Jang Geun Suk! Tch!”,

“Aisssh! Yah, Geun Suk!”

“Uh.. uh… you already said it” Geun Suk smiled happily and added, “Aisssh! I suddenly felt sorry on that flock”


“I think i need to thank them for keeping you as hostage.”

“Aisssh!”, then she motioned to walk away, when before she took her second step, her legs failed her.

Geun Suk automatically ran towards her, about to flick her forehead, stopped in mid-air when he remembered her state.”Aisssh!”, then he carried her to his back.


“Don’t move too much! Aisssh!”

“Yah, put me down”



Geun Suk did not answer. Then after a second or two…“How did you call me again?”


Geun Suk smiled. “ Do i pass the test now? Am i really an Oppa now?”

“Yah! Stop it”

Geun Suk looked back at her and asked again, “Am i really an Oppa now?’

He felt Shin Hye nod her head.

He closed his eyes and let out a deep breath.



“Mianhae, if they hurt you”

“Eh, Oppa, it’s not your fault!”

He loves the sound of it whenever she calls him Oppa.

“Aniya.. it’s mine… Mianhae, i was late”


“Shin Hye..”


“I don’t know how or why, but, I will always be here. I will protect you”


“It may not look like it. You may not understand at times, but i need you to promise me something..”


“No matter what, you have to trust me. You have to believe me, arasseo?”


Then with that, they settled themselves in silence, feeling the comfort brought by each other’s presence.

Geun Suk looked at his watch, sighed and said, “It’s already 4.30. Shin Won might be furious by now. You don’t need to worry. I will take res..”

“Oppa is not in school today”


He felt her shook her head. “Shin Won Oppa is not in school”

“Eh, why did you come to Bang San?”

“Hmm, i forgot to tell you yesterday. Eh.. i’m afraid you will be waiting there and you .. uhm… might get worried…?”

“Tch! Ha ha ha!”

“Wae? Is there something funny?”




“Aisssh! Can you buy me an ice cream?”

“Eh! Did they hit you in the head? Why are you acting too twisted?”

“I need to tell you something…. not really that important… i just want you to know….something’

Geun Suk felt his heart was beating too fast. Is this it? Did she feel it too?

“Tell me now.”

“Aniya… i need to eat ice cream first”

“Tch! Arasseo, arasseo”.

And with that, Geun Suk walked towards the end of that alley, hoping to reach the nearest ice cream parlor.

Five steps towards that alley ending, he felt Shin Hye tugged his uniform collar.



“Can you put me down?”

Geun Suk just smiled and shook his head.

“Oppa…. people will see…”


“Yah! Jang Geun Suk!”


“Put me down, chebal. I can walk.. jinja…”


‘Oppa….People are staring at me…..chebal”

Geun Suk let out a sigh. “Are you sure you can walk?”


Then slowly, gently, he puts her down, but still, he did not remove his hand from her arms, holding her, guiding her as she walk.



“I can walk. Jinja…”

“Do you want me to carry you again?”, the he squatted down, daring her to choose.

“Aisssh! Aniya… arasseo…”

Geun Suk smiled at that girl. She might be stubborn… hard-headed, still, she listens to me.

“Oppa! Ice cream!”

“Tch. Pig!”

Shin Hye just pouted.

‘Arasseo… how many cups? The biggest one?”

‘Aisssh! Jinja!”

“Ha ha ha!”

“Vanilla.. chocolate… hmmm… cookies and cream?”

“Are you sure that’s all?”

“Aniya.. Hmmm?”, then she smiled upon seeing his surprised face. “Kidding…”


“Look for a seat, then i’ll wait for you.. arasseo, oppa.”.

And as Shin Hye was about to walk away, she felt a hand held onto hers. “Aniya… you stay here and wait for me. I don’t want you out of my sight. “, then he handed the payment to the counter.

Upon receiving the ice cream, he ushered her to the table in the farthest end, thinking that they would be needing some space to discuss some things.

He was smiling like crazy..anticipating what that girl would be telling him.

He sat there, playing with his ice cream, not interested to have a taste of it, silently waiting for her to talk.

Shin Hye on the other hand was busy eating her ice cream, with bright eyes and a smile plastered on her face.

“Shin Hye..”


‘What is it that you’re going to tell me?”


“You said you need to tell me something..”

“Hm.. Oppa, can i finish my ice cream first..”

