unspoken words of that stubborn soul…

Chapter 2: First Encounter

on September 15, 2012

Upon seeing that smile on her face, Geun Suk did not dare to look back and check who that Oppa is. He watched her walk in the middle of the crowd to that place where that guy who just called her was standing. How did he call her again? Shin Hye?

Everyday since that day, though in the midst of the crowd, Geun Suk would see her standing at that very point where he first saw her. With bag on her back, a violin case on one hand, she will be walking back and forth at that very same space. It’s as if she has taken ownership of that area.

As time passes by and admirers have gone used to him, number of girls flocking in front of Bang San main gate has little by little normalized. Save for those who would want to have a glimpse of that pretty face, other than those bystanders and that girl in her personal space, Bang San has again become a normal school.

Everyday since that day, he has been observing that girl named Shin Hye. She would arrive a little after three, sat near the flower pot, doodle something on her music sheet, stand up after 15 minutes, walk to and from the edges of her space, look at her watch, sigh, pout then look at that direction where her so-called Oppa would come from.

Geun Suk did not know why, but he seems mesmerized by the simple pleasure of watching her do the same exact routine everyday.

Everyday since that day, Geun Suk would hold his fist into a ball once he sees those bright eyes of hers the moment she laid eyes on that Oppa she’s been waiting for. Though there is nothing to argue if guys would prefer Noona’s to date, girls would have Oppa’s to walk with them, he’s still puzzled why that girl named Shin Hye would allow that guy to bully her. Well, that’s how his mind is interpreting the things that he is seeing.

Everyday since that day, he did not know why, but it seems that his eyes are playing with him. At one point, he would see her restless, as if waiting for him is too much to handle. And then, he would see her eyes brighten the moment she sees him. She will then march towards his direction, stomp her feet, pout and glared at the guy. The guy will just smile, take her violin case, and then… and then, will hand over a guitar case?! The girl will just rumple her hair, bit her lips then glare at the guy but will still hold the guitar case, while the guy will just be laughing, walking ahead of her. He still did not have any idea why, but the girl seems to just accept her fate like that. What the heck? You will wait for a good 30 minutes and then be greeted by a guitar case in exchange of your violin. That was quite… sweet?

At exactly 3.45, the couple, well… they were a couple,right? They would leave the main gate of Bang San with three other guys who seemed to be the age of that Oppa. Geun Suk will then be left there alone, looking at that girl’s back while shaking his head, staring at that guitar case which seemed to be just a bit smaller than her.

The following day, a little after three but earlier than her time of arrival, Geun Suk decided to guard the place, checking what would that girl do if she found him on her private space.

At exactly 3.15, the girl arrived, proceeded to her space, without lifting her gaze to her destination or on her way to reach that place.

As she neared her zone, he saw her squinted her eyes when she saw him invading her territory.

Geun Suk smiled at her, waved his hand, as if inviting her to come near him. He saw her smirk for that invitation; nevertheless, she walked near him.

As she approached him, Geun Suk couldn’t help but grin at the sight of her walking towards him. He was daydreaming, smiling like an idiot, when the girl stopped in front of him and said, “What are you doing?”

Caught off guard, Geun Suk did not know how to answer, shrugged the question off then said, “Waiting for your Oppa again?”

“Do i know you?”

Geun Suk rubbed the back of his neck, getting irritated of the bland greeting of him, but still tried to keep his cool, smiled and said, “Jang Geun Suk”, then he offered his hand to her.

The girl just raised her eyebrow, as if checking whether they have met before. “ Hmmm. The flower boy! Mian for breaking your bubble, but i’m not a fan”, and then she smiled.

Geun Suk felt his face turned red, of embarrassment… of irritation.. of anger… he’s not sure, but surprisingly, he was able to hold his temper, smiled at that girl and said, “ Jinja? I thought you were one of them. I think i saw you within the flock last time, “ he saw her eyes widened, opened her mouth, but he did not allow her to talk. “ I was about to give you my signature, but i guess you won’t need it then”, he curtsied at her then left the place.

With his back facing her, he can feel her eyes throwing him daggers as he walked to the opposite direction. “Jinja! Did she just slap me on the face?”

The day after that, Geun Suk, still irritated, but still waited at a not too far distance to look at that girl.

“Aisssh! Jang Geun Suk! Are you out of your head?”



3.25. Still no shadow of the girl was seen on the site. Geun Suk felt a bit worried, shifting his gaze from the bus stop to her personal space.

3.30. Out of no where, he saw a familiar figure sprinting from one end to the other, passing, ignoring her personal space and went directly to that place where her Oppa usually comes out from.

With heavy breaths, her chest heaving from the run that she did, she stopped from her track and waited for someone to come out from the gate.

After five minutes, Geun Suk saw that Oppa with his three other friends. But unlike before, he did not see him take the violin case. He saw them having a discussion. The girl seemed to be irritated, while the guy was just smiling at her. The guy handed her the guitar case. She stomped her foot, but he just rumpled her hair. He saw them left her, while the girl simply closed her eyes, let out a sigh, took the guitar case and hang it over her right shoulder while the violin case was being held by her left hand.

She walked with heavy feet, head bowed down, ignoring the stares of the people around her.

Geun Suk just shook his head, followed closely behind her. She stopped at the bus stop, looked at her watch, put the guitar case down for a while, and as the bus that she’s been waiting for was approaching, all the commuters flocked near the bus door and she was pushed to the back of the line.

“ Aissssh! Jinja!”, she bit her lips and just took everything in.

