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Chapter 4: Finding You

on September 15, 2012

Geun Suk was still holding Shin Hye’s hand when they entered the convenience store. They could have both forgotten about it, or, they simply did not mind it at all. No one dared to let go. No one dared to ask. It simply felt comfortable having their hands intertwined like that.

Geun Suk was ushering her along the shelves, asking her whatever it is that she wanted to eat.

Shin Hye was pointing at almost everything that her eyes would laid on, biting the tip of her index finger as if making that decision is one of the toughest task given to mankind. Geun Suk just smiled on her indecisiveness, rumpled her hair and took both that were left in her list. As they neared the cashier, Shin Hye searched her pocket for coins, when Geun Suk smirked and gave her hand a squeeze.


“Tch! It’s on me”.

“Jinja?” with widened eyes, Shin Hye seemed too delighted that he will be paying for it.

“Tch”, Geun Suk shook his head, laughing at that girl simple way of thinking. If it’s just some other girls, it would take them a couple of minutes arguing on who should pay what, or why should he pay for it.

Geun Suk, with one hand holding the cups of noodles, looked at their clasped hands, hesitating to withdraw his hand from hers. Shin Hye followed his eyes, and when both their eyes landed on their hands, Shin Hye instinctively took hers from his and said, ”Mian”, and then she smiled.

Geun Suk just nodded  and smiled at her. He looked at his lone hand, saddened, cold by the sudden absence of her hand. He tried to wake his self from that trance and said, “Look for a seat in front. I’ll just pay for these”.

Shin Hye smiled at him and proceeded to walk away, when before she opened the door, she looked back, tilted her head and asked, “I don’t know how heavy of a smoker you are, but if you don’t mind, can we not eat outside? It’s quite cold there e”.

“ Tch! Arasseo. Just sit wherever you want.”

‘Eh. Wherever? How are you going to find me?”

“Aisssh! I’ll find you for sure.”

“Should i hide then?” , she paused, raising her eyebrows, teasing him.

“Whatever. I’ll definitely find you.” Then he winked at her.

“Jinja? Let’s see.”, then like a kid, she hopped behind those shelves, allowing herself to be eaten by anything that could possibly hide her from him.

Geun Suk shook his head and smiled upon seeing her retreating back. What if i couldn’t find you?

After paying for the food, without lifting his gaze, he walked straight towards the opposite direction, and make a right turn at the corner, as if his feet has his own mind, bringing him to wherever.. he didn’t have a clue.

He was still shaking his head, when as he lifted his eyes, he found that girl with back facing him and eyes looking outside the glass panel. Geun Suk stood there dumbfounded, thinking how the hell did he find her that easy.

Sensing that someone was looking at her, Shin Hye turned her head and smiled upon seeing him.

“How long did it take you to find me?”

Geun Suk just shrugged his shoulder, handing her the cup of hot noodles. “what made you too sure that i can find you?”

“What made you say that you can find me?”

“Because i can. I simply can”, then he smiled at her.

“I made it easy”.

“What did you say?”, Geun Suk managed to ask while trying to cool down the cup before handing it to her.

“I said, i did not give you a hard time. I actually openly showed myself to you”, and then she smiled.

With widened eyes, Geun Suk was surprised of what he just heard.

“I don’t want to play hide and seek. I’m hungry.  Aisssh! Jinja! Woaaah! It’s hot!”

Geun Suk instinctively took her hand and blow on it, while scolding her in the process, “why can’t you be a bit careful, ha? Are you that hungry? Aissssh! Jinja!”

Shin Hye furrowed her eyebrows and looked at that guy who was holding her hand. With wrinkled forehead and stern expression, she reached her hand to his forehead, massaging it, hoping that would relax him a bit.

Geun Suk flinch at the sudden touch and looked at the face of the owner of that hand. The girl smiled at him and said, You don’t look cute with furrowed eyebrows. You look scary”.

“Tch! So you find me cute?” he smiled at her, nudging her by the shoulder.

“Aissssh! Aniya.. I don’t find you cute.”


“You’re simply the textbook definition of cute.” Then she laughed.

“So, i’m cute?”

“by textbook definition, get it?”


Shin Hye was eating like there was no tomorrow, while Geun Suk was just watching her closely.

“You look like a pig!”


“Eat slowly”

Shin Hye just rolled her eyes, getting irritated of him.

Geun Suk just let out a heartily laugh at her reaction.

“You have noodle here”, he pointed to her lower left lip.

“Funny. Ha Ha Ha”,  then she pouted at him.