Geun Suk smiled. I can wait…

He looked at that girl, carefully studying her face. The redness had faded. Aside from the scratch on her knees, she seems to be ok. He hopes she is ok.

“A.. Shin Hye..”


“I’ll just get something. Can you wait for me here?”

The girl looked at him.. worried… scared.. he couldn’t tell.

“I’ll be back in a minute. “

Shin Hye looked into his eyes, though hesitating, she said“Arasseo..”

Geun Suk hurriedly went down to his destination and in five minutes, he was already walking back to the ice cream parlor.

He saw her craning her neck in different directions, as if waiting.. looking for someone.

Feeling that she’s actually looking for him gave a different tug in his heart.

And then, having a plan in his head, he slowly , carefully walked towards the back of her seat,and when she was looking on her left, he instantly sat on her right. When she turned her face to his direction, he gave her a shock when her face was almost an inch from his.

With one hand clasping her chest, Shin Hye slapped him on his shoulder and said, “Yah,Oppa! You scared me!”

Geun Suk grinned and said, “Mian… who were you looking for?”


“I told you i will be back, didn’t i?”

Shin Hye just smiled at him.

“Don’t you trust me?”

“I was just…. worried if you get lost”

“Ha ha ha..”, then he rumpled her hair. ‘Shin Hye, can you tell me now?”

“Hmm… ah…”, Shin Hye looked at his face, tilted her head, as if studying every inch of it.

She remembered the call that she got earlier.“Samchon is already looking for you. You should have started last week. Samchon said you CANNOT cannot come anymore. He will be mad”.


“Nothing… Oppa…”, then she averted her gaze.


“Starting tomorrow, do not wait for me in front of Bang San..”

Geun Suk suddenly lost his smile. He stared at that girl blankly, then smiled, waiting to hear that she’s just kidding.

“tch..is this a game again?”

“Aisssh! Jinja.. I’m serious. I was not supposed to come today, but i remembered i haven’t told you yet”.

“Tch.. Shin Hye..”

‘Do not wait for me anymore. I’ll be busy starting tomorrow”

“Does it have something to do with what happened earlier…Shin..”

“Aniya.. it has been planned before… but i suddenly forgot about it”

“Tch.. Can i ask why?”

Shin Hye just smiled at him, shook her head, “Oppa..”

“You can just call me Jang Geun Suk then… just don’t say this.. i will wait for you tomorrow, 3.. aniya…i will wait until you come..”


Geun Suk stood up, was about to walk away, when as he looked back at her, he saw the scratch on her knees.

He took some bandage from his pocket, knelt down and said, without looking at her, ”Better be careful next time, arasseo?”


“Do not stay out late.. do not go at the bar area alone…”


“Do not starve yourself. Do not..” then he felt something touched his hand. He knew he was on the verge of crying, but he was still able to hold it in. Realizing where those tears come from, he looked back at her, and in that same instant, he saw her moved her face sideways, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Aisssh.. Oppa, do not press on the bandage too hard. It hurts”

“tch”, Geun Suk held her face, pulling it so that she was facing him, wiped her tears and said, “Take care of yourself, arasseo?”,then he averted his gaze.


“Aisssh! What am i going to do at 3 now?”, then he looked at her, pushing his self to smile. “I’ll miss you”

“Ha ha ha…”, with tears threatening to fall, Shin Hye looked at him and said, “Wae-yo! You don’t have anyone to bully around?”

“Ha ha ha.. yeah.. i don’t have anyone to flick her forehead”

“tch.. I will miss you too, Oppa. Thank you for waiting with me at my personal space”

“Do i need to rent that space out? It will be empty starting tomorrow.” Then he muttered silently, I’ll always be waiting for you…

“Tch.. kamsa..”

“Anything for you, Princess.”

Starting tomorrow, things will never be the same again.

Shin Hye did not know why, but her tears kept on falling.. it’s as if it’s trying to fill a certain space.

Geun Suk was holding his fist, trying to control the tears from falling… forcing to empty the sadness that is starting to crawl inside of him.

Starting tomorrow, Bang San will definitely not be the same. A certain space has been emptied…

Two souls… two hearts have left silently.


2 responses to “Chapter 6: Empty Space

  1. Two souls… two hearts have left silently.

    sis really you are amazing writer i can feel the pain of saying goodbyes… thanks for this update

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