As she was about to ride the bus, Geun Suk smiled and without saying anything, grab the guitar case from her shoulder and walked straight to the back of the bus. The girl half-run half-followed him and said in a hiss,” what do you…”

She was not able to finish her sentence when he smiled, offered her a seat, while remaining standing at the side.

The girl looked at him blankly, nodded her head and said in a whisper, “ Kamsa”.

Geun Suk just smiled at the girl’s reaction.

When the bus stopped at the next all-girls’ highschool building, Geun Suk closed his eyes, finally realizing what kind of mess he had entered. “ Aisssh!”, he automatically bowed his head, said a silent prayer, hoping that no one would recognize him.

He was on the verge of reciting a prayer, when he heard the girl sitting in front of him smirk and said, “ tch! Do you think you’re that famous? Aigoo! Flower boy, don’t expect too much”.

Geun Suk, upon hearing that, lifted his face, wanting to flick that girl’s forehead, when before he even say a word..



“Woaaaah! Geun Suk Oppa from Bang San!”, three of the girls screamed at once when they saw his face.




The other girls took their handphone and get a picture of him.

Geun Suk bit his lips, smiled at them, bowed his head then glared at that girl who was sitting in front of him.

Though irritated, Geun Suk did not know why, but he automatically smiled upon seeing that girl smiled shyly, embarrassed, as if she wanted to disappear from her seat.

And then, he thought he saw her smile on nothing in particular then pressed the stop button.

“ Ahjussi, i’m going down”, she smiled at him.

He stood there dumbfounded, then he felt her hand tugging him by the arm. “ She actually knows how to smile”, he said silently to himself.

As they alighted from the bus, the girl looked back at him and asked for the guitar.

“ Where does your Oppa live?”

“Two blocks from here”

“Why did we go down here? We should have gone down on the second bus stop after this.”

“In case you are not aware, flower boy, the next bus stop is another all girl’s highschool. Unless you wanted your face to be stored in their cellphone again, i will call in the next bus and you find your way to another flock of fan girls”.

Geun Suk smiled, and as if he had known her for years, added, “Are you jealous?”

The girl smirked and bit her lower lip, irritated, then said,” Woaaah! Who are you again?”

Then she grabbed the guitar case from him. Lucky, Geun Suk was fast and held on the case tightly. “ Mianhae. I’m just teasing you. I’ll send you there”.

“I can do it. Just hand it to me. I’m sure you have a long list of girls to meet today”.

Geun Suk smiled at the girl’s childishness. He held on the guitar case and walked ahead of her.


He looked back, smiled and said, “ I’m waiting”.

“ Aissssh!”, then the girl stomped her feet and walked side by side with him.

All along the journey, no word , no sound was heard, except for their foot steps and their silent breathing.

Geun Suk dared to let go of silence and with all the courage that he could muster, said, “ Uhm.. you’re from Young-Pa,right?”

“ Deh”, the girl answered without looking at him.

“ Middle school?”

“Deh”, then she looked at him, “ Are you checking on me?”

Geun Suk choked at what she just heard. This is the first time…second time that he was left speechless. Never did he encounter such a girl who could answer back to his every teasing.

“I’m just kidding. Your girl’s info bank was quite good. You can easily identify them with just the uniform. That’s a gift!”

If she was just any other girl, Geun Suk could swear, he would flick that girl’s forehead right there and then.

He was thinking of actually flicking that forehead, when she looked back at him, then smiled,” just kidding. I know guys prefer Noonas. Aisssh! What does Noona have that we don’t?”

Is she bipolar?

“ Not all guys prefer Noonas”


“ How about your Oppa?”

“Eh?”, the girl was not able to answer his question for she tugged him by the arm and pulled him to a stop in front of that house.

“We’re here”.

Geun Suk, did not know why, but it seems that her smile has a magnet, pulling his lips to copy that grin.

“Give me the guitar case”

“Hand me your violin”


“You will just drop by your Oppa’s guitar, right? Give me your vioin. I’ll wait for you here. Then, i’ll send you home.” He then lifted his gaze to the house in the opposite direction.

“Eh, give me my violin”

“You’re too stubborn, do you know that? I’ll wait for you here”.

“I live here.”

Geun Suk widened his eyes, as if he couldn’t believe what he just heard. “ say that again”

“I live here”

“You, what? You’re living in with your Oppa?”

The girl squinted her eyes,thinking..” Living in…? Deh. Is there something wrong with that?”

“ How old are you? Where are your parents? Aisssh! Jinja!”

Puzzled, confused…The girl tilted her head and answered his questions one by one.” I’m 14. My Eomma, i think is inside. My Appa is still at work. Wae?”

“ Ha?”

Then her phone rang,” Changkaman,” then she excused herself from him. “Yeoboseyo… Deh Oppa… Deh… i’m home already. Eomma is inside….hm.. what time will you go home? Aissssh! Shiro! I have practice later…Aniya.. Aisssh! Arasseo.. arasseo.. i’ll be there. Hmmm.”

Geun Suk, with his mind trying to process a thousand information per minute, could not utter a single word.

“Where are we again?”

Then, when it dawned to him, he felt his heart jump in joy and then he smiled at the girl in front of him.

“Is he your brother?”

“Oppa? Deh. Wae-yo?”

Geun Suk grinned, tilted his head and said.”Ani..” then, he reached his hand to her, “ Jang Geun Suk”

The girl, tilted her head as well, smiled, reached for his hand and said, “Park Shin Hye”.

I know.


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  1. whahahah this oppa thing is really confusing … great job on this sis

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