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Chapter 5: Everyone Knows… Except for Them

on September 15, 2012

Everyday after that night, Geun Suk and Shin Hye became inseparable.
Geun Suk, right after his class, when the clock strikes three, would run through the main gate, sit at that flower pot, whistled while waiting for Shin Hye to arrive.

Shin Hye, once her class ended, would run to the bus stop, hoping that it would be already past three, so that she could come and visit her brother. She just wanted to see her brother.

She was smiling like crazy, head bowed down, fiddling her fingers, as she was walking towards her space. There’s a certain kind of excitement whenever she would go down that bus, a feeling that was leaving her out of breath whenever she would come close to her space.

Geun Suk, trying to calm his heart, would whistle random songs, while stretching his neck towards that bus stop, hoping to finally have a glimpse of her. Time seems to be slow and waiting seems to be hard a task, especially if one knew that he only has a good 20, lucky if it’s 30 minutes before Shin Won arrived. Aisssh! How he wished his class would end late? He would be punished or be sent to the detention room so that he can spend a minute more with Shin Hye.

Shin Hye still with head bowed down, Geun Suk while tying his shoes, both lifted their heads in an instant, and both surprised, when their eyes land on each other. There’s a feeling of giddiness, butterflies flying in her stomach, while his heart is beating a thousand per minute the moment he sees that smile.

Both will just smile shyly, and as if trying to break free from that trance, hoping that he did not notice the redness on her cheeks, Shin Hye marched towards his direction, crossed her arms on her chest, stopped on that guy sitting on her spot, smirked and said, “what are you doing on my spot, flower boy?”

Geun Suk, looked at the girl from toe to head, smiled, stood up and said, “Why, do you own this space, Missy?”

“Tch,”, Shin Hye lowered down her gaze, bit her lips, smiled, then looked back at him and said, “Ok. You can have this space, i’ll just go find another one”. Then she motioned to walk away, and as she was about to step forward, she felt his hand grabbing hers, pulling her in the process.

“Arasseo. You can have the flower pot, Princess. I’m just guarding your space”

Shin Hye looked back at him, smirked and said, ‘Princess? Yah, flower boy, wake up. This is Shin Hye, not Ms. New Zealand. Hal!”

Geun Suk rumpled his hair, flicked that girl in the forehead.

“Ouch! Why do you keep on doing that?”

“Ha ha ha.!”

Shin Hye seemed deadly serious to hear why he keeps on doing it. She kept her eyes on him, waiting for his answer.

“Ha ha ha”

Shin Hye was just staring at him.

‘ha ha…. ha.. Aisssh! I don’t know. Mian…I .. um… i”

“Ha ha ha.. Got you! I’m just kidding!”

“Tch!”, Geun Suk shook his head. Then let out a deep breath. He really thought she got mad. He was about to flick her forehead again, when she ducked and covered her face, “Aisssh! Stop doing it! ,”then she rubbed her forehead then pouted. “It still hurts”

Geun Suk, looked worriedly at Shin Hye, walked closer to her, removed her hand from her forehead, and replaced it with his hand. “does it still hurt?”

Shin Hye just nodded her head and bit her lips.

‘Aisssh! Tch! Mian… i didn’t mean to…”, then he blew some air on it, hoping it will ease the pain. “How many times do i need to tell you to stop playing with me? Hm?”

“Arasseo…”, Shin Hye nodded her head and pouted.

Smiling, Geun Suk did not know why, but out of nowhere, he suddenly kissed her forehead.

Shin Hye’s eyes widened, stepped back upon feeling his lips on her forehead, lost her balance, lucky, Geun Suk was fast enough to hold her by the waist.

‘Shin Hye!”

Shin Hye instinctively put her hands on his chest, pushing him away from her.

“Geun Suk”

“Uhm… a… are you ok?”, he managed to say, removing his hand on her waist, while Shin Hye took a step back.

Shin Hye swallowed a little, smiled and said, “Mian.. i’m quite clumsy.”

“Ha ha ha.. Be careful..”


They both shifted their eyes on opposite direction, tried to look at anything, avoiding each other’s gaze.

Geun Suk, with hands inside his pocket, got a glimpse at that flock in the opposite road, throwing dagger look on something near him. He tried to follow their gaze, and was surprised when their eyes landed on that girl beside him. He did a double take, making sure that his eyes were on the same level as theirs. He did not know why,but he suddenly became worried. He looked back again, and then he saw the girls smiled at him then walked away.

