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Chapter 1: We Meet Again

on September 15, 2012

July 2003.

Two days after arriving from New Zealand, Geun Suk joined-in the first year junior high class of Bang San High School.  His schedule for Non-Stop 4 was still being arranged by the staff.

As one of the known Ulzzangs, when news that pretty boy Geun Suk has returned to Seoul, fan girls from different districts of Seoul have flown in to Bang-i, hoping to have a glimpse of him. Most of them were standing, waiting at the school gate of Bang San, feeling not a tinge of embarrassment that other students were looking at them. Noona’s, university students, junior high.. name it.. they were all there waiting to see how Geun Suk has changed after his six months-stay in New Zealand.

Geun Suk was used to the attention. Being the only son, with no cousins nor relative in Seoul, he took it as an advantage that people were taking notice of him. And these were not just people.. they were admirers, which at that age of adolescence, is considered as a fuel for a young guy’s ego.

Broken heart. Being stood up. Having been ignored. These were just few things that he still has to encounter. And with the current flow of event.. tch… these were quite far, if not impossible, from happening. Sir Merriam might need to define these words for his own dictionary.

In a not too far distance from the gate of Bang San, there stood a middle school girl, with bag at her back, curious of the sudden flock of girls at this side of Bang-i.

The girl came from Young-Pa, a Girl’s Middle School from Pungnap-dong. Every day, since she transferred here in Seoul, she would take a bus from her school to Bang San and wait for her Oppa. She has never seen this type of commotion before.

Shin Hye was walking to and fro at her waiting corner in front of Bang San. Shin Won, her Oppa, knew exactly where to find her, even in the midst of that crowd. She was playing.. hopping at her corner when her attention was caught by the scream of girls.

“Tch. Was there a filming? Shin Won-oppa did not even inform me”, Shin Hye looked at the direction of the fan girls and waited patiently on who would pass by the middle of the crowd. She was looking intently at them, when she caught a glimpse of a young boy, probably the age of her brother, who was smiling confidently at the crowd. She tilted her head, as if gauging, checking whether he was indeed the cause of the commotion. The young boy was swallowed wholly by the crowd and she did not have an idea where they have brought him. She walked unconsciously, nearing to the crowd, leaving her “waiting territory”, eager to have a glimpse of him again.

She stopped on her track, when as she was nearing them, she stumbled on someone, almost fell down, but lucky enough, that someone was able to catch her by the arms before she kissed the ground.

Geun Suk was smiling like a spoiled brat handed with his favourite toy, the moment he stepped out of Bang San. Oh! He missed the attention. Though he knew that he was quite good looking, this looks might not have that much of an appeal in New Zealand. Ha! Having been backed home, with an acting offer and this attention, were definitely what he needed at this point. He needed something to boost his ego. And this was exactly what he was asking for.

As he was passing by the crowd, he saw a girl who was tip-toeing from afar, as if waiting to have a glimpse of someone. Her face was not clear to him, but he was drawn to look at her; for whatever reason, he didn’t know.

Was she waiting for me? Tch!

He was smiling at no one in particular with his eyes glued on that girl, waiting for her to scream her lungs out the moment she sees him looking at her.




Geun Suk closed his eyes, as if waiting to hear a scream from that far side.


He half opened his eyes, checking whether the girl has fainted from the attention.


Geun Suk looked at her direction again, with a bruised ego… irritated.

He nailed his eyes on her, mentally checking his “girls’ info bank”, as if the girl was a mystery which he needs to decode.

Young-Pa. Check

Pretty. Check

Middle School. He squinted his eyes. He still preferred Noonas.


Ani.. she’s not weird. Geun Suk was just puzzled why the girl was just staring blankly at him while the others were all screaming their hearts out.

He was still looking intently at her when she was suddenly drowned in the crowd.

Eotteoke. Eo di?

He was moving his head from left to right, not minding the screams of the people around him when he bumped into someone.

The girl almost kissed the ground, lucky he was fast to catch her by the arm.


“Aisssh.. Mianhamnida. Kamsamnida.” The girl said without a pause with her hand massaging her head.

Geun Suk looked at her bowed head, waiting to have a glimpse of her face, forgetting about that girl which, just a minute ago, he was trying to chase.

“Gwaenchanayo”, he repeated.

“A.. deh. Mia-“, the girl lifted her face and paused when she saw him.

Geun Suk’s face automatically brightened the moment he laid his eyes on her. It’s as if he knows her for long and was waiting for her ever since.

Shin Hye felt her face flushed when she met his eyes. She felt her heart beats a thousand times, while the guy was not removing his gaze from her.

She bowed her head again, trying to hide her embarrassment, and her face which she knew by then was already red.

Geun Suk smiled on no reason in particular.

He didn’t know why, but his mouth has done the talking without even consulting his brain, “We meet again”, while he automatically reached his hand to her.

Upon hearing what he said, he instantly closed his eyes, silently scolding himself. What a nice line to pick up a middle schooler.

The girl looked at him, puzzled, as if checking whether they have met before.

Geun Suk, for the first time, was not able to say a thing upon seeing her eyes examining his face.

He was scratching his head, when out of nowhere he heard…

“ Shin Hye”

Then the girl, averted her gaze from him, looked at the direction of the voice…

Probably, upon seeing the face of that voice, her face brightened, she waived her hand, smiled and said, “Oppa!”

And at that very moment, for the first time, Geun Suk felt his heart was shattered into pieces. Sir Merriam has finally done his job. Great!


11 responses to “Chapter 1: We Meet Again

  1. Sweet Lacap says:

    I’m here at last Thank you Sachasa for letting me know this new site…thank you so much

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  3. sachasa says:

    mssweet, thank you for dropping by… ^^

  4. Sanplawer says:

    thank you so much SACHASA you’re writings makes my day … i hope you will continue writing about the couple… more power …

    • sachasa says:

      thank you for dropping by.
      still couldn’t believe that someone is really taking time to read these stories^^
      the chapters recently uploaded were actually written some months back…
      will try to start writing new stories/updates again…
      hopefully, it can still make your day (keeping my fingers crossed)
      thank you!

      • sanplawer says:

        … it took me 2 days almost non stop reading to finished all the stories … from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you thank you so much … i’m promoting your blog to all my geunshin friends … i really enjoyed reading …

        … by the way, did i miss or do u have stories about the baby store where sukkie visited in busan … …

        … keep up the good work and more power … god bless …

  5. sachasa says:

    Sanplawer, regarding the baby store…
    now that you mentioned it…
    i tried to come up with something…
    not the store per se, but something related to that…
    check “The Reunion”, Chapter 3 ^^
    Thank you!

  6. sis on comment mode for chance encounter then ever after then why not…lolz

    well what to say it was a right decision you started this thread i remember the resson why you started this anyway….hahahaha good great old memories so fun to remember….

    great thread great story great writer 🙂 sachasa daebak!

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  8. helen p eddy says:

    hi sacha, hope you are well..
    we really miss your stories about our couple…
    you are a good writer and i hope you continue your stories about them…
    i am now re reading Chance Encounter for like 10th times now..
    still feeling that little pinch in my heart when they are sad or fighting..
    still crying when they are broken hearted.. that is how much effective of a writer
    you are… will wait for your return and updates..
    God bless.. please come back!!!

  9. Marinette says:

    Hi Ms. Sacha..love all your fanfics stories..and im re-reading again a chance encounter for the nth times..when are you going to have a new story and an update on this? Looking forward to it..

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