“Jinja! Come here”, he pulled her chair and ran his thumb on that corner of her lip, removing that piece of noodle. Geun Suk did not know why, but he was simply amazed of the comfort amidst their proximity.

Shin Hye wiped her lips again, ensuring that there is indeed no more left.

“I’m full”, then she reached for that bottle of water, when he snatched it from her. She glared at him, trying to get it from his grip when he lifted it above his head and opened it.

‘Tch! I’ll go get another one. Selfish!”

‘Tch! Hm.” Then he handed her the opened bottle.

“Aisssh! Do you think i cannot open that bottle? Tch!” then she stood up and proceeded to the door.


“Kamsa”, then she walked towards the direction of the bar.

Geun Suk ran towards her, pacing his stride to hers.

“Why is Shin Won at the bar?”

“GPMSS is playing there tonight”

“GPMSS? The acoustic band?”


“And why are you here?”

“You have quite a lot of questions, do you know that?”

Geun Suk just smiled at her.

She sighed and then, “Oppa’s band usually ends at 10, then he would pick me up from the academy. But since their schedule was moved to 10 to 12, i need to come here and wait for him”.

“Eh? Why don’t you just go straight to your house?”

“uh-uh. Not allowed. Appa will be mad”


“You see, Shin Won Oppa has to pick me up from the academy since my class ends at 10. He has to; otherwise, Appa will scold him”.

Geun Suk furrowed his eyebrow, asking her of the importance.

“Don’t you have a sister?”

Geun Suk just shook his head then answered, “only child”.

“Oh. Hmm, how should i explain this? Since i am the youngest and the only girl, my guys…”

“my guys?”

“My Appa and my Oppa”


“My guys have this notion that they have to protect me. It might sound a bit obscured at times, but they simply want to do something worthwhile out of their spare time. Tch!”


“You have a lot of questions, really!”

“Shin Hye”


“Isn’t it safer to just go home, rather than staying at this side of the city, alone?”

“Shhhh! Someone might hear you.”


Then she laughed. “This is my way of protecting my Oppa. Appa did not allow him to take this gig. But since Oppa really wants to see the crowd at this time, he tried to bribe me on this. Ha ha”

“What bribe did he give you? Which food? Tch”

“You really think i’m a pig, ha. Tch. Ani.. aniya.. not food. Much better than that”

“Tch!  Is there something much better for you than food?”

“Aisssh! You just meet me today. Don’t act as if you fully know me. Tch!” then she smiled. “and it’s not something. It’s someone”, then she giggled.

Geun Suk’s eyes automatically furrowed and his hands were balled in a fist. With a smirk on his face, he asked her, ‘Who is that someone?”

“Why do i need to tell you? Mehrong.


With hands in his pocket, Geun Suk followed closely behind her.

“Yah! Geun Suk?”


“What time are you going home? It’s already late?”

“Tch!  Yah!”


“I’ve been noticing it since we met tonight.”


“How do you just call me?”

“Geun Suk. Wae?”

“Tch! You know i’m older than you, right?”



“I will not call you, Oppa, if that’s what you are trying to say.”

“And why not?”

“Oppa..there’s certain closeness… responsibility  on that word. I don’t think we have that kind of relationship now.”

“what? But i’m older than you!”

“Should i call you Geun Suk-ssi then?”

“Aisssh!”, Geun Suk was shaking his head, half-laughing at that kid’s twisted way of thinking. He was walking beside her, bickering with her on nothing in particular, when his phone rang. He looked at the caller id and when he identified who the person on the other line is, he just stared at his phone blankly.

“Overseas call?”, then Shin Hye nudged him on the chest.

Geun Suk just looked at her, gauging her reaction, hoping to see something.

But much to his dismay, nothing is written on her face, except for that mischievous grin.

Geun Suk just shook his head, smiled and silently scold his self, What are you expecting Geun Suk? What are you expecting to see on that girl?

“Answer it, lover boy”, then she giggled and walked away.

Geun Suk let out a chuckle, smiled at that girl, unaware of the things that are beginning to unfold.

With final look at her back which is now walking farther away from him, with Shin Won’s arm on her shoulder, he saw the girl looked back and smiled at him, while he simply nodded his head, giving her a silent farewell.

With that final look, he took his phone out and answered, “Yes, Babe…”


2 responses to “Chapter 4: Finding You

  1. yes babe…hahahaha i guess anyeong yeobo i like it more…wink wink to hacci yeobo…hahaha

    story is getting interesting and really sis the way you write and bring your readers to the scene of the story is brilliant i can actually picture hacci and sukkie in the store…hahahah


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