Shin Hye, with her head bowed down, tucking strands of hair at the back of her ear, when as she lifted her gaze, she saw a group of junior high girls mouthing her, “Do you want to die?”.

Scared, Shin Hye took a step back, looked at them again, but found no one in there.

They might not.. no, they wouldn’t. Geun Suk looked back at Shin Hye, worried.

When Shin Hye sensed that he was looking at her, she smiled at him and said, “ Wae?”

“Tch! Are you not hungry?”


“Ha ha ha…”

Shin Hye just pouted and said,” slightly hungry, but i can manage. Ha ha ha”

“Just as i thought.”, Geun Suk took his bag which is lying on the ground, opened it and handed her a sandwich.

“Woaaah! Who among the flock gave this to you? Are you sure this doesn’t have a potion?”.

“Tch! I prepared that this morning, but i was quite busy. I did not eat it during break time”.

“Jinja! You know how to make sandwich?”, Geun Suk admired that girl’s cluelessness. He was simply smiling, looking at her bright eyes while taking a bite on that sandwich.

And then, Shin Hye paused, cut the sandwich in two and hand him one part.


“You said you still haven’t eaten. Hm. Take this. I’m not that hungry”.

“No, you eat it. I’m ok”

‘Aisssh! Pali.”, when he still did not get his part, Shin Hye stopped chewing her piece, looked at him and said, ‘Did you put poison here?”

Geun Suk just shook his head in disbelief, took the sandwich and bit on it, “Satisfied?”

“Better.” Then they both laughed.

They were talking about nothing in particular, laughing at their nonsense, when Shin Hye paused and automatically ran towards someone. Without lifting his gaze, Geun Suk knew that his time is up. Shin Won is here.

As they walked near him, just like before, Shin Hye held her brother’s guitar. And as they reached her space, Geun Suk automatically stood up, handed Shin Won her violin, assisted her in putting her bag to her back, then arranged the guitar hanging on her shoulder.

Shin Hye was just standing there, not moving an inch, waiting for Geun Suk to give her an ok signal. Then, as he was tapping her on the head with a smile on his face, his eyes met Shin Won who is looking intently at him, as if checking what it is that he is trying to do. He just bowed his head slightly, gave him a weak smile, probably realizing that what he’s doing is not quite normal.

Shin Won just bowed back, then walked slightly ahead of Shin Hye.
Seeing her brother starting to walk away, Shin Hye called up to him, but still not moving her feet, waiting for Geun Suk to signal that she’s ok to go.

“Geun Suk!”

Geun Suk was spacing out, starting to realize what those stares from those girls were, what that look from Shin Won was, what this feeling was all about.

‘Yah, Jang Geun Suk!”


“Can i go now? Oppa already left, in case you did not notice”

Geun Suk acted to arrange her bag and with one final tug on the guitar case, he smiled at her and said, ‘You may go now”.

“Kamsa..”, then the girl ran towards Shin Won, trying to stride faster to be in sync with his pace.

And as he was looking at her back, and before he turned around, he heard her calling our his name and said, “Geun Suk?”

He automatically turned around, looked at her and tilted his head, asking her why.

The girl, with her body facing him, and walking backwards, said, “See you tomorrow.” Then she waved her hand.

Geun Suk just smiled, waved his hand and in a whisper said, “See you tomorrow”.

The following morning, Geun Suk was earlier than usual.

He was not able to sleep well last night, trying to figure out everything.

Heck! He’s 17. He has a girlfriend abroad. He should not be guilty about it. It does happen at times. One getting attracted at the other, while you are attached with another. He has done it before. Dating two girls at a time.

But, something at the back of his head is whispering something else. This one is different. He felt hurt, restraining his self from something he did not know. He might not be that sure yet, but he knew he’s old enough to know that this time, this is different. He may not be like that to her. Shin Hye may not see him like that.. yet, but he knew there’s something between them. She may not know it yet, but he’s definitely sure.

He tried to make an overseas call last night, would want to sort things out, but his call was not able to get through. He told himself he’ll settle things today.

Geun Suk was walking back and forth the edges of her space, his patience getting thinner by the minute, He desperately wanted to see her right now.


He looked back at the bus stop then looked at his watch. One minute.. one minute late.

He looked back at the bus stop again, closed his eyes. Two minutes… two minutes late.

Then when the second hand reached six, he did not know why but he dropped his bag automatically and run to nowhere.

Something is not right.

With his heart beating a thousand per minute, hand balled into a fist, he ran as fast as he could.

He was running past everyone, his eyes wandering around, trying to search for that girl.

Shin Hye was smiling like a kid when as she hopped from the bus, someone grabbed her by her bag, dragging her to the side of Bang San. She motioned to scream, but when she met those eyes of that girl, she froze, scared that they will hurt her more.

She silently followed them, scratching her knees when that tall scary girl pushed her against the wall.

Shin Hye held her tears and looked at those five junior high girls who are now looking at her, as if she has committed a crime.

That girl who pushed her on the wall, walked near her, grab her by the collar and said, “What’s your name?”

Shin Hye swallowed, avoided her gaze, and was not able to utter a word.

“Tch!”, the girl spit on the ground, irritated.” What is your name?”

“Park…. Shin… Hye”


“Park Shin Hye”

“Tch! Who are you to Jang Geun Suk?”

“Jang Geun Suk?”

“Aisssh!”, then slap!.

Shin Hye automatically hold her cheek the moment her hand left her face.

Tears are now running down her face, scared of what they will be doing to her.

“Leave Jang Geun Suk alone. I don’t want to see your face in 500 meter radius from Bang San, arasseo”, then the girl flicked her forehead.

Shin Hye swallowed, with tears falling from her eyes, she tried to muffle her sobs.



Her cheeks were now red because of the hitting; she felt numb and couldn’t comprehend a single word.

“Arasseo”, the girl acted to hit her again. Shin Hye instinctively closed her eyes, waiting for that slap to hit her face when out of nowhere, she thought she heard someone called out her name.

“Park Shin Hye!”

Still not opening her eyes, she felt the grip of that girl on her collar loosened, and without anything to support her, she slid from the wall, down to the ground.

She did not have an idea what was happening, but she heard them say, Jang Geun Suk.

Shin Hye tried to open her eyes and what she sees next surprised, scared her.

Geun Suk was walking towards her direction, eyes fixed on her.

She saw fire, anger, and rage on those black orbs.

She heard him muttered something under his breath, scowled at the girls that he was passing by, with hand balled into a fist, he looked back at her again.. closed his eyes as if trying to control his anger and then he heard him scream, then in an instant his hand landed on the face of that girl with scary eyes.

Geun Suk was trembling. He’s opening and closing his fist, rubbing the back of his neck trying to control his anger.

And when he looked back at her, she saw him closed his eyes again and before he let go of that hand, Shin Hye with all the energy left in her, managed to run and hug him from the back.

“Geun Suk! Geun Suk!”

“Let go, Shin Hye. Let go”!

He was removing her arms from his, charging again towards those girls.

Shin Hye was sobbing, not letting go, she managed to say,” Oppa! Oppa…I’m ok… i’m ok.. Please… Stop!”

Geun Suk froze upon hearing her. He felt her tears wetting his uniform. His hands still balled in a fist,” Oppa…. let go.. please…. please….”

Geun Suk closed his eyes. And in a hiss, he told them , “Do not come near this girl again. Do not dare lay a finger on her. I’m telling you, if i see a tear fell from her eyes again, i will hunt you down. Arasseo!… now leave!”

When Shin Hye felt that Geun Suk has relaxed and when she saw those girls making their way out of that place, as if all her energy were used up, she slid down from her grip to Geun Suk, but before she hit the ground, Geun Suk was able to hold her.

“Shin Hye!”,Geun Suk held her by the arm, carried her, brought her down that corner and let her back rest on the wall.

“Oppa, …”

“Shhh.. where else did they hurt you?”, Geun Suk was staring at her face, his thumb tracing the redness on her cheeks, checking her from head to toe, looking for the damage that they have inflicted on her.

‘Gwaenchana!”. Then she smiled.

“Aisssh! Do you think you look ok?”, Then without knowing why, he felt tears running down his cheeks.” Mianhae… I’m late..”

Shin Hye smiled at him, wiped the tears on his cheeks, and said, “Cry Baby.. “

“Aisssh!”, Geun Suk wiped his eyes with his arms, bit his lips and said, “I was not cying. Tch!”

“Jinja? Were you not afraid that they would hurt me?”, then she gave her a smile.

‘Aissshhh!”, he rumpled his hair, bit his lips and muttered, “I’m going to kill that flock!”

“Ha ha ha….Oppa, how did you find me?’

“Tch! I told you, didn’t i? They cannot hide you from me. You cannot hide from me. I can find you. I will find you, no matter what.”


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  1. I can find you …. hoping sis sukkie finally find the courage to go full blast…hahahaha

    great update the fight was described well.

  2. Enjoyed reading every chapter of the sukhye couple…hersideofstory …i think it’s really their real story!!